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A trip to India is an amazing experience that will stay with you for a long time. India is different from anywhere else. A travel to India has many benefits over a trip to many other countries, benefits that are both material and spiritual. Some people are deterred by a trip to India for a variety of reasons, some justified and some not, but weighing the benefits and intensity of the experiences in India, for any other reason. The post lists the top 9 benefits of traveling to India.

In 1921, at the time of the construction of a railway from Lahore to Karachi, a British archaeologist named John Marshall and several Indian partners dug into the old Indus route and discovered one of the most amazing archaeological discoveries of the last century: two ancient cities, dating to about 2500 years BC. The discovery completely changed the face of India’s ancient history.

As described already in a different post in this page, each Kumari selected based on different tests she must pass, including astrological suitability. The living goddess is living in a palace in Durbar Square in Kathmandu and she will stay there till she gets her first period and then another Kumari will be selected.

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