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List of China holidays 

China is a culturally diverse country, and thus they celebrate many festivals every year. Festivals in China are based on different traditions and themes. Chinese festivals are an essential part of Chinese culture, history, and traditions. Most of the festivals in China are based on the lunar year. Almost every festival in China has a different origin and custom attached to it. Different traditions associated with the traditional Chinese festival are linked to religious devotion, superstitions, and myths.

Some of the grandest and most celebrates China Holidays include Chinese New Year, moon festival, and Dragon boat festival. Though the lifestyles of people in China have changed over the years, the way they still celebrate their culture and traditions have not changed. So, if you are in China, don’t forget to enjoy their festivals, which are full of fun, frolic, and joy.

This article is part of a series of articles written on holiday and festivals in East / South Asia: Japan holidays and festivals, most important India holidays and Thailand festivals that will be published soon.

1. The National Day of China

The National Day of China is celebrated on October 1st  every year to commemorate the foundation of the people’s Republic of China. The seven-day China holiday from October 1st  to October 7th is known as the ‘Golden Week’ in China. During such China holidays, people go traveling around the country.

This festival starts with the hoisting of China’s national flag, and then the country’s military forces exhibit the parade. Then it is followed by state dinners, and then fireworks conclude these Chinatown events


This Chinese national holiday takes place nationwide in China as well as in China’s administrative region called Hong Kong and Macau.

China national day
China national day on 1979


The dates of The National Day of China for the coming five years are

  • 2020- October 1 (Thursday)
  • 2021- October 1 (Friday)
  • 2022- October 1 (Saturday)
  • 2023- October 1 (Sunday)
  • 2024- October 1 (Monday)

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

During this Chinese national holiday week from October 1 To October 7, different activities like the flag-hoisting ceremony, dance and song show, as well as a fireworks display and various types of exhibitions are held. And if you are in China during this period, you can enjoy in the following ways:

  • You can enjoy the flag-raising ceremony in Tiananmen Square
  • Go for unlimited shopping as every mall and shopping places offer huge discounts
  • Try to avoid traveling during this period. As all modes of transportation are crowded
  • If you need to visit during this “Golden Week,” try to avoid going during the first two days of the Golden week and also during the last day of the week.
  • Book your train, flight, as well as; a hotel stays in advance.

2. Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year for 2020 will be celebrated on January 25, 2020 (Saturday) and this China Holidays will be honored for 15 days from January 25 to February 8, 2020. This day is an official public holiday in China. According to the Chinese zodiac, the year 2020 will be held as the “year of the rat.” The Chinese New Year is also known by the name Chunjie or Spring festival. It is a day meant for praying Gods for proper planting and harvesting season.


Since one out of five people in the world is Chinese, this festival celebrated all around the world.


The dates of The Chinese New Year for the coming five years are

  • 2020- January 25 (Saturday)
  • 2021- February 12 (Saturday)
  • 2022- February 1 (Tuesday)
  • 2023- January 22 (Sunday)
  • 2024- February 10 (Saturday)
  • 2025- January 29 (Wednesday)

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Set off firecrackers at midnight to welcome the new year and good luck
  • You can eat tasty dumpling for every meal during this spring festival
  • Enjoy fantastic Chinese wines and also enjoy the bunch of drinking games.
  • You can also enjoy the lantern festival held in various places in China.
  • Chinese New Year is a festival of freedom and partying. Thus you can enjoy this fantastic and colorful festival any way you want.
  • This festival makes traveling a bit difficult, as most of the people visit their hometown, so it is better to book different tickets and hotels in advance.

3. Hungry Ghost Festival

Hungry Ghost festival is one of the most important festivals of the seventh month of the Chinese Lunar calendar. This festival is celebrated to worship the ancestors. People perform several ceremonies to avoid the wrath of ghosts. This festival is similar to the Halloween Festival in western countries.

The Ghost festival will be celebrated on September 2 in 2020. The idea behind the celebration of this festival is that Chinese people believe that ghosts of their ancestors can protect them from the spirits. It is a festival to bridge the dead and the living.


This festival is celebrated in many parts of China and also in Hong-Kong and Singapore.


The dates of Hungry Ghost Festival for the coming five years are

  • 2020- September 2 (Wednesday)
  • 2021- August 21 (Saturday)
  • 2022- August 12 (Friday)
  • 2023- August 30 (Wednesday)
  • 2024- August 17 (Saturday)

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • You can enjoy different live performances from Chinese operas. They sing and dance on the several folk tunes of Gods and Goddesses.
  • You can even visit exhibitions showcasing Chinese customs and traditions.
  • For travelers, it is a perfect opportunity to see some of the city’s live culture in action.
  • You can learn a lot about the Chinese culture of burning papers and origami sheets to ward off evils and ghosts.

4. Chinese Spring Festival 

The Chinese spring festival is similar to Christmas in the west. And this festival is one of the essential China holidays that people wait for all year round. Even weeks before the festival, the town is in a festive mood. The spring festival starts on the first day of the lunar month and ends with the lantern festival on the fifteenth day of the lunar month.

In the year 2020, the Chinese spring festival will begin on January 25, and it will end with the lantern festival on February 8. In this festival, families gather and celebrate the festival with eating and drinking. During this festival, the shops and streets are beautifully decorated with beautiful lights and colored papers.


This festival takes place in entire China and also in the province of Hong-Kong and Macau.


The dates of the Chinese Spring Festival for the coming five years are

  • 2020- January 25 Saturday
  • 2021- February 12 Saturday
  • 2022- February 1 Tuesday
  • 2023- January 22 Sunday
  • 2024- February 10 Saturday
  • 2025- January 29 Wednesday

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • When you are in China during this beautiful festival, you can enjoy delicious laba porridge made up of rice, millets, berries, beans, and gingko
  • You can even enjoy the dumplings known as jiaozi if you are in the northern part of China.
  • If you want to enjoy this festival without going anywhere, you can also watch the spring festival gala on TV for maximum entertainment.
  • If you have friends in China, you can also spend time with them and even exchange gifts.
  • Watching fireworks at night is also one of the things you can do.
  • If you have nothing to do, dress up and go to a gambling club to play poker or other gambling games.

5. Mid-Autumn Festival (Moon Festival)

A Mid-Autumn festival is one of the grandest China festivals in 2020 after the Chinese New Year. And this is also known as the China festivals of light. This festival is always celebrated in the middle of the Autumn season. During this time of the year, the moon is at its roundest and brightest. During this festival, people gather to offer sacrifices to the moon.

This mid-autumn festival falls on October 1 (Thursday) in 2020. This China Holidays in October is a time of reunion and family gatherings just like Thanksgiving. It’s also called the moon festival or the moon cake festival. Moon festival is one of the most important festivals in China after the Chinese New Year festival. This China holiday is celebrated to thank the moon for a good harvest and

In some of the Chinese provinces, there are customs to play lanterns, and dragon dances, and lion dances. Moon cake is one of the essential delicacies that is eaten during this festival. Due to the frequent interaction with China and the migration of Chinese people all over the world, this festival is now celebrated in different parts of the world. This festival is one of the most sought after China holidays.


The Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated in most of the East-Asian nations. But predominantly, it is celebrated in Chinese provinces, including Hong-Kong and Macau.


The dates of the mid-autumn festival for the coming five years are

  • 2020- October 1 (Tuesday)
  • 2021- September 21 (Tuesday)
  • 2022- September 10 (Saturday)
  • 2023- September 29 (Friday)
  • 2024-17th September (Tuesday)
China holiday - mid-autumn festival
Typical deserts of Mid-autumn festival

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

Try not to miss the following things on Mid-Autumn festival

  • This day is a public holiday, so most of the businesses and offices are closed
  • You can enjoy this moon festival by eating autumn fruits like pomelo and starfruit
  • If you are in Hong-Kong, you can enjoy the tradition of fire dragon
  • Enjoy the moon festival by eating and sharing the tasty delicacy known as moon-cake
  • Enjoy the round-table Chinese treats with your local Chinese friends.
  • You can take a cruise up to Beihai park to appreciate the reflection of the moon in the lake and to enjoy the moon cake tea.
  • Enjoy the lantern lightning and dragon dance in Hong-Kong.

6. Yuanxiao Festival

The name Chinese lantern festival is also known as Yuanxiao. These Chinatown festivals are celebrated on the 15th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar. This festival mostly falls in February or early March according to the Gregorian calendar. One of the major attractions of this festival is watching colorful lanterns in different shapes and sizes.

Because of the exciting and colorful attractions, this festival is considered as one of the most recreational among all Chinese festivals. People wait for this China Holiday desperately.


The Yuanxiao or the lantern festival is celebrated in most of the Chinese provinces. But it is celebrated in other countries too where Chinese reside, for example, Hong-Kong, United States of America, and Singapore.


The date of the Yuanxiao festival/ lantern festival for the upcoming five years are

  • 2020- February 8 (Saturday)
  • 2021- February 26 (Friday)
  • 2022- February 15 (Tuesday)
  • 2023- February 5 (Sunday)
  • 2024- February 24 (Saturday)
China holidays
Hong Kong on Yuanxiao (Lantern) festival

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Make beautiful lanterns and light it at night
  • You can watch the Hebei performance
  • Play lantern riddles with friends
  • Watch the dragon dance on the streets in China
  • The Lion dance is another fantastic performance that you can watch
  • Look at the Chinese opera and artists dance on stilts
  • Eat amazingly tasty rice dumplings

7. Duanwu Festival

The name Duanwu festival in China also known as the Dragon Boat Festival and the Tuen NG Festival, and it is one of the most famous traditional festivals in China. In 2020, the dragon boat festival will be celebrated on June 25 (Thursday) to June 27 (Saturday). It is one of the essential China Holidays that people in China wait to celebrate. Since ancient times, the Chinese celebrate this festival to dispel diseases and invoke good health.

It is a China Holiday that is observed annually for more than 2000years. This festival is celebrated to commemorate Qu Yuan, a Chinese poet. This festival is celebrated as hygiene when people use herbs to ward off viruses and diseases. Dragon boat racing and eating Zongzi are some of the major attractions of the Duanwu Festival.


The Duanwu Festival is organized all over China. But it is predominantly celebrated in Beijing, Dalian, Qingdao, Hangzhou, and Xiamen provinces in China.


The dates for Duanwu festival for the upcoming Five years are:

  • 2020- June 25 (Thursday)
  • 2021- June 14 (Monday)
  • 2022- June 3 (Friday)
  • 2023- June 22 (Thursday)
  • 2024- June 10 (Monday)
Dragon boat festival
Dragon boat festival in Taipei

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Participate or watch the boat race held in different Chinese provinces
  • Enjoy the unique cuisine prepared for the occasion known as the Zongzi.
  • Enjoy the specially developed Realgar wine.

8. Qingming Festival

Qingming festival is also known as the Tomb Sweeping Festival, and it is one of the essential China Holidays. This festival is mainly celebrated to pay tribute to the ancestors. Nearly all the ethnic groups in China celebrate this festival. The Qingming starts 104 days after the winter solstice.

One of the most important traditions followed during the Qingming festivals is flying kites. The other influential culture related to this festival is sweeping tombs. It symbolizes activity to clean up and beautify the graves or urns of the ancestors. In some places, people also offer their ancestors their favorite food and drink to show their respect.


In addition to China, this unique festival is also celebrated in Hong-Kong, Macau, and Taiwan.


The dates of the Qingming festival for the upcoming five years are:

  • 2020- April 4 (Saturday)
  • 2021- April 4 (Sunday)
  • 2022- April 5 (Tuesday)
  • 2023- April 5 (Wednesday)
  • 2024- April 4 (Thursday)
China holidays - Qingming festival
Along the River During the Qingming Festival

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

Engage in the following activities to enjoy the Qingming festival

  • You can go on a trip to the city center or natural area, where you can see people paying tributes
  • Fly little kites tied with lanterns
  • You can also hike at the famous hiking spots in China
  • Participate in different Chinese sports to bring good health.

The Qingming festival is a unique festival that integrates the sorrowful tears with the joy of spring outing. So, if you are in China, don’t forget to enjoy this beautiful festival.

9. Chongyang Festival

The Chongyang festival or the Double Ninth Festival is held on the Ninth Day of the Ninth lunar month. Since the year 1989, this festival is designated as an essential festival to pay respect to the elders. The origin of the Double Ninth Festival can be attributed to the worship of the bright star called the “Antares.”

Since this festival is celebrated as a senior citizen’s day, people usually spend this day with senior citizens in the family. People also eat Chongyang cake that is believed to bring prosperity to people.


This festival is celebrated in the entire China to pay respect to the elders in the family.


The dates for the celebration of Chongyang festival for the upcoming five years are

  • 2020- October 25 (Sunday)
  • 2021- October 14 (Thursday)
  • 2022- October 4 (Tuesday)
  • 2023- October 23 (Monday)
  • 2024- October 11 (Friday)

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Enjoy the delicacies made with chrysanthemum
  • It is a pleasant occasion to go for hiking
  • Try to climb high places and mountains in China
  • Admire the beautiful flowers during the Chongyang Festival.
  • Spend time with the elderly, and you can also visit some nursing homes.
  • Go for an excursion with your entire family or friends

10. Yuandan Festival

‘Yuandan’ means the first day of a new year. The Chinese character Yuan signifies beginning, and Dan says day. The Yuandan Chinatown festivals are celebrated on the first day of the Chinese lunar year. After the year 1949, it was decided that January 1 would be celebrated as the Yuandan festival to welcome the new year.

Chinese people enjoy this China holiday season by spending time with families and friends. This festival begins from the Chinese New Year’s Eve and culminates on the eighth day after the Chinese New Year’s Day.

The Yuandan is also called as the first day of the year. During this spring festival, people burst off crackers, and the Chinese streets are beautifully decorated with lanterns and balloons.


This festival is celebrated in all provinces of China. It is also celebrated in other places in the world where Chinese people reside.


The upcoming dates for the celebration of Yuandan festival are:

  • 2019- February 5 (Tuesday)
  • 2020- January 25 (Saturday)
  • 2021- February 12 (Friday)
  • 2022- February 1 (Tuesday)
  • 2023- January 22 (Sunday)

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Try to visit Beijing during theYuandan festivals to look at the decorated streets and unlimited shopping
  • Visit the temple fairs in Beijing, known by the names Badachu, Ditan, and Longtan.
  • If you are in Shanghai during the Yuandan festival, you can witness the traditional as well as the modern side of this festival
  • You can also enjoy this spring festival by visiting Guangzhou, where the flower fair is held every year.

11. Labor Day

Labor Day in China began in 1919, and then in 1949, the Chinese government declared the labor day to be a national China holiday. This festival is celebrated to honor the workers all around China. It is a fun-filled holiday meant to spend some enjoyable time with family and friends.

Different celebrations are held in various towns in China. Tiananmen Square is filled with people enjoying live music and festivities. Labor Day is not only celebrated for a single day i, e. May 1, the festival also extends till May 3rd or 4th.


It is a Chinese national holiday, so it is celebrated in all the provinces of China. Not only China, but the International Labor Day is also observed in the entire world.


The upcoming dates for the Labor Day celebration are:

  • 2020- May 1 (Friday)
  • 2021- May 1 (Saturday)
  • 2022- May 1 (Sunday)
  • 2023- May 1 (Monday)
  • 2024- May 1 (Wednesday)

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Take part in different celebrations in major China towns.
  • Walkthrough major parks and enjoy the beautiful scenery
  • Listen to live music by various DJs and bands
  • Look at the parades held in cities
  • If you are in Beijing, you can also enjoy the flag-raising ceremony
  • Enjoy different theatres and shows that are organized, especially for Labor Day.

12. Qixi Festival

Qixi Festival is the Chinese version of Valentine’s Day. This festival of love falls on the seventh day of the seventh month of the Lunar calendar. The couples in China celebrate this festival by going for select dates and also by exchanging cards and gifts.

Another custom involving the celebration of the Qixi Festival is that women worship Zhinu or the weaver fairy by preparing a table of offerings that includes tea, wine, fruits, dates, and melon seeds. But in the modern world, the Qixi festival has been commercialized and is celebrated in the same manner as valentine’s day. The couples go for romantic dates and also exchange gifts.


This festival is celebrated all across China but especially in urban areas.


This festival will be celebrated on the following dates in the upcoming year:

  • 2020- August 25 (Tuesday)
  • 2021- August 14 (Saturday)
  • 2022- August 4 (Thursday)
  • 2023- August 22 (Tuesday)
  • 2024- August 10 (Saturday)

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • You can plan a special day for the love of your life
  • Try to weave something for your loved one, as this festival is also celebrated to get excellent weaving skills.
  • Spot the lovers known as Niulang and Zhinu, in the night stars as both of them became stars.
  • You can also go for a romantic vacation with your spouse, but try to book tickets in Advance

13. Laba Festival (Rice Porridge Festival)

The Chinese Laba Festival falls on the eighth day of the 12th lunar year. This festival is celebrated for people to give sacrifices to their ancestors. The Chinese people also pray for a good harvest during this festival. A Laba congee eating event is also organized during this festival.

This Laba congee porridge has various items that are full of nutrition example, soybeans, kidney beans, dried nuts, and sugar. This festival is not only recognized as a day of sacrifice but also a day when Sakyamuni (Buddhism Founder), realized the truth and became a Buddha.


This Spring festival is celebrated all around the Chinese provinces.


Approximate day for the Laba Festival for the coming years

  • 2020- January 2 (Thursday)
  • 2021- January 20 (Wednesday)
  • 2022- January 8 (Saturday)
  • 2023- December 30 (2022) (Friday)
  • 2024- January 18 (Thursday)
China for holiday
Chinese rice congee

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Eat the specially prepared porridge known as Laba Congee
  • Visit different Buddhist temples in China, to commemorate the enlightenment of Buddha
  • You can also visit Buddhist temples to learn more about Buddhism.

14. Winter Solstice

Another name for the winter solstice festival in China is the Dongzhi. This festival is celebrated to welcome the return of the sun. During this festival in China, Dumplings are prepared, especially in Northern China. This festival is also famous for family reunions and gathering of families and friends.

The other festival activity for winter solstice includes paying respect to the elders at their tombs. This festival is even equivalent to the new year China Holidays. This festival is also known as Chinese Thanksgiving in some places. This festive celebration also reminds people they are a year older now and should behave in a better way.


Although the winter solstice festival is celebrated all over the world with different names, it is celebrated in China by the name Dongzhi.


The approximate day and date for the upcoming winter solstice festival

  • 2020- December 21 (Monday)
  • 2021- December 21 (Tuesday)
  • 2022- December 22 (Thursday)
  • 2023- December 22 (Friday)
  • 2024- December 21 (Saturday)

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Plan a get together with family and friends
  • Enjoy the winter solstice winter balls
  • Put on new clothes and visit family and friends for yummy winter solstice dinner



List of festivals in Thailand

Thailand is not just a land of fun. It is a place that attracts a lot of tourists and travelers because of the influential culture and heritage. Thailand has a lot of festivals where the locals celebrate them with a year with great enthusiasm and happiness.

Visiting Thailand during one of the holidays can be a great opportunity because this is one of the most enjoyable times of the year. Along with visiting the other destinations and attractions, one can also get to take part in the fantastic festivals that are a real extravaganza.

In this write-up, we have in detail written about some of the most happening Thailand festivals. It can be great if you plan your trip to this exotic land during these times.

This article is part of a series of articles written on holiday and festivals in East / South Asia: Japan holidays and festivals, most important India holidays,  China holidays and Thailand festivals that will be published soon.

1. Songkran

When the New Year is around, a lot of energy is in the air in every other place. Every place has its way of welcoming and celebrating the New Year. Likewise, Thailand also has an extraordinary way of embracing the New Year.

The celebration of Songkran takes place on April 13 every year. The parties of these Events in Thailand takes place for five consecutive days. The root of word hails from the Sanskrit word Sankranti, and the festival signifies transformation and change.

Thailand festivals - Songkran
Songkran – everything gets wet.

Songkran is that period of the time where people who believe in astrology pray to the sun god. According to the calendar, the sun changes the direction and enters the Zodiac from Pisces to Aries. Also, Songkran is one such festival that reunites all the family members.

On April 14, people celebrate Songkran in the name of Wan Nao, and on April 15, the celebrations take place in the name of Wan Thaloeng Sok.


Celebrations take place all over Thailand; however, to experience the festival at its best, one can plan for situations like Khao San Road, Chiang Mai, and Ayutthaya, and this is one of the essential Thailand holidays.


It begins on Monday, April 13, 2020, and ends on Wednesday, April 15.

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • You can visit the temples because this is one of the traditions that people follow here as a ritual.
  • One can also take part in the food distribution practice at the temple. Usually, the locals offer food to the Buddhist monks as part of the ritual.
  • You can also choose to join the water fighting competition on the Khao San road
  • It is nice to enjoy the lovely performances from the locals at Sanam Luang. Taking part in this fantastic cultural parody is one of the must-do things when you are here during Songkran.
  • Visit the Silom Road to witness mobs of LGBTs enjoying the festival in their manner.

One can also choose to party hard at some of the best pubs and clubs during the Thailand festivals.

2. Full Moon Beach Party

The entire moon beach party is one of its kind parties that are in full swing in Thailand. Most of the tourists come to this place to have a blast. Like Songkran, this party does not come once in a year. Hence, you do not have to wait for one whole year to plan your trip. Full Moon Beach Part is one of the Festivals of Thailand where a lot of people from across the world take part in it.


The beach Koh PHA Ngan is the place where this party takes place, and if you want to witness, “What partying is all about, then this is the place to be. The beach is completely lit up, and the ferry ride is like a cherry on the top. People sing, dance, and indulge themselves in merry-making throughout the night. The closest islands to this party hub are Koh Samui and Koh Tao.

This party has a connection with a bunch of backpackers who came here once and accidentally threw a birthday party on full moon day. The word spread like wildfire and now the beach experiences party throughout the year.


Dates for the Full Moon Beach Party

  1. November 11, 2019
  2. March 8, 2020
  3. August 3, 2020
  4. December 25, 2020
  5. December 11, 2019
  6. April 7, 2020
  7. September 1, 2020
  8. December 28, 2020
  9. December 25, 2019
  10. May 7, 2020
  11. October 1, 2020
  12. December 31, 2020

Thailand festivals - full moon party

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • The first this one should certainly do is to get the neo paint on their bodies.
  • Do not forget to experience some of the best acts like the fire dance when you are taking part in the party.
  • For all those beer lovers, this can be your lifetime chance! A lot of drink bucket stands are made available to the tourists and travelers to make the party even wilder as part of the Thailand holidays.

3. The king’s of Thailand birthday

The King’s birthday is one of the most famous; “Events in Thailand” because this is a monarchical country, and the King has his full power. The official celebrations of the King’s birthday take place on July 28 of every year. The whole of Thailand gets to enjoy a government holiday on this date.

The birthday of the King holds very high importance in Thai culture, and people take part in the celebrations with a lot of enthusiasm. Most of the people involve themselves in traditional activities of giving alms to the monks at the sacred temples as part of the Thai holiday culture.

The typical scene is to spot people wearing yellow garments on this day as a sign of showing respect to their kings. According to the Thai tradition, yellow color signifies Monday, and this was the day when both their favorite kings King Bhumibol and King Maha Vajiralongkorn, were born.


Bangkok is the best place to visit during the King of Thailand’s birthday as it is one of the grandest Thailand festivals 2020


July 28 every year

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • The roads in Bangkok would be experiencing a lot of blocks; hence, traveling during this time may not be a wise decision. But, if you are already in Thailand, then you can take part in all the below things.
  • The King of Thailand’s birthday can give make you feel a different Thailand altogether. Experiencing the stage shows in the middle of the city can be fantastic.
  • Seeing people holding candles on the street as a sign of respect to their kings can also add up to your travel experience.
  • Go to Bangkok to get a glimpse of the firework dance performances.
  • One must make sure to observe and respect the National anthem when it plays at 8 AM and 6 PM every day to take active participation in Thailand festivals 2020.

