The New Social Credit System of China China’s Social Credit System is a system that collects information about Chinese citizens from various sources, weighs the various data, and generates a ranking for each citizen. The way this system works can be likened to the way Google works. Google…

India business etiquette

Understanding Indian Culture and Etiquette The best way to illustrate the importance of understanding Indian culture and business etiquette is by using an ancient Indian story about a remote village where only blind people lived. One day the blind people heard that the next day an elephant would…

History of tea

Tea is one of the world’s most widely drunk beverages, second only to water. More people around the globe drink tea over beer, wine, or soda. Tea shops and tea houses can be found in almost every town, village, and city in many nations. It’s no surprise then, that there are hundreds of different flavors and tea options available, but really, what is tea?

Chinese etiquette

Chinese etiquette, how to behave in China, as a tourist or for a business purpose., what to do and what you should not do, this will affect your chances to engage successfully with the Chinese people. Throughout history, people have always had to understand Chinese Etiquette. Many delegations who came to visit and give gifts to the emperor were required to adhere to strict rules of ceremony and to follow the Chinese Etiquette. In this sense, not much has changed, anyone who wants to do business in China, anyone who wants to live in China, who wants to connect with Chinese, must understand the Code of Conduct with Chinese.

A trip to Myanmar is different from other trips. You have to organize, study and prepare, even if you are traveling alone and especially on a trip with children. The article will help you prepare for such a trip, best destinations, packaging list, estimated costs and YouTube videos. Don’t miss this information.

Information about India

A trip to India is an amazing experience that will stay with you for a long time. India is different from anywhere else. A travel to India has many benefits over a trip to many other countries, benefits that are both material and spiritual. Some people are deterred by a trip to India for a variety of reasons, some justified and some not, but weighing the benefits and intensity of the experiences in India, for any other reason. The post lists the top 9 benefits of traveling to India.

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