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What are easy mandala coloring pages?

An art you make always gives a sense of accomplishment and makes you feel the pride of your creativity. It is also rejuvenating for kids and adults. It is exciting for kids to do the coloring of Mandala. Many art books are available in the market on which you can color the Mandala. Do you know the meaning of mandala?

The Mandala is smooth and regular, with many patterns that are asymmetrical and symmetrical. When you keep coloring these pictures, it rekindles a kind of positive energy in the body. Many people, such as healers, counselors, psychologists, and medical practitioners, would like to do Mandala to reap its benefits. 

The coloring pages that are designed for Mandala are circular. Every Mandala would give an illustration of the universe. One would possess the ability to establish a connection with the cosmos when coloring the Mandalas. Few people make colorful Mandalas wall tapestries and start to paint them. Many will use Mandala in practicing meditation. 

It is the best way to alleviate stress. The rehabilitation centers are using Mandala as part of their anti-stress programs.

The mandalas will have therapeutic benefits. When you keep coloring the mandalas, it helps you flush out the negative thoughts running in the mind and help you stay calm and serene. It allows kids to stay calm and focus on their studies. Not all mandalas are the same. These are available in simple to complicated forms. Many kids would prefer to work on easier and regular mandalas. 

The Tibetans would use Mandalas while practicing mediation and doing the prayers. When you hold the mandalas, the world would believe that you have started to pain the pages like a kid. By focusing on the colors of the Mandala, it helps you to improve the concentration power and get enlightened. 

When kids or adults start to color Mandala’s pages, the Heart Chakra would open and invites the positive energy to get in. When there is an ample amount of energy in the Heart Chakra, it passes this energy to every other Chakra in the body.

Every Chakra would get activated with this positive energy, helping you reach the new heights of spirituality. You can easily focus on the tasks that you are carrying out by coloring the Mandalas. They allow you to look inside yourself and have a strong connection with the soul.

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What is the difference between regular mandala coloring pages and easy mandala coloring pages?

The difference between easy and regular Mandala is that the easy Mandala helps the kids and adults who want to learn coloring mandala to start with a simple design and get on to the regular ones. 

The easier one would evoke interest in them, while the regular one would intimidate them with the complexity. When the art is complicated, it makes kids feel frustrated to complete.  

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Moreover, when you start directly with the regular ones, it becomes difficult for you to learn how to color. When kids start to color the Mandala, it helps them to be more creative and find harmony.

It is the best way to treat emotional disorders in them. More importantly, it allows kids to improve their writing skills.

The regular mandalas are pretty easy for children to color. There are big areas in which kids can color with ease. The kids get engrossed while coloring the regular Mandala.

Why start with easy mandala coloring pages?

The easy mandala coloring pages are the right ones to start for kids. There are many brick and mortar stores and online stores where you can find the mandalas.

You can get started with the coloring through easy mandalas, as it is already drawn. You must color it. When you start with the simple one, it becomes easier for you to progress to the next level as you can understand the nuisances of coloring. 

Can kids use mandala coloring pages?

Mandala coloring is the oldest form of art. It is circular. Many Mandalas coloring books are available for kids to allow the little minds to think creatively and add the right colors in the Mandala designs. 

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How can easy mandala coloring pages be beneficial for kids?

The easy mandala coloring pages are highly beneficial for kids. The books that have attractive designs and patterns of Mandalas are popular. It is a popular form of art activity that takes to the next level by reducing the stress and anxiety in kids and making them feel relaxed.

Many mandalas are circular. However, these are available in different variations with intricate patterns and designs. Earlier, mandalas were designs on different surfaces. On the surface, there are colorful sands used to fill the design and make it appealing. With many benefits observed by the scientists in coloring mandalas, it is now considered an art therapy.

Few of the benefits that kids can reap with mandala coloring pages include:

1. Reduce stress

When you want to color the Mandala, you must pay attention to color it neatly. It would help if you focused on what colors should go into the spaces to make them look appealing. There is an attention to detail required. When you start to focus on these areas, it helps kids get relieved from the exam stress or pressure. Their mind would be focused on coloring and making the Mandala look great. 

2. Reduce anxiety

Not just adults, even kids are prone to stress and depression in their lives. When the child seems to be dull due to post-trauma or unfortunate events in their life at a young age, you can deviate their minds by giving them some mandala coloring pages.

By coloring improves their psychological and physical health and reduces anxiety issues. When they do coloring regularly, it promotes a soothing behavior. 

