Top Travel tips for Thailand

If you are planning a trip to Thailand or just a relaxed holiday in Thailand and you ask yourself: what are the best travel tips to Thailand or what is the best way to stay safe during a travel in Thailand, here are the top travel tips in Thailand that will help you get through your Thai experience smoothly and safely.

Shopeast Asia boho chic hippie tapestry mandala

What is Mandela Meaning? The meaning of the word mandala in Sanskrit (the ancient sacred Indian language) is a circle. Although many mandala paintings are made in the shape of a square or in various shapes such as the Star of David, the word circle refers not only to…

Mandala Overview, Usage and Types Mandalas have grown in popularity, and many people around the world can recognize these designs today.  Mandalas can have spiritual and religious significance for many different groups of people.

Against the backdrop of increasing territorial tensions with China, the alliance between India and Japan is strengthening. The recent months have provided a series of tensions between China and its neighbors, the South China Sea (with the United States and several coastal states), the Doklam Plateau in Bhutan (with…

In 1921, at the time of the construction of a railway from Lahore to Karachi, a British archaeologist named John Marshall and several Indian partners dug into the old Indus route and discovered one of the most amazing archaeological discoveries of the last century: two ancient cities, dating to about 2500 years BC. The discovery completely changed the face of India’s ancient history.

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