Review of Buddha statues for sale

Are you confused about what present to give your loved ones? How about a beautiful Buddha statue? It is one of the best and most auspicious gifts you may give someone, especially if you are a Buddhist. 

The statue of the Buddha is considered extremely holy and auspicious according to the books of Feng Shui. The Buddha statue benefits include meditation and therapeutic effects on a person’s mind and body. Moreover, it is said to bring in a lot of peace, prosperity, happiness, harmony, and many other good energies into the house.

Also, knowing the perfect place for the statue means it will regulate all the energy that gets into the house. It will filter it and only absorb the good and positive energy to come into your house. 

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1. Statue of Medicine Buddha

When you find a Buddha statue for sale by the Medicine Buddha’s name, you know it will be extremely beneficial for you. Also known as the Lapid Lazuli Light Buddha or the Blue Buddha, it consists of many healing powers. 

buddha for sale
Medicine Buddha Dressed Intention Candle - Click for details!
Buddha statue for sale
Medicine Budhha Statue for decorative collections - Click for details!

The vibrations from a Medicine Buddha statue are so helpful that they are used for several types of meditations. If you look deeply into the East Asian culture, you will surely find the use of meditation for many ailments. The Medicine Buddha sat on a blue throne and made of pure brass. He sits in a meditating pose, and cobras guard his head. 

2. Statue of Blessing Buddha

The blessing Buddha Statue brings in to your living room a lot of positivity, peace, and compassion to the house. It is a black, brass statue with hues of golden and yellow that looks beautiful. You can buy this Buddha statue for sale to decorate your house.

Please place it in your living room or wherever you can relax. It also works if you keep the statue of Blessing Buddha in that particular room in which you meditate every day. The aura that comes out due to the presence of this divine statue spreads good vibes all around you. 

Blessing Buddha hand - Click for details!
Blessing meditating Buddha - Click for details!

The Lord is sitting on a raised platform, and on the one hand, he is holding a bowl. The other hand is raised in a blessing ‘mudra.’ It is a pose in which Lord Buddha used to sit after attained enlightenment. 

3. Statue of Medicine Buddha with Stone Setting

The Statue of Medicine Buddha with a stone setting is an exotic statue that is considered extremely pious and effective, according to Feng Shui in the East Asian culture.

The statue justifies the name as it is capable of healing several physical and mental issues. The beautiful, simple brass statue generates beneficial vibrations that work to heal your mental and physical problems. The problems include chronic ailments and mental issues such as stress and anxiety. 

medicine Buddha garden statue
Medicine Budhha Statue for decorative collections - Click for details!

Such positive vibrations will help you to calm down and sleep well too. The typical brass color with the bright blue stones makes it look more divine. On the one hand, the lord holds the vessel with some medicinal plant, and on the other hand, he holds a snake. The Buddha statue is holding the Abhaya mudra here, and his eyes are closed like in meditation. 

The Medicine Buddha statue can be placed in the living room of the house, and to the same extent, it can fit perfectly into the garden. 

4. Statue of Antique Medicine Buddha

Antique medicine Buddha for sale
Antique medicine Buddha statue - Click for details!

Also known as the Healing Buddha, this statue comes with an antique finesse. On the one hand, the Lord is holding a stem of a medicinal plant, and the other hand is resting on the knee in meditation or Dhyana mudra. His eyes are closed, and he is meditating. While most of the Medicine Buddha Statues are available in blue, this one is different from the rest.

The original brass holds its color, but the clothing of the Lord is a combination of a dark Gray and Green color. There are smaller designs or detailing on the cloth with golden. This antique statue is effective for healing activities.

5. Colorful Statue of the Blessing Buddha

The colorful Blessing Buddha statue is an exquisite example of East Asian art and craft. It is a result of the hard work of skilled sculptors and artisans. The very modern design of the Blessing Buddha consists of great texturing and marvelous inlay stone-setting work. 

19th Century colorful blessing Buddha - Click for details!

The stonework is done in a variety of colors, and so the statue looks brighter. Bring it into your house for a religious purpose or just as a nice decoration. The statue will look charming both ways. Buddha is in a seating posture, and his hand is raised as if to bless us.


He is sitting on top of a lotus bed that is crafted in an extremely creative way. The primary material used for this statue is brass, and it weighs about 3770 gm. 

6. Blessing Buddha on a Throne

Lord Buddha is one of the greatest preachers and saints of all time, and a lot of people follow him. However, you will be surprised to know about Buddha’s early life of Gautama Buddha or Siddhartha (known when he was young). 

He was a royal who left his kingdom and sacrificed his luxurious life as he started the search for the truth. He was the only heir to his father, the previous reigning king. Moreover, he also had a beautiful wife and a son named Rahula. 

