Feng Shui for office in East Asian Cultures

A culture that lets you develop positive energy around you is feng shui. If you ever come across someone who follows feng shui, you’ll see they have a lot of positivity in them. Moreover, you will see that their houses are well organized, peaceful, and soothing. Even in offices, people add feng shui for office space to design their cabins, cubicles, and other places.

In East Asian cultures, there is a lot of belief regarding feng shui. People tend to decorate their offices, their homes according to the Fengshui type suitable for them. It is the Chinese style of drawing positivity in the workspace and at home. A good feng shui for the home office is a great source of wealth and happiness. Feng shui is a lot about how clean and organized you keep your belongings at your workplace and home.

Feng shui decor
Gemstone Bonsai tree for good luck - Click the image for more details

The concept of feng shui is based on the Bagua map. This map allows you to understand the energy positioning of any space.  This, in turn, helps you select appropriate spaces for work, bedroom, positioning of your desk and chair, bed, furniture, etc.

This ancient Chinese technique is prevalent in most of the Asian countries as well. It helps you to keep your home and office filled with positive energy. Feng shui influences everything you do. For instance, people follow feng shui office wall art while installing paintings in the office to gain positive energy. 

Best feng shui office tips

Here are some office tips based on feng shui for you. These tips will help you maintain positivity in the office and among your employees.

  • The first thing is the plot of the office. It would be best if you were always aimed at buying a north-facing plot. Besides, you can also buy east or west facing plots as well. Never buy south-facing plots as it is not good for business or residential purposes.
  • The second thing is to follow the feng shui for office items. This, in turn, helps you to select appropriate items for your office.
  • It is essential to choose a suitable desk for the office and position it according to feng shui. Also, check for feng shui items for the office desk.
  • A well-lit office is the best thing you can have. It helps you concentrate at work better, make you feel confident, and your clients also feel a lot more positive when they visit your office.
  • Use inspirational wall hanging paintings and quotes for a lot more positive vibe around you. We often feel low when we miss a deadline or when the work isn’t up to the mark. Under such conditions, these paintings, quotes, and wall hanging arts help you gain positive energy.
Feng shui home decor
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Office feng shui plants

If you are wondering why you should keep plants in the office, then there are several reasons. The very first reason is that plants purify the air of your cabin. This is a perfect sign of a healthy office.

According to several studies and researches conducted on pollution, it is found that indoor pollution is as deadly as outdoor pollution. To minimize indoor pollution, feng shui recommends keeping plants at home as well as office.

Further, it adds natural colors to the room. The Chinese money plant, which is scientifically called the Pilea Peperomioides plant, is a commonly used indoor plant. The plant is also used as office decoration and has wealth yielding energy according to feng shui.

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Back to window

According to the rules of Feng Shui, it is important always to watch your back. What it means is how you sit, which direction you face while working, etc. These things are taken under consideration when you set up your office space according to feng shui.

You can browse the internet for more information on the feng shui office chair. Further, it is advised to sit in a position where your back is towards a wall. On the contrary, sitting with your back towards the door or window is bad for you.

Feng shui office Bagua map

Feng shui Bagua or Pakua is the most important tool of feng shui practice. The Bagua map helps you analyze the flow of energy in a certain plot. For instance, the Bagua map is used in setting directions for furniture in the home, office, etc. Moreover, it is also used to set items on your desk as per feng shui.

The term Bagua literally means 8 acres. It is a Chinese word that refers to a plot of land. The 8 acres are the eight important parts of human life. A list of the eight areas of human life is listed below:

  1. Health and happiness
  2. Creativity and wealth
  3. Reputation and fame
  4. Family and love
  5. Children
  6. Blessings
  7. The path of life for career growth
  8. Spiritual growth

Feng shui for office cubicle

What if you don’t have an office cabin? Does that mean you’ll be unable to apply feng shui for the office? Do you have an office cubicle? If yes, then there is feng shui for the office cubicle as well.

An office cubicle doesn’t allow you to implement changes to the desk to position the desk and chair. Under such circumstances, you need to figure out how you can maintain good feng shui in that given space. Use certain feng shui items to set up your office desk.

Feng shui decor for living room
Feng shui money frog - click the image for details

Feng shui for sale point

There are some easy feng shui hacks for sale points. All you need to do is to keep the place tidy. Customers will walk in only when they are attracted by what you are offering. For this purpose, you need to keep the place well lit up.

Further, try to add creative elements so that customers take time to go through them. Also, make things easy to choose and maintain a customer-friendly ambiance. The way you present it is the way customers will accept it.

Keep everything in an organized manner and help your customer to make the right choice. There aren’t great Feng Shui tips; the tidiness and presentation will do the trick.

Feng shui decore for office
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Feng shui home office desk directions

The most important element of feng shui for an office is the desk direction. This is where you are going to conduct all your business deals, transactions, etc. The best position for placing the office desk is north facing.

Moreover, if it faces the door, it could be the best thing according to feng shui. This position is also known as the commanding position. Besides, it would be best if you also had a wall behind your back, according to the Bagua map of feng shui.

Feng shui for office
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Apart from this, you can also place your desk as per your lucky feng shui position. On the contrary, you should avoid placing the desk in a direction where it faces a wall. Even though these are not the preferred positions, you can place the desk direction towards a window or in line with the door.

Never place your desk in a direction where you sit with the door at your back. The entire feng shui for office desk directions depends on the space you get to set up the office.

Feng shui office tips for facing a wall

We do not get our desired cabins or space at the office. At times we only get cubicles, and that is all we have as office space. Under such circumstances, if you face a wall while working and cannot change the desk position, don’t worry.

As we know, feng shui states that the wall facing desk is not a sign of a healthy working ambiance. For this purpose, you need to make some adjustments and figure out the positivity here. You cannot work with a barrier in front of you.

Feng shui decorating for office
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Feng shui office wall art is a great option to help you in this situation. Use sceneries, creative art designs, or any such thing which motivates you. This, in turn, will help you negate the barriers at work. You will find positivity through these images hanging on the wall in front of your eyes.

Feng shui home office lighting

You can apply a dozen feng shui office items, but without proper lighting, it’s a waste. A perfect office required great design and great lighting. More than artificial lighting, natural lighting can light up the place.

Further, natural lighting looks very vibrant and reflects across every corner of the office room. It is recommended that, while you plan your office space, install windows facing east direction. The bright sunlight will illuminate the entire room.

Further, look out for directions without any barrier as it may obstruct the light. Full-length windows can lit up the room in a brilliant way. You can also lookout for a Feng shui office layout with a window over the internet to get the perfect plan.

Apart from these, you can also use spectrum lighting as it stimulates natural lighting. You can also use white lights in your office in place of yellow lights as it looks more vibrant and is good for your eyesight.

Feng shui office painting

An integral part of feng shui is art. Creativity has been a part of East Asian cultures for ages. Moreover, in feng shui, art has a special place. You can use inspiring artworks at your office to add colors and motivation to the workplace. 

Besides, you can also hang images of people, thoughts, and quotes which inspire you and motivate you. This, in turn, will help you work efficiently and become successful. Creative artworks are meant for spreading positive energy.

Feng shui wall decor
Feng shui wall decor - click the image for more details

Feng shui office scent

A blissful aroma or scent can uplift your mood anytime and anywhere. This is the reason why you should keep scent at the office. It can be a bad day or a day when you don’t feel like working; nothing motivates you to work.

This is where the scent helps you to gain focus at work. It helps in re-energizing the body and helps you concentrate at work. The soothing aroma helps in reducing stress at work too.

Feng shui office decor
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Feng shui tips for office desk cleaning

Cleanliness defines the personality of the person. The best example of cleanliness at the office is your desk, so you need to maintain it. Keep as minimum things as possible on the desk. You can have a pen stand, the monitor, a couple of important files if necessary, and feng shui plants for the office desk. Apart from these, everything must be kept in a separate space.

To keep your office desk clean, use a Feng Shui office L-shaped desk. This, in turn, will provide ample space to keep your belongings, and it will look clean as well. Further, if you are using an office cubicle, use bookshelves to keep your important documents and files.

Feng shui for office room storage

As you clean up the desk, you might just put all the other things in some bookshelf or under the desk. This, in turn, leads to a probability of losing documents and important files. The best way to tackle such situations is by arranging storage space at the office.

Keep all the unnecessary documents in the drawer below the desk. Shift all the files to respective cabinets so that you can collect them easily at the time of need. For instance, make separate shelves, drawers, and cabinets for separate files and documents. Remove all the documents you don’t need once or twice a month.