4. Phuket Vegetarian Festival

Phuket Vegetarian Festival, also known as the Nine Emperor Gods Festival, is one of the loveliest Thailand holidays, which one must experience. The history dates back to 150 years and has a deep connection and association with the tin mine workers in China.

The Kathu district in Thailand was full of these Chinese workers, and that gave birth to the Opera performers as part of the entertainment process. Later, Phuket suffered from a dreadful disease during the 9th lunar month leading to fatal deaths of these Chinese families.

Realizing their mistake of not offering their prayers to Kiu Ong Iah (Nine Emperor gods) during the month’s first nine days, the Chinese families sent an Opera performer to invite the King to Phuket.

People refrain from eating meat, consuming alcohol, and other malpractices during the festival time for nine consecutive days. The dates are dependent on the Chinese lunisolar calendar. However, the Festivals of Thailand celebrations usually take place during the fag end of September or the beginning of October.


Phuket is one place where this festival is in full swing. Apart from Phuket, you can also experience the Festivals of Thailand in parts of Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Kuala Lumpur as well.


16th – 25th October 2020.

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • You get to experience one of the bizarre festivals of its kind.
  • People walking on the hot coal, nails, and self-mutilation is the most common sight here.
  • Seeing people walking on sharp knives and blades can make you skip a beat.
  • The festival is animated, and at times, you can experience the firecrackers right under your feet, and this is the imaginary part of the Events in Thailand.
  • Beware! The Lion Dancers can take you by surprise and dance vigorously along with the loud music.
  • Expect yourself to receive a piece of orange paper or cloth as a good luck sign.

5. The Loi Krathong Festival

The Loi Krathong Festival is similar to Deepavali in India. Loi Krathong is the festival of lights that takes place in November in Thailand. Seeing the whole of Thailand lit up can be a feast to the pair of eyes, and this is the second fantastic festival after Songkran, which one must undoubtedly plan if they are going to Thailand. It is a major holiday in Thailand, and you must prepare for this trip properly.

The word Krathong means the Plantain tree trunk, and Loi refers to Floating. During the festival, the Thai people decorate a plantain tree trunk with other decorative items like the banana flower, candles, and incense sticks. These days, the Krathong is generally made using bread or Styrofoam.

According to the Thai Lunar calendar, the Loi Krathong often takes place on the full moon evening of the twelfth month. To take part in this extravaganza, pack your bags to Thailand during November. The tentative dates for the Loi Krathong Festival are November 1, 2020. Be there to take part in these Thailand events.


Places like Sukothai, Chiang Mai, and Bangkok celebrate the Thailand holidays public on a large scale.


  • 2019: Tuesday, February 5 (Year of the Pig)
  • 2020: Saturday, January 25 (Year of the Rat)
  • 2021: Friday, February 12 (Year of the Ox)
Thailand festivals - The Loi Krathong Festival
Breathtaking view in Loi Krathong Festival

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Make sure to go to places where there is water.
  • Celebrations of The Loi Krathong Festival in Sukothai takes place for five long days, and this can be one of the best places to go to during this festival.
  • Experience the fashion shows, the tamp walks, the beauty contests during this time of the festival.
  • One must also experience the fantastic light and sound shows when you are in Thailand during the Loi Krathong Festival. Be there to experience the Thailand holidays well.
  • Apart from all these things, do not forget to sight the most wonderful of all, the magical floating lights and lovely folk performances.
  • If you are Chiang Mai, you must not miss watching the flying lanterns.

6. Tattoo Festival at Wat Bang Phra

The tattoo festival is one of the craziest of all the festivals to experience during your Thailand trip. Devotees from all walks of life take part in this inexplicable festivity. As the name says, the tattoo festival celebrations happen to re-energize the existing tattoos using a special kind of ink made of snake venom and charcoal as ink.

Thousands of people flock to the Wat Bang Phra temple, where the monks work through all night to energize the magical powers of the tattoo for good luck, health, and prosperity. The celebrations of the Tattoo festival as part of the Thailand holidays happen during the first weekend of March.


Wat Bang Phra temple is the place where the Thailand festivals 2020 are taken place.



Events in Thailand - Tattoo Festival at Wat Bang Phra
One of the craziest of all the Thai festivals

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Be there to experience the holy chaos at the Events in Thailand.
  • People entering into trance and bashing into the walls to enter the shrine is one of the most common things that you shall notice
  • Appreciate the traditional and the devotional side of the party hub Thailand
  • Get yourself a beautiful tattoo from the monks by waiting in long queues at the Wat Bang Phra Temple.

7. Boun Bang Fai Rocket Festival

Thailand is full of traditions and customs. Likewise, the Boun Bang Fai Rocket Festival also has its legend. To get better rain, people in Thailand fly rockets made of bamboo shoots into the air. The monks take significant initiatives to decorate the rockets straight to the ‘God of Rain’, Phaya Thaen. The Boun Bang Fai Rocket Festival is one of the “Thailand festivals” where a lot of villages come together and participate merrily.

The Boun Bang Fai Rocket Festival generally takes place during the sixth Lunar month of the Thai calendar. May / June is the right month to visit Thailand to take part in this grandeur.


The celebrations of the Boun Bang Fai Rocket Festival, part of the public Thailand holidays happens in the most beautiful villages of Thailand like Nason, Natham, Thongmang, Kern, and Pakhanhoung in the suburban of Vientiane capital.


May 8, 2020 – May 10, 2020Boun Bang Fai Rocket Thailand Festival

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Get to see the lively villagers taking part in the rocket festival with great enthusiasm.
  • See the rockets soaring high in the sky as part of the rocket flying competition.
  • Experience the true beauty of Thailand with the locals during the Thailand holidays.

8. Chanthaburi and Rayong Fruit Festival

Also known as the ‘Colours of the East,’ the Chanthaburi and Rayong Fruit Festival is one of its kind celebrations where people celebrate their harvest of fresh Durian fruits. This festival was initially known as the “World Durian Festival” is now called the Chanthaburi and Rayong Fruit Festival, the famous Thailand festivals.


Chanthaburi – a small province in Thailand is a place where the Chanthaburi and Rayong Fruit Festival take place. The site shares the border with the Battambang and Pailin of Cambodia. One has to travel 245km from Bangkok to experience the lovely festival of Chanthaburi and Rayong Fruit.


19th to May 31 every year

May is the time to visit Thailand and take part in the Chanthaburi and Rayong Fruit Festival. Generally, the festival takes place anywhere from 19th to May 31 every year.

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips): 

  • Taste the juiciest fruits in the whole of Thailand
  • Fill your eyes and soul with some of nature’s best colors
  • Take a walk around the small province of Chanthaburi to understand the roots of the festival.

10. Koh Samui Regatta festival

The Koh Samui Regatta is one of the most adventurous experiences that everyone must have at least once in their lifetime. The Koh Samui Regattas the best sports event that one can wish to participate in, and this is made exclusively for those who are high on adrenaline. It is one of the holidays of Thailand in which one must undoubtedly take part.

If you have ever had a desire for the best yachts then, this is the festival you see. The Koh Samui Regatta is one of the most popular sailing activities in the whole of the Asian continent.


It takes place in Koh Samui, and the year of inception of this thrilling sports festival was the year 2002 as part of the public Thailand holidays.


May 25 to June 1 is the time when the Thailand festivals 2020, the Koh Samui Regatta takes place. You can plan your visit accordingly to get a glimpse of this festival.

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Get first-hand experience on what sailing is all about
  • Knowledge one of the most electrifying activities in Thailand.
  • Watch ace sailors sailing through the violent waves.

11. Phi Ta Khon Festival

Known as the “Ghost festivals of Thailand,” the Phi Ta Khon Festival has a great history that dates back to centuries ago. The celebrations take place in the memory of Lord Buddha, also called Prince Vessantara, in his later birth that comes back to life after death.

Hence, this festival is also known as “Awakening of the Dead.” If you want to experience the real Thailand’s culture then, you must undoubtedly take part in the Phi Ta Khon Festival as part of the Thailand holidays.

The event takes place for three consecutive days, and the whole of Thailand can walk in the attire of ghosts. They also wear the masks of demons and parade around the Dan Sai province. The costume and the hoods are sometimes scarier than you can imagine. People participate in various events like plays, roadshows, and other creative activities during this festival.


Dan Sai district is one of the most bountiful lands of Thailand where the Phi Ta Khon Festival celebrations happen. The region of Dan Sai is present in the Province of Loei, which is to the northeast of Thailand.


5th to July 7 is the date when this event generally takes place. According to the Thai calendar, the times can vary, as well.

Festivals of Thailand -Phi Ta Khon Festival

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Participate in one of the most happening ghost festivals of Thailand
  • Get to see people in their best ghost attire
  • Experience the cultural and the creative shows from the locals when you are here for the Events in Thailand

12. Khao Phansa (Buddhist Lent)

The Khao Phansa is one of the festivals of Thailand where the Buddhist monks spend time in complete silence in meditation. This festival comes during the rainy seasons. Hence, the monks choose to stay in their abode and involve themselves in spiritual activities.

Also, during this time, one can get to see the locals retreating themselves from meat and liquor. Khao Phansa is one of the most significant festivals of Thailand that everyone should take part in.


Monasteries in Thailand are the places where the Festivals of Thailandcelebrations like the Khao Phansa happen.


July 6 to October 1 every year

The festival of Khao Phansa (Buddhist Lent) in the year 2020 will begin on July 6 and ends on October 1. However, one must know that these are the tentative dates, and it can vary according to the calendar. Usually, the “Thailand festivals” takes place after the full moon day in the eighth lunar months according to the Thai culture.

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

Since it is the rainy season, the Thailand festivals 2020 may not have much for tourists. If you are passionate about the culture and heritage of the place, then one can seek information from the locals, and this could be one of the possible things that a tourist can do during this time of the year in Thailand.

13. The Candle Festival – Ubon Ratchathani

Ubon Ratchathani or the candle festival is the grandest and the famous festival in Thailand. The specialty of this festival is to offer the loveliest candles to the Wats or the sacred temples. The festival takes place for two consecutive days, and everyone’s focus is on the candle parade that always happens on the 2nd day of the event.

Artists from across the world showcase their love for art through this competition. It is, therefore, one of the main highlights of the festival. The festival holds significance in the memory of Lord Buddha’s first sermon. Hence, this is one of the significant public holidays in Thailand.


Ubon Ratchathani, present in the north-eastern region of Thailand, is the place where these Thailand festivals take place. Thing Si Mueang Park will be filled with candles made from the artists, and one can get to see the lovely candles at this place during the Ubon Ratchathani candle festival.


16th and 17th July every year

The festival usually takes place in July. The dates will somewhere fall between the 16th and the 17th of July month. However, it can again change depending on the occurrence of the full moon day during that time as per the Thai calendar

Thailand festivals -The candle festival
Ubon Ratchathani – The Thai candle festival

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Take part in the candle parade and witness the giant and the most beautiful candles
  • Go to the Thing Si Mueang Park where the torch of the winner is on display for weeks together.
  • Enjoy the open market and then binge on the best foods near the Thing Si Mueang Park area
  • Experience some of the world-class dance shows and cultural performances

14. Naga Fireball Festival

Naga Fireball Festival is one of the most mysterious festivals that one can get to see only in Thailand. Fireballs from the river Mekong River starts going up in the sky. At times thousands of these fireballs are shot from the river, and people go gaga over this phenomenon.

They feel that these fireballs come out of the mouth of a poisonous serpent that lives deep in the waters and calls it ‘Phaya Nak.’ No one so far has been able to understand the reason behind this fireball shooting to date though there is a lot of researches happening around this strange miracle.

People these days celebrate Thailand festivals with enthusiasm by burning a lot of crackers, fireworks and also flying the lanterns.


To witness the happening festival, one must proceed towards the stretch of the river Mekong.



The Thailand events commence by the end of the Buddhist Lent festival and generally. If you are planning to go to Thailand during this celebration Mid-October or the early weeks of November is the right time.

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Watching the fireballs going up in the sky from the river can be the most beautiful scene during the Thailand holidays.
  • . This phenomenon does not occur anywhere else; hence, it is extraordinary to be here.
  • Looking at the happiness of the locals and listening to them sing and dance all night is another thing that the tourists can do.
  • You can also choose to buy a lantern for yourself and fly it along with the others and take part in the celebrations.

14. Chonburi Buffalo Racing

If you wonder how festivals are like and are curious to know how it does feel to take part to sight the beasts with horns running around maniacally, take a tour to Thailand during the Chonburi Buffalo Racing. Called as one of the most thrilling and exciting “Festivals of Thailand” that dates back to several hundreds of years.

The Chonburi Buffalo, Racing Thailand events, was once done to praise the buffaloes for their contribution in the fields. However, it has now become the coolest commemorations in Thailand. Buffaloes during the festival go through a royal treatment, and they get to binge on the tastiest of food and beer.

The buffalo owners will decorate their buffaloes and take them to the competition. Along with that, the riders are to hold tight to the buffalo when the race begins. It makes people go wild and crazy.


Thai festival like the Buffalo racing happens in a place called Chonburi, which is approximately a 1.5-hour drive from the city of Bangkok.


Thursday, October 29, 2020

The Buddhist Lent is one of the famous celebrations, gets more attention due to the Chonburi Buffalo Racing. Both festivals happen during October, depending on the occurrence of the full moon. So, if you want to enjoy the Chonburi Buffalo Racing, October is the right time to plan your trip to Thailand.

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Get to see the buffaloes taking part in the beauty pageant competition.
  • See some of the most humorous, beautiful, and swift buffaloes bagging the prizes.
  • Take part in the Thailand events fair and musical performances.

15. Awk Pansa

The Awk Pansa holiday happens when the Buddhist monks finish their meditation and spiritual learning and return to a healthy lifestyle Awk Pansa is a festival that takes place at the end of the Buddhist Lent Festival.

People from Thailand take part in thanking Lord Buddha, the Gods, the serpents, and the rain God by floating small boats in the river. Lighting candles, offering meals to the monks are the other activities that include as part of this festival.

Beautiful boats with flowers and other decorative items made using Banana leaf floats in the rivers in the form of showing respect.


It is best to go to the Mekong River because the Naga Fireballs also apparently appear on the same day; hence, this can be an apt place to enjoy the celebrations.


  • 2019 – October 13
  • 2020 – October 2
  • 2021 – August 8
  • 2022 – August 26

October is the month when the Festivals of Thailand like Awk Pansa, End of Buddhist Lent takes place in Thailand.

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Enjoy the colorful little boats sailing along the Thai and Lao rivers.
  • Get a boat for yourself and navigate it, making a wish, and thanking the Gods for keeping you safe and sound.
  • Get to experience the Naga fireballs at the Mekong River and go on a gastronomical tour.

16. River Kwai Bridge Week – Kanchanaburi

If you have dreams of going on a shopping spree for the local products and have a deep desire to understand the history of the World War II then, go to Thailand during the grand celebrations of the River Kwai Bridge Week.

The light and sound experts take you through a journey of World War II and are a sign of offering homage to prisoners and the labors that were part of the Death Railway constructions.


The event is famous and takes place in a place called Kanchanaburi on the bridge of the River Kwai.


  • 23/11/2019 – 02/12/2019
  • November 23 to December 2 every year

The Thailand festival of River Kwai Bridge Week – Kanchanaburi is going to happen in November every year and goes until the first week of December. The dates for this year are from November 23 to December 2.

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips): 

  • Get to know the history of World War II.
  • Visit some of the attractions like the Yai Waterfalls, Srinakarin Dam, Sai Yok Noi, and Vajiralongkorn Dam.
  • Go to the most famous museum and the cemetery, World War II Museum Kanchanaburi War Cemetery, and Art Gallery.
  • Enjoy shopping and the fair because some of the government organizations also take part in this grand affair and put up food stalls for the visitors during this Thai event.

17. Yi Peng

Yi Peng is one of the most unusual public Thai holidays, where the country would be full of floating lanterns. The festival is part of the significant celebrations that take place during the Loi Krathong, where the boats go sailing in the water bodies.

The homes of the residents will have a hanging lantern during this time, and this makes the whole place extremely beautiful. People of Thailand have strong beliefs in their tradition and culture, and this festival shows their idea of having good fortune. The lanterns have a strong bonding with a stroke of good luck. Hence, the lights from the banks of the Ping River reach the sky in the form of wishes.


The apt location for this holiday is Mae Jo University because, at 6:30 PM, the lanterns will start going high in the air. Also, Chiang Mai is one of the most happening places in this festival.



Generally, this Thai festival happens during mid-November. However, the dates can vary depending on the Thai calendar.

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Cultural dances and performances.
  • After the actual festival, a unique Yi Peng festival is set up exclusively for the tourists. You can choose to take part in that as well.
  • Taking selfies must not be forgotten when you are here.
  • The sight of fireworks, crackers, and most of all, the lanterns bring a lot of joy and can be extremely therapeutic.

18. Surin Elephant Festival

Thailand is a land of culture and heritage, and there are a lot of festivals and celebrations that take place here. The Surin Elephant Festival is one of the other famous holidays that are cultural. Known as the ‘Land of elephants,’ this event adds complete meaning to the words.

When you are here, do not miss out on watching the elephants eating their rich food and the parade. Along with this, one can also get to see the demonstrations on the ancient war techniques.


If you are looking forward to being a part of one of the most becoming cultural events of Thailand, head straight to the province of Isan. The Surin Elephant festival is where you get to see the lovely elephants walking in full pride at the Surin Elephant Festival.


27th to November 30 – every year

Every year this Thai holiday happens during the third week of November.

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • The parade of the elephants
  • Getting to experience the complete local culture
  • A total extravaganza which gives both knowledge and amusement
  • Tug of war by the elephants
  • Understanding the history of the festival

19. Lopburi Monkey Banquet (Food Festival)

Do you want to get a sight of how our ancestors ate and drink, then you must visit Thailand during the Lopburi Monkey Banquet (Food Festival). A plethora of food on the table to welcome the monkey-gods is the most common sights in Lopburi during the festival.

Attending the Lopburi money Thailand holidays public is one of the must-do things when you are in Thailand because this festival gives you joy and happiness, watching giant monkeys taking part in the grand affair. Watching the monkeys dance along with people is one of the sights to behold.


It takes place in Lopburi, which is one of the oldest cities in Thailand. The site is known for its monuments and culture that dates back to centuries ago.


Every year this event happens during the last week of November, and the dates can change as well.

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • See the plethora of sticky rice, fruits, salads made exclusively for the monkeys to feast
  • Visit the historical sites of Thailand in the oldest city of Lopburi
  • Watch the monkeys pranking with the tourists and the locals
  • See them dance alongside the tourists and binging on their banquet during these Thailand festivals 2020.

20. Chinese New Year

Want to wear a red color and flaunt around in Thailand? Then, you must undoubtedly experience the Chinese New Year. The Chinese New Year is one of the grandest celebrations and the public holidays of Thailand that everyone enjoys the most.

The place where the Chinese population is higher is full of festivals, and of course, none will say a “No” to party! The Chinese New Year in Thailand is not a government holiday; hence, some people choose to work while the others are out partying.


Places like Bangkok, the Pattaya and Phuket celebrate this festival with extreme enthusiasm because these are where a lot of Chinese live. Also, these are the best partying hubs in Thailand where one can go to during the New Year Celebrations. Chinatown is the apt place to be in during this festival to experience the best celebrations.



The festival generally takes place in February, according to the Lunar Calendar, and the dates can vary accordingly.

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Pub hopping and club hopping is the most common things that a lot of people indulge in during this time
  • Shopping is one of the activities that you must indulge in because of the enormous discounts.
  • Hanging around in the streets.

21. Father’s Day Celebrations in Thailand

Thailand has great respect towards their Kings and December 5 every year, Father’s day celebrations take place in Thailand. On this day, respect towards their King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who was a great ruler. This day, though not a government holiday, people still walk to the monasteries and the sacred temples and offer alms to the monks. People also provide lily flowers, canna flowers to show respect to their fathers and ancestors.

The Thais take a lot of interest in celebrating this event as they look up to their kings. People also venture out to get the closest seat to watch their king address the crowd, and this is one of the exciting things that take place during this festival.


This holiday takes place in the whole of Thailand because the King is treated as God here.



The official date of Father’s day celebration is on December 5 every year.

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Catch a glimpse of the King making a tremendous speech at his palace
  • Thai people typically wear yellow color during this day, so; you can also roam around wearing yellow color clothes.
  • Visit the grand palace of king Bhumibol which is accessible only during this time of the year as part of the Thailand events.

Well, these are some of the most prestigious Festivals in Thailand that you must experience when you take a trip to the land of culture, heritage, and elephants.


Is Thailand safe for travel?

Thailand is one of the places that would undoubtedly be on the bucket list of all the travelers who are in love to explore international destinations. Thailand has it all. Right from the night clubs, pubs, adventure activities, fantastic scenery, shopping malls, and more.

It is one such place that would become a favorite to everyone within an instance — considered to be one of the safest destinations, a lot of people from across the country flock into Thailand. However, it becomes the responsibility of every traveler to answer the question: Is Thailand safe for travel?

View of Bangkok
Night view of Bangkok

The ones who are into solo traveling generally choose Thailand to start with, group travelers. Bangkok is one of the most happening capitals, and people go here to witness the fantastic nightlife culture. On the other hand, Pattaya is another famous destination in Thailand that attracts a lot of tourists too. In this write-up, we are here to explain everything that one must know when they plan their visit to the most beautiful country, “Thailand.”

Is Thailand a safe place to travel?

Planning a trip to another country can be quite an exciting thing, but, at the same time, it is mandatory to understand the rules and regulations, policies of the country before you travel. Along with that, it is also quite essential to get to know about safety-related issues too.

So, the significant chunk of this article speaks about, how safe is travel to Thailand. Well, there are a lot of reasons to understand whether a country is safe to travel or not. Once this bit is clear, then there would not be any obstacles that could hinder the trip. So, let us quickly come to an understanding if Thailand should be your next international to go to keep in mind, is it safe to travel to Thailand?

is travel to Thailand safe
Erawan waterfall in Kanchanaburi, the center of Thailand

Planning for a trip requires a lot of focus and attention. As you pack the trolley safely, it becomes essential also to understand the safety within every nook and corner of the country that you are traveling. Traveling without getting all the details in hand can turn out to be quite dangerous, and most likely, the vacation may end up turning into a disaster. Therefore, while planning a trip to the South or the North of Thailand, it is mandatory to have all the details handy.

Travel to Thailand safety in further detail

Like most of the other countries, Thailand also has South and North regions, both extraordinary in their ways. South Thailand is one of the most gorgeous amongst the two because of the surreal atmosphere it has. There are several impressive beaches, massive temples, and lovely bays that one would certainly want to go.

These places are the major landmarks of the area. Hence, it becomes crucial to choose South Thailand as the next destination for a fantastic vacation.

Travel alone to Bangkok
Tuk Tuk is one of the main symbols of Thailand

Now that we have a clear understanding of the segregation of Thailand, it is time to dive more into the safety and get to know it is safe to travel to Thailand, especially the South. Some of the must-visit places in South Thailand are Ko Tao, Mu KO Ang Thong, Ko Phangan, Railay, Ko Lipe, Phuket, and so on.

  •    How safe is the South of Thailand?

The beautiful places in this world are always the dangerous ones too. Likewise, South Thailand, which has some of the most precious and the rarest gems hidden in her bosom, is a pretty sensitive area. Since there are a lot of political activities going on in this area, it makes the situation quite vulnerable.

is it safe to travel to south Thailand
TYpical beach in South Thailand, heaven on earth

Incidences of violence like hooting, bombings, and other kinds of heinous acts do happen in this region. A lot of civilians, armed force members, and other government body members are always on the target list. There are several incidences of people losing their lives too. At times, the group also target the significant tourist places that attract the majority of the population like the discotheques, bars, pubs, markets, shops, bar, and restaurants.

Apart from casualties, such events even involve deaths too. Hence, traveling in this area can be quite unsafe. Though there is over 3500 death since 2004, Thailand Government has taken several measures for the safety of travelers.

Thai boxing
Rest time for young Kik boxer. One of Thailand’s attractions

If a traveler is found to be a suspect by the authorities, they have full power to snatch all the documents and boycott them from traveling. Rights to ban the media, check the travelers thoroughly, and restrict them if suspected are also given to the authorities.

Despite all these things, the hotels that are outside Hat Yai Central District are considered to be safe for travelers, according to the British Foreign Office and the United States Department of State. The train that runs in the junction of Padang Besar is also considered to be safe.

Hence, it becomes quite essential to get to know everything before traveling to South Thailand. One must also know that the beaches are pretty far from the regions that fall under the forbidden zone. Hence, considering traveling to South Thailand, keeping in mind the recommendations from the government bodies would be a good thing to do.

  • How safe is the north of Thailand?

The northern part of Thailand is full of greenery everywhere. While Southern Thailand has spectacular beaches, North Thailand is abundant in terms of forests, jungles, mountains, and culture. Traveling to this part of the land can be a different experience altogether. Howevergetting to know travel to Thailand safe is very important. In this bit, let us quickly take a tour to understand the safety in Northern Thailand.

is thailand safe to travel with family
Typical view of North Thailand

Places like the Mae Hong Son, Pai, Nan, Chiang Rai, Sukothai, etc.., are part of North Thailand. These are some of the best tourist attractions where a lot of people visit. This part of Thailand speaks majorly about the culture and the diversity of the country.

Generally, North Thailand is not as sensitive as the South is. Therefore, going to any of these places for hiking or trekking will not be an issue. However, it is mandatory to go through the rules and regulations from all the possible government advisories.

Then only step into any of the places. Going to any of these places does not fall under any restrictions, but the ones that are incredibly close to Burma Border are not safe. Places like Pattani and Yala, along with Narathiwas, are great to avoid when you are traveling.

  • How secure is in Bangkok?

When you are in Thailand, it is a sin if you do not consider experiencing the nightlife that Bangkok offers. Bangkok is the most happening place in Thailand and has been a favorite destination to all, irrespective of the age groups. Some of the brilliant pubs and bars are present in Bangkok; hence, this is one of the must-go-to destinations when you are exploring Thailand.

is it safe to travel to Thailand with a baby
Temple of Dawn, Wat Arun, Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the safest places to be in when you are in Thailand because it is always lit, and there is a lot of people. Most people do not spend enough time in this city, but the most profound people are in Bangkok, and you get to meet them when you choose to extend your stay here.

Well, when it comes to safety, it is the responsibility of the traveler to be cautious all the time. Reading the tips below can make your stay in Bangkok a memorable and erase the doubts of safety issues when traveling to Thailand.

  1. There is no danger

Since the city is always busy and has a fantastic nightlife, the severe chances of any threat are pretty low. Hence, one need not worry about going out at night because this place is famous for its splendid nightlife.

  1. It is quite dangerous for pedestrians

Crossing the streets can be hazardous, too, especially when the motorcyclists run over you even with the signal lights being red. Yes, you read it right! The traffic in Bangkok is uncontrollable, and at times, the bikers may also start using the sidewalks, and the footpaths meant for pedestrians. It is one of the things to have in mind while in Bangkok.

  1. A photocopy of the passport is mandatory

Carrying the original documents, especially the visa, can be quite dangerous. Hence, it is compulsory to carry a photocopy of the passport everywhere you go. It is also equally important to lock the original passport safe inside a cupboard or any other safety chest given to you at the hotel or hostel.

  1. Do not accept drinks from a stranger 

Abandoning a glass of your juice to talk to someone and taking a drink from a stranger at the night club or a bar can be extremely dangerous. Therefore, if you already have a drink in your hand, it is essential to carry it along with you or finish it before choosing to walk away to attend someone. Else, you could also decide to give it to someone who you know very well.

  1. Say “No” to drugs

The Government has full authority to impose death penalties on those who are carrying, trading, or illegal usage of drugs in some cases. Under every circumstance, the authorities have all the right to penalize the crime and jail the suspect. Hence, using drugs in Thailand is a serious offense, and the person using drugs can immediately be sent to prison as well.

  1. King is the god

A separate law, lèse majesté law, speaks about the rules and regulations that one must follow regarding the Royal family when they are in Thailand. A keen watch on everyone is present all over Thailand, and staying away from all these things can make you realize the answer to the question: is travel to Thailand safe?

There are incidences where people got to jail for some of the most negligible offenses. People liking the Facebook posts of the Royal Family, a woman wearing a black dress during the King’s birthday, a person mocking at the King’s dog, and so on are some of the silliest reasons that have lead people to some severe punishments in Thailand. Hence, it is quite beneficial to stay shut when it comes to the Royal Family. Refrain yourselves from committing any of the below acts to ensure that you are safe in Thailand.

  • Speaking ill about the royal family is wholly forbidden
  • Talking negatively about the royal family is not right
  • 3-15 years of imprisonment for those who involve in the above acts
  1. Taxi scams are the most common

Taxi drivers would generally avoid using the meters, and this can be quite heavy on your pockets. It is always wise to perform thorough research before you hire a taxi. When in doubt, always look for a second option. It is also good to seek the help of maps if you find yourselves waiting unnecessarily in traffic where there could be an alternative route.

It is also good to use google maps if you feel you that the driver is going in the wrong direction. It is one of the most common scams seen in Bangkok. Also, you must check for a meter that works and get into such cabs.

8. Having travel insurance is wise 

Every country has a drawback when it comes to safety, and so does Thailand too. There are scams here also. People engage themselves in petty thefts, and bag snatching. Hence, it is always good to have travel insurance with you if you want to have safe travel

Well, these are some of the things that one must keep in mind to ensure that your travel to Thailand is safe when they are in Bangkok.

Despite being one of the most popular places in Thailand, it becomes the responsibility of every traveler to watch their backs. Unless and until a traveler uses his/ her common sense, then every area would turn out to be dangerous.

Travel safe in Bangkok
Buddhas of Wat Arun temple in Bangkok

Hence, it is mandatory to understand the rules and regulations carefully before paying a visit to any country. We have now realized safety rules when traveling in Thailand, now it is time to understand how safe Pattaya in the next section is.

How safe is in Pattaya?

A quaint fishing village is now one of the most of Thailand’s happening touristy spots. Traveling in Pattaya can call for an unfortunate incident all of a sudden. Murders are pretty standard in this region. So, it is essential always to stay cautious when you decide your trip to Pattaya. So, shall we quickly take a sneak peek of some of the things to stay away from in Thailand? There is a part of the safety measure when you are in Pattaya?

is it safe to travel to Thailand while pregnant
Skyline of Pattaya
  •    Fraudulent artists

It is good to stay in groups when you are here. A lot of thieves come in disguise as artists, and this can be quite an alarming situation. Capturing, stealing, robbing, and bag snatching is pretty standard here. Hence, it is always a better deal to move in groups, or with a friend rather than by yourself.

  • Families are to be over cautious

Bars are the most common things in Pattaya, and there are thousands of bars which are full of adults. The youngsters make it pretty uncomfortable for the families at times. So, families! Watch out before planning.

  •    Do not misbehave with the locals

At the restaurant, at the bar, or in a hotel, do mind your feet position. Never point it out at others, and also remember not to pick a fight with the locals. Rubbing heads here is not acceptable, and removing shoes at every spiritual and religious place is the safest thing to follow. When you see a Buddha statue, avoid rubbing the hands over his head and also walking in with a pair of shoes.

  •    Do not be rude at the sellers

A touristy place like Pattaya has several street sellers. Shooing them away, rudely, or yelling at them can be dangerous. A thank-you with a smile would do the magic. Remember to stay polite always.

  •    Open sewages make the beaches dirty

It is one of the major drawbacks if you choose to visit beaches in Pattaya. Letting the sewages out directly to the beaches is one of the dirtiest things in Pattaya. The sludge at the bay enters the beach, making it filthier.

Travel safe with family to Thailand
Huge lizards in Bangkok canals

Hence, this is one of the things to consider for your safe travel, when you are in Pattaya. Malaria, Dengue, and other diseases can easily spread with sewage water as the mosquitoes are in abundance here. Hence, this can be one of the must remember things for tourists who come to visit Pattaya.

  •    Club Raids can be annoying 

It is a club destination in Thailand. The cops stay out of these clubs generally, but, at times, if the police have a suspect of the club selling or using drugs, they would immediately shut them down and start searching. The police also impose death penalties, imprisonment, death sentences for the consumption of drugs.

  •    Be careful with the massages

Well, we all know that Pattaya is famous as a “Red Light” district amongst the several other regions in Thailand. Most of the people, especially the youngsters, go here to have fun and experience everything they want to. It is not a surprise if a girl walks towards you and asks if you are in for a “Thai Massage.”
The massage she refers to means a lot than the actual massage, and it comes with a price. Massages come with a “Fixed Price” tag but, at times, you would end up with ladies who can start going above the slabs and looting you. Even before they start with a massage, it becomes your responsibility to check with them correctly.

Well, Pattaya is a fantastic place in Thailand to visit, but only after you understand what precautions should you take to keep you safe when you travel there. Even the most beautiful and lovely destinations can give you horrible experiences. Be aware.

How secure it to travel in Thailand these days?

It is pretty safe to travel to Thailand these days because of tight security. However, there are petty crimes like bag-snatching, chain-snatching, mugging, and cheating. Hence, the tourists should be careful while they travel to the “Land of Smiles.” Terrorist attacks due to religious issues in South Thailand are still prevalent; however, violence activities around tourists are sporadic. It also has a lot of political influence too.

Well, tourists should still be safe because some of the crimes related to sexual harassment, assault, and molestation are still possible. These kinds of activities usually happen at the parties in clubs, beaches, and pubs.

Street in Bangkok
View of Bangkok’s street

Along with this, the tourists should also take care of the credit cards and their belongings properly because chain-snatching, theft, and rapes may also happen. Jet-skis, motorbikes, tuk-tuk, and taxi scams are also pretty common to occur. Hence, as tourists, it is mandatory to follow specific rules to make your Thailand travel easy, comfortable, and most important, safe.

  • It is always a great thing to let your family know about your whereabouts
  • Share the current location with your friends and family
  • Try to always stick to a group even while traveling solo
  • Do not pick a fight unnecessarily with the locals
  • Try not to accept free drinks at the bar and do not handover the glasses of your drinks to anyone else.
  • Accepting free massages and walking away with an unknown person can also turn out to be harmful.
  • Be cautious about the police officers that offer help; some are fake too.
  • Though it is the 91st safest country amongst all the others, it is still riskier when it comes to the overall crime rate.

How safe is to travel during Songkran?

Songkran is one of the most important festivals which everyone will be looking forward to in Thailand. Traveling during this time of the year can be quite a challenging affair as the chances of getting wet would be higher. Catching fever like Dengue because of mosquitoes is also quite large. Hence, planning your trip accordingly during this festival is required.

Songkran in Thailand
Songkran, Water all over

How to keep your belongings safe in Thailand?

Floating market near Bangkok
Floating market near Bangkok

Carrying everything original may not be a great idea while traveling in Thailand. One can choose to get a locker at the hotel where the accommodation is and lock all the documents safely.

Carrying the photocopies of the original documents is an excellent idea because, at times, it becomes essential to show them to the cops during emergencies. Also, some of the clubs might ask for identity proof due to security purposes. Hence, carrying a photocopy of the document is a must.

  • Keep all the documents in a safe locker at the hotel
  • Do not wear jewelry in excess
  • Avoid carrying a money pouch around your waist; this can attract unnecessary guests
  • Taking money in a backpack while you travel is a good idea, it maintains a low profile
  • It is good to carry a card. However, one must be extremely careful if it is a credit card as the scams regarding the credit cards are pretty high here.
  • If there are no lockers at the hotel, one can also choose to pack the money and hand it over at the reception after signing a few documents. These things are safe in the locker that is at the reception as it requires a couple of keys to access the valuables.
  • Check for the safe locks before leaving anything in the room.

Formal Thai government recommendations for safe travel in Thailand

Government travel advice https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/thailand

There are several rules as per the FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) concerning the provinces like Pattani, Yala, and Narathiwas. Some of the other places in South Thailand are extremely sensitive too. Traveling in these districts is also forbidden. The only train like that is safe to visit is the one that runs between Hat Yai and Pedang Besar.

Travel with friends to Thailand
Enjoying life in Bangkok

According to the FCO, the following are to take care while traveling in Thailand.

  • Public meetings, gatherings, and other protests are not the right things to attend when you are here.
  • Demonstrations, marches, and other community programs are also likely to be in danger most of the time.
  • It is excellent to avoid meetings, statements, and another gathering that has political influence.
  • Accusing the King and their decisions can invite troubles to people, and this includes death sentences and long-term imprisonment.
  • Explosions in Bangkok are frequent, and this is due to the terrorist’s activity, and generally, the place is under high vigilance.
  • The quality of air in certain places like Bangkok and Chiang Mai is inferior, and this can lead to severe health problems.
  • The weather conditions can also be harsh at certain times. Taking the right measures and wearing appropriate clothes is essential.
  • Local laws on customs are pretty stringent. Hence, understanding all these things before paying a visit can make the trip memorable.
  • Accidents are pretty high as the motorcyclists are seen occupying the sidewalks meant for the pedestrians. Hence, being extra careful by following the traffic rules is essential.
  • You are wearing helmets while riding is again another essential rule in Thailand.
  • Importing more than 200 cigarettes per person at a time is against the customs laws.
  • One needs to pay a hefty fine if caught smoking in restricted areas.
  • E-cigarettes and vaporizers are illegal in Thailand.
  • Lawson gender-changing are pretty relaxed here. So, be careful with what you speak about the LGBT community.
  • Killing of animals for hides, skin, fur, and other things are entirely against the law. These heinous crimes can lead to imprisonment and other severe punishments.

How safe are bars and clubs?

Most of the people come to Thailand to experience the nightlife. Especially in areas like Pattaya and Bangkok, the pubs are generally full of people going crazy over the music. This legendary nightlife also has cons. Let us quickly understand some of the rules which one must follow in Clubs and Pubs.

Bangkok bars in Thailand
One of Thailand’s favorite pastimes
  • It is common to encounter a lady-boy, don’t just go with them thinking they are ladies.
  • Do not accept drinks from strangers, and do not abandon the drinking glass and come back to it later.
  • Avoid speaking to friendly strangers in the bar and making unnecessary acquaintances.
  • Do not indulge in bucket drinks, the dangerous potion that can immediately make you blurry and can lead you into unwanted situations.

Is it safe to travel during monsoon?

Rainy season in Thailand can be lovely when the planning is right. August to October is the month that experiences the maximum rainfalls in Thailand. The moisture in August is quite unpredictable, whereas, in September, Thailand experiences a lot of rains that won’t stop.

During October, the rainfall is generally high during the first few weeks, and later, it reduces gradually. Heavy rains might also result in floods, which can be a hindrance to the travel plans.

  • Trekking enthusiasts, this season is not the right time to plan your travel because access to the elephant sanctuaries, visiting the beaches is less likely to happen.
  • Planning a visit to places like temples, historical monuments, and other cultural centers is possible even during the monsoon.
  • Floating market tours and hiking up to the mountains will not happen during this season.
  • Cities like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Chiang Rai, Phuket, Koh Samui are the places to go during monsoon because they experience lesser rain than the other parts of the country.
  • Most of the restaurants, hotels, and pubs will offer great discounts during this season because the business is very less in comparison to the peak seasons.

The facts about safe solo travel to Thailand

Though not the most reliable, this is one of the places that attract a lot of tourists. Some of the solo female travelers acknowledge Thailand to be a great country to travel; however, the matter of safety remains dicey. Let us quickly check some of the essential things that a solo traveler needs to follow when they are in Thailand.

How safe is to travel alone in Thailand? 

This place is mostly safer for solo travelers, and since there is an excellent tolerance towards gender, Thailand is one of the must-go-to places for all the solo travelers. Though the country has a prominent red-light district hence, it is important to stay cautious. Attention towards men is higher than women; therefore, female solo-travelers can consider themselves safe when they are here.

All the precautions related to food, drugs, drinks, clubs, and sex and also hiring taxis are applicable as per the discussion above.

Is Thailand safe for solo female travel?

  • Of course, Thailand is one of the safest countries for female solo travelers. However, keeping in mind certain things regarding safety can make the trip even joyful.
  • It is always good to avoid walking close to the street, showing-off the handbags and purses. Flashing bags and purses like this can attract unnecessary attention from the passers-by.
  • It is always good to go to the areas where there is ample light during the dusk. Walking alone on a beach during the night can be dangerous.
  • Remember no to carry everything in your backpack because if the thief tries stealing your bag, you may have to surrender not just the bag but all the belongings too. Hence, carrying the necessary supplies for the day is mandatory.
  • Clicking photographs is a great thing to do; however, not at the cost of losing your expensive camera.
  • Thailand’s culture is pretty strong, and the same reflects in their dress sense too. Carrying clothes that aren’t body-hugging is very important when you are here. Temples and religious places expect you to dress modestly, and this applies to all the genders. Walking into a market in a bikini or taking a walk on the beach in with scanty clothes is not the right thing to do in Thailand.
  • Harassment of women is a lot lesser in Thailand because the majority of the population follows Buddhism. Hence, they are pretty cautious about eve-teasing. Despite this, if someone indulges in harassing, it is good to keep walking instead of landing into unnecessary conflicts.
  • Be cautious when you have a monk around. Monks aren’t accessible to women, and if you are traveling with one, allow them to pass by first. Do not touch them even by accident; instead, you can always keep things down on the floor and ask them to take it.
  • Some of the temples do not entertain women inside the premises. Hence, it is good to read the signs and stay out of such places.

Is Thailand safe for family travels?

Thailand is possibly one of the friendliest destinations for the family to travel because of the family-oriented culture that prevails here. Going to Thailand with your children can probably one of the coolest things to do.

Some people may not have exposure to open and diverse cultures like Thailand; hence, while visiting places like Bangkok and Pattaya, it is vital to open-mindedness. Educating the family members on the laws, rules, and regulations to follow in Thailand can be highly beneficial.

Is it safe to travel with kids/toddler/ baby

Traveling with kids can be one of the most exciting things to do in Thailand because Thai culture is extremely friendly towards families and kids. However, there are certain things to remember while traveling with toddlers and children.

  • Do not take them to Bangkok or Pattaya right on the day you land – this can give them a significant culture shock.
  • Stay for a few days because it takes time for children to accustom themselves to the new environment.
  • Umbrella strollers are available in abundance, carrying it if you have a toddler can be the right thing to do.
  • Getting a direct flight to Bangkok is the best option.
  • Plan the trip properly and do one thing at a time.
  • There are a lot of play areas for kids where you can leave them because Thais are extremely friendly towards kids.
  • Taking them out for a walk on the beach during the evenings can be a high activity when you are in Thailand.

Transportation in Thailand

One must be aware that the transportation system is massively disorganized. Since this is one of the major tourist destinations, there are a lot of means of transportation in Thailand. For longer routes, it is always good to use the Public Transport System in Bangkok, and for a shorter distance, most likely, the tuk-tuk, motorcycles, and motorbikes are in use.

Traveling through trains can be quite challenging because they are not as frequent as the buses are. Some ferries and boats can be in use as the transportation system in fewer areas. Uber is also another mode of transport but, hardly anybody uses it because the taxis are available abundantly.

How safe are taxis, cars, and motorcycles in Thailand?

Taxis are safe in Thailand as long as you make an effort to ensure that the meters are in place. Most of the taxi drivers would demand a lot when they see travelers. Hence, it is your responsibility to make sure that the meter is working fine when you get inside the taxi. Motorcyclists are large in number, and they rarely follow traffic rules. Hence, this can be pretty inconvenient for you as a traveler.

Is driving a car safe in Thailand?

The traffic in Thailand is exceptionally chaotic, and driving a car means there are specific rules and regulations that one must follow. One must possess a driving license, and it has to be at least a year old to drive a car. Age criterion of 18 to drive their vehicle and -21 is compulsory to rent a car in Thailand.

If you are a foreigner, it is vital to have a driver’s license, and if it is in English along with a photograph, it can be advantageous. Apart from all these things, it is also equally important to have an International Driving Permit. Crossing speed Limits, Driving without Seat belts, Rash driving, Drink, and drive, usage of cell phones, unnecessary honking can all lead to punishment.

How safe is the food in Thailand?

It is always good to choose food that is not on the roadside. It is also wise to go to a stall where you can find a lot of locals because these people are experts in choosing the right shops. Thailand has a plethora of street food options. They look beautiful, but overlooking hygiene for taste can lead to dangerous diseases.

Eating foods from roadside can always turn out to be a disaster. Hence, it is mandatory to follow specific rules while you indulge yourselves in binging on the roadside food. However, posh restaurants and hotels are particular hygiene, and they offer first-quality food at all times.

Is it safe to eat in local restaurants? 

  1. Remember to watch out for the cleanliness of the shop
  2. Check if the hands of the vendor are clean
  3. Make sure to see if the place you are eating from is fly-free
  4. Sanitize your hands thoroughly before eating anything at all.
  5. Do not grab the chilies from the bowl that you see on the platform of the kitchen counter
  6. Make sure to carry an anti-bacterial gel along with you to clean the plates and other serving dishes

Is it safe to drink water in Thailand?

One can easily find tap water in Thailand, but drinking it without purifying it may not be hygienic. Hence, carrying bottles of mineral water or even a portable carbon filter to clean the water can be the best thing to do when you are thirsty in Thailand. Diseases, especially the contagious ones, generally are waterborne; hence, taking precautions while drinking water is mandatory.

Is Thailand safe to live?

Thailand is undoubtedly a lovely country to settle. However, there are a lot of rules and regulations one has to follow to become a permanent citizen of this gorgeous country.

Travel guide to Thailand
DK Eyewitness Thailand (Travel Guide)

Thailand attracts a lot of globetrotters, and people mainly come here to experience the turquoise blue waters in the crystal-clear beaches, the ancient temples, and the traditions. Keeping all this in mind, Thailand can be one of the best choices to move in. However, a reality check has to happen before deciding on anything as serious as this.

There are two faces to this lovely place; one – the most traditional and the other, extremely opposite. Older adults would want to stay out of unnecessary noise, and if they decide to settle in places like Pattaya or Bangkok, the lifestyle can be quite disturbing.

People who settle down in Thailand and decide to make a living should get the hang of the culture and blend in the society to start making money. Thailand’s economy is mainly dependent on tourism, and this includes the clubs, parties, strip bars, and red-light areas. Hence, when one decides to move in, there may end up in a culture shock.

One must also understand that Thailand’s history dates back to several centuries, and this one such nation has always stood tall and has shown excellent resistance towards colonization. They have a firm root of culture and history; hence, following these things can again become slightly challenging for the ex-pats.

There are very few big banks where transactions are safe. Water, electricity, and other basic amenities are available in Thailand without any problems.

  • Apart from all these, it is mandatory to have a Thai-non-immigrant Visa, which should be either three or more than three years old.
  • People who possess multiple non-immigrant visas would fall under the rejection category.
  • Should possess specific qualifications and should fall under the investment category as set by the Thai Government.
  • The person should belong to the Working or Business Section and must have a relationship with at least one permanent residence to apply. It can be the spouse, the mother, or the father.

Is Thailand safe for digital nomads?

Thailand is one of the most popular destinations that attract a lot of digital nomads. Everything for a digital nomad comes at a nominal cost in Thailand. However, it is always nice to understand the terms and conditions of the internet before moving into Thailand in the dream of becoming a digital nomad.

Chiang Mai, the digital nomads capital
Chiang Mai, the digital nomads capital of Thailand

There have been pretty stringent rules when it comes to access the Internet in Thailand. Using certain websites that have pornography content, downloading encrypted messages from an unknown source is still a taboo here. Also, people live in the dark in the areas of communication, unlike the westerners. Hence, it is highly impossible to enjoy all the benefits that a digital nomad does in other countries that have zero restrictions on the internet.

Travel Insurance in Thailand

When you are traveling to another country, it is always good to have travel insurance in place, and the same applies to Thailand as well.

  • Travel insurance covers cashless hospitalization across the world.
  • If you are keen on the extension of stay, the hotel extension can happen with the help of Travel Insurance
  • During the loss of check-in baggage, you can always claim it if you have Travel insurance.
  • If there is a theft or if someone snatches your purse and escapes, you can always depend on the travel insurance for some emergency fund.

Is it safe to travel to Thailand? (Major tips)

Next, we will read about the best tips for safe travel in Thailand. Check out the following.

  1. Drugs

Thailand has zero-tolerance for drugs. Consumption, carrying, selling, and buying of drugs can be a serious offense here. Hence, it is good to stay away from an illegal activity like this.

  1. Engagement with locals

Not all that are friendly are your friends. The locals are incredibly polite and overfriendly. Believing them blindly and going out with them can lead you to unwanted places and situations. Hence, staying out of these things is wise.

  1. Scams

Scams that involve taxis, tuk-tuk, and spas and massage centers are pretty common in Thailand. Hence, being alert at all times is mandatory.

  1. Theft & Fraud

Chain snatchers and bag snatchers roam around freely on the streets. If a motorcycle is coming closer to you can mean danger. Hence, keeping only the necessary items in the bag and holding the bag closer to your shoulder would reduce such crimes.

  1. Royal family 

Ill-speaking of the royal family or trying to be open-minded and passing lewd comments about the monarch can lead to severe punishment. At times, the authorities give death penalties to people depending on the seriousness of the issue; hence, it is safe to stay quiet.

Bangkok palace
Royal family palace in Bangkok
  1. Places you should avoid

Seclude beaches, club streets where is it dark, shady places like the red-light areas and areas having border issues are to stay away. Also, going to places where there is likely a terrorist attack due to religious sensitivity is not all that good.

  1. Vaccinations

Vaccinations for Malaria, Influenza, and Pneumonia, are proper to take Dengue is the most common fever; hence, getting a vaccine to avoid Dengue is also the best thing to do. Apart from these vaccinations for measles, tetanus, Polio, Hepatitis- B, take the treatments at the appropriate age.

  1. Hygienic

Avoid eating from the local stalls, and make sure to clean the utensils before eating. Avoid drinking water from the running taps on the street. Do not indulge in having the bucket drinks sold near the beach area.


Well, these are the things one must know while traveling to Thailand. Going happily and coming safely with tons of memories is in your hands, and that is possible if you follow all these points carefully.



Japan holidays

Japan is a beautiful country that has almost 300 000 traditional festivals. These festivals are very different from one area to another. The Japanese word ‘matsuri’ stands for the word festival. Typically, the local people of Japan organize the traditional celebrations of that particular area, and the temples or shrine fund the festivals. The various festivities make Japan a unique land, and this article will tell you about the different Japan holidays celebrated throughout the country.

  1. Haru Matsuri festival (spring festival)

As mentioned in the title, the literal meaning of Haru Matsuri is a spring festival. The words ‘Haru’ and ‘Matsuri’ are framed with Japanese characters for Spring and Festivals, respectively. However, it is not an individual festival, and it comprises different events and various activities.

These events and activities are generally intended to pray for a new and good crop harvest alongside welcoming spring. Here, it is noticeable that for the Japanese, spring refers to a new beginning and change as spring brings a blooming period with it. If you want yourself to be immersed in the Japan festivalsthere are some well-celebrated events you ought to know about.

Japan festivals




The dates for the next six years for you:


How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

Since it is not an individual festival, it is not possible to specify things that you can enjoy in the Haru Matsuri festival. However, the events and activities happen here are worth to enjoy, such as Setsubun at the beginning of spring season and Hanami or cherry blossom festival.

  1. Setsubun (the bean throwing festival)

In Japan, the Setsubun or The Bean throwing festival is celebrated to welcome the beginning of spring. Every year it is celebrated during the Hari Matsuri festival, which is symbolized with welcoming of spring and praying for good crop harvest. The bean throwing festival of Setsubun, as known in Japan, has its origin from the Muromachi period, which lasted from 1337 to 1573.

In this festival, vitality is represented by beans. As the Japanese believed, these beans purify their homes. Also, evil spirits, responsible for adverse health and misfortune, are driven away by grains. It is a known fact that Japanese like playing with words. That is why there is a secretive meaning behind the term ‘bean throwing festival.’

Pronouncing ‘Beans’ is similar to the Japanese word for demon eyes (mame), and ‘Throwing beans’ is identical in sound to that of the Japanese word for ‘destroying demons’ (mametsu).


Though Setsubun is usually celebrated in public yet individual families can observe the same at their home. However, when seen in public, Setsubun is termed and ‘mamemaki.’ It is celebrated with chants and shouts of ‘oniwa Soto,’ which means (get out demons) and ‘fukuwauchi,’ which means (come in happiness).

You can celebrate in either public or at your home comfort. Feel the soulful aura of this happening yet traditional festival of Japan.


The dates for the next six years for you:

  • Setsubun 2020- Monday 3rd February 2020
  • Setsubun 2021- Tuesday 2nd February 2021
  • Setsubun 2022- Thursday 3rd February 2022
  • Setsubun 2023- Friday 3rd February 2023
  • Setsubun 2024- Saturday 3rd February 2024
  • Setsubun 2025- Sunday 2nd February 2025

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

(i) Grab a Setsubun set having an oni demon mask from a local shop, while you are spending holidays in Japan.

(ii) Even if you haven’t been to a real Setsubun festival yet, there are many ceremonies organized in and around Tokyo which you can attend and feel the fierce competition in catching the beans. Stay well-armed!!

  1. Hanami (cherry blossom festival)

Japan is worldwide famous for cherry blossom festivals. The cherry blossom festivals are known as Hanami in Japanese. These festivals fall under some of the essential customs of Japan. They are celebrated all across Japan during the spring season.

As the tree begins to bloom at different times, you don’t need to find cherry blossoms wherever you go. Therefore, you should do some research if you are planning Japan holidays to be in awe of Hanami or cherry blossom festival.

One of the most popular cherry trees in Japan is Sakura, which is found all across the nation. In botanical circles, these trees are known as somei-Yoshino or yedoensis trees. Plan your trip to Japan today, and explore the charms and scenic beauty of nature.

Japan events
Cherry blossom in Kyoto


Different regions have different times of cherry blossom festivals. Therefore, check the weather forecast by the Japan Weather Association for updates regarding the same.


Since cherry blossom occurs at different times in different regions, it is difficult to state a definite time or date for the same. For instance, in Okinawa, you will witness cherry blossom in January, whereas the time is late March to April in the Honshu region. It is a cumbersome task to plan a trip to Japan.

However, an advance announcement of cherry blossom forecasts is made by The Japan Weather Association during the spring season. The festivals are organized based on these forecasts and vary every year.

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Viewing cherry blossoms is much fun while picnicking under the trees.
  • Bring home-cooked food and barbecued meals.
  • If you don’t want to miss it even the littlest bit, you can take your spot early in the morning or a day before in advance.
  1. Golden Week

The Golden Week is referred to as a group of four national holidays that falls within seven days. The weekends are placed in a strategic manner here, and that makes the Golden Week a hectic Japan holidayThe trains, sightseeing spots, and the airports get quite crowded during this Golden Week. The National Holidays that the

Golden Week consists of are Showa Day (29th April), which is the birthday of Showa, the Emperor who passed away in the year 1989. Constitution Day (3rd May) is the day on which the new postwar constitution came into being in 1947.

Greenery Day (4th May) that is for observing the nature and environment because Showa the Emperor loved nature and plants, Children’s Day (5th May) consists of families raying for the success and health of their sons.


People celebrate the Golden Week throughout Japan as National holidays make up this festival. People all over Japan enjoy the week with fun-filled activities.


  • 2020: 29th April Wednesday
  • 2021: 29th April Thursday
  • 2022: 29th April Friday
  • 2023: 29th April Saturday
  • 2024: 29th April Monday
  • 2025: 29th April Tuesday

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Enjoy the various outdoor festivals during this time.
  • Enjoy the outside weather as it remains mild and enjoyable during this time.
  1. Obon

Obon is one of the Japan holidays when one commemorates one’s ancestors. According to traditional saying every year during the time of Obon, the spirits of the ancestors come back to the world to visit their dear ones. According to tradition, lanterns are generally hung in the front of various houses to guide the spirit of the visiting ancestor.

Obon dances are also performed, and people visit the graves and also offer food at temples and home altars. When the festival ends, the participants float lanterns in the river, sea, and lakes intending to guide the visiting spirits back to the world they came. The customs of Obon generally vary from one region to another.


People celebrate Obon all over Japan, and they also observe customs in different parts of the country.


  • 2020: 13th August Thursday
  • 2021: 13th August Friday
  • 2022: 13th August Saturday
  • 2023: 13th August Sunday
  • 2024: 13th August Tuesday
  • 2025: 13th August Wednesday

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • You can enjoy the Gujo Odori Festival if you love to dance.
  • You can also visit Kyoto to enjoy the Daimonji Festival to view the spectacular bonfires.
  1. The Emperor’s Birthday

Emperor’s birthday is a public holiday in Japan. It is one of the most anticipated Japan holidays. The festival of the Emperor’s Birthday takes place on the day the residing Emperor was born. The origin of this festival goes back to the year 1948. It is the year from when people started to celebrate the birthday of the Emperor as a holiday. Japan’s Emperor is generally seen as a symbol representing the unity and state of Japan.

Holidays to Japan
Imperial palace in Tokyo


The Emperor celebrates his birthday in the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. The Emperor and the empress and various other Royal family members greet the visitors from their balcony.


  • 2020: 23rd February Sunday
  • 2021: 23rd February Monday
  • 2022: 23rd February Tuesday
  • 2023: 23rd February Wednesday
  • 2024: 23rd February Friday
  • 2025: 23rd February Saturday

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Enjoy the various festivities arranged at the Imperial Palace.
  • Enjoy the majestic beauty of the palace grounds.
  1. Winter light festival

The winter illumination or the winter light festival takes place around the time of New Year and Christmas and has become quite a popular one among Japan festivals. The grad illuminations are generally displayed between the time of November and December, and sometimes they run even for more extended periods and starts from October.


The festival is held in the city of Kuwana. There is a park named Nabano No Sato, and it features large greenhouses and spectacular gardens, and the celebration of illumination is held here only.


  • 2020: 15th October Thursday
  • 2021: NA
  • 2022: NA
  • 2023: NA
  • 2024: NA
  • 2025: NA

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Enjoy the brilliantly illuminated Nabano No Sato and walk through the tunnel of light.
  • Enjoy delicious food at the park from the various restaurants that are set up.
  • Visit the hot spring in the park.
  1. Takayama Matsuri

Takayama Festival goes back to the 16th or 17th century and consists of two festivals: Hachiman Matsuri in the autumn and Sanno Matsuri in the spring. The Sanno Matsuri is a yearly festival for the Shrine of Hie Jinja, and people observe it on 14th and 15th April.

Japan holidays today
Takayama Matsuri

The Hachiman Matsuri is also an annual festival and is held or the Shrine of Hachimangu on 9thand 10th October. The Takayama Festival is a combination of these two festivals, and it is one of the most splendid festivals in Japan.


The Sanno Matsuri takes place at the Shrine of Hie Jinja in the city of Takayama, Gifu. The autumn part of the Takayama Festival is held around the shrine of SakurayamaHachimangu.


  • 2020: 14th April Tuesday
  • 2021: NA
  • 2022: NA
  • 2023: NA
  • 2024: NA
  • 2025: NA

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Enjoy the parade that takes place, especially for this festival.
  1. Sanja Matsuri

The Sanja Matsuri commences during the weekend of the third week of May. On this one of the several Japan holidayshundreds of portable shrines, lots of sake, and parades are held together to celebrate the Asakusa Sanja festival. The atmosphere remains high spirited during this festival, and the Sensoji Temple founders are honored on this one of the most celebrated three festivals of Tokyo.

Japan public holidays
Sanja Matsuri, Senso-ji Temple at Asakusa, Taito-ku in Tokyo


Most of the events of this festival are celebrated around the temple of Sensoji and the shrine of Asakusa. These locations can be easily traveled by railways, and the temple takes only five minutes to reach by walking from the Asakusa station.


  • 2020: 15th May Friday
  • 2021: 14th May Friday
  • 2022: 20th May Friday
  • 2023: 19th May Friday
  • 2024: 17th May Friday
  • 2025: 16th May Friday

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Enjoy the Daigyoretsu Parade on the afternoon of Friday.
  • Watch the spectacular sight of hundreds of mikoshi around Asakusa.

  1. Gion Matsuri

Gion Matsui happens to be the biggest of Japan festivals. It has been celebrated since the year 869 and has been growing since then. The festival changes the city into a party-like atmosphere, and the peak time of celebration in the middle of July when meticulously decked up multi-ton floats are shown and also pulled through various streets. The festival attracts so much crowd that it is needed to book accommodation before visiting the festival.


The festival of Gion Matsuri is held in central Kyoto, and it can be reached easily by bus or subway or taxi or even on foot. The main celebrations take place around Kawaramachi, Shijo, and Oike Streets.


  • 2020: 1st July Wednesday
  • 2021: NA
  • 2022: NA
  • 2023: NA
  • 2024: NA
  • 2025: NA

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Enjoy the Yioyama street parties celebrated in the evening.
  • Watch the giant floats that execute hair-raising turns.
  1. Kanto Matsuri

Kanto Matsuri happens to be one of the three most celebrated Japan festivals in that region. This festival, the Atika Kanto Matsuri, takes place at the beginning of the year annually. It is a summer festival that is celebrated as a prayer to God for the excellent harvest of the particular five grains that grow in that region. These grains are rice, wheat, foxtail miller, beans, and Chinese millet. This festival had originated in the 17th century.


The Kanto Matsuri festival takes place in the city of Atika, and it can be accessed easily by bus and train from the different towns and neighboring areas in that region. The festival is celebrated in between the SannoJujiro Crossroads and the Nichomebashi Bridge.


  • 2020: 3rd August Monday
  • 2021: 3rd August Tuesday
  • 2022: 3rd August Wednesday
  • 2023: 3rd August Thursday
  • 2024: 3rd August Saturday
  • 2025: 3rd August Sunday

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Enjoy the lighted up night sky by 46 lanterns made of paper.
  1. Nagasaki Kunchi

Nagasaki Kunchi is one of the Japan holidays and festivals that goes back to 400 years and celebrates fun, food, and the diverse cultures present and past of Nagasaki. This festival happens to the pride of the city of Nagasaki. The festival goes on for three days, and during this period, the entire region becomes alive with an array of different events and stalls of food that center around the Dejima Wharf.


The Nagasaki Kunchi is held at Suwa Shrine, and it can be reached easily by almost all types of public transports.


  • 2020: 7th October Wednesday
  • 2021: 7th October Thursday
  • 2022: 7th October Friday
  • 2023: 7th October Saturday
  • 2024: 7th October Monday
  • 2025: 7th October Tuesday

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Enjoy the foods of the festival that are inspired by various cultures.
  • Enjoy the performed by different Nagasaki groups.
  1. Jidai Matsuri

Jidai Matsuri is one of the most beautiful Japan festivals that celebrates the colorful finery and characters from the past centuries. It is also known as the ‘Festival of the Ages,’ and it is one of the most popular festivals of Kyoto’s along with the other two on the list. In this festival, you will witness the spectacular fineries from historical Japan, and you will also see the key figures belonging from the past of the country.


Kyoto, the location of the Jidai Matsui, is easily reachable by trains, buses, and planes. You can reach the parade of the Jidai Matsuri by walking from Kyoto.


  • 2020: 22nd October Thursday
  • 2021: 22nd October Friday
  • 2022: 22nd October Saturday
  • 2023: 22nd October Sunday
  • 2024: 22nd October Tuesday
  • 2025: 22nd October Wednesday

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Meet your favorite historical characters in Japan.
  • Enjoy authentic costumes that are generally seen in a museum.
  1. Sapporo snow festival

The Sapporo Snow Festival is one of the most famous Japan festivals held during the winter. The festival is celebrated for a week in February every year. The festival had started way back in the year 1950 with high school students building a few statues of snow in Odori Park. Gradually, this developed into a large and elaborate Japanese festival.

Japan snow festival


The Snow Festival is held in the Sapporo’s Odori Park in the Odori site. This one and a half km park remains the main venue of the festival. Another place of the festival is the Tsubame Site. It is a family-friendly ground for playing purposes, and during the celebration, you will find food stands and stage for events. Outside the site, there remains snow slides, a snow maze, a snow rafting slope, and a snowman building area. Suskino Site also holds the festival.


  • 2020: 31st January Friday
  • 2021: NA
  • 2022: NA
  • 2023: NA
  • 2024: NA
  • 2025: NA

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Viewing the photograph of ice and snow statues in the day.
  • You are enjoying Japanese food.
  • You are viewing live events and concerts.
  • You are playing on the slides and slopes made of snow on the site of Tsu Dome.
  • You are enjoying the night time highlighting of the statues. 

  1. Yokote Kamakura Festival

Yokote Kamakura Festival is one of the most famous Japan events. It is held in February. The festival transforms the city of Akita’s Yokote into a fairyland with illuminated igloo-like houses doting all over the landscape. The history of the festival goes back to almost 400 years. The snow houses that are built during this festival are known as Kamakura. They are established in various parts of the city. The largest Kamakura can stand up to being four meters wide and three metes tall.


The festival is held in Yokote Station, Yokote, Akita Prefecture, Japan. In this festival, an igloo-shaped structure is made using snow, and the insides of it are dugout. They were primarily made as New Year traditions, and that gradually turned into a festival.


  • 2020: 15th February Saturday
  • 2021: NA
  • 2022: NA
  • 2023: NA
  • 2024: NA
  • 2025: NA

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Get invited in Kamakura’s by children to eat cakes made of rice and a drink names’ amazake’ that contains no or very low alcohol.
  • Enjoy the miniature version of the candlelit Kamakuras along the Yokote river.
  1. Omizutori

Omizutori is one of the Japan festivals that refers to a dramatic celebration of offering repentance to the water and fire. The festival runs for two weeks and is specifically a Buddhist festival. This festival had started almost 1250 years ago and has combined the elements of fire and water since the beginning. A saying goes that the water that is used for the Omizutori festival has got celestial properties.


Omizutori takes place at the Todaiji Temple that is situated in Nara Park. One can reach the venue of the festival by fort from Kintetsu Nara Station and JR Nara. The Kintetsu Nara Station is only a five minutes distance from the festival venue.


  • 2020: 1st March Sunday
  • 2021: 1st March Monday
  • 2022: 1st March Tuesday
  • 2023: 1st March Wednesday
  • 2024: 1st March Friday
  • 2025: 1st March Saturday

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Enjoy one of the oldest Buddhist traditional rituals.
  • Witness the brilliant flames of the lighted torches reaching up the night sky.
  1. Kanda Matsuri

Kanda Matsuri, the festival, features more than 200 portable shrines and floats. They are known as mikoshi. The festival further includes musicians, parades performed by dancers and horse riding priests. Witnessing this festival is an out of the world experience that you will never forget. It a celebration of six days and is one of the biggest festivals held in Edo and also in entire Japan.

The festival attracts most of the crowd for two days: on the day of the Shinko-sai parade and the day of the Mikoshi Miya-iri procession. These are the two prime attractions of this festival. Both of these rituals offer a glimpse of the energy that Japanese mikoshi parades offer.


The festival takes place around the Kanda-jinja Shrine. It is close to the Ochanomizu and Akihabara stations. However, the festival includes parades that run throughout the city.


  • 2020: 7th May Thursday
  • 2021: NA
  • 2022: NA
  • 2023: NA
  • 2024: NA
  • 2025: NA

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Enjoy the mini-parade of the festival that moves through Tokyo and presents an excellent sight.
  • Taste the local snacks sold throughout the area.
  • Enjoy live music and dance performances.
  1. Kishiwadadanjiri matsuri

Kishiwadadanjiri matsuri is one of the most extravagant Japan fall festivals. It is a danjiri float festival and attracts almost 500, 000 visitors every year. The festival consists of more than a hundred men pulling and pushing the handcrafted dan iris. Men remain of the top of these floats, and they shout enthusiastically as the bobbers bounce continuously.

This festival is rather dangerous but also shows the carefree mentality that the area possesses. The history of the festival dates back to the year of 1703 when the ruler of Kishiwada-han tan of that time, Lord Okabe Nagayasu, ordered a prayer of Inari Matsuri for a good harvest. The festival has been continued since then by the natives.


The parade of the festival begins in front of the station of Kishiwada on its first day. However, on the second day, the festivities center themselves around the castle of Kishiwads from 9 in the morning.


  • 2020: NA
  • 2021: NA
  • 2022: NA
  • 2023: NA
  • 2024: NA
  • 2025: NA

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Enjoy the traditional floating of the danjiris.
  • Witness the livelihood of the area as the streets come to life with bells, drums, and people shouting.
  1. Tenjin Matsuri

Tenjin Matsuri is one of Japan’s summer festivals that is sensational. It is full of dance, traditional rituals, and music. The festival also features a procession consisting of portable shrines. The celebrations end with illuminating fireworks lighting up the sky for almost half an hour. This festival of Osaka is considered to be one of the top three Japan festivals.

It is given the same stature as of the Kanda Matsuri of Tokyo and Gion Matsuri of Kyoto. The origin of the festival dates back to the 10th century, and it has been continued since them. The festival is for two days, and the grand celebrations generally take place on the second and the last day of the festival.


The festival is held around Osaka Tenmangu Shrine and the River of Okawa. The nearest stations to the venue of the festival are Minami-Morimachi Station and JR Osaka-Tenmangu Station.


  • 2020: 25th July Saturday
  • 2021: 25th July Sunday
  • 2022: 25th July Monday
  • 2023: 25th July Tuesday
  • 2024: 25th July Thursday
  • 2025: 25th July Friday

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Witness the golden Omikoshis that is on display in Tenmangu shrine.
  • Enjoy the astounding firework at the end of the festival.
  1. Kochi Yosakoi Matsuri

The celebration of Kochi Yosakoi Matsuri had started in the time of 1950s as a way to cheer up the residents of Kochi at a time of recession. Since then, the festival has gradually grown and is now one of the most popular Japan events. It attracts almost 20, 000 or more participants and a million viewers from all over the world.

The term ‘yosakoi’ means ‘come over tonight,’ and as the name suggests, the festival does bring in a lot of people during the four-day celebrations. Teams of colorfully dressed dancers take over the roads of Kochi to perform during this festival. It creates a joyous atmosphere and is seen as one of the fabulous holidays to Japan.


The festival of Yosakoi Matsuri is performed in sixteen different venues within the city of Kochi. 9 of these venues are meant for competition, and the rest of 7 is for performances held only for fun.


  • 2020: 9th August Sunday
  • 2021: 9th August Monday
  • 2022: 9th August Tuesday
  • 2023: 9th August Wednesday
  • 2024: 9th August Friday
  • 2025: 9th August Saturday

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Enjoy the lively dance and music on the streets.
  • Make your unique piece of Naruto as a souvenir.
  1. Tanabata matsuri

Tanabata Matsuri is one of Japan’s holidays in 2020. It is the celebration of Orihime and Hikoboshi, two lovers who were start crossed. They were kept separated by Milky Way but could only meet every year on 7th July. The festival goes back to almost 400 years. However, it started to get celebrated only since the 20th century.

The festival is celebrated all over the city, and there are numerous food stalls, concerts, parades, and fireworks to enjoy during Tanabata Matsuri. The Sendai station area is particularly more decorated during the festival than the entire city.


This festival is celebrated all over Japan, and thus you can enjoy this festival from any part of the country. One of the biggest celebrations takes place in Sendai, which is almost one hour and forty minutes away from Tokyo.