The same son later followed his father’s footsteps and started preaching the principles of truth, love, peace, and compassion among all. this statue shows Lord Buddha sitting on a princely throne in a blessing posture. 

Buddha statue sale
Blessing Buddha Seated on Fine Throne - Click for details!
tibetan Buddha statues for sale
Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara casting coin sitting over the lotus throne - Click for details!

7. Antique Statue of Healing Buddha

A very simple and sophisticated statue of the Lord Buddha in a meditation pose will bring in peace and harmony at home. It encourages us to practice meditation, which is an East Asian way of healing several ailments.

As we all know, meditation and yoga are said to have magical healing powers when it comes to any physical or mental ailments. It is a fact that you will be able to lead a much better life if you practice meditation every day at least for 15-20 minutes. 


The Healing Buddha statue comes with a traditional look and a typical design. It is a classic statue that looks charming, irrespective of its place in your home. 

Amida Buddha statue for sale
Tibetan Healing Medicine Buddha - Click for details!
Buddha statues sale
Thai healing meditation Buddha - Click for details!

8. Shakyamuni Buddha Statue

Siddhartha Gautama, the real name of the Lord Buddha was the son of King Sudodhana of the Shakya Clan of Kapilavastu, in Nepal. Later, the young man left his princely life and his family and set out in search of Moksha or divine peace. 

It is the only reason why he was later named as ‘Shakyamuni’ or the monk of the Shakya clan. Buddha obtained this name after he gained enlightenment and was now a ‘guru’ to an extensive clan of people. 

Buddha Shakyamuni - Click for details!

Now, this statue shows the princely monk after he became the Buddha or the Enlightened one. It is a classic brass Buddha statue with black and green antique detailing. His hair is knotted just like we pictured him during the time of his priesthood. He is sitting in a meditation position. 

9. Statue of the Dipankara Buddha

Buddhas for sale
Dipankara Buddha Statue - Click for details!

If you get deeper into the roots of Buddhism, you will get a hint of the Dipankara Buddha or the oldest Buddha. According to Buddhist monks and experts, Dipankara Buddha lived a million years ago and gained enlightenment much before Gautama Buddha.

Moreover, he was the one who had predicted the fact that later, a young man of the Tibetan-Burmese origin will become the next Buddha. The prediction was about Gautama Buddha, who is the most popular. However, in Chinese origin, they pay regards to all the three Buddhas- The Dipankara, The Gautama and the Maitreya.

Usually, the Dipankara Buddha stays in a sleeping posture. However, in Chinese, Tibetan, and Nepalese culture, you will be able to see the Dipankar Buddha in a standing posture. It is the same case with this Nepalese-Tibetan statue of the Tibetan Buddha. 

10. Nirvana Buddha Statue

Nirvana Buddha for sale
Bronze Nirvana Buddha Statue - Click for details!

The Buddha statue in the Nirvana pose looks amazing. The Lord is in a sleeping position in his monk attire.


You will find this Buddha statue for sale online easily. The reclining statue is ideal for meditation or decoration purposes.


It defines the Lord in his Nirvana bliss and enlightened wisdom. The closed eye posture symbolizes spiritual and peaceful Vastu.


It keeps evil energy away from your home. Such statues are extensively used as gifts in all Asian countries and bring in moksh and harmony according to Feng Shui for your home. 

11. Statue of Amogasiddhi Buddha

The Amogasiddhi Buddha is one of the Five Wisdom Buddhas that make the Vajrayana Buddhism tradition. The Amogasiddhi Buddha is the one who showed us the path that has no envy and Buddhists around the world still follow his principles. 

It is a dark-skinned version of the Buddha clad in a clayey attire with golden detailing. He is sitting in a blessing posture with his eyes closed.

Genuine HandMade Master piece Tibetan wisdom Buddha - Click for details!
Manjusri-Buddha of Wisdom - Click for details!

12. Double color Nirvana Buddha

The Buddha statue in the Nirvana pose looks mesmerizing. The Buddha is in a reclining posture in his East Asian attire. You will find this Buddha statue for sale online easily. The sleeping statue is ideal for meditation or decoration use.

antique Buddhas for sale
Nirvana Buddha Figurine product of Nepal - Click for details!

It signifies the Lord in his Nirvana bliss and enlightened wisdom. The closed eye posture means spiritual and peaceful Vastu. It keeps bad energy away from your house.

Such statues are extensively used as presents in all Asian countries and invite moksh and harmony according to Feng Shui rules. In this statue, the craftsmen have done a little more detail with the bed and pillow. 