Feng shui office Colors

This is something that you need to focus on while planning office décor. Feng shui office colors are essential to maintain a balance in energy flow inside the office room. Choosing the right colors will lead to a couple of advantages. These advantages are:

  • There will be positivity inside the office room.
  • Natural light will reflect through vibrant colors.
  • Your choice of colors will determine your personality.
  • Feng shui colors often lead to a successful professional career.
  • The colors will help you focus on work.

Suggested Layouts for Office

There are a lot of feng shui office layout examples over the internet. These examples will help you understand where to place the furniture and other necessary elements of the office. Focus on placing the desk facing the door, which allows you to take the command position. Further, try to keep a window on your left if you are a right-handed person and vice-versa.


1. Which is the best direction to face while working?

The best direction to face while working is east. It effectively enhances your performance at work, concentration, and overall body-mind integration. After east, the north is the next best direction to face while working. On the contrary, the south and west are not favorable directions for working.

2. What is the best feng shui color for an office?

For any office, the best feng shui color is blue. As blue represents watery elements, it is a calm and light color. Apart from blue, green, light purple, earthy color tones and white are the few other colors suitable for the office.

3. Where should I put my desk in my office?

Rather than facing a wall, always position your desk facing the entrance of the room. You can place your desk against a wall only if there is a window on your left. According to feng shui for office, a right-handed person should have a window on his left and for left-handed, on the right.

4. Where should you sit in the office?

As the east is the best direction for facing while working, it is also the best direction to face and sit at the office. You can also sit facing the north-east direction, which is another good side for you and your business. It would help if you always aimed at keeping the south and west direction on your backside

5. How do I feng shui my home office?

The feng shui for the office at home needs to follow some basic rules. These rules are simple and effective for a healthy personal life as well as business. Firstly, you need to maintain a separate environment for your home and office.

Your home office must not be a part of your personal home space even though it is in your house but requires a separate area. Place your desk facing the office door and sit facing east or north.

6. What is the best color to paint an office?

There are several colors to choose from when painting an office, but green is the most desired color. According to feng shui, green is a soothing color. The color signifies growth, security, and money.

Similarly, you can also use dark green as this color signifies prestige and wealth. Along with this, you can add some other colors such as orange, red, white, and blue. This, in turn, will bring contrast to the office room.

7. What is the best color for office walls?

Feng shui for office suggests that the best color for office walls is blue. It brings out the intellectual nature of the office. Apart from blue, the other color options are red, purple, yellow, orange, green, etc.

8. Where should I place my desk in my bedroom?

If you plan to set up your office in the bedroom, you need to follow a couple of steps. The first step is to keep your bedroom and workspace separate from each other. The second thing you need to consider is a proper desk facing the room entrance and a chair.

According to feng shui for the home office, you can use multipurpose furniture. Further, ample storage space in the room can be of great use in such conditions.

9. How far should a desk be from a wall?

While setting up the office, you need to decide whether you want a floating desk or an attached desk. Most offices following the East Asian cultures prefer to have a floating desk. This, in turn, allows them to work freely, and they can change the position according to their requirement.

10. How should I arrange my desk feng shui?

When you go through the feng shui for office layout, you will learn how to arrange your desk. Place the desktop monitor at a distance of 17 inches from your body. Keep limited things on the desk. Other necessary resources must be placed on the shelves of the desk.

11. How can I improve my feng shui office?

Always try to keep things organized. Feng shui for your office can be improved if you make sure everything is in their proper positions. Use artwork and images to add color and creativity to your office.

12. How do I make my desk successful?

The first thing to settle is the Fengshui home office desk direction. Next, use proper lighting to keep the room well lit. Add colors to the room either by installing artworks or painting the walls. Line up a couple of plants near the window of the room.

Adjust the height of the monitor for better working experience. Moreover, always try to maintain a comfortable room temperature.

13. How can I improve my luck Feng Shui?

East Asian cultures are a lot about feng shui and the goodness it provides. If you wish to improve your luck through Feng Shui, then trust your luck. Be sure about your goals and plans. Take every opportunity as a source of improvement. You also need to relax and not rush for it. Besides, the more active you are, the better are the chances of being lucky.

14. Is it good to buy South facing plot?

No. It is not at all good to buy south facing plots. Whenever you plan to buy a plot, always purchase north facing plots. North-facing plots are considered to be auspicious for all purposes. If you can’t get a north-facing plot, you can consider east or west facing plots. On the contrary, you must avoid south-facing plots.

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