Health benefits of Chai tea

Who doesn’t love chai tea? For those who haven’t ever heard of chai tea, Are you living under rocks?

Let us break it down for you.

Chai tea is popularly known as masala chai. ‘Chai,’ the word itself refers to tea, around the world, but in the Western World, Chai is often observed as spicy, fragrant Indian tea, also called masala chai. Chai tea has its own benefits ranging from physical to mental, which will eventually help you in the long run.

What is Chai Tea?

Chai tea is a spicy yet sweet tea that has a delightful aroma to it. The fragrance of the tea itself is to gather your attention. Chai tea or masala chai is native to South-East Asian country India. The tea is popularly served by street vendors and has its own flavor and aroma. Unlike other countries, in East Asian cultures, Chai tea is made using spices.

In Asian cultures, Chai tea is made by infusion of ginger and spices in black tea. The most popular spices from which chai tea is made include black pepper, fennel, cinnamon, and cardamom. Spices like peppercorns, coriander seeds, and star anise are optional but great.

Chai tea isn’t your traditional tea, brewed using water, but warm water and milk. Eventually, chai lattes are becoming popular too.

Chai Tea caffeine Content

The health benefits of masala chai tea cannot be denied. