Feng Shui for Bedroom

The truth is that we can do anything to get a good night’s sleep. Be it buying new mattresses and better beds or lowering thermostats, we regularly make more innovative strategies. However, what we may not have considered to date is that Feng Shui can solve this issue. It can tell us some of the most solid strategies for sleeping well at night.

As per experts, Feng Shui does not always mean decorations or accessories in the bedroom; it is a much wider concept. It is about an emotional connection that helps you to understand good and bad vibes. This article is all that you need to know about a Feng Shui bedroom. However, if you want to know what is want to get familiar with the basics of Feng Shui and to really know what Feng Shui is, click here

Feng Shui bedroom rules

Here we have a few strategies or dos and don’ts to improve the overall energy of your bedroom.

1. Bed frame or a wooden headboard

It is surprisingly true that a mere headboard or bed frame can have such significant value in Feng Shui. It is a part of Western Feng Shui, which says that a bed frame made out of wood symbolizes support for the body and better sleep quality. However, metal bed frames entertain bad energy as they say that metals distort the earth’s magnetic energy.

Feng shui bedroom rules
Wooden bed frame - click the image for more details

2. Unplug your gadgets

Ensure that you unplug all your gadgets or switch off your mobile phones and keep them away from your bed. According to experts, electronic gadgets and any other object associated with an electromagnetic field generate harmful circadian energy. So, it is ideal that you either do not keep gadgets near your bed or keep their power off when you sleep.

3. Position of the bed

It would help if you ideally placed your bed against any wall or pillar in your bedroom. It is a symbol of support and strength, and you will sleep well in this way. However, make sure that the bed does not take support from any wall present on either side that consists of a bathroom or any electromagnetic field.

Also, the foot of the bed should not be in direct alignment with any door. It is because energy may flow out of the door directly, and you may get a feeling of disruption. It will further result in a disturbance of sleep.

The bed should be placed against the wall

4. Positive vibes

When you think of accessorizing your bedroom, choose decorations wisely. Go for objects that will optimize the energy in your bedroom. Subtle and soft colors, patterns, and designs will improve the overall vibes of the room. Decorate your bedroom with all that makes you happy because a happy heart makes a mind peaceful.

Decorate your bedroom with all that makes you happy - click the image for more details
Feng shui bedroom colors
Choose bedroom decor wisely - click the image for more details

5. Mirrors are a bad idea

One of the major does not include mirrors in your bedroom. You must not place a mirror in your bedroom if you want to abide by the Feng Shui rules. Experts say that mirrors attract movement or yang energy, which is not suitable for a bedroom.

The energy that is ideal for a bedroom is that of restfulness or yin. However, there is an exception to the rule. You may place a mirror if you want to but make sure that it is not directly facing your bed. It is better if your bedroom mirror faces outside as it reflects natural light and peaceful scenery.

6. Do not encourage clutter and mess

If you want to welcome positivity into your bedroom, get rid of all the mess and clutter as soon as possible. There should not be any unnecessary or unwanted items in your room, as they will attract bad vibes and energy. Therefore, to encourage positive vibes, emotional strength, compassion, and empathy in your heart, keep your house clean.

feng shui bedroom window
Keep the room clean and tidy

Bed positions

According to Feng Shui, you must know the ideal position for your bed if you want to keep away from bad energy and any misfortune. If you are facing continuous monetary or health issues, it may be because of your bed’s wrong positioning. A good idea to get your good luck back on track is to rearrange your room properly, following a range of Feng Shui rules and regulations.

Auspicious directions for your bed

Directions are essential for a FengShui bedroom; for example, you must sleep in the best direction with your head towards it. You can choose your bed’s direction or how you sleep, depending on what you desire the most. It can be wealth, love, health, or simply personal growth.

If you want to welcome love or romance into your life, try to sleep towards the love or Nien Yen direction. Your husband will have 4 auspicious directions, and sleeping towards any of them will help you. If you are still confused, at least try to avoid the unsuitable directions for your husband.

To find out the auspicious direction of your husband is not very difficult. You will first have to find your suitable Kua number. Now keep adding the last two digits of your birth year till it forms a single digit. If you are a female, add the final number with 5 and finally subtract it from 10 to find out your husband’s ideal number. Furthermore, this number will symbolize one direction towards which you will have to sleep.

Your lucky directions will be East, North, South, and South East if your Kua numbers are 1,3, 4, or 9.

Again, the directions north East, West, North West, and South West are ideal for Kua numbers 2,7, 5, and 8. The 5thKua is the same as the 2ndKua for males and the 8th for females.