13. Statue of resting Buddha

It is a beautifully crafted brass statue that shows Buddha resting with his head on his knees. It is as powerful as the resting Buddha pose.

The resting pose is just another version of the Nirvana Buddha and is useful in the case of meditation and healing. 

Buddhists meditate around such statues to keep away from the feelings of violence, jealousy, hatred and more.

Resting Buddha for sale
Brass Buddha Resting - Click for details!

The resting Buddha means that he sees everyone as equal to each other and renders compassion irrespective of the person. Mostly, in this statue, the Buddha sits on top of a heavenly platform known as Sukhavati. It is, in Buddhism, the state or condition of consciousness. It is the ultimate sign of receptiveness and openness. 

14. Statue of Amitabha Buddha

Amitabha is the King of all the Dharmas and the eight significant teachings and the five periods are a part of it. The Amitabha Buddha is also called the ‘Amitayus’. While Amitabha means ‘limitless light’, the word ‘Amitayus’ means ‘limitless life’.

Pendant Amithaba Buddha for sale
Pendant Amithaba Buddha - Click foe details!
Amitabha Buddha for sale
Amitabha Buddha - Click for details!

The Amitabha Buddha is known as the Western World Buddha or the Buddha of ultimate happiness. He sits on a raised platform in a classic meditation pose and is clad in simple priestly attire. The primary material used is brass and there are not many intricacies in this statue. 

15. Statue of Laughing Buddha

The original names of Laughing Buddha were Pu-Tai or Hotei. If you read the history of Laughing Buddha, you will get to know about an ancient Zen, Chinese monk who used to roam around with a cloth sack. He used to smile all the time and play with children. The smile and that belly earned him the name of Laughing Buddha.

Green aventurine laughing Buddha - Click for details!
Laughing Buddha statue for sale
Marble laughing Buddha - Click for details!

According to Feng Shui tradition, rubbing the protruding belly of Laughing Buddha brings in good luck and happiness. There are rules regarding Buddha statue placement too. You must place the statue in a way that it faces the entrance door.

 It is because, according to Feng Shui experts, the statue of Laughing Buddha will filter the energies that enter from your main door. It will absorb the good energies and send back the bad ones. The statue that we have here is a beautiful golden color and has a classic design. You can purchase it in accordance with Feng Shui guidelines or just a decoration for your home.

16. Statue of Double color Medicine Buddha

A classic statue of Medicine Buddha, this one is more detailed and exquisite. The posture is the same as any other Medicine Buddha in which the Lord sits with eyes closed. He is in a meditation position with one hand resting on his lap and others holding the branch of a medicinal plant. 

The double color statue means that there is a second layer in the form of Buddha’s attire on the simple brass statue. There are a halo and a background design in the statue and forms a perfect decoration for your house. 

lord buddha statue for sale
Tibetan medicine Buddha - Click for details!

17. Statue of the Maitreya Buddha

According to Buddhist Mythology, the Maitreya Buddha is the Future Buddha and is known as the 5th Buddha who is supposed to be born in the present era. 

Therefore, the real Maitreya Buddha is still not born. According to all the ancient Buddhist scriptures, the name of the Maitreya Buddha will be Ajita. Just like the other Buddhas, he will also attain Moksha or enlightenment and direct people towards the path of the same. 


Genuine HandMade Tibetan High quality Maitreya Buddha - Click for details!
Buddha statues for sale online
Tibetan Buddhist Maitreya Buddha - Click for details!

18. Classic statue of Amoghasiddhi Buddha

Amoghasiddhi Blessed Buddha - Click for details!

One of the Five Ultimate Buddhas of all time, the Amogasiddhi Buddha was the one who showed his followers the path that diverts from envy and hatred. 

The brass statue is intricately designed by skilled craftsmen.  The skill and hard work show in the detailing of the designs. 

19. Statue of the Baby Buddha

The statue of the Baby Buddha shows Gautama Buddha at an early age when he was not even a monk. It is an imaginary version of the prince in a standing posture with his hand in a commanding position. He is seen wearing traditional clothes. The primary material used is brass and the weight is 760 gm. 

buddha sculpture for sale
Baby Buddha statue - Click for details!
buddha statue benefits
Baby Buddha statue - Click for details!

20. Thangka style Amitabha Buddha

Amitabha is the King of all the Dharmas and the eight significant teachings and the five periods are a part of it. The Amitabha Buddha is also called the ‘Amitayus’. While Amitabha means ‘limitless light’, the word ‘Amitayus’ means ‘limitless life’. 