  • 2020: 7th July Tuesday
  • 2021: 7th July Wednesday
  • 2022: 7th July Thursday
  • 2023: 7th July Friday
  • 2024: 7th July Sunday
  • 2025: 7th July Monday

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Write your wish, your bright and colorful strips of paper and hope they come true.
  • Enjoy great food and all the concerts and parade that take place throughout the city.
  1. Hakata dontaku matsuri

Hakata dontako matsuri is one of the most celebrated festivals of Japan that witnesses almost 30 000 participants and more than two million viewers. The celebration has been taking place for nearly 800 years now. However, there had been a few breaks in between. The ceremony has somehow made its way towards continuation.

It started in the Heian period that dates from 794-1185. This festival takes place during the busy Golden Week, a period of the holiday for the Japanese. During this festival almost 10, 000 participants dance through the streets of Fukuoka in bright and vibrant and traditional costumes. The festival goes on for two days.


The festival mainly takes place near the station of Tenjin that is situated on the subway line of Hakata station. The events of this festival are held throughput Fukuoka.


  • 2020: 3rd May Sunday
  • 2021: NA
  • 2022: NA
  • 2023: NA
  • 2024: NA
  • 2025: NA

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Jump along the parades and processions to dance in with the participants. This practice is encouraged, and you will enjoy it as well.
  • Witness the Hana jidosha, which are decorated floats. The term hanajidosha means flower cars.
  1. Aomori Nebuta Matsuri

The festival of Aomori Nebuta is a fire festival of Japan that is held yearly in the city of Aomori. More than three million people from all over the world gather around Japan to enjoy his festival every year. During the festival, twenty nubutas or huge lanterns based on mythical or kabuki stories parade throughout the city of Aomori.

The colorfully dressed Haneto or nebuta dancers and drummers and flutists convey the floats of nebuta all across the city. The festival comes to an end with illuminating fireworks lighting up the night sky after the nebutas are put in boats and then taken around the Bay of Aomori.


The festival takes place in Aomori, Japan. To be more specific, the festival takes place in the Tohoku region of Aomori.


  • 2020: 1st August Saturday
  • 2021: NA
  • 2022: NA
  • 2023: NA
  • 2024: NA
  • 2025: NA

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Enjoy the performances by Nebuta dancers in their bright and traditional costumes.
  • Take part in the parade to get a taste of the festival and the culture of the country.
  • Witness the memorizing fireworks at the end of the festival.
  1. Chichibu Night Festival (Chichibu Yomatsui), Saitama

The Chichibu Night Festival is a festival of the shrine of Chichibu. It is held annually in December and lasts for two days. The main attractions of the festival take place in its second or last day. This festival comes in the list of top three festivals of the country regarding floats.

The other two are Takayama Matsuri and Kyoto’s Gion Matsui. The floats of this festival are decorated with tapestries, lanterns, and wood carvings that are guilt, and flute music and drums also accompany them. The major attraction of this festival is its firework celebrations that go on for almost more than two hours.


The festival is held in central Chichibu that is situated just outside the Seibu-Chichibu and Chichibu stations. One can also come down here from Tokyo station by taking the Chichibu and JR rail lines to get to Chichibu.


  • 2020: 2nd December Wednesday
  • 2021: 2nd December Thursday
  • 2022: 2nd December Friday
  • 2023: 2nd December Saturday
  • 2024: 2nd December Monday
  • 2025: 2nd December Tuesday

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Enjoy the floats that are bought up to Dango Hill.
  • Watch kabuki show while drinking rice wine o amazake.
  • The astounding fireworks on the last day.
  1. Aoi Matsuri Festival, Kyoto

The Aoi Matsuri festival is also known as the Hollyhock Festival and is considered to be in the list of the top three festivals held in Koyoto. The other two are Jidai Matsuri and Gion Matsuri. This festival brings an excellent opportunity to enjoy the costumes of the Heian period as almost five hundred members take part in the parade that takes place from the Imperial Palace to the Shrine of Shimogamo and the Shrine of Kamigamo.

The festival goes back to the time of Emperor Kinmei (CE 539-571) when almost every country was damaged by typhoons, rain, and poor harvest. This is why an envoy from the royal house was sent to offer prayer to the two shrines for the betterment of the situation. The tradition has continued since then.


The iconic procession of the festival starts from the Imperial Palace and then passes through the Shimogamo Shrine and then finally ends at the Kamigamo Shrine.


  • 2020: 15th May Friday
  • 2021: 15th May Saturday
  • 2022: 15th May Sunday
  • 2023: 15th May Monday
  • 2024: 15th May Wednesday
  • 2025: 15th May Thursday

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Witness the grand parade that will give you a peek into the Helian culture and traditions.
  1. Nada no Kenka Matsuri, Hyogo

The Nada Kenka Matsuri is a traditional Japanese festival that takes place in October and is a festival of fighting. In this festival, the participants smash shrines that are portable and are known as mikoshi. The fight takes place to prove the dominance of one over another. Men from high school and men up to 45 years of age can participate in the festival. The festival is held for two days.

The first day is so seven different teams representing various districts by carrying yatai floats to the shrines for a ritual. These floats are elaborately decorated and provide a sight to behold. The fighting takes place on the second and the last day of the festival.


The festival takes place in Matsubara Hachiman Shrine and it can be easily traveled from JR Himeji Station. The venue of the festival is also within walking distance from Shirahama-no-Miya station.


  • 2020: 14th October Wednesday
  • 2021: 14th October Thursday
  • 2022: 14th October Friday
  • 2023: 14th October Saturday
  • 2024: 14th October Monday
  • 2025: 14th October Tuesday

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Witness the masculine men of Japan participate in a tough fight to prove their dominance.
  • View the elaborately decorated floats on the first day of the festival.
  1. SaidaijiEyou Matsuri (Hadaka Matsuri), Okayama

The Saidajieyo Hadaka Matsuri is a century-old festival held in the winter season that consists of high action and music and bare-skinned men. The festival is mainly about happiness and good luck, and at the festival, almost a thousand semi-naked men jostle with each other in search of objects to be considered lucky that are thrown by priests.

The celebration of today gradually evolved from a tradition that had started almost 500 years ago. That time, the worshippers had competed among each other to get hold of Goo. It was a paper talisman that was thrown by the priest at the temple of Saidaiji Kannon-in. The festival continued since then as receivers of the amulet had good luck.


The festival takes place in Okayama that can be traveled easily from the station of JR Okayama. You can also take the Ako line from the Okayama station to the station of Saidaji.


  • 2020: 15th February Saturday
  • 2021: 20th February Saturday
  • 2022: 19th February Saturday
  • 2023: 18th February Saturday
  • 2024: 17th February Saturday
  • 2025: 15th February Saturday

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Witness an energetic semi-naked men festival and join them if you wish.
  • Have lunch at the Café Chakura situated near the temple of Saidaiji Kannon-in.
  1. Awa Odori, Tokushima

Awa Odori of the city Tokushima is the most famous among the various dance festivals that are held across the country of Japan during the season of Obon in the middle of August. Awa refers to the former name of Tokushima Prefecture, and Odori translates into dance. In August, various dancers and spectators come to Tokushima, the venue of the festival, to participate or witness the ‘Fool’s Dance.’

The origin of the festival goes back to almost 400 years, and it has continued since them. The main event of this festival stakes paces in the evening, from 18:00 to 22:30. In this period, a group of dancers known by the name of ‘ren’ performs in the streets of Tokushima downtown.


The festival is held in Tokushima, and you can get there by plane from Haneda airport in Tokyo. You can also reach by train and buses.


  • 2020: 12th August Wednesday
  • 2021: 12th August Thursday
  • 2022: 12th August Friday
  • 2023: 12th August Saturday
  • 2024: 12th August Monday
  • 2025: 12th August Tuesday

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Enjoy the dance of the ren group in the evening.
  • Witness the yukata and happi, traditional uniforms worn by the dancers.
  1. Hakata GionYamakasa, Fukuoka

Hakata GionYamakasa is one of the most exciting Japanese festivals that consists of elaborate floats and men clad in loin-clothes. In this festival, the participant’s race throughout the streets of Hakata with elaborately decked up floats known as Yamakawa. The festival takes place in the middle of July. The festival attracts almost a million viewers from all over the globe.

They witness the team of men racing the Yamakawa. The festival is centered around the Kushida-jinha Shrine. Two different types of floats are used in this festival. The colorful and decorated floats are known as kazariyama, and the floats used in the races are called kakiyama.


The festival is celebrated throughout the area of Hakata of Fukuoka. This place can be reached from various major cities in Japan by shinkansen. The best way to get in Fukuoka is by using the subway, and there are also local trains and buses available.


  • 2020: 1st July Wednesday
  • 2021: NA
  • 2022: NA
  • 2023: NA
  • 2024: NA
  • 2025: NA

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Enjoy the festival vibrant and colored headbands used by various participants.
  • Make sure to witness the various smaller festivities running for almost two weeks before the primary race.
  1. KaratsuKunchi, Saga

KaratsuKunchi is a Japanese festival that celebrates the season Autumn by using huge floats. The festival has been praised for almost 400 years, and it started as a festival to celebrate the bountiful harvests. It is a three-day-long festival that begins in November.

The festival features Akiyama or massive floats, and they are pulled throughout the town and finally from the shrine of Karatsu to the beach of Nishino. The floats feature a whale and the legendary character of Urashima Taro, who was a fisherman and had the status of being the Rip Van Winkle of Japan.


The festival is held at Krartsu, and the best possible way to reach the venue is by trains. You will have to take the JR Karatsu line from the Saga station, and the journey will last for an hour or so. Various express lines lead to Karatsu.


  • 2020: 2nd November Monday
  • 2021: 2nd November Tuesday
  • 2022: 2nd November Wednesday
  • 2023: 2nd November Thursday
  • 2024: 2nd November Saturday
  • 2025: 2nd November Sunday

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Enjoy the amazingly designed floats that consist of designs ranging from mythical sea creatures to samurai helmets and even dragons.

Feng Shui Consultation and ideas for good vibes at your home 

A great way to stuff your house with positive energy in feng shui. It is a traditional Chinese process of keeping a particular area free from all negative forces. This ancient method is based on pseudoscience and Chinese geomancy. It effectively uses positive energy to keep a balance and maintain harmony at home or office.

The process through which a feng shui master helps you draw positivity to your home or workplace is feng shui consultation.

What is feng shui consultation?

Feng shui consultation is the procedure of getting a feng shui done with the help of top feng shui consultants. The consultants will help you understand how to get the feng shui done for your home or office. These feng shui services are available on paying a certain amount of money. There are other options through which you can get free services as well. The free service is limited to an extent though.

The consultation service helps you to choose the right position for keeping furniture at home or office. Consultants will determine the exact position through which you can access the positive chi at your home. Also, it is very useful to consult a feng shui master while building a home or office. This, in turn, will help you decide the placement of certain rooms, office desk, window placement and most importantly front door placement.

Once the consultant is done with the survey, you can be assured about how the feng shui will be done. The consultant will use the observational skills to set the entire floor plan for you. Even if you buy or own a house, the consultant will help you to select which room will be your bedroom and which directions are suitable for placing certain furniture such as bed, study table, dining table, etc. Your chi and the feng shui of the house will determine the entire plan.

Feng shui consultation online
Buddha eyes for positive energy

Why Feng Shui consultation is needed?

Feng shui consultation is an important factor for everyone. One must carry out the necessary work in the association of feng shui consultants. This, in turn, will help you welcome positive chi at your home or office.

For instance, if you think there are certain issues that you are facing in life then you must opt for feng shui consulting. It can be personal relationship issues, office issues, problems regarding education, financial problems, etc. everything can be sorted through feng shui.

The consultant will take up certain methods and way-outs which will help you develop better conditions. Your workspace conditions will improve, your relationships will improve as well as your financial issues will also get solved eventually. Further, you will notice how things are changing in your life and there is an immense flow of positivity at home, office and in your life. All of it will require some time but things will fall in place once you seek help from top feng shui consultants.

Feng shui consulting
Incense smell will contribute to your peace of mind

Methods of Feng Shui consultation

In general, you won’t find any method of consultation for feng shui. The consultants follow the ancient methods of feng shui to determine what is right for you and your house. There are techniques of feng shui but not any method of consultation. If visiting in person or consulting is considered as a method of consultation then it is solely a method developed by the feng shui person.

Besides, feng shui for different places require different treatment. There are certain rules of feng shui which when applied will enhance the positive energy of that place. Here are the types of feng shui as derived from ancient books based on feng shui.

Types of Feng Shui 

Here are the three types of feng shui practiced by consultants. These types help the consultants to determine what is effective and what isn’t for their clients. You can get free feng shui consultation for any of these types of feng shui.

  1.  Form School

This is an ancient form of classical feng shui practiced in China. This was documented for the orientation and placement of tombs of dead people. This theory was later applied for the placement of homes and other constructions of that era.

Feng shui normally assesses the form and shapes of physical structures present around a place and built-in that area. This entire concept is applied along with the flow of chi as well as yin and yang.

  1.  Compass School

Another type of determining feng shui of a particular place is by the use of a compass. The use of a classical compass is done through numerical calculations. These calculations are based on the direction of the house, office or plot of land.

The compass used is the western compasses which are traditionally known as Luo-pan in China. The analysis done by the compass has a total of 8 sectors and trigrams. The Luo-Shu is the compass used to determine the star analysis. In some cases, birth dates are also taken under consideration to calculate the chi of an individual.

  1.  Contemporary Feng Shui

In the US, a typical form of feng shui developed which is called the contemporary western interpretation of ancient feng shui of China. This was initially introduced back in the 1970s or 1980s. The interpretation determines the psychology of achieving certain goals by focusing on a target.

What is a personal Feng Shui consultation?

To enjoy the benefits of feng shui, you need to be a feng shui person at first. If you don’t believe in feng shui then consulting won’t be helpful enough. You believe that it will help you grow in a positive direction. If there is enough positivity in you and at your workplace or home then you will feel the chi surging around you.

To experience the best of feng shui, you can contact a consultant for feng shui home consultation. It will help you get clarity about the benefits of feng shui as well as the consultant can take a tour of your home. There are some key factors of personal feng shui consultation which are listed below.

Feng shui home consultation
Positive symbols, positive Qi, positive atmosphere

Personal Feng Shui Tips

  • Design of the House

    When you choose a consultation for personal needs, the consultant will start from the design of your home. If it is predesigned then the consultant will ask you to redesign it or make necessary changes for the free-flow of positive energy. Redesigning means changing rooms or changing the position of certain things in the room.

  • Assessing Home Feng Shui

    This can be done over a phone call or you can ask the consultant to visit your home. The consultant might charge you with a general feng shui consultation fees for this purpose. The fee structure for such services varies from consultant to consultant.

  • Finding the Right House

this is a very tiring thing to do. You might choose a certain house according to your choice but if you ask a consultant then that person will suggest you go through feng shui methods. The consultants might charge a certain price for house feng shui consultation. If you are looking for a new house or a place to rent for the office, consult a feng shui person for suggestions and recommendations.

  • Feng Shui Session

you can get a proper feng shui session with a consultant. There are different sessions which have a consultation feng shui tariff as well. You can take one hour or two-hour session as per your requirement. Apart from these the consultants also offer a full-day session where they visit your house, go through the floor plan and determine necessary changes to be made.

What is the Price range of Feng Shui consultation?

There isn’t any predetermined price range for the consultation services as the fees they charge vary for different services provided by a different consultant. For instance, if a consultant charges $500 for two hours sitting, the same can be charged by another consultant for a 1-hour sitting.

It all depends on the services they provide. If you ask for how much feng shui consultation will cost you, it is tough to give an exact value. Generally, consultants take things into their hands rather than just suggesting something. This has benefits for you as well as the consultant. Firstly, you get a full service provided by the consultant for the feng shui services. Secondly, the consultant can earn a good amount of money through this full-time session.

Through consultation, the consultants apply the feng shui rituals and the general techniques to activate the chi of your house or office. They also provide a detailed report and other information based on these techniques applied to your house, office or a certain plot. Here is a general consultation feng shui tariff chart which will help know the charges.

How much do Feng Shui consultants charge?

  • The price for house feng shui consultation for 2 hours is $500.
  • A feng shui master can charge up to $1400 for a 2 hours session.
  • Per hour feng shui consultation rate It is $250.
  • The home feng shui consultation cost is $3600.
  • Follow-up consultation for feng shui costs $250.
  • Consultation call for 15 minutes costs $120 to $150.
  • Charges for a 30 minutes consultation over the phone are $200 to $250.
  • One hour consultation call charges are $ 250 to $450.
  • Expert consultation services to celebrities for one an hour over call costs $750.
  • Prices charged for a house, office or plot of land based on the square foot are $1 to $2.

The Feng shui advantage 

Feng shui services are itself a product. You can enjoy the perks of these services through a consultation. You can look out for fengshui consultation online for services and support. Also, some professionals can help you get the feng shui done for your home or office.

Feng shui services include personal feng shui, office feng shui, and home feng shui. These will help you enhance the positive energy within you, bring happiness and peace to your life.

You can access the services through websites. The feng shui websites provide online support, over the phone call consultation, personal visits, etc. Nowadays, feng shui is a worldwide product that has been highly appreciated and accepted in many countries across the globe.

Note: we are affiliated with this program. We will never recommend anything we do not trust its value.

How personal Feng shui consultation will help you?

There are several ways through which personal feng shui consultation can help you.

  • It helps in promoting mental and emotional health
  • Feng shui develops health conditions with the help of positive energy
  • Through feng shui, one can find their true love
  • Feng shui techniques help you control aggression
  • It helps in balancing your relationship or married life
  • Through feng shui, you can bring stability in your career
  • You can develop your financial status through feng shui
  • Feng shui can help you with fertility improvement
  • You can increase your motivation and energy with the help of positive chi
  • Feng shui can help you avoid negative energy
  • You can get rid of the financial crisis by applying feng shui techniques
  • Through feng shui, you can develop self and home security too
  • Feng shui can help in nurturing your child’s growth
  • It helps you boost your professional career
  • You can improve your social life with the help of feng shui

These are some of the benefits which you can enjoy through personal feng shui consultation. Your attributes contribute to developing positive energy. You need not worry about how much does it cost for a feng shui consultation as the nominal charges are mentioned above. Also, there are multiple instances where people have genuinely benefitted from feng shui services and consultation.


  1. How much is a feng shui consultation?

Generally, any feng shui consultation lasts for 2 hours which may cost you up to $500. Some consultants can charge you more depending on the services they are providing. In some cases, the charges sum up to $1400.

Also, there are consultation sessions where the consultant charges $250 for an hour. Consultation experts might charge more for their services depending on the time invested and the size of your house.

  1. How much do feng shui consultants make?

There are different charges for different services they provide. For instance, if the consultant provides services for an hour, there is an hourly rate. On the contrary, they also charge based on the area measured in square foot. If you are in feng shui consulting as a full-timer then you can earn, $20,000 to $60,000 per annum. Besides, if you go for a celebrity feng shui consultation then you can earn up to $250,000 annually.

  1. What is feng shui consultant?

Through feng shui, you can fill your hose with positive energy. Some consultants will help you do so and eliminate negative energy. The consultants recommend you to make some necessary changes depending on the structure of the house and the rooms. Often, the consultants ask for the floor plan of the house so that they can study it to give correct recommendations.

  1. How do I feng shui my home?

There are a couple of general recommendations that can help you do so. Besides, you can look out for free feng shui consultation to get this done.

  • Always use the front door to get in and out of the house. A lot of us use the back door attached to the garage but that is not how you should move in or out of the house.
  • Keep some plants placed above the kitchen cabinet.
  • Always keep the windows clean.
  • If you have the TV in the bedroom then keep it covered.
  • Always keep the door of the bathroom closed.
  • Keep ample space cleared in the house. Do not keep things scattered here and there.
  • Keep the feng shui fountain in a proper place according to the recommendation of the consultant.
  1. How do I find the wealth corner of my home?

In general, the south-east corner of any plot is the wealth corner. It can be your home, office, garden, etc. There are generally two spots which are considered as the wealth corner according to feng shui, primarily it is the south-east corner, while the second one is the north side. If you wish to find out the feng shui wealth corner all by yourself then take a compass and stand in the center of the house to locate it.

  1. What is a good feng shui house?

To own a good feng shui house, you must nourish the house with fresh, free-flowing, clear and positive energy. The house must not consist of any of the blocked or stagnant energy. You must maintain the house in such a manner that there is enough space to accept the flow of energy and the change it offers. This, in turn, will allow you to maintain a strong foundation of feng shui.

  1. Is a mirror facing a window bad luck?

Well, if there is a mirror facing a window, then it is not at all bad luck. There are some rules of placing a mirror according to Feng Shui consultation which are:

  • Never place two mirrors face to face in a room. This, in turn, can cause distress and displeasure in the house.
  • Placing mirrors in narrow passages or the hallway can attract negativity.
  • Always use translucent glass for covering window panes and doors of your house or office.
  1. Which direction is best for your house to face?

If you follow feng shui then you must look out for houses facing North, East or Northeast direction. These directions are considered to be a source of positive energy in feng shui. Further, you can check for online feng shui consultation free services to learn more about it.

  1. What is the best color for a bathroom in Feng Shui?

To choose the best bathroom colors according to feng shui, you must go through feng shui Bagua. Normally, feng shui suggests blue and green as the most favorable colors for the bathroom. On the one hand, blue represents water and on the other hand, green represents life. Both these colors are suitable for a bathroom. Apart from these two, white is also an option for bathroom color.




The most important India holidays

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India is the land of culture and diversity. There are people from all religions, castes, and societies who stay together in this country. Also, India is known for its tolerance and love towards other religions.

People not only stay together but also celebrate their festivals together. India is an Asian country that probably celebrates one festival every year. This article will tell you about the main festivals in the country and the India holidays according to them. 

1. Pushkar Camel Fair

The Pushkar Camel Fair is also called the Pushkar Mela and the main purpose of hosting this carnival or festival is to celebrate the beautiful camels. The camels are known as the “ship of the desert” and the festival is one of the most beautiful travel experience ever. It is locally also known as the Kartik Mela and people go to Pushkar, Rajasthan during this time, from all over the world. 


The Camel Fair is the ritual or highlight of the beautiful town of Pushkar in Rajasthan. The town is just near the famous city if Ajmer and falls at the very end of the extensive Thar Desert. The Camel Fair of Pushkar is set up on a fairground that is located at the meeting point of the NH 89 and the Brahma Temple Road. 


The Pushkar Camel Fair is generally celebrated during November on the night of full moon or the Kartik Purnima. Starting from next year, the dates are-

  • 2020- 22nd November-30th November
  • 2021- 11th November- 19th November
India festivals

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • You must not miss a camel safari during the time of the Pushkar Festival
  • Beware of the crowd in the carnival in Pushkar. Keep your belongings safe with you. 

2. Diwali festival

Diwali or Deepawali is one of the major India holidays and is celebrated in almost all parts of India, especially Northern India. It is called the ‘festival of lights’ and is celebrated widely by Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, and some Buddhists too.

The name justifies the glitz and glamour that you see around in India during this time. The name ‘Deepavali’ comes from the word ‘deep’ or an earthen lamp. According to Hindu Mythology, the festival marks the celebration of Lord Rama’s homecoming from exile.

It is said that the natives of Ajodhya lit ghee lamps to celebrate happiness, glory, and prosperity. Fireworks and lamps in every corner of localities all over the country still celebrate the glory of homecoming. The festival of Kali Puja is also associated with Diwali or Deepavali. You can find here more detailed article about Diwali. 


The five places where you will experience the best Diwali in India are-

  • Varanasi’s Dev Deepavali
  • Goa’s Naraka Chaturdashi
  • Amritsar’s Bandi Chhor Divas
  • Rajasthan’s celebration of lights
  • Kolkata’s Kali Puja


Diwali dates for the next 6 years:

  • 2020- 14th November, Saturday
  • 2021- 4th November, Thursday
  • 2022- 24th October, Monday
  • 2023- 9th November, Thursday
  • 2024- 1st November, Friday
  • 2025- 21st October, Tuesday

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Clean your homes and remove all clutter and mess
  • Arrange for a Lakshmi Puja at your home or workplace
  • Light lamps after sunset every day
  • Feast, because it is a festive time
  • Wear new, clean and traditional outfits

3. Holi festival

Holi is one of the national India festivals of the subcontinent. It is on the list of India holidays in every calendar. It has an interesting story behind the celebrations of the festival. It is the ‘Festival of Colors and Love’.