You still do not have to worry if your bedroom is not in an ideal direction. 

Try to place your bed in an auspicious direction, and you are sorted. You must sleep with your head for a married female, pointing towards the Kua number of your husband’s.

Feng Shui bedroom colors

Are you confused about what colors to incorporate in a Feng Shui bedroom? Well, we have a solution for you here. We will help you find out the ideal color patterns for a Feng Shui bedroom.

Irrespective of your lifestyle or your marital status, the Feng Shui colors of your bedroom can significantly influence the condition of your health, wealth, and love life.  Now let’s take a quick look at the best ideas for general Feng Shui colors for your bedroom.

1. The overall vibe

Although we have a generic view towards color, we know blue looks cool and yellow is a bright and sunny color. Fixing your mind about a Feng Shui friendly color is rather difficult.

There are two basic reasons for this difficulty. The first is that the color shade will mostly vary from what we see on the walls to what we had seen on the swatch; secondly, the elements present inside your bedroom must also accept the color well to generate more positive vibes. However, the color guide, according to Feng Shui, is not that complicated.

Go for neutral or skin-color tones when you are completely confused about what color to choose. When you select a skin tone, you can go from white to dark brown or chocolate. You get to experiment with so many colors, and they are Feng Shui friendly too. It is a win-win situation here.

2. Bagua colors as per Feng Shui

Learn the Feng Shui Bagua requirements of every section of your house, including the bedroom. It will help you to choose colors for your bedroom following your Bagua. Doing it this way will promote peace, harmony, and happiness in your bedroom. A Bagua area of your house refers to a particular area that you can define by the direction of a compass if you place it at the house’s front door.

It is quite a complicated concept, but if you want to dig deeper into the concept of Feng Shui, it is a must. Every Bagua symbolizes something significant. For example,

  • South Bagua is for the fam.
  • The South West Bagua is for marriage and love.
  • The Western Bagua symbolizes creativity.
  • The North-Western Bagua tells us about a compassionate and helpful nature.
  • North Bagua handles the career.
  • The northeastern side of Bagua is for spiritual growth.
  • Eastern Bagua is healthy.
  • Finally, the South Eastern Bagua is money and financial growth.
feng shui bedroom mirror
Bagua mirror - click the image for more details

3. Colors in accordance with directions

Now, we will present the list of ideal colors for some of the directions. It is a little difficult to maintain every bit of it. However, it is not very difficult, so you can at least give it a shot.

  • Eastern side- the colors of wood, water, and earth are ideal for this direction. Therefore, choose any shade of brown or green. Shades of black and blue are also ideal if you have an eastern bedroom. It is the family and health Bagua of the house, and so you will get an ample amount of choice when it comes to color.
  • South East- You can choose earth elements such as brown and green, water element shades such as ad black and blue, and all other earthy tones.
  • South- wood and fire are the elements for a Southern bedroom. Go for colors such as red, yellow, pink, magenta, purple, and orange. You can also choose from shades of brown and green.
  • South West- Go for the same fire element colors in this direction.
  • West- Gray and white are the ideal shades to compliment the metallic tone of this direction.

Feng Shui bedroom decoration

Feng Shui refers to an ancient East Asian cultural practice of arrangement and orientation of any building, for example, your house or office. The rules of arrangement and decoration are followed diligently to comply with the positive ‘chi’ energy flow.

In this case, if you can decorate your bedroom to welcome more of the chi energy, peace, harmony, and prosperity will be abundance. Now, take a look at some of the ideal decoration ideas to suit the Feng Shui norms of a bedroom. Feng shui decoration ideas for the office can be found here, and Feng shui for the living room can be found here

1. The bed is the most important object

The bed must be the bedroom’s primary focal point because the bedroom is the symbol of peace and restfulness. Follow the norms of Feng Shui and choose a bed according to the Feng Shui guidelines, there will be more peace, and you will be able to sleep better.

2. Feng Shui bedroom layout

It would help if you found out your bedroom’s ideal commanding position before you place the bed. The best suit for your bed is where you will get the widest view of the room. Also, the point must be farthest and also not directly aligned to your bathroom or any other doorway. Follow the tips below to make things easier-

  • The back of the bed must be against a solid wall.
  • Do not place the bed at any corner. It must get enough space on both sides and towards the foot for a free flow of energy.
  • The back of your bed should not face the entrance. Also, the bed must not share a common wall that will also have a door.
  • If there is no other option and the bed has to face the bathroom, make sure the bathroom door is closed at all times.
  • Maintain the angles of other furniture in your bedroom. See to it that there are no sharp angles or edges to avoid the disruption in the flow of positive energy. It will also prevent injuries.

3. Tasteful artwork

A great décor idea by the guidelines of a Feng Shui bedroom is to hang beautiful and peaceful art pieces in your bedroom. Hang what you would love to see in the most comfortable room in your house. Being meticulous while collecting artwork for your bedroom is a must.

Be sure to choose pieces of art that will inspire you and bring out your positivity. Try to think about what you want and desire in life and choose paintings and decorations for your bedroom accordingly.

Now, art pieces depicting melancholy and loneliness are extremely peaceful too. However, according to Feng Shui guidelines, they are not correct choices as you can draw the same emotion into your life, which is not a very good idea.

feng shui bedroom colours
Feng shui artwall - click the image for more details

4. Lighting strategy

A bedroom is a place where you will relax, and so you must be careful about the type and arrangement of lighting in this part of the house. A Feng Shui bedroom will ideally look and feel good if it has soft lights in it.

The effect of these lights on the human body will differ along with the source of lighting. For example, if you want the best effects on your body, stay away from electromagnetic lighting sources. Shift to more natural sources such as perfumed candles or lamps with refreshing salt.

how to feng shui bedroom
Soft lighting - click the image for more details
feng shui bedroom map
Led lamp - click the image for more details

5. Keep away technology from the bedroom

Technical and electronic gadgets and devices act as distractions for everyone, according to Feng Shui. It is ideal for keeping such objects away from your bedroom and trying to decorate it more organically.

Put in more plants and natural objects inside your bedroom. The color should also compliment the FengShui bedroom Bagua. Also, make sure that you keep away televisions and music systems from this room.

Feng Shui bedroom plants

Feng Shui always emphasizes the inclusion of plants and greenery in all the areas of your house, including the bedroom. According to Feng Shui experts, any plant that will make the air cooler and purify it is a good choice. The following are some ideal choices of Feng Shui plants for the bedroom.

1. Money plant or crassula ovata

It is a traditional South African plant and is the most popular according to all Feng Shui norms. The plant is said to bring in more prosperity, good luck, and wealth while growing up. It also brings in harmony inside the home and also to the surrounding areas. It generates a lot of positive energy, and the best variety has rounded smooth leaves.

2. Money tree or pachira Aquatica

It is a traditional Central or South American plant; it is also one of the most popular in the list of Feng Shui plants. It justifies its name as it is said to welcome home more money as it grows up. There is popular Taiwanese folklore about the money plants, which is still popular and encourages many people to believe in this omen.

3. Lucky bamboo or Dracaena braunii

It is an Asian bamboo variety that brings in a lot of fortune and good luck to the house. As per East Asian, especially Chinese culture, placing the bamboo plant anywhere in your home, including your bedroom, welcomes three positive elements. They are fortune, honor, and harmony.

Bamboo plant for good luck - click the image for more details

4. Peace lily or Spathiphyllum

A plant of tropical American origin, the peace lily falls under Feng Shui plants’ category that welcomes good fortune to your home. The peace lily plant, as per scientists, also cleans the air around and eradicates all contaminating sources, including formaldehyde and benzene.

The best place to keep it is one a shelf or table in your bedroom that is by the window. The plant needs shade as well as bright light. You can water it once a week.

5. Aglaonema

Aglaonema is a proper indoor plant that belongs to the plants’ arum family and is considered significant, according to the Feng Shui study. It is also known to clean the air around, and you also get a variety of hybrid species of this plant.

Feng Shui bedroom furniture

Following the rules and guidelines for ideal furniture for a Feng, Shui bedroom is not very difficult. The main focus, in this case, is the bed, of course. As you already know, the bed is the major part of the bedroom according to Feng Shui, and a wooden headboard is ideal. Now, you must understand every small detail about choosing the ideal bed.

Also, make sure that the bed has a wooden headboard or frame. According to Feng Shui, it is a symbol of support, and sleep quality improves if your bed consists of a headboard. From the other tips and references, you already know the correct positions for placing your bed.

If you can follow all the directions and positions for positioning your bed, nothing can stop the flow of positive energy in your bedroom. The other major furniture in your room will include wooden shelves or showcases. Decorate such spaces with organic decorations, delicate art pieces, and Feng Shui plants.

Feng shui your bedroom
Wooden shelves - click the image for more details
Wooden showcase - click the image for more details

Qi flow in the bedroom

Qi is an important force that influences the flow of energy in your house, including your bedroom. Qi means air and is associated with any material energy. There is a mention of qi in traditional Chinese medical science and Chinese martial arts besides Feng Shui. The following are some tips that will enable you to keep the balance in Qi flow inside your bedroom.

  • Strategic positioning of your bed
  • Placing circular and curved nigh stands
  • Stay away from living plants inside your bedroom.
  • A pair of Mandarin ducks on the nightstand is significant.
  • Understand where to place a mirror, if at all required, inside the bedroom

Final thoughts

Feng Shui is a combination of art and science that makes the quality of life better. It improves peace, compassion, and happiness. You now have a happier home, and you become a more peaceful person altogether.


Which way should you face your bed?

Generally, it would help if you positioned your bed so that it does not fall in a straight line with any door. The foot of the bed should not especially face a door. The head of your bed should ideally be lifted against a wall. However, the sides of the bed should not share any wall. According to Feng Shui, the bed should not have a bathroom or an electronic section on either side of it.

What is bad Feng Shui for the bedroom?

Several positions go against Feng Shui rules, and one of these is having mirrors right opposite the bed. We do not recommend big size mirrors in your bedroom. It is because a mirror welcomes water energy, which results in sorrow or sadness. However, it only means that a mirror should not be present opposite to the bed. You can place one in another part of the bedroom.

Where should the bed be placed in Feng Shui?

According to Feng Shui, the commanding position influences the position of the bed in your bedroom. The bed’s most ideal is when you are lying on it, and you can see the bathroom door. However, you cannot place your bed so that the bathroom door is in line with the foot of your bed. An ideal position for the bed is to place it diagonally to the bathroom door.

How do I get positive energy in my bedroom?

According to Feng Shui tips, you can do several activities to welcome positive energy. For example, you must lower the flow of energy, clear all the clutter in the house and entertain guests. Also, you must know how to balance all the 5 Feng Shui energies, try to eradicate negative sources of energy and also bring in natural light. Workstations are important sections of the house and you must rebalance them too.

How can I make my bedroom happy?

A happy bedroom makes a happy home, and the ideal activity is to clean your bedroom. The bedroom should be airy and get an ample amount of natural light. Also, it would help if you keep your bedroom clutter-free as mess always attracts negative energy. It would help if you also cleaned your bed early in the morning as soon as you get up.

What household items keep positive energy?

Items such as colorful and lively pictures, newly painted walls, in-house plants, other happy artworks, and more bring in and retain positive energy in the house.

How can I attract positive energy?

Some several habits and activities can attract positive energy, such as cutting off all sources of negative. Also, you must find your strength and treat your weakness with positivity too. It would help if you were kind and compassionate towards others, be thankful for what you have, and focus your mind on only positive thoughts.

Can others feel the energy?

People who can empathize with others emotionally will surely feel any positive energy. For example, if you can empathize, you will more likely get a strong feeling when someone is sad or depressed or very happy and excited. You will not even have to ask anyone how they feel and guess their feelings easily.

Does positive energy attract positive energy?

Positive energy is the best way to attract more positive energy. As a positive vibe increases, you become a happier person who is more at peace. Positive energy increases when you encourage pure and honest thoughts, compassionate actions, and a clean house.

How do I fill a room with positive energy?

To fill a room with more positive energy, keep it clean and clutter-free. Keep windows and doors open, especially early in the morning, to let natural light penetrate the room. Replace or move away from broken and worn away objects. Also, fill the house with nice perfume and keep away all hazardous substances from children’s reach.

How do I rid my home of negative energy?

Try to retain all the positivity inside your house with small plants, more oxygen, less clutter, and all nice things. By nice things we mean, delicate decorations, colorful walls, good artwork, and others.

Does salt remove negative energy?

Salt crystals are indeed great absorbers of negative energy. All Feng Shui experts will suggest you keep a bowl full of salt in the corners of the room for a few hours. Remove it afterward. You can also make a batch with a little sea salt mixed with your bathwater. It is refreshing and rejuvenating.

What are the signs of negative energy?

You will easily get to know some kind of negative energy surrounding you when you become jittery and anxious very often. Constant anger and irritation or depression is a sign too. You may also find it a little difficult to interact and gel well with people when some kind of negative energy surrounds you. Excessive criticizing and complaining is nature is a matter of concern too.

Does lemon remove negative energy?

Yes, lemons indeed have negative energy absorbing power. Feng Shui experts suggest that you clean your jewelry and belongings with lemon to keep your property’s negativity. Apart from this, salt with lemon also keeps negative energy out of the door.

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