Health benefits of black tea - What you must know

When we are talking about black tea, two things are a must mention- Chinese and Autumn. There is an old connection between Chinese people, autumn, and black tea because they like it during the season.

While for the rest of the year, green tea is the favorite of the Chinese community, autumn is all about black tea. Apart from black tea, they also like to go for oolong tea from autumn to the next Spring. Both the varieties are oxidized, and therefore have a mellower flavor over green tea.

There are several health benefits of black tea as well if you consume it with milk and sugar. During winters, black tea with milk keeps the body warm and satisfies its nutritional requirements. 

For a very long time, Chinese people were unwilling to appreciate the taste of black tea. The primary reason for such dislike is the fact that it was foreign to them. While most tea varieties are native to East Asia, especially China, black tea was an imported product.

The best proof of this is accepting black tea just about 200 years back while the Chinese tea-drinking tradition is over 2,000 years old. The native name of ‘black tea’ in China is hong cha instead of translated to ‘red tea.’ 

Between the 17th and 19th centuries, the source of tea leaves for most European countries was China. According to old records of the Dutch East India Company, during the 18th Century, China only exported Green Tea. Sometimes, they did export another variety of tea by the name of “Bohea.” 

From those records, we also get to know that while the Chinese favorite was green tea, Bohea was the English choice. There was a time when the British demand for Bohea was more than green tea. Till that time, the Chinese were not aware of hong cha. 

However, other fully-oxidized varieties such as congou, Lapsang souchong, and pekoe were already there. It was only after the Opium War that China doubled the production of hong cha or black tea. This article will discuss the various health benefits of black tea and interesting facts about it. 

Benefits of drinking black tea- nutritional value

While it is the most common preparation, there are hardly any benefits of black tea with milk. Instead, the ideal way of having it is with water if you want to stay healthy. The fact that black tea goes through the most extreme oxidization process, the flavor and taste are unique. While the color ranges from dark brown to amber, the flavor may be savory or sweet. 

Many people prefer to drink black tea before a workout because it enhances alertness, metabolism, and energy. Moreover, the caffeine content in black tea is the reason that it is considered an excellent antioxidant.

As a result, drinking black tea will protect the cells of your body from DNA damage. Besides, thanks to the antioxidants in black tea, consuming it ensures protection against atherosclerosis. It is a syndrome that refers to the clogging of the arteries. Atherosclerosis occurs mostly in women. 

Now that you have a general idea about the nutritional value of black tea let’s look at some figures. To better understand black tea’s health benefits, take a look at 1 cup of the beverage and what it contains. 

  • Calories- 2.4
  • Proteins- 0.1 gm
  • Carbohydrates- 0.4 gm
  • Fats- 0.0 gm
  • Fiber- 0.1 gm

So, considering the above list, you know that black is one of the healthiest beverages, whether you are trying to control your weight or in general. It consists of almost all the necessary minerals and nutrients. Besides, black tea flavors are bold enough to count as one of the most satisfying drinks. Therefore, you can sit back and sip on a cup of black tea at any time of the day. 

Black tea caffeine content- advantages and disadvantages of black tea

Being a tea lover, the first question for you will generally be whether to drink coffee or tea, and the second should be whether to drink tea with or without milk.

Since black tea is a favorite of so many people, let us consider discussing the best version, which is without milk. Starting from weight watchers to the ones who generally want to stay healthy, everyone prefers black tea.

For people who are suffering from blood pressure problems or diabetes may also consume black tea. However, keep in mind that drinking it without milk is not enough. You also have to minus the sugar from it. 

Black tea, as you already know, undergoes the most extreme level of oxidation. Moreover, the level of oxidation of black tea is more than green or oolong tea. Therefore, black tea also has the strongest flavors of all types of tea available in the market.

However, if you are not already aware, then you may be surprised to see that black does not justify the color. After you brew the tea correctly, it will bring out a reddish color, which is again a symbol of proper processing. 