People celebrate Holi in India, Nepal, parts of Asia and also in sections of the Western world. It is celebrated in the Western World in places where you will find devotees of Lord Krishna. The other story according to Hindu mythology is of Kind Hiranyakashyap and his evil sister Holika.

According to Hiranyakashyap’s conspiracy, he wanted Holika to push his son Prahalad to death by fire. When Holika started calling the fire gods with Prahalad in her lap expecting he will burn to ashes, Lord Vishnu came to rescue.

He took the Narsimha (half-lion and half-human) avatar and saved his devotee, Prahalad. Holika died instead and the festival marks the victory of good over evil. 


You will be able to experience Holi at its best if you visit Vrindavan or Mathura. They celebrate Holi in the biggest possible way. It is not difficult to reach these places as they are close to Delhi. 


Holi dates for the next six years are-

  • 2020- 9th March- 10th March
  • 2021- 28th March- 29th March
  • 2022- 17th March- 18th March
  • 2023- 6th March- 7th March
  • 2024- 25th March- 26th March
  • 2025- 13th March- 14th March

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Drink proper amount of water
  • Wash your hands before touching food because of so much color around
  • Try to use homemade or natural colors
  • Use natural ingredients to remove colors 

4. Republic Day of India

26th January is the day when India celebrates the creation of its Constitution in 1950. It is one of the Gazette India holidays. It is the day on which B.R. Ambedkar revealed the entire book that contains Indians Constitutional rules legislations. Parts of the Constitution have been amended over the years, but some parts remain the same. 


New Delhi is the capital of India and the best place to experience Republic Day celebrations. Early in the morning the President and other powerful candidates of Indian Politics grace the celebrations. It is extended by the Army, Navy and Airforce officers who put up marvelous shows. There are other events too. 


Indian Republic Day dates for the next six years:

  • 2020- 26th January, Sunday
  • 2021- 26th January, Tuesday
  • 2022- 26th January, Wednesday
  • 2023- 26th January, Thursday
  • 2024- 26th January, Friday
  • 2025- 26th January, Sunday

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Participate in March Past and other similar activities
  • Witness the Republic Day celebrations in New Delhi. The event is telecast on radio and TVs too. 
  • Read about the leaders and freedom fighters of India. 

5. New Year holiday

If you have heard of the Gregorian Calendar, you must be knowing that 1st January marks its beginning. The day is celebrated widely among all countries including India. You will find large gatherings all around you and people greet each other with love and warmth. It is that time of the year when you think about all the good things and all the blessings of the year that ends.

Along with that, you brace yourself to welcome another new year that will bring along so many ups and downs. However, the celebration scale mainly depends on whether the region you are from, follows the Solar or the Lunar Calendar.


The most ideal places to enjoy New Year in India are the Islands of Andaman and Nicobar. The second choice for a splendid celebration will be on the beaches of Goa. 


New Year in the next six years for you-

  • 2020- 1st January, Wednesday
  • 2021- 1st January, Friday
  • 2022-1st January, Saturday
  • 2023- 1st January, Sunday
  • 2024- 1st January, Monday
  • 2025- 1st January, Wednesday

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • You can start with a lovely meal on New Year’s Eve to mark the end of the year. 
  • Send midnight messages to friends and family
  • Play a year review game
  • Bake lots of cookies
  • New Year’s Eve Bingo is an ideal game for the evening

6. Rann Utsav- Kutch Festival6

The Rann Utsav or the Kutch Festival is the highlight of the Kutch area of Gujarat. It is celebrating the beauty of the white Rann of Kutch under the natural light of the moon on a Purnima night.

People who go there are left enchanted with the white sands sparkling more under the glistening moonlight. The Rann of Kutch is a salt stretch and looks like a desert. During the festival, it is like a carnival set up here. People stay here overnight and enjoy traditional dance and music shows.

Visit Gujarat during the Kutch Festival to experience how heaven looks like from a close distance. The festival takes place over 3-4 months so you do not have to rush on a specific day only. But make sure you get all your bookings done well in advance to avoid any last-minute rush. 


The Rann Utsav or the Kutch Festival is celebrated in the same location year after year. To reach there, you must know the exact details of the place. It is in Kutch that falls under the Bhuj District of Gujarat. Along with the festival, you can also tour the other beautiful places in Gujarat. 


 Dates of the Rann Utsav or Kutch Festival in the following years are from 28th October 2019 till  23rd February 2020

India festivals - Rann Utsav

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • You must not wait for last-minute bookings because you may find everything booked after a certain time. 
  • Stay in the tents overnight to experience the real beauty of Kutch.
  • Enjoy other activities and games such as golf and camel cart races, ATV rides, paramotoring and much more. 

7. Makar Sankranti - Kite Festival in Gujarat and Lohri in North India

India is a diverse country and different regions may celebrate one festival in different ways. Similar is the case of the Makar Sankranti. It is the harvest festival that is known as Poush Parbon in Bengal, Pongal in Tamil Nadu, and more.

The name of Makar Sankranti is mainly used in West India and can be defined as the Kite festival. If you dig deep in the books of Mythology, the harvest festival is to celebrate the beginning of winter crops. Also, the festival marks the transition of the sun signs into the Capricorn or the Makar Zodiac.

In Punjab, Lohri is celebrated with equal pomp but the difference is here you will not be able to see the skies filled with colorful kites. The activity is more popular in Gujarat. 


  • Magh Bihu or Bhogali Bihu in Assam
  • Makar Sankranti’s kite festival in Ahmedabad, Gujarat
  • You can also go to Bageshwar in Uttarakhand
  • Ganga Aarti in Haridwar, Uttarakhand
  • Kite Festival in Jaipur, Rajasthan


Dates of the Makar Sankranti in the following years-

  • 2020 – 15th January, Wednesday
  • 2021- 14th January, Thursday
  • 2022 – 14th January, Friday
  • 2023 – 15th January, Sunday
  • 2024 – 15th January, Monday
  • 2025 – 14th January, Tuesday

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Participate in the rituals
  • Design your kites and fly them
  • Decorate your homes
  • Cook delicacies that are specifically prepared for Makar Sankranti, Pongal or Lohri
  • Arrange a get-together with friends and family

8. Pongal Harvest festival in Southern Part of India

Pongal is the major harvest festival that is celebrated in Tamil Nadu. The festival is known as Makar Sankranti in most of the other places in India. The Pongal festival marks the return of the Sun to the Northern Hemisphere.

Pongal or Makar Sankranti is similar to Thanksgiving Day in America. Moreover, it is important to the culture of Tamil Nadu because their economy predominantly survives on agriculture. So, they worship the sun because sunlight is an essential energy that they require for a good harvest.

The word ‘Pongal’ means spilling or boiling over, which is otherwise also considered a sign of prosperity. 


The list will tell about the 5 best places where you will be able to experience Pongal. They are-

  • Madurai
  • Thanjavur
  • Pollachi
  • Salem
  • Coimbatore
Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple


Dates for the next 6 years-

  • 2020- 15th January- 18th January
  • 2021- 13th January- 16th January
  • 2022- 13th January- 16th January
  • 2023- 15th January- 18th January
  • 2024- 15th January- 18th January
  • 2025- 14th January- 17th January

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Witness a Jallikattu match
  • Make Rangolis
  • Go shopping in some of the local markets. You can taste some fresh produce too. 
  • Try out special Pongal dishes and it is even better if you have a Tamil friend to guide you through the festival. 

9. Basant Panchami festival

Vasant Panchami or Basant Panchami is the welcoming of Spring during the Indian month of Magh. On the other hand, according to the Gregorian calendar, the dates always fall in January and February. It on the list of India holidays in all calendars you will find. Goddess Saraswati is the worshipped in Basant Panchami and everyone celebrates the occasion with great pomp.

Saraswati is the Goddess of learning and intellect and so young boys and girls celebrate the festival with more enthusiasm. They mostly wear yellow clothes on this day. Yellow signifies the vibrancy and the excellence that Spring holds for us. 


You can experience the charm and beauty of Basant Panchami in any part of India. 


  • 2020- 29th January, Wednesday
  • 2021- 6th February, Tuesday
  • 2022- 5th February, Saturday
  • 2023- 26th January, Thursday
  • 2024- 14th February, Wednesday
  • 2025- 2nd February, Sunday

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Relish traditional Indian desserts made with saffron
  • Participate in a kite flying session
  • Be a part of the rituals on this day
  • Wear clean clothes
  • Have a feast with friends and family

10. Kumbh Mela festival

Kumbha Mela or Kumbh Mela, as we call it, is a famous festival or fair that takes place every four years. It is held on the observance site of four of the main Hindu Pilgrimage Rivers. They are the Haridwar (Ganges River), Ujjain (River Shipra), Nashik (Godavari) and Prayag (Prayagraj).

The celebration highly depends on astronomical factors such as the position of the sun, moon, the stars, Jupiter and the other planets. According to Hindu Mythology, such astronomical factors help to predict priests about which moment on a particular day is auspicious.

The Kumbh Mela of Prayag is the most famous and takes place every 144 years. It was last held in 2001. Millions of people from all over the world gather to be a part and witness the Kumbh Mela celebrations. 


Kumbha Mela is mainly celebrated in North India and if you want a glimpse of the pomp, you may visit-

  • Haridwar
  • Ujjain
  • Nashik
  • Allahabad


 2021- Haridwar Kumbha Mela

2025- Allahabad Kumbh Mela

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Try not to show off your precious items
  • Keep your phone safe and not in your back pocket
  • Keep your bags locked at all times
  • Try to keep your luggage light

11. Gurupurab or Guru Nanak Jayanti

The Guru Nanak Jayanti or the Gurpurab marks the birth Guru Nanak. He was the first Sikh Guru whose principles and philosophies are the most valuable for Sikhs all over the world. The Gurpurab Festivals is the most important festival for the Sikhs and each one of them tries to it in their possible ways.

On this day, people pay tribute to the Guru and try to recall his preaching and principles. There is so much enthusiasm all around and people from other societies and religions often join the Sikhs in their celebrations. The Day usually falls on a Karthik Poornima every year. It is an optional addition to the list of India holidays. 


The celebrations are at its peak at the famous Gurudwaras around India such as-

  • The Harmandir Sahib or the Golden Temple in Amritsar
  • Bangla Sahib Gurudwara in New Delhi
  • Pathar Sahib Gurudwara on Leh-Kargil route
  • Hemkund Sahib in Chamoli
  • Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara in Kullu


  • 2020- 30th November, Monday
  • 2021- 19th November, Thursday
  • 2022- 8th November, Tuesday
  • 2023- 27th November, Monday
  • 2024- 15th November, Thursday
  • 2025- 4th November, Tuesday
Public holidyas in India
Golden temple in Amritsar - one of the locations of Guru Nanak Jayanti

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Be a part of the beautiful Guru Nanak Jayanti celebrations.
  • Visit a Gurudwara and feast with the Sikhs. You will love it. 

12. Losar - Tibetan new year

Losar is a typical Tibetan-Buddhist festival which marks the beginning of a new year in the Tibetan calendar. Losar is celebrated in several parts of India too and you won’t want to miss such a colorful occasion for anything. The best part is that the Tibetan New Year is celebrated for two long weeks.

People starting cleaning their homes well before the festival and there is a special reason for it. Feng Shui holds considerable importance in the East Asian traditions including Tibetans. According to Feng Shui, clutter in the house attracts evil vibes and so people clean their homes to celebrate good over evil. 


To experience the best of Losar, you might visit those places that have a considerable Tibetan population. Therefore, you can ideally visit Leh, Ladakh, Uttarakhand, Arunachal Pradesh, Darjeeling and more. 


2020- 24th February- 26th February

2021- 12th February, Friday

2022- 3rd March, Thursday

2023- 21st February, Tuesday

2024- 10th February, Saturday

2025- 28th February, Friday

India festival list
Tibetan monastery in Mcleod Ganj

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Try baking some traditional Amdo bread. They are crispy and delicious and especially made during Losar.
  • Witness the visual feasts that Tibetans will display during this time of the year. 
  • Be a part of the rituals to be able to take a closer look at Tibetan culture.
  • Participate in celebrations and feel like you are one of the locals in that place. Tibetans are sure going to welcome everyone during Losar. 

13. Maha Shivaratri festival

The meaning of Maha Shivratri is literally “the night of Lord Shiva”. It is one of the most prominent India festivals for Hindus. Shivratri is widely celebrated in India and Nepal too. According to the Hindu calendar, Shivaratri is mainly celebrated in the month of Magh on the night of a New Moon.

Several legends are popular about how the rituals started and you can believe in any of them. On this night, Lord Shiva is worshiped mainly with wood apple leaves, cold water, milk and more. It is said that all these rituals are done to appease the lord and prevent him from doing Tandav. 


  • Haridwar in Uttarakhand
  • Guwahati in Assam
  • Bhavanath Taleti in Junagadh
  • Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh
  • Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh
  • Srisailam in Andhra Pradesh
  • Mandi in Himachal Pradesh
Shiva meditating statue at Murudeshwar temple, in Karnataka, India


  • 2020- 21st February, Friday
  • 2021- 11th March, Thursday
  • 2022- 1st March, Tuesday
  • 2023- 18th February, Saturday
  • 2024- 8th March, Friday
  • 2025- 26th February, Wednesday

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

Fasting is a major part of the Mahashivaratri rituals and you might want to experience how it feels. After that post-sunset, people worship Lord Shiva and break their fast with healthy foods such as dates and fruits. 

14. Christmas holiday

Christmas means a big celebration and lots of red and white all around. The festival marks the birthday of Jesus Christ. It is also one of the most pervasive festivals since it is celebrated by everyone irrespective of their religions.

Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December every year and the weather during this time of the year influences the festival too. We see a lot of yummy plum cakes and cookies during Christmas because what is better than some hot cookies on a chilly winter evening? 


  • Goa
  • Sikkim
  • Shillong
  • Bangalore
  • Pondicherry
  • Mumbai
  • Kolkata
  • Kerala


  • 2020 – 25th December, Friday
  • 2021- 25th December, Saturday
  • 2022- 25th December, Sunday
  • 2023- 25th December, Monday
  • 2024- 25th December, Wednesday
  • 2025- 25th December, Thursday

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Do some baking
  • Decorate the house with a Christmas tree and lights
  • Greet people with messages and small gifts
  • Do some charity

15. Dussehra festival

Also known as Dashain or Vijaya Dashami, it is the day on which Hindus celebrate the victory of good forces over all evil power. It is one of the gazettes India holidays that every citizen of the country is entitled to.

Dussehra takes place in the Indian month of Ashvin, on the completion of the 9th day of the Sukla Paksha. The date differs according to the Gregorian calendar every year. Celebrations take place in every corner of India and also outside India. People greet each other with sweets and other gifts. It also ends the festival of Navaratri or Durga Puja in all Hindu homes.


  • Kolkata
  • Dasara in Mysore
  • Kullu
  • Gujarat’s Navaratri
  • Delhi
  • Varanasi
Calendar with holidays India
Young people dressed up as Hanuman, the mighty and devoted half man half monkey, who fought the evil


  • 2020- 25th October, Sunday
  • 2021- 14th October, Thursday
  • 2022- 4th October, Tuesday
  • 2023- 23rd October, Monday
  • 2024- 12th October, Saturday
  • 2025- 1st October, Wednesday

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Try to keep yourself away from too many crows
  • Invite family and friends for a get-together
  • Prepare your favorite desserts at home
  • Distribute sweets amongst poor people

16. Dev Deepawali

People are often confused about the difference between Diwali and Dev Diwali. However, both the concepts are completely different and so are the rituals. The name Dev Diwali translates to “Diwali of the Gods”. It is mainly celebrated in Varanasi, or the home of Gods, according to Hindus. Also, the celebrations always start 15 days after Diwali.

Like Diwali is celebrated at the time of Amavasya, Dev Diwali rituals are conducted on the full moon night in the month of Kartik or Kartik Poornima. The festival marks the victory of Lord Shiva against the powerful demon known as Tripurasura. 


There is only one name when you want to celebrate or witness Dev Diwali at its best and it is Varanasi or Banaras, the city of Temples. The way the rituals are conducted out here is spectacular. 


  • 2020- 29th November
  • 2021- 4th November, Thursday
  • 2022- 24th October, Monday
  • 2023- 9th November, Thursday
  • 2024- 1st November, Friday
  • 2025- 21st October, Tuesday

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Visit Varanasi and make a plan to stay overnight
  • Take a trip to Bodh Gaya
  • Witness Dev Diwali on the riverside of Varanasi

17. Bihu

Bihu is, in short, the harvest festival celebrated mainly in Assam and other neighboring states. Bihu is celebrated three times over the year and every time it has a different name to it. In April, they celebrate the Bhogali or Rongali Bihu. Then comes the Kati or Kongali Bihu in October and finally the Magh Bihu in January.

The main crop of the North-eastern section of India is paddy and you will get it in abundance in the state of Assam. Every time they harvest the crop, they celebrate the success and also thank god for the bounty in this way. The North-Eastern people live a simple and humble lifestyle and their traditions are also very different from the rest of India. Besides, the presence of various tribes and clans make the celebrations more colorful. 


  • Dispur
  • Guwahati
  • Tezpur
  • Dibrugarh


Like you already know, Bihu comes three times in a year, in January, April, and October. The celebrations are similar during each Bihu but you will surely find some differences each time. 

India holidays - Bihu festival

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Travel to Assam during this time to witness the Bihu celebrations at its best
  • Try to participate in the fun and rituals during Bihu to take a closer look at the Assamese culture.
  • Have fun and click a lot of pictures during the local dance and music shows that you can witness at almost every corner of Assam during the festive season. 
  • Indulge in Assamese delicacies and some typical food items that are prepared during Bihu. 

18. Baisakhi

Baisakhi is a typically Punjabi harvest festival and ranks among one of the most popular in the country. It is celebrated with a lot of pomp and with so much excitement. It also marks the occasion on with the last Sikh Guru Tegh Bahadur started the Khalsa Pant. Therefore, it is a day of double celebrations for Sikhs.

The first reason for the celebration is, however, to thank god for his bounty. It is the time when the Rabi crops are ripe and ready. It is a time of great fun and lots of merry-making in every corner of Punjab. Also, Punjabis staying in other parts of the country try to celebrate this festival in their ways. 


  • Amritsar
  • Chandigarh
  • Jalandhar
  • Ludhiana


  • 2020- 13th April, Monday
  • 2022- 14th April, Thursday
  • 2023-14th April, Friday
  • 2024- 13th April, Saturday
  • 2025- 14th April, Monday

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Be a part of the musical celebrations during Baisakhi
  • Witness the traditional way of celebrating the festival and bring back a lot of pictures that you can cherish for a long time. 
  • Feast on North India, especially Punjabi delicacies.

19. Carnival in Goa

To mark the pre-celebrations of the month of Lent, the native Christians of Goa host a massive carnival. It has now become a part of Goanese traditions because the carnival has been put up since the 18th century.

The whole concept of the Goa carnival and the massive celebrations was started by the Portuguese, who settled in Goa and ruled the state for over 500 years. The people of Goa accepted the rituals happily and so the tradition continues, though the Portuguese no longer rule the state. The carnival is locally known as the “Viva Carnival”.

The other names for the festival include Carnaval, Entrado, Intruz and more. It is one of the best ways to experience the influence of Portuguese culture on the Goanese society. The blend of both cultures makes the festival more exciting and colorful. 


The Carnival of Goa, as the name suggests is a highlight of the beach state and you will find it nowhere else. It is an exclusive celebration that is almost impossible in any other place due to the essence of the concept. It is also a part of the Goanese tradition that the natives like to hold on to and not popularize it in any other way. 

India holidays September


  • 2020- 22nd February- 25th February
  • 2021- 13th February- 16th February

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Participate in all the merry-making, dance, music and more
  • Devour the taste of the local food and drinks, especially fusion food that has the tastes of Goa as well as Portugal
  • Witness the Red and Black dance show, which is a major highlight of the Goa carnival


20. Easter

India is known for its diversity in terms of language, culture, religion, and beliefs. Therefore, Easter is no exception too. It is a typically Christian celebration that is celebrated with a lot of pomp around the world. However, India does not lag too much when it comes to the celebration including Easter. The festival of Easter holds a double meaning.

The first is that it marks the beginning of the arrival of the beautiful Spring season. Secondly, Easter marks the day of the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his death. It holds a lot of importance for Christians and they consider it a very auspicious occasion. Apart from praying, merry-making is a huge part of this day. 


Although every city has several churches where you can witness Easter celebrations, few places will amaze you even more-

  • Goa
  • Pondicherry
  • Shekhawati
  • Sikkim
  • Kabini


  • 2020- 12th April, Sunday
  • 2021- 4th April, Sunday
  • 2022- 17th April, Sunday
  • 2023- 9th April, Sunday
  • 2024- 31st March, Sunday 
  • 2025- 20th April, Sunday

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Show your creativity and design colorful Easter eggs
  • Prepare candies and gift them to your closed ones
  • Arrange activities such as egg-hunting for kids

21. Mahavir Jayanti

The Mahavir Jayanti is the main religious festival of the Jains. It marks the birth of Lord Mahavir who is also known as Vardhamana Mahavira. He was the 24th and last saint or Tirthankara of the Jains. Just like Gautama Buddha, he had attained Nirvana or enlightenment and was the main preacher of Jainism.

Mahavir is also known as a reformer of the Jains, mainly because he was the last Tirthankara and made necessary changes to the rules of Jainism.

His principles and rules are what Jains all over the world follow to date. Usually, the celebrations do not include extreme levels of merry-making or dance and music. The celebrations, however, include traditional delicacies, rituals, bits of dance, music and paying tribute to the Lord. 


Although, Mahavir Jayanti is celebrated almost in all parts of India wherever there is even a small population of Jains. However, celebrations are the best in Western India, for example, Gujarat and Rajasthan. It is because you will find the largest Jain population in these two states. 


Mahavir Jayanti is mostly celebrated on the 13th Day of Chaitra. According to the Gregorian calendar, it is around the time of March- April.

  • 2020- 6th April, Monday
  • 2021- 25th April, Sunday
  • 2022- 14th April, Thursday
  • 2023- 4th April, Tuesday
  • 2024- 21st April, Sunday
  • 2025- 10th April, Thursday

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

The best way to be a part and enjoy the occasion of Mahavir Jayanti is by witnessing the rituals. You can taste the delicious Jain delicacies and desserts. You will be surprised to see how humble their food habits are. 

22. Buddha Jayanti

Also known as the Buddha or the Budh Poornima, it is another one in the India festival list of Gazette holidays. Buddha Jayanti or Buddha Poornima marks the occasion of the birth of Lord Buddha. Surprisingly, it was on the same day after years of practice and meditation that he attained Nirvana or enlightenment.

Again, the occasion of Buddha Poornima also marks the death of Lord Buddha. It is the most important Buddhist religious festival and is celebrated by people all over the country and in parts of Nepal and the rest of Asia. Buddha Jayanti usually falls in the Indian month of Baisakh. According to the Gregorian calendar, it falls somewhere between April and May. 


The Buddhist monasteries in India and Nepal are the best places where you can experience Buddha Poornima at its best. following are four of the best options for you-

  • Kay Monastery in Himachal Pradesh
  • Tawang Monastery in Arunachal Pradesh
  • Ghum Monastery in Darjeeling
  • Tsuglagkhang Complex in Dharamsala (Uttarakhand)


  • 2020- 7th May, Thursday
  • 2021- 26th May, Wednesday
  • 2022- 16th May, Monday
  • 2023- 5th May, Friday
  • 2024- 23rd May, Thursday
  • 2025- 12th May, Monday
India holidays October
Monks in Tsuglagkhang Temple, Mcleod Ganj, Dharamsala

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Plan a trip to any part of India where you will be able to visit a monastery such as Darjeeling or Himachal Pradesh
  • Witness Buddhist culture and enjoy peace during this occasion.