The Amitabha Buddha is known as the Western World Buddha or the Buddha of ultimate happiness. He sits on a raised platform in a classic meditation pose and is clad in simple priestly attire. The primary material used is brass and there are not many intricacies in this statue. The Thangka style statue is more colorful than the others and brings in a new charm to your home altogether.

fat buddha statue for sale
Large Genuine HandMade Tibetan - Click for details!

21. Fire Gold Amitabha Buddha Statue

The full Fire Golden Amitabha Buddha Statue is exquisite and extraordinary in every way. The color is fiery and oozes outshine and glitz. The shimmery and glossy body is in itself stunning, and it will surely bring a lot of flourishment and prosperity to your household. The shine in it will bring in a positive light in your home too. 

buddha dipankara statue
Fine Quality Amitabha Buddha Statue - Click for details!
budha for sale
Amitabha Buddha Statue - Click for details!

22. Statue set of three Buddhas

The statue set consists of three Buddha statues that include the Shakyamuni, Medicine Buddha, and the Amitabha Buddha. All the statues have painted faces and look similar. However, postures and mudras are all different. One is in a classic meditation pose, another is holding a branch of a healing plant and the last one is in a blessing posture. 

Buddhist statue for sale
3 Feng Shui Loving Buddha Statue - Click for details!

23. Panchadhyani Buddha Set

The Pancha Dhyani or the meditating buddhas make a set of three statues in different meditation postures. They are completely gold plated and just have a different kind of painted face. 

The expressions of all of them are almost the same. To understand the mudras of these brass Buddha statues in a deeper way, you must read more about the accounts of different priests of the Buddhist religion. 

Chinese buddha statue for sale
Meditating Buddha set - Click for details!

24. Antique Brass Buddha

The brass Buddha comes in another version, and this one has an antique finesse from top to bottom. The primary material is still brass, but the color seems different due to the oxidized style. The Buddha is sitting on a raised platform. 


However, the design on the back represents that of the back of a throne. So, you may think it has a subtle reference from the King Buddha statue too. The design is ancient and traditional and talks a lot about the history of East Asia. 

buddha statue online sale
Antique Brass Hand carved Mudra Buddha Statue - Click for details!

25. Antique Baby Buddha Statue

You must have seen the modern Baby Buddha statue already and so you will be able to relate to this even more. The statue is the same as the latest version of the Baby Buddha. It is just that the antique one looks a bit worn away in condition. 

The Buddha is shown to be young in the statue. However, the posture talks a lot about his personality and the power of influencing others from an early age. He is standing on top of a lotus bed and commanding something. He is still not a monk and is wearing princely attire. 

antique buddha statue for sale
Full Fire Gold Plated Antique Look Baby Buddha Statue - Click for details!

26. Oxidized Medicine Buddha

buddah statues for sale
Fine Carved Oxidized Statue of Medicine Buddha - Click for details!

You will find hundreds of versions and looks of the same Medicine or Healing Buddha and the specialty of this statue is that the primary metal is copper.

Most of the other statues are made of brass and so this one stands out from the rest. The color is a dark, oxidized brown and the rest is all same. From the picture, you may feel that it is a wooden statue. 

27. Original Medicine Buddha statue

cheap buddhist statues
Medicine healing Buddha - Click for details!

By the word original, we mean exclusive in this case. It is another copper statue of the Medicinal or Blue Buddha. Moreover, the design is very traditional and you cannot go wrong with this.

The look of it is itself extremely divine and bringing this statue home means you are inviting peace, compassion, prosperity and harmony home.

28. Full Gold Shakyamuni Buddha Statue

Gold Buddha statue for sale
HandMade Master piece Tibetan gold plated Buddha - Click for details!

There is a tradition of painting the face of Buddha statues separately from the all-gold body in the Tibetan-Nepalese tradition.

The full gold Shakyamuni statue is just another example here. 

It is an exquisite copper statue fully plated with gold except for the face. The Buddha sits on top of a lotus bed in a casual, relaxing pose with his eyes open.

It is an auspicious decoration for any Buddhist or East Asian home. The Lord is clad in a traditional East Asian attire too. 

29. Amitabha Buddha Hand-carved statue

Now, this one is a fairly common statue that you see available everywhere. The Amitabha Buddha is clad in traditional East Asian clothing and is sitting on top of a lotus bed in the meditation posture. The designs are all done manually by skilled artisans and that us the USP of this statue. 

buddha statue on sale
Amitabha Buddha Handcarved Rosewood - Click for details!

30. Silver-plated Buddha statue

Tibetan Buddha statue
Statue of Buddha Shakyamuni Silver Plated - Click for details!

An exquisite statue of the Shakyamuni Buddha, the silver detailing on this one is eye-catching. Such intricate detailing and design look impressive and extremely classy.

It will be the most exclusive addition to your living room for sure. 

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