Since one of the primary reasons for having tea is to gain more energy and freshness, the question that arises here is, “how much caffeine does black tea contain?” The answer is simple because the amount entirely depends on the type of tea you are having. 

The longer you brew the tea, the more caffeine you are consuming. An average of 1 gram dried black tea leaves contains 22-28 mg caffeine. Therefore, we can conclude that the caffeine content in black tea is relatively moderate. If you want to take a cup of black tea because you feel sluggish or have a headache, then brewing it longer is preferable. 

If you are considering the disadvantages of black tea, the caffeine content is undoubtedly one of them. However, not merely drinking black tea will cause harm to the body. The amount of the beverage you are consuming becomes the influential factor in this case.

So, if you are one of those people who is an occasional black tea drinker, the caffeine content should be an issue at all. Besides, the caffeine in just a cup of black tea is almost negligible. However, if you end up drinking over 3-4 cups of the tea, then it is very likely that you will have to experience adverse effects for the same. So, what are the effects in this case? Well, they are- 

  • Restlessness
  • Hyperactivity and extra alertness
  • Sleeplessness or insomnia
  • Irritability
  • Anxiety

Now, let us talk about the tea-lovers who carry tea bags in their luggage wherever they are traveling. Now don’t have to worry about it because the uses of black tea bags are legit.

Starting from the convenience of getting a cup of tea to remain fresh throughout the day, tea bags are a blessing for some. Moreover, the caffeine content of black tea in bags is lesser than usual. Therefore, it is entirely alright to consume 2 cups of it daily. 

Health benefits of black tea- getting into the details.

Now that you know the fundamental nutritional value and origin of black tea, learning about the benefits will get more interesting. Also, if you are still worried about the caffeine content, there are several health benefits of drinking black tea daily. So, without further ado, let’s take a peek into the health benefits of Chinese black tea. 

Black tea benefits for weight loss

According to several years of research, green tea is the best when it comes to weight loss. However, researchers and experts have come up with theories beyond this as well. When the experts started expanding their research area, the focus soon went to black tea’s health benefits, and weight loss is undoubtedly one.

Apart from that full-body feeling, black tea can convert harmful bacteria into good ones that work wonders for gut functioning. Moreover, the health benefits of Earl Grey black tea or that with other citrus flavors are great options for people who like bolder tastes and flavors. Here are a few reasons why black tea is a good option for people who want to lose weight. 

Reduces triglyceride levels

Black tea is a rich source of flavonoids that, in turn, helps reduce triglyceride levels and visceral fat. Besides, it works wonders when you are trying to treat obesity-induced inflammation.

Low on calories

From the nutrition chart mentioned above, you already believe that black is indeed one of the best beverage options. Not just that, a cup of black tea contains zero cholesterol; there are only two calories in it. Moreover, when you keep the milk, honey, and sugar out of the cup, the tea becomes healthier. 

However, watch the quantity of black tea you are consuming because it remains a healthy option only until you drink moderate amounts. Besides, the caffeine content in black tea is higher than that of green tea. Therefore, there are always chances of dehydration in case there is over-consumption. Finally, black tea is a healthy beverage and means that you can drink it instead of aerated drinks or junk beverages.

Metabolism booster

While caffeine acts as one of the disadvantages of black tea, it is indeed one of the advantages. Well, the caffeine content of black tea is the reason why drinking it enhances basal metabolism by over 6%.

The caffeine properties in black tea trigger the process of lipolysis or breaking down the fat deposit. Besides, it stimulates the metabolic cycles in your system. However, you must understand that losing weight is not an overnight process, and so overconsuming black tea will only invite adverse effects for the body. 

Other health benefits of black tea

Weight loss is one of the primary reasons for consuming black tea; several other factors make it a super-healthy drink. While both black and green tea are extracted from the Camellia Sinesisshrub, the processing differs.

The tea undergoes a withering, rolling, and heating process; black tea undergoes fermentation before the heat application. Here is a list of some of the essential health benefits of drinking black tea apart from weight loss. 

Improves oral health

According to research carried out by the TTHRA or the Tea Trade Health Research Association, black tea ensures good oral health. It restricts the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth.

