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Hindu symbols meaning

Hindu Symbols Overview Hinduism is made up of a combination of different religious, cultural, and philosophical practices that find their roots in different parts…

Lord Vishnu

Hinduism – The Hindu Gods A majority of Indians are Hindus (nearly 80 percent). Hinduism originates from the Indian subcontinent and is considered to…

Israelis traveling to India

Many Israelis at different ages travel to India. Some are young people after they completed their military service, some are students or working people, families and pensioners. Why is India so attractive to them? Why do Israelis like to travel to India? The answer to this question, why so many Israelis travel to India, is composed of many reasons, and it is clear that not every reason is relevant to everyone.

History of tea

Tea is one of the world’s most widely drunk beverages, second only to water. More people around the globe drink tea over beer, wine, or soda. Tea shops and tea houses can be found in almost every town, village, and city in many nations. It’s no surprise then, that there are hundreds of different flavors and tea options available, but really, what is tea?

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