23. Janmashtami festival

Janmashtami marks the birth of Lord Krishna and is also a gazette Indian holiday. Lord Krishna was born on the 8th night of Bhadra, according to the Indian calendar. According to the Gregorian calendar, it is somewhere in August- September. Krishna is mostly worshipped and celebrated in his child avatar since it is the occasion of his birth.

Baby Krishna’s cradle is decorated and his idols are worshipped. On this day, the lord is treated just like someone would treat a baby boy. It is such a beautiful scene to capture. According to Hindu Mythological stories, Lord Krishna loved to steal butter from his neighbors and then he ate it with his friends. So, people offer ‘malai’, ‘matha’ or butter to please Baby Krishna on the occasion of his birth. 


Visit Mathura and Brindavan to experience the best version of Janmashtami. It is a divine feeling when you participate in the celebrations in these places. You will be able to witness the scenes of Krishna’s birth and his childhood through plays and decorations when you visit these places. 


  • 2020- 11th August, Tuesday
  • 2021- 24th August, Saturday
  • 2022- 18th August, Thursday
  • 2023- 6th September, Wednesday
  • 2024- 26th August, Monday
  • 2025- 16th August, Sunday

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Witness the Dahi handi or kite-flying competitions
  • Participate in the rituals of Janmashtami
  • Read about the childhood and birth of Lord Krishna
  • Taste typical Janmashtami food made of sago or Sabu dana. 

24. Raksha Bandhan festival

In India, everything is celebrated including relationships and families. The best example of such a unique celebration is the festival of Raksha Bandhan. The festival celebrates the love of a brother and a sister or you may say that it is a way in which India celebrates Siblings Day. Raksha Bandhan always falls on the full moon or Poornima in the Month of Shraavana.

According to the Gregorian calendar, it is from July- August. On this day, sisters tie a lucky thread or rakhi on their brother’s wrist and wish him a long and healthy life. The brother in turn promise to protect their sisters. The siblings exchange gifts on this occasion and families celebrate it with good food, togetherness, and merriment. 


Raksha Bandhan is a common festival that you will be able to witness in every Hindu home in India.


  • 2020- 3rd August, Monday
  • 2021- 21st August, Saturday
  • 2022- 11th August, Thursday
  • 2023- 30th August, Wednesday
  • 2024- 19th August, Monday
  • 2025- 8th August, Friday
India holidays July
Raksha Bandhan - sisters tie a lucky thread or rakhi on their brother’s wrist and wish him a long and healthy life.

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

The best way to enjoy Raksha Bandhan is by celebrating it with your family, especially your siblings. Plan a nice surprise for them or maybe you can cook their favorite meal to show them how much they mean to you. 

25. Rath Yatra

Rath Yatra or the Chariot Festival is the highlight of Orissa. The festival is associated with Lord Jagannath, who is also another version of Lord Vishnu. The natives of Orissa celebrate the festival over one week with a lot of rituals and merriment.

People from all over the world visit Orissa during this time. According to the Mythological tales, it marks the occasion on which Lord Jagannath, along with Balaram and Suvadra visit his maternal aunt’s place on a chariot. Just after a week, he comes back to his home in Orissa in the same chariot and it marks the end of the festival.

The Jagannath Temple in Puri, Orissa is decorated like a palace during this time. The Rath Yatra celebrations are generally carried out in the month of Ashada according to the Indian calendar. As per the Gregorian calendar, it is during June- July. 


  • The Jagannath Temple in Puri, Orissa
  • ISCKON temples in Mayapur, West Bengal and all over India


  • 2020- 23rd June, Tuesday
  • 2021- 11th July, Sunday
  • 2022- 30th June, Thursday
  • 2023- 19th June, Monday
  • 2024- 7th July, Sunday
  • 2025- 1st July, Friday
India holidays February

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Enjoy the beaches of Puri because the festival is an excuse for you to plan a holiday
  • Get your children mini chariots
  • Visit the Rath Yatra special fairs and carnivals
  • Enjoy Rath Yatra delicacies after participating in a procession

26. Muharram

Muharram is a gazetted holiday in India and the occasion marks the beginning of a new year according to the Islamic Lunar calendar. Muharram is an extremely auspicious occasion for every Muslim and it is witnessed all over the country.

Also, the 10th day in the month of Muharram is a day of mourning, especially for the Shia clan of Muslims. It marks the day on which Imam Hussein left the world. He was the grandson of Prophet Muhammad and the son of Hazrat Ali. The Lunar calendar that the Muslims follow runs 10-12 days after the Gregorian or the Solar Calendar. 


Muharram is witnessed all around the country and there is probably no special place where you can experience it in a better way. 


  • 2020- 21st August- 18th September
  • 2021- 10th August- 7th September
  • 2022- 30th July- 28th August
  • 2023- 19th July- 17th August
  • 2024- 7th July- 5th August
  • 2025- 27th June- 15th July

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

Because of the violent nature of the holiday, no part of it is recommended, certainly not small children.

27. Independence Day

Independence Day, also known as Swatantrata Diwas marks the most important event for the country. It is on this day in 1947 when India successfully freed itself from British rule. Also, on this day, the Government of the United Kingdom passed the Indian Independence Act.

Finally, sovereignty and legislation were transferred to the Constitution of India. Jawaharlal Nehru took the oath as the first Prime Minister of independent India on 15th August. It is one of the most important national holidays in India. 


The ideal places to visit and feel the emotion of this special day includes-

  • Red Fort, New Delhi
  • Raj Ghat
  • India Gate
  • Sabarmati Ashram
  • Cellular Jail
  • Netaji Bhawan
  • Alfred Park
India holidays tour


  • 2020- 15th August, Saturday
  • 2021- 15th August, Sunday
  • 2022- 15th August, Monday
  • 2023- 15th August, Tuesday
  • 2024- 15th August, Thursday
  • 2025- 15th August, Friday

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • You can plan a short trip to spend the holiday
  • Read about India’s freedom and the freedom fighter
  • Attend flag hoisting programs
  • Prepare tri-color dishes
  • wear color-coordinated dishes

28. Nowruz or Parsi New Year

Nowruz or Patteti, as you know is the Parsi New Year and marks the beginning of a new year as per the Iranian calendar. It is witnessed all over the world and in India as a day of celebration of love, positivity, peace, and prayers. Parsees include Zoroastrians and Muslims from both Shia and Sunni clans


To witness Nowruz at its best, you may visit Gujarat and Maharashtra. It is because the largest population of Muslims live in both of these states. 


  • 2020- 20th March, Friday
  • 2021- 21st March, Sunday
  • 2022- 21st March, Monday
  • 2023- 21st March, Tuesday
  • 2024- 20th March, Wednesday
  • 2025- 21st March, Friday
India calendar - Norwuz

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Go shopping and purchase new clothes for the family and yourself.
  • Clean and decorate your house
  • Wear clean clothes and pray because you must thank the almighty for his blessings
  • Enjoy Irani and Persian delicacies with the whole family

29. Ganesh Chaturthi- Maharashtra

Ganesh Chaturthi is an important Hindu festival that is also the highlight of Maharashtra. It is celebrated in the state for ten days. During this time people pray, feast, enjoy and celebrate with all their hearts. Streets in every corner of Maharashtra look crowded and you can see idols of Lord Ganesh everywhere.

Organizations and work everywhere go slow during this time of the year. Although the rest of the country also celebrates the festival, Maharashtra stands out among all of them. Ganesh is the younger son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and has an elephant-head. Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated as the Lord’s birthday. He is offered laddus and modaks that are his favorite food.  


Witness Ganesh or Vinayaka Chaturthi at its best version in these places-

  • Mumbai
  • Pune
  • Goa
  • Chennai
  • Hyderabad
  • Hubbali
  • Delhi


  • 2020- 22nd August, Saturday
  • 2021- 10th September, Friday
  • 2022- 30th August, Tuesday
  • 2023- 18th September, Monday
  • 2024- 6th September, Friday
  • 2025- 26th August, Tuesday

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Participate in the rituals of these functions. 
  • Feast on some of the delicacies
  • Prepare desserts that Lord Ganesh loves such as laddus and modaks
  • Hop around to see the decorations in the city. 

30. Onam

Onam is Kerala’s annual harvest festival that is celebrated with a lot of excitement and merriment. According to legendary tales, the spirit of the famous king Mahabali visits Kerala during Onam. The festival is the highlight of Kerala and people from all over the country visit the state during this time just to witness the celebrations.

The beautiful dress code of white and gold looks peaceful and divine and since Kerala is known as “God’s own country”, the dress code justifies it. Onam is generally celebrated in the month of Chingam. According to the Gregorian calendar, it is during August- September. 


To witness the best version of Onam, plan a trip to-

  • Trivandrum
  • Kannur
  • Palakkad
  • Ernakulum
  • Alleppey
  • Thrissur


  • 2020- 22nd August
  • 2021- 21st August
  • 2022- 17th September
  • 2023- 17th August
  • 2024- 15th September
  • 2025- 5th September
India holidays - Onam festival

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Participate in the rituals of Onam
  • Witness the beautiful boat rowing competition that are highlights of Onam
  • Enjoy Kerala’s traditional delicacies

31. Gandhi Jayanti

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi or Gandhiji is the “Father of Our Nation” and he was born on 2nd October 1869. The occasion of Gandhi Jayanti marks the birth anniversary of this great man and is also one of the National holidays in India.

He led the path to independence of India and lived the humblest life. He was the man behind movements such as the Dandi March and the Non-Violence movements. Gandhi believed that non-violence could work wonders. It is the reason why the UN General Assembly declared his birth anniversary as the World Non-Violence Day. 


There are two places in India where you can feel the essence of Gandhi Jayanti the most. The first is Sabarmati Ashram where Gandhiji spent his best time. The next is Gandhi Ghat which still speaks of his sacrifices for the Nation. 


  • 2020- 2nd October, Friday
  • 2021- 2nd October, Saturday
  • 2022- 2nd October, Sunday
  • 2023- 2nd October, Monday
  • 2024- 2nd October, Wednesday
  • 2025- 2nd October, Thursday
Events of India

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Read about Gandhiji’s life on this day.
  • Think about his principles of non-violence and try to apply them in your life. 

32. Durga Puja

Also known as Durgotsava, the Durga Puja is one of the most celebrated India festivals that are a highlight of West Bengal. It is celebrated over 5 days and ends with Dussehra. It marks the occasion of Goddess Durga’s victory over the devil Mahishasura.

It is the celebration of women’s power and also good over evil. West Bengal, especially Kolkata lights up during this time. There is so much pomp, color, glamor, and merriment in the city. Decorations of different kinds fill the city and make it look like a heavenly place. People dress up in their best clothes and enjoy themselves with friends and family during this time.

Durga Puja is an emotion for Bengalis and they will celebrate these five days wherever they are in the world. It is celebrated in Ashvin, according to the Indian calendar. It means according to the Gregorian calendar; it falls within September- October. 


If you want to find the best of Durga Puja, there is no other place like Kolkata. 


  • 2020- 22nd October- 26th October
  • 2021- 11th October- 15th October
  • 2022- 1st October- 5th October
  • 2023- 20th October- 24th October
  • 2024- 9th October- 13th October
  • 2025- 28th September- 7th October

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Participate in the rituals of Durga Puja
  • Do lots of shopping and wear your best clothes
  • Roam around the city with your friends and family
  • Feast on your favorite dishes all through the week

33. Navaratri

Navaratri is celebrated during Durga Puja and marks the start of Devi Paksha. It is also a festival to celebrate the Mother Goddess and is more popular in North India. It is witnessed over 9-10 days. People fast and eat vegetarian food during this time.

It is because there are groups of Hindus who believe that vegetarian food is capable of cleansing the body. The Navaratri also ends with Dussehra and is celebrated with dance, music and a lot of merriment. 


  • Katra
  • Kolkata
  • Vadodara
  • Ahmedabad
  • Mysore
  • Kullu
  • Bastar
  • Varanasi
  • Kota
  • Delhi


  • 2020- 17th October- 25th October
  • 2021- 6th October- 14th October
  • 2022- 26th September- 4th October
  • 2023- 15th October- 23rd October
  • 2024- 3rd October- 12th October
  • 2025- 22nd September- 1st October

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Participate in the Navaratri special Garba and Dandiya festivals
  • Fast and pray on these days to thank the Goddess for her blessings
  • Celebrate the festival with shopping and food
  • Spend time with your family

Review of Buddha statues for sale

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Are you confused about what present to give your loved ones? How about a beautiful Buddha statue? It is one of the best and most auspicious gifts that you may give someone, especially if the person is a Buddhist. 


The statue of the Buddha is considered extremely holy and auspicious according to the books of Feng Shui. The Buddha statue benefits include meditation and therapeutic effects on a person’s mind and body. Moreover, it is said to bring in a lot of peace, prosperity, happiness, harmony and a lot of other good energies into the house.


 Also knowing the perfect place for the statue means it will regulate all the energy that gets into the house. It will filter it and only absorb the good and positive energy to come into your house. 

Note: we are affiliate with the linked website 

1. Statue of Medicine Buddha

When you find a Buddha statue for sale by the name of the Medicine Buddha, you know it will be extremely beneficial for you. Also known as the Lapid Lazuli Light Buddha or the Blue Buddha, it consists of a lot of healing powers. 


The vibrations from a Medicine Buddha statue are so helpful that they are used for several types of meditations. If you look deeply into the East Asian culture, you will surely find the use of meditation for a lot of ailments. The Medicine Buddha sits on a blue throne and made of pure brass. He sits in a meditating pose and his head is guarded by cobras. 

buddha statue symbolism
Statue of medicine Buddha - click the image for more details

2. Statue of Blessing Buddha

The blessing Buddha Statue brings in to your living room a lot of positivity, peace, and compassion to the house. It is a black, brass statue with hues of golden and yellow that looks beautiful. You can buy this Buddha statue for sale to decorate your house.


Place it in your living room or wherever you can relax. It also works if you keep the statue of Blessing Buddha in that particular room in which you meditate every day. the aura that comes out due to the presence of this divine statue spreads good vibes all around you. 


The Lord is sitting on a raised platform and on one hand, he is holding a bowl. The other hand is raised in a blessing ‘mudra’. It is a pose in which Lord Buddha used to sit after he had already attained enlightenment. 

Statue of Blessing Buddha - click the image for more details

3. Statue of Medicine Buddha with Stone Setting

The Statue of Medicine Buddha with a stone setting is an exotic statue that is considered extremely pious and effective according to Feng Shui in the East Asian culture.


 The statue justifies the name as it is capable of healing several physical and mental issues. The beautiful, simple brass statue generates extremely useful vibrations that work to heal your mental and physical problems. The problems include chronic ailments and mental issues such as stress and anxiety. 


Such positive vibrations will help you to calm down and sleep well too. The typical brass color with the bright blue stones makes it look more divine. On one hand, the lord holds the vessel with some medicinal plant and on the other hand, he holds a snake. The Buddha statue is holding the Abhaya mudra here and his eyes are closed like in meditation. 

Buddha statue for sale
Statue of Medicine Buddha with a stone setting - click the image for more details

4. Statue of Antique Medicine Buddha

Also known as the Healing Buddha, this statue comes with an antique finesse. On one hand, the Lord is holding a stem of a medicinal plant and the other hand is resting on the knee in meditation or Dhyana mudra. 

His eyes are closed and he is meditating. While most of the Medicine Buddha Statues are available in blue, this one is a bit different than the rest. The original brass holds its color, but the clothing of the Lord is a combination of a dark Gray and Green color. There are smaller designs or detailing on the cloth with golden. This antique statue is effective for healing activities. 

How to keep buddha statue at home
Antique Medicine Buddha - click the image for more details

5. Colorful Statue of the Blessing Buddha

The colorful Blessing Buddha statue is an exquisite example of East Asian art and craft. It is a result of the hard work of skilled sculptors and artisans. The very modern design of the Blessing Buddha consists of great texturing and marvelous inlay stone-setting work. 


The stonework is done in a variety of colors and so, the statue looks brighter. Bring it into your house for a religious purpose or just as a nice decoration. The statue will look charming both ways. Buddha is in a seating posture and his hand is raised as if to bless us.


 He is sitting on top of a lotus bed that is crafted in an extremely creative way. The primary material used for this statue is brass and it weighs about 3770 gm. 

Buddha statue benefits
Statue of blessing Buddha - click the image for more details

6. Blessing Buddha on a Throne

Lord Buddha is one of the greatest preachers and saints of all time and a lot of people follow him. However, you will be surprised to know about the early life of Buddha or Gautama Buddha or Siddhartha (as he was known when he was young). 


He was a royal who left his kingdom and sacrificed his luxurious life as he started the search of the truth. He was the only heir to his father, the previous reigning king. Moreover, he also had a beautiful wife and a son named Rahula. 


The same son later followed his father’s footsteps and started preaching the principles of truth, love, peace, and compassion among all. this statue shows Lord Buddha sitting on a princely throne in a blessing posture. 

Blessing Buddha on a Throne - click the image for more details

7. Antique Statue of Healing Buddha

A very simple and sophisticated statue of the Lord Buddha in a meditation pose will bring in peace and harmony at home. It encourages us to practice meditation, which is an East Asian way of healing several ailments.


 As we all know, meditation and yoga are said to have magical healing powers when it comes to any physical or mental ailments. It is a fact that you will be able to lead a much better life if you practice meditation every day at least for 15-20 minutes. 


The Healing Buddha statue comes with a traditional look and a typical design. It is a classic statue that looks charming, irrespective of its place in your home. 

buy big buddha statue online india
Antique Statue of Healing Buddha - click the image for more details

8. Shakyamuni Buddha Statue

Siddhartha Gautama, the real name of the Lord Buddha was the son of King Sudodhana of the Shakya Clan of Kapilavastu, in Nepal. Later, the young man left his princely life and his family and set out in search of Moksha or divine peace. 


It is the only reason why he was later named as ‘Shakyamuni’ or the monk of the Shakya clan. Buddha obtained this name after he gained enlightenment and was now a ‘guru’ to an extensive clan of people. Now, this statue shows the princely monk after he became the Buddha or the Enlightened one. 


It is a classic brass Buddha statue with black and green antique detailing. His hair is knotted just like we pictured him during the time of his priesthood. He is sitting in a meditation position. 

Shakyamuni Buddha statue - click the image for more details

9. Statue of the Dipankara Buddha

If you get deeper into the roots of Buddhism, you will get a hint of the Dipankara Buddha or the oldest Buddha. According to Buddhist monks and experts, Dipankara Buddha lived a million years ago and gained enlightenment much before Gautama Buddha.


Moreover, he was the one who had predicted the fact that later, a young man of the Tibetan-Burmese origin will become the next Buddha. The prediction was about Gautama Buddha, who is the most popular. However, in Chinese origin, they pay regards to all the three Buddhas- The Dipankara, The Gautama and the Maitreya.


 Usually, the Dipankara Buddha stays in a sleeping posture. However, in Chinese, Tibetan, and Nepalese culture, you will be able to see the Dipankar Buddha in a standing posture. It is the same case with this Nepalese-Tibetan statue of the Tibetan Buddha. 

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Statue of the Dipankara Buddha - click the image for more details

10. Nirvana Buddha Statue

The Buddha statue in the Nirvana pose looks amazing. The Lord is in a sleeping position in his monk attire. You will find this Buddha statue for sale online easily. The reclining statue is ideal for meditation or decoration purposes. It defines the Lord in his Nirvana bliss and enlightened wisdom. 


The closed eye posture symbolizes spiritual and peaceful Vastu. It keeps evil energy away from your home. Such statues are extensively used as gifts in all Asian countries and bring in moksh and harmony according to Feng Shui for your home. 

Thai buddha statue for sale
Nirvana Buddha statue - click the image for more details

11. Statue of Amogasiddhi Buddha

The Amogasiddhi Buddha is one of the Five Wisdom Buddhas that make the Vajrayana Buddhism tradition. The Amogasiddhi Buddha is the one who showed us the path that has no envy and Buddhists around the world still follow his principles. 


It is a dark-skinned version of the Buddha clad in a clayey attire with golden detailing. He is sitting in a blessing posture with his eyes closed.

Chinese statue Buddha for sale
Statue of Amogasiddhi Buddha - click the image for details

12. Double color Nirvana Buddha

The Buddha statue in the Nirvana pose looks mesmerizing. The Buddha is in a reclining posture in his East Asian attire. You will find this Buddha statue for sale online easily. The sleeping statue is ideal for meditation or decoration use.


 It signifies the Lord in his Nirvana bliss and enlightened wisdom. The closed eye posture means spiritual and peaceful Vastu. It keeps bad energy away from your house.


Such statues are extensively used as presents in all Asian countries and invite moksh and harmony according to Feng Shui rules. In this statue, the craftsmen have done a little more detail with the bed and pillow. 

Garden Buddha statue for sale
Double color Nirvana Buddha

13. Statue of resting Buddha

It is a beautifully crafted brass statue that shows Buddha resting with his head on his knees. It is as powerful as the resting Buddha pose. The resting pose is just another version of the Nirvana Buddha and is useful in the case of meditation and healing. 


Buddhists meditate around such statues to keep away from the feelings of violence, jealousy, hatred and more. The resting Buddha means that he sees everyone as equal to each other and renders compassion irrespective of the person. 


Mostly, in this statue, the Buddha sits on top of a heavenly platform known as Sukhavati. It is, in Buddhism, the state or condition of consciousness. It is the ultimate sign of receptiveness and openness. 

Statue of resting Buddha - click the image for more details

14. Statue of Amitabha Buddha

Amitabha is the King of all the Dharmas and the eight significant teachings and the five periods are a part of it. The Amitabha Buddha is also called the ‘Amitayus’. While Amitabha means ‘limitless light’, the word ‘Amitayus’ means ‘limitless life’.


The Amitabha Buddha is known as the Western World Buddha or the Buddha of ultimate happiness. He sits on a raised platform in a classic meditation pose and is clad in simple priestly attire. The primary material used is brass and there are not many intricacies in this statue. 

Statue of Amitabha Buddha

15. Statue of Laughing Buddha

The original names of Laughing Buddha were Pu-Tai or Hotei. If you read the history of Laughing Buddha, you will get to know about an ancient Zen, Chinese monk who used to roam around with a cloth sack. He used to smile all the time and play with children. The smile and that belly earned him the name of Laughing Buddha.

According to Feng Shui tradition, rubbing the protruding belly of Laughing Buddha brings in good luck and happiness. There are rules regarding Buddha statue placement too. You must place the statue in a way that it faces the entrance door. It is because, according to Feng Shui experts, the statue of Laughing Buddha will filter the energies that enter from your main door. It will absorb the good energies and send back the bad ones.

The statue that we have here is a beautiful golden color and has a classic design. You can purchase it in accordance with Feng Shui guidelines or just a decoration for your home.

Fat Buddha statue for sale
Statue of laughing Buddha - click the image for more details

16. Statue of Double color Medicine Buddha

A classic statue of Medicine Buddha, this one is more detailed and exquisite. The posture is the same as any other Medicine Buddha in which the Lord sits with eyes closed. He is in a meditation position with one hand resting on his lap and others holding the branch of a medicinal plant. 


The double color statue means that there is a second layer in the form of Buddha’s attire on the simple brass statue. There are a halo and a background design in the statue and forms a perfect decoration for your house. 

Medicine Buddha for sale
Statue of double color medicine Buddha - click the image for more details

17. Statue of the Maitreya Buddha

According to Buddhist Mythology, the Maitreya Buddha is the Future Buddha and is known as the 5th Buddha who is supposed to be born in the present era. 


Therefore, the real Maitreya Buddha is still not born. According to all the ancient Buddhist scriptures, the name of the Maitreya Buddha will be Ajita. Just like the other Buddhas, he will also attain Moksha or enlightenment and direct people towards the path of the same. 


Statue of the Maitreya Buddha - click the image for more details

18. Classic statue of Amogasiddhi Buddha

One of the Five Ultimate Buddhas of all time, the Amogasiddhi Buddha was the one who showed his followers the path that diverts from envy and hatred. The brass statue is intricately designed by skilled craftsmen. The skill and hard work show in the detailing of the designs. 