3. Improve creative skills

When you color a Mandala pattern, it helps you show your creative skills and express one without thinking about what others would be judging about them.

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When you keep coloring, it improves your imaginative power and keeps you less stressed. The kids will have the freedom to choose their favorite colors and the right combinations. 

What are therapeutic Mandala coloring pages?

The therapeutic Mandala is an art therapy where the professional therapist would help people go through different artistic processes with geometric patterns to restore their mental health.

Many psychological problems can be addressed through the therapeutic Mandala coloring pages. This helps treat various health issues, such as post-traumatic stress, anger management, grief, anxiety, and depression. There is a lot of popularity gained for the therapeutic Mandala coloring pages. 

Many are undergoing art therapy. In this therapy, the patient has to draw the mandala pattern to express their feelings now. The practice will help you soothe the mind. Many other mandala techniques help you control anger, fight anxiety and negative emotions.

The best part of art therapy is that every Mandala you draw would give a clear picture of your state of mind. Many therapists would let clients create mandala journals that visually present the client’s mood. It is the practical approach embraced while treating kids and adults.

The Mandala you create would pave a path to meditation. It allows the artist to focus all their energy and thought on the focal point. The art of drawing mandalas would let you learn and promote soothing skills.

Mandals are the best way to express your emotions visually. You can show your anger, frustration, fear, and everything in the drawing. Therapists widely use mandala art. The coloring art of mandalas is increasing. 

What are Celtic Mandala coloring pages?

Celtic Mandala would promote spiritual growth and allow you to learn the vision and heart desires. This kind of Mandala would focus on energy levels and channelize the energy to improve awareness. It clears the negative thoughts and lets your soul strongly establish a connection with the universe or the positive energy. 

There are different types of Celtic mandalas available. You see a middle point in the Celtic Mandala, and their symbols are bounded inside the circle. Different patterns are created, but these will revolve around the circle to make the design amazing. The widely used colors in this type of Mandala are green, yellow, red, brown, and blue.

Few of the Celtic mandalas that are used in practicing meditation include:

Celtic knot

It speaks a lot about the birth and rebirth of the soul and the spirit of nature. This knot will allow you to view how the decisions you make in life impact the people around you. It will enable you to understand connect with your ancestors.


It allows you to understand spirituality and get a lot of awareness. It boosts the positive energy within you and uses this energy to share with the people around you. 


It symbolizes the sacred trinity. It helps you get closer to God and boost the power within you. This also helps you to bring mind, body, and spirit together. Many coloring books have different patterns of Celtic Mandala. You can draw the designs and color them. 

Few would use them for meditation. The Celtic mandala coloring books are found in the craft store and the book store. These are also found in the coloring books for kids and even in the storybooks.

Today, the clothing brands are printing the Celtic mandalas on T-shirts and hoodies. The decorative pieces, such as chimes, key chains, posters, pillows, mirrors, and glassworks, have these patterns. The designs would talk directly to the heart. These designs are exciting and compel you to color them. 

Geometric Mandalas coloring pages

Many people are using Mandala for spiritual practice to understand life and its nature. The geometric mandalas play a critical role in mandalas. The layers of the geometric Mandala are filled with different meanings. The circle is the outline of the Mandala and is the sacred shape. This opens the doors for you to get into the kingdom of divinity. 

The geometric shapes have different meanings based on the ancient belief. There are various shapes that you can create with the body through Yoga. Mandala is a combination of geometric design and meaning.

There is a deeper meaning that the shape holds. The building structure, temples, and images are created based on Mandalas. The pyramid that is constructed in Europe is also created with different geometric angles. 

Mandala design depends on cultural importance. There are different geometric patterns available. People can use these patterns and designs to color them and reap various benefits of coloring.

  • The center of the Mandala is where you start the coloring, and this is where the designs start to shine.
  • Torus is a combination of two circles. These circles are rotating around a point.
  • The Egyptians use triangles in ancient times to construct pyramids.
  • Flowers with overlapping circles are widely used in jewelry designs.
  • When you are trying to color the geometric Mandala, start with the simple one instead of the complicated one that makes you feel awful and uninteresting.

Abstract Mandala Coloring Pages

Every Mandala is an abstract design that would be circular. It is the starting point of drawing a mandala. This is where you can make the Mandala in different symbols, forms, and shapes.

There is a meaning that is hidden in every Mandala that a person is drawing. There are different abstract mandalas coloring books you can get in the book store or craft store. Y can start to color it to feel peaceful and get rid of the stress. 

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