These are the same germs that result in cavities, tooth decays, and cavity. Black tea consists of elements such as polyphenols that are capable of surpassing and killing harmful bacteria. Moreover, black tea can also destroy bacterial enzymes’ growth, creating a sticky feeling on the teeth leading to plaque.

Healthy heart

According to experts who have worked on meta-analysis regarding black and green tea consumption, the results are precise. They suggest that irrespective of what country a person belongs to, consuming tea is always beneficial.

Research also states that people who consume 3-4 cups of tea are 21% safer from heart problems than those who don’t. If not so much, drinking at least a cup of black tea without milk or sugar helps you lead a healthier life.


Black tea contains relatively high amounts of polyphenols that are, in turn, antioxidants helping to block DNA damage. Such damage is a result of toxic chemicals or tobacco consumption.

You must know that the antioxidants in black tea are not the same as those found in vegetables and fruits. Therefore, including black tea as part of your regular diet ensures several additional benefits when leading a healthy lifestyle.

Cancer prevention

Although research on black tea regarding cancer prevention is still ongoing, some experts suggest it does work for certain types of diseases.

According to them, elements such as catechins and polyphenol antioxidants in black tea may have cancer-preventing benefits. Besides, studies also suggest that women who drink at least a cup of black tea every day are at a lower risk of ovarian cancer than others.

Bone health

Some facts and reports suggest that drinking a moderate amount of black tea daily helps keep the bones healthier. People who are daily tea-consumers are less likely to develop problems such as arthritis. The phytochemicals that are present in black tea are the reasons that ensure better bone health.

Protects against diabetes

According to research carried out in the Mediterranean region, people who have been consuming black tea for a long time are less likely to develop type II diabetes. The ones who do not drink tea are 70% more likely to develop type II diabetes. 

Relieves stress

The antioxidants in black tea result in several benefits such as calmness and stress-busting. So, when you are back home after a hectic day at work, sip on a cup of black tea while you lay back on the couch.

It will freshen you up and take away all the stress and tiredness from all the work throughout the day. Research also suggests that black tea helps to reduce the cortisol or stress hormone levels. Therefore, you may try consuming it at moderate levels every day.

Better immunity

Black tea consists of alkylamine antigen properties that work for immunity boosting. Moreover, the black tea’s tannin content helps to protect you against pathogens and viruses that enter your body. Therefore, a moderate amount of black tea every day will help your immune system to fight against stomach flu, influenza, and other similar pathogens.

Digestive benefits

Apart from the immune system, black tea’s tannin content offers therapeutic properties in intestinal and gastric illnesses. Therefore, the consumption of healthy black tea means you will be able to keep digestive problems at bay. 

health benefits of drinking black tea
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Black tea vs. green tea- which one is better?

As you already know that both black tea and green tea come from the same shrub and undergo the same processing methods. The only difference is that black tea undergoes a different fermentation method.

It is the fundamental reason that results in green tea having a lighter color than black one. There are more similarities than differences when it comes to the benefits of black tea vs. green tea. Both varieties ensure better heart health and brain functioning.

On the one hand, green tea has a higher amount of EGCG antioxidants. While on the other hand, black tea is a more significant source of theaflavins. Drinking both the varieties are good for health despite a slight difference in the polyphenol composition. However, if you want the lowest caffeine content level, then black tea is a better option. 

Black tea vs. coffee- which one is better?

It seems neither coffee nor tea wins the battle because of the benefits of both varieties. Besides, both have something or the other to offer for a person’s healthy living. So, most of the time, the best option for you depends on what benefits you are looking for.

While green or black tea is better for weight loss, coffee keeps you energized for a longer time. So, considering energy, coffee is a clear winner. On the other hand, if you want to lower your diet’s caffeine consumption due to constant irritation and sleeplessness, the idea is simple. You can cut off a cup or two of coffee and replace it with black tea.