Classic statue of Amogasiddhi Buddha - click the image for more details

19. Statue of the Baby Buddha

The statue of the Baby Buddha shows Gautama Buddha at an early age when he was not even a monk. It is an imaginary version of the prince in a standing posture with his hand in a commanding position. He is seen wearing traditional clothes. The primary material used is brass and the weight is 760 gm. 

Buddha statue for sale in India
Statue of baby Buddha - click the image for more details

20. Thangka style Amitabha Buddha

Amitabha is the King of all the Dharmas and the eight significant teachings and the five periods are a part of it. The Amitabha Buddha is also called the ‘Amitayus’. While Amitabha means ‘limitless light’, the word ‘Amitayus’ means ‘limitless life’. 


The Amitabha Buddha is known as the Western World Buddha or the Buddha of ultimate happiness. He sits on a raised platform in a classic meditation pose and is clad in simple priestly attire. The primary material used is brass and there are not many intricacies in this statue. The Thangka style statue is more colorful than the others and brings in a new charm to your home altogether.

Thangka Buddha for sale
Thangka style Amitabha Buddha - click the image for more details

21. Fire Gold Amitabha Buddha Statue

The full Fire Golden Amitabha Buddha Statue is exquisite and extraordinary in every way. The color is fiery and oozes out shine and glitz. The shimmery and glossy body is in itself extremely beautiful and it will surely bring a lot of flourishment and prosperity to your household. The shine in it will bring in a positive light in your home too. 

Gold Buddha for sale
Fire gold Amitabha Buddha - click the image for more details

22. Statue set of three Buddhas

The statue set consists of three Buddha statues that include the Shakyamuni, Medicine Buddha, and the Amitabha Buddha. All the statues have painted faces and look similar. However, postures and mudras are all different. One is in a classic meditation pose, another is holding a branch of a healing plant and the last one is in a blessing posture. 

Gold Buddha statue for sale
Statue set of three Buddhas - click the image for more details

23. Panchadhyani Buddha Set

The Pancha Dhyani or the five meditating buddhas make a set of five statues in different meditation postures. They are completely gold plated and just have a different kind of painted face. Each statue symbolizes one of the Five Periods of Buddhism each. 


The expressions of all of them are almost the same. To understand the mudras of these brass Buddha statues in a deeper way, you must read more about the accounts of different priests of the Buddhist religion. 

Buddha statue on sale
Panchadhyani Buddha set - click the image for more details

24. Antique Full Fire Buddha

The full fire Buddha comes in another version and this one has an antique finesse from top to bottom. The primary material is still brass but the color seems different due to the oxidized style. The Buddha is sitting on a raised platform. 


However, the design on the back represents that of the back of a throne. So, you may think it has a subtle reference from the King Buddha statue too. The design is ancient and traditional and talks a lot about the history of East Asia. 

Big Buddha statue for sale
Antique full fire Buddha - click the image for more details

25. Antique Baby Buddha Statue

You must have seen the modern Baby Buddha statue already and so you will be able to relate to this even more. The statue is the same as the latest version of the Baby Buddha. It is just that the antique one looks a bit worn away in condition. 


The Buddha is shown to be young in the statue. However, the posture talks a lot about his personality and the power of influencing others from an early age. He is standing on top of a lotus bed and commanding something. He is still not a monk and is wearing princely attire. 

Baby Buddha for sale
Antique baby Buddha statue - click the image for more details

26. Oxidized Medicine Buddha

You will find hundreds of versions and looks of the same Medicine or Healing Buddha and the specialty of this statue is that the primary metal is copper. Most of the other statues are made of brass and so this one stands out from the rest. The color is a dark, oxidized brown and the rest is all same. From the picture, you may feel that it is a wooden statue. 

Medicine Buddha for sale online
Oxidized medicine Buddha - click the image for more details

27. Original Medicine Buddha statue

By the word original, we mean exclusive in this case. It is another copper statue of the Medicinal or Blue Buddha. Moreover, the design is very traditional and you cannot go wrong with this. The look of it is itself extremely divine and bringing this statue home means you are inviting peace, compassion, prosperity and harmony home.

Original medicine Buddha for sale
Original medicine Buddha statue - click the image for more details

28. Full Gold Shakyamuni Buddha Statue

There is a tradition of painting the face of Buddha statues separately from the all-gold body in the Tibetan-Nepalese tradition. The full gold Shakyamuni statue is just another example here. 


It is an exquisite copper statue fully plated with gold except for the face. The Buddha sits on top of a lotus bed in a casual, relaxing pose with his eyes open. It is an auspicious decoration for any Buddhist or East Asian home. The Lord is clad in a traditional East Asian attire too. 

Golden Buddha statue for sale
Full gold Shakyamuni Buddha statue - click the image for more details

29. Amitabha Buddha Hand-carved statue

Now, this one is a fairly common statue that you see available everywhere. The Amitabha Buddha is clad in traditional East Asian clothing and is sitting on top of a lotus bed in the meditation posture. The designs are all done manually by skilled artisans and that us the USP of this statue. 

Gold Amitabha Buddha for sale
Amitabha Buddha Hand-carved statue - click the image for more details

30. Electro-gold Shakyamuni statue

 The electro-gold statue is an epitome of creativity and delicate crafting. The statue shows Lord Buddha in a meditating pose but that is not all. The designs that you can see all around the statue are marvelous and you will surely want to take this home. 

Electro-gold Shakyamuni statue - click the image for more details

31. Silver-plated Buddha statue

An exquisite statue of the Shakyamuni Buddha, the silver detailing on this one is eye-catching. Such intricate detailing and design look impressive and extremely classy. It will be the most exclusive addition to your living room for sure. 

Silver-plated Buddha statue for sale
Silver-plated Buddha statue - click the image for more details

32. Handmade Amogasiddhi Buddha

The USP of this statue is mainly the labor put into the making. It is a completely handmade statue with beautiful gold detailing. The face is painted separately and the Buddha sits in a blessing position here. 

Handmade Amogasiddhi Buddha for sale
Handmade Amogasiddhi Buddha - click the image for more details
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Yoga for weight loss

Practicing yoga encourages physical, spiritual and mental development. Practicing yoga helps to bring out the best in you. you will eventually become the best version of yourself with the help of yoga. 

Yoga is a highly effective option when you want to lose weight. Especially, the more dynamic and active forms of yoga. As a beginner, you can start with the more relaxed forms to understand how it goes. After you are aware of the benefits of yoga for weight loss, you can eventually move on to the more advanced forms so that you can achieve your desired body weight soon. 

Experts say that yoga encourages weight loss directly as well as indirectly. Why don’t you check out for yourself how that happens?

1. Yoga for mindfulness

All the spiritual and mental features and benefits of yoga work together to develop mindfulness. It makes you more aware and focused on various levels. As you become more aware, you will start understanding how different types of foods affect your spirit, mind, and body. 

A study that was conducted a couple of years back came out with the reports that justify the benefits of yoga associated with mindfulness. It will make you more health-conscious and you will be able to resist junk and unhealthy foods.

You will also make sure that you are replacing these foods with healthier options. If losing weight is the main concern, you must come out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself in a lot of ways. 

A study that was conducted in 2017 says that performing even the mildest yoga daily results in other indirect benefits. Such benefits will eventually lead to weight loss. People who were part of this study kept practicing yoga for mindfulness and the results were astonishing. They were calmer and starting resenting to binge eating and also started participating in regular physical activities. 

Also, you must be knowing that you are not to practice yoga immediately after a meal so automatically you develop a habit of binge-control. On the other hand, after you are done with an exercise session, you will prefer unprocessed and healthy foods only. Ultimately, the goal is to completely stay away from unhealthy food. Also, you must chew food properly and not just swallow it. Take your time and eat slowly for proper digestion. 

2. Yoga for better sleep

You will sleep better if you practice yoga regularly. If you have a consistent yoga routine, you will be able to sleep sound and also find it easier to fall asleep. The ideal sleep duration for an average adult is from 6-8 hours every night. 

On the other hand, quality sleep is always connected to yoga for weight loss. According to a study that was conducted by experts a couple of years back had two groups of people. The first group did not sleep properly for 5 days of the week and the other group slept well. When the reports came out, we could see that the first group gained more weight than the other group. Therefore, we know that sleeplessness creates adverse effects on your body weight. 

In 2018, a study was conducted on several people. The result says that people who had practiced yoga Nidra regularly had developed deeper mindfulness. When you do yoga Nidra or a special meditation for sleep and mindfulness, you can set a goal. You can concentrate on the same and this will help you maintain focus. 

When experiments are conducted, results do not come out instantly. It needs a prolonged period of practice to understand the effects of yoga for sleep and mindfulness. Yoga does not mean becoming judgmental about people. It means gaining awareness about your surrounding conditions and understanding how to react to them. 

3. Yoga for burning calories

Yoga is indeed not a hardcore exercise like hitting the gym or aerobics. However, there are specific types of yoga that are more dynamic than the others such as yin and tantra and help you to burn more calories.

The more intense and advanced yoga poses help you to lose more fat and burn some extra calories. They also prevent weight gain. Examples of some of the more intense yoga styles are Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and power yoga. 

You will get a chance to practice power yoga and Vinyasa yoga in some of the best hot yoga studios. The reason that helps you burn more calories as you practice these types of yoga is that they make you keep moving continuously.

When you practice yoga every day, it will encourage the development of metabolism and also tone your muscles properly. Again, restorative yoga is not as intense as the others, it still contributes to yoga for weight loss, especially in women. 

Experts say that restorative yoga helps obese women lose abdominal weight. Several reviews and studies that were carried out have come out with the same results. Yoga is a great way to develop behavioral changes, increasing mindfulness, lowering stress level and ultimately achieving weight loss. As a result, you understand appetite control and control overeating. Studies are still on to prove these findings in a better way. 

Click here to read more about yoga for burning calories. 

When should you do yoga?

You must practice yoga every day to get the best possible results. Also, you must practice the more active and intense types of yoga at least 4-5 times per week. The duration should be a minimum of an hour if you want to achieve a toned body. Do not completely relax on the other days by not exercising at all. 

On the other days, practice the more relaxing types of yoga such as Hatha, restorative and yin yoga. Do not start with advance and intense yoga routine right from the beginning. Start with a lighter form and gradually challenge yourself more. Regular yoga helps you to increase your flexibility, strength and also make your immune against injuries. 

Even if you do not get time to practice a full session of yoga daily, just do 20-30 minutes of yoga to be more active. To bring more variety in your workout session, combine several exercises such as yoga, walking, swimming, cycling and more. Do whatever gives you cardiovascular benefits. Also, bring self-control in yourself. 

Try not to weigh yourself immediately after a workout or yoga session. It is because, right after a workout, you are most likely to lose some of your water weight. What you can do is to weigh yourself before a workout session at the same time every day. 

Basic yoga poses

Check out the following poses to perform every day. 

1. Sun salutation

You should do at least 10 sun salutations every day. now, understand the pace and forms correctly. There are some poses you must do fast and some slow. Again, there are a few positions that should last longer than the rest. See how to do it:

  • Stand straight and slowly lift your arms above your head. 
  • Start a swan dive and bend down. Exhale while you dive to bend forward. 
  • Jump and then step or walk your feet towards the initial position again. 
  • Now you must hold on to this position at least for 5 long breaths. 
  • Now sit on your knees and bring your body lower to touch the ground. 
  • Expand and stretch your legs. Twist towards the ground the top of your feet and then position your hands below the shoulders. 
  • Now inhale and lift to form a typical cobra pose.
  • Exhale and come lower down to form the downward dog face. 
  • Again, hold the pose for at least 5 long breaths

2. Boat pose

The boat pose is a stress buster and involves the whole body almost. It is a great workout pose for your core. For this-

  • You must sit on the floor and put your legs together and extend in front
  • Now bend your knees facing upwards and lift both the legs together. Your shins should be parallel to the ground. 
  • Hold the pose for at least 30 seconds and repeat the pose 5-6 times. 

3. Plank pose

Planks are some of the most efficient and effective positions for weight loss. do a few variations to keep boredom at bay. For this, you must-

  • Lift your heels and step your feet back from a tabletop position.
  • Straighten your body to check your reflection in the mirror
  • The stress will be on your core, leg and arm muscles
  • Hold for at least a minute or more if you can

Challenge yourself and commit if you want to utilize yoga for weight loss and burning calories. You must make gradual and yet modest goals so that you can achieve a super-toned body and de-stressed life. It has a magical effect as you automatically start finding healthy foods and an active lifestyle more attractive. The results of regular yoga practice will have positive results that will last more than weight loss. 

Why is yoga better than another exercise?

First of all, you must understand the fact that yoga is not just helpful for weight loss, it also encourages peace, happiness, and contentment. Nowadays, we all are becoming more weight conscious and are understanding the benefits of fitness better than ever.

There is a rage of various gym groups, yoga classes, and other workout groups. Out of all, yoga must not be confused with the others as it is a much wider concept than just a kind of physical exercise. Yoga mostly consists of different asanas and postures and ultimately a healthier and more active lifestyle. They are different from other exercises in terms of ways to perform and its outcome too. 

Yoga is mostly based on the relaxation of the body and muscles and improvement in the overall balance of the body. All the movements that you perform in yoga are steady and comparatively slow.

Exceptions are of course there but if we talk about traditional yoga practice, they are slower than other forms of exercise. In terms of another exercise, the focus is mainly on burning calories and stretching your limits in any possible way. We do not usually focus on our breathing patterns when we are working out in the gym.

However, it is different in the case of yoga. Yoga focuses not only on the movement of the body but also on encourages proper breathing patterns and de-stressing your body. It is the reason because of which the outcomes of yoga and other exercise are completely different. 

Comparison between yoga and other exercises

In this section of the article, we will compare the effects of yoga and other exercises on different parts of the body. 

1. Muscles

Yoga triggers muscle development over the surface of the bones in your body. It encourages even development by enhancing your flexibility. Yoga is arguably the best physical activity in terms of energy efficiency. 

On the other hand, any other exercise will just focus on enhancing and improving muscle mass. Therefore, the flexibility and length of the muscles decrease and these are not energy-efficient at all. 

2. Heart

Yoga is a great way to de-stress yourself because once you have attained the asanas, the blood flow becomes slower and you go into a relax mode. As a result, your heart works better and does not hold on to any anxiety. 

Other forms of exercise effects differently. They strain the muscles and in turn, increase the stress levels of the body. As a result, the blood flow goes higher and the heart starts pumping faster. Anxiety and stress levels will increase ultimately. 

3. Immune system

The immune system gets a real boost when the ability and functioning of the immune cells improve due to regular yoga. However, the same happens in the case of other exercises only depending on the intensity and duration of your workout session. 

4. Respiratory system

As you already know, in the case of yoga, the body goes on a relax mode despite the workout and so things are easier on the respiratory system. On the other hand, in case of other exercises, you must move continuously and so extra oxygen requirement occurs. The lungs start working harder and there is more stress because the pace of breathing goes high. 

5. Stress level

Cortisol is a hormone that manages stress and anxiety in the body and doing yoga regularly lowers the stress levels. The cortisol hormones occur due to abnormality in cholesterol levels in the body and yoga can successfully control that. 

However, other forms of exercise will increase the levels of cortisol in the body as the body experiences more stress in this case. 

Yoga Vs gym

It is a big confusion about which one is better and more effective- yoga or gym. Here we have an interesting solution for your never-ending problem. We are presenting here, a compact comparison of yoga and gym for you to decide better what you want to choose.

Specifically speaking, yoga benefits the overall body inside out and also keeps your mind and heart-healthy. Most other exercises that you perform in the gym are unable to do so. 

1. Yoga for improvement of the mind, spirit, and body

Yoga indeed tones your body and it does much more than just that. It will bring out the positive person in you and infuse more of the positive spirit. You will find yourself brimming with positive energy once you start practicing yoga daily. while on the other side, working out in the gym means you are solely focusing on the improvement in your physical condition. 

2. Yoga improves the body inside out

All the twisting, folding and stretching benefits several portions of the body internally as well as externally. It benefits the digestive, lymph as well as the circulatory system. Yoga does all the work simultaneously along with building stronger muscles.

Practicing yoga regularly is a great way to detoxify your body and also building more strength in the muscles. While going to the gym means you are just paying attention to cardio boosting and muscle strengthening. 

3. You learn acceptance

It is very important that you feel balanced and beautiful from inside. Body positivity in our minds is more important than anything else and yoga perfectly teaches you this. Yoga is about self-acceptance more than self- improvement. While gym sessions and other crucial boot camps demotivate and force you to feel like you are a loser when you are unable to perform all the tasks. 

4. Focus on yourself

Most of the yoga studios do not allow mirrors. It is because yoga helps you to think and picture yourself in your head. You will keep thinking about yourself and how you are performing the asanas when you are in a yoga session. 

On the other hand, a gym always has mirrors all around you. The purpose of the mirrors is to help you see if you are performing all the exercises accurately. However, we mostly end up checking out what the others in the gym are doing instead of focusing on ourselves. 

5. Get a leaner body

When the muscles stretch during yoga, you will not just lose weight, but also achieve a leaner look. However, in the gym, the use of machines enable us to bulk up and look bigger

Best yoga poses for weight loss

You must start working out with a pure mind and a target to burn calories. You shouldn’t participate in yoga sessions because you have seen someone else. Perform yoga only when you understand the benefits and the choice comes from within.

You will never be able to burn calories if you work out or perform yoga reluctantly. Yoga for weight loss mainly targets to magnify the health of the spirit and body. It encourages you to master your lethargic lifestyle. You must know your body and neglect everything that hinders you from staying healthy.

1. Chaturanga Dandasana or the low plank

If you alter the name of this posture, it appears to be the four-limbed crew pose. In this posture, you must support your body precisely lateral to the ground. You have to adjust yourself with your palms and toes. It is related to a push-up stance.

You will form strong core tissues and abs if you repeat this yoga posture frequently. This will further help you to lose mass as a result. When you balance your body on your palm, there is a force on them. It works to build toned arms.

2. Warrior III or Virabhadrasana C

This posture is an essential part of a sitting of yoga for weight lossFor this, you must stand upright and settle yourself on just one leg. You have to expand your body and have your spine flat. You can examine your attention power whenever you repeat this yoga posture. Virabhadrasana benefits to enhance your energy and entire body balance.

As per Hindu religion, Virabhadra was a fearsome warrior who took birth from a dreadlock of God Shiva. Hence, the name of this posture. The other two previous postures that help to shape your body, particularly the posterior. Yoga means stimulating the mind, the rise of the soul and toiling out of the excess fat in the body.

3. Shoulder stand or the Sarvangasana

The shoulder stand is a posture that makes a part of the Hatha Yoga style. It is a type of superior yoga which has various benefits. In this, you have to raise your frame with your forelimbs and keep it up as long as you can.

Be sure not to turn your neck while practicing this. You must balance your entire body mass on your collars. This, as a result, helps to trim off those excess tires from your belly as well as your neckline.

Doing Sarvangasana daily helps to enhance metabolism and overcomes difficulties such as thyroid and anemia. It aids in decent blood flow and therefore improves metabolism. practicing the shoulder stand posture is remarkably helpful for any sort of respiratory disease.

4. Half boat or ArdhaNavasana

The Half boat works as a mystic tummy reducing exercise. AdhoMukhaSvanasana and Uttanasana are preliminary yoga postures. Assume that you are in a compact ship and you have to pretend like that. It stretches the tummy and so improves the metabolism pace of the body. Belly fat transforms into fibers to grow into abs

Most modern people do this posture as it helps in shaping the body. You should practice yoga daily to revitalize your body. It also supports to cut down undesired fat from the limbs, tummy, wings, and buttocks. You can further stimulate your intestinal muscles, pelvis flexors, and vertebral section. ArdhaNavasana additionally helps to promote absorption and eliminate stress.

5. Side plank or Vasisthasana

When you need to drop weight, nothing can be extra effective than planks. Besides the low plank, it is one more posture that improves your body balance. It further makes your wrists more powerful. This pose emphasizes on some of the special stress points in your body to obtain more flexibility.

You should implement this asana in your everyday yoga regime to get excellent abs. Just get rid of all the extra fat, processed and trash food that you ate at the party last evening. This is not a difficult pose so everyone can practice it with comfort.

6. Lunges or Anjaneasana

This posture is also recognized as ‘crescent moon pose’. You must stand and lean continuously to execute this posture. It helps to stretch the lungs, chest, and shoulders for more flexibility. It enables rejuvenation of the body and shapes it up simultaneously.

You should be concerned about your body, even more, when you are maturing. The yoga pose enables you to maintain fitness while aging. This posture is like a trigger action to keep the knees fit.

to perform this, you must put ahead one leg and lean on it with the help of your hands to form a worship posture. Now you have to get up, rest for a few moments and replicate the same routine with your other leg. As per Hindu belief, Anjaneya was another name of God Hanumana. Therefore, this yoga posture signifies the religious meaning of God Hanumana.

7. Bridge or Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

To practice this posture, you have to recline on the floor and face the ceiling. Keep the legs lateral to each other and raise your body. You must touch the ground and support yourself on your palms and the hands must remain fixed on the floor. It eases the legs when you are much tired. It further helps to eradicate the symptoms of menopause, sinusitis, asthma and so on.

8. The mountain pose or the entire body Tadasana

Tadasana is arguably one of the best yoga poses and is not very difficult also. You should practice this asana every morning for the best results. It is like a great massage for your hands, spine, back and the body as a whole. If you want to increase height, Tadasana is what we recommend the most. Just make sure that you have eaten your last meal at least 5-6 hours before doing this posture

9. Triangle pose or the Trikonasana

The Trikonasana is an ideal option, especially if you are a beginner. The major functions of this asana are that you get a good stretch on the muscles and it helps to strengthen them too. The Trikonasana ultimately develops and improves the overall functioning of your body.

Pregnant women can also practice this posture. Trikonasana improves blood circulation and improves anxiety, stress, and other blood-related functions. Our concentration, focus power, and body balance also improves if we perform this posture every day.

Moreover, it aids the eradication of unwanted fats in the thighs and waist. Like most of the other yoga posture, to perform the Trikonasana also, your bowel must be clear. 

10. The bow pose or the Dhanurasana

When we are talking about yoga for weight lossthe Dhanurasana or Bow pose is highly effective. Performing this yoga pose every day can eradicate belly fat very quickly. It helps to improve the strength and power in the ankles, spinal cord, thighs, abdominal organs, chest, and groin.

It also enhances the functioning of the kidney, the big and small intestines, liver and the pancreas. Yoga is an all-time stress buster and the Dhanurasana is an exclusive variety that helps to release stress and increase flexibility.

Practicing Dhanurasana every day will prevent gastric problems and improve the digestion system too. Performing this asana if you are suffering from headaches or migraine issues is a strict no-no. 

11. Kapalbhati Pranayama

Another yoga for weight loss for beginners’ routine, it is a great way to control breathing and also lose weight simultaneously. Performing pranayama every day will enhance your digestive and immune systems too.

You will just have to do Kapalbhati for 5 minutes and that will be enough to detoxify your body and enhance metabolism. It is a partial cure for disorders such as constipation, thinning hairline, acidity, sinusitis, Diabetes, Respiratory issues such as Asthma.

This yoga for weight loss pose is most effective to cut off belly fat. The kapalbhati is not one of those conventional asanas and it falls under the relaxing asanas category. It must be performed at the very end of all the asanas. 

12. Bound angle or the BaddhaKonasana posture

Sitting for long hours in the office or anywhere else can result in disorders such as sciatica and dysfunctional hips. The nerve that mainly contains sciatica discomfort originates in the lower back and goes till both the legs. If the nerves are exposed to any kind of compression, the pain of Sciatica triggers more. Again, if you keep standing or sitting for a longer period, it can cause increased pain. 

13. Eagle twist pose

Also known as the relaxing pose, this posture is an ideal option if you want to enhance flexibility on both sides of the body. If you have pain in the lower back or any similar portion, this asana works very well. 

14. Headstand or Shirshasana