Black tea and your diet

Now that you are aware of all the health benefits of black tea, it is essential to know when to drink it and how much. So, it is ideal that you start your day with any healthy drink, and black tea is undoubtedly one that helps you stay fresh.

Also, it is a great way to lose weight by cutting down on harmful calories. However, drinking too much black tea may result in adverse effects. So, keeping black tea consumption limited to 3-5 cups is enough. Try not to exceed the limit. 

How to prepare Black tea?

The process of making black tea is straightforward. Check out the simple steps here:

  • Boil water, and make sure it is hotter than usual because black tea needs that rolling boil for a perfect brew. 
  • Add tea not to the water but the cup, and pour the boiling water into it so that the leaves start to come up and float. 
  • Now comes the brewing. So, let the tea leaves infuse in the water and release color and flavor. 
  • Now remove the tea bag or strain the tea and serve. 

What is our recommended black tea?

Several brands in the market are selling black tea, but you have to decide the best. To cut down on the choosing time, we mention two of the best brands you will find online. Rest, you can also look for some of the best varieties on Etsy and Amazon

The first brand that we will suggest is the Art of Tea. They are a boutique tea brand, more like a classy member in the list of sellers. They offer a variety of blends and flavors that you can check out from their black tea section. Otherwise, you can also check out their official website for a detailed overview of the products that they are offering. 

The next suggestion is the UK based Twinings, which is undoubtedly one of the leading tea brands for a long time. They are a classic in the tea industry and offer items other than tea as well. For the best overview of their products, including the various types of black tea, you can go to their official website. 

Side effects of black tea

While you know all the details regarding the health benefits of black tea, here are a few side-effects of the beverage. So, it is good to be aware to avoid overconsumption. 

  • Sleeplessness and anxiety
  • Anemia
  • Breathlessness
  • Blood pressure fluctuation
  • Headache
  • Tremors
  • Frequent urination
  • ENT problems
  • Pounding heart
  • Nervousness
  • Vomiting and nausea

So, here is a guide for you to know all about the history and present of your favorite black tea. 


Is it wrong to drink black tea every day?

Moderate consumption, which is 3-5 cups every day, is alright. However, overconsumption may lead to severe side-effects. For example, anxiety, insomnia, digestive issues, and more are some of the side-effects.

How much black tea should you drink a day?

The ideal limit of black tea consumption per day should be 3-5 cups. It will enhance weight loss and offer several other health benefits, such as a good heart and immune system.

Is black tea or green tea better for you?

While both the tea varieties offer health benefits, green tea is considered better for a few reasons; firstly, it can prevent cancer, and also it is better for weight loss. Green tea goes through minimal processing, and so contains more antioxidants that result in a healthier body.

When should I drink black tea?

Ideally, you should start your day with a healthy drink, such as a cup of black tea. Otherwise, you can also consume it mid-morning, which is a little after your breakfast. However, it is better not to drink black tea right before bed to avoid caffeine intake.

Is black tea bad for your kidneys?

Black tea contains an element known as oxalate. Therefore, overconsumption of the beverage may affect the kidneys adversely and create stones.

Is black tea good for skin?

The polyphenols and antioxidants present in black tea prevent aging and also reduces wrinkles and spots.

Is black tea good for hair growth?

The caffeine content of black tea restricts the growth of DHT. As a result, growth becomes inevitable. Moreover, black tea strengthens and thickens the haiṛ.

Can black tea burn belly fat?

Yes, black tea properties are known to enhance weight loss, including the reduction of belly fat. The fact that black tea contains zero calories makes it ideal for fat loss. Moreover, it increases the metabolism rate and improves digestion.

Is black tea with milk healthy?

Black tea with milk is surely tasty, but not healthy. To enjoy the health benefits of black tea, you must consume it with water only, minus sugar, honey, and milk.

Does tea with milk increase weight?

Milk in black tea can both increase and decrease weight. While the dairy properties will increase weight, the rise in caffeine rate will work reversely.

Which tea helps reduce belly fat?

Green tea, black tea, and blue tea are the best ones when you are looking for weight loss benefits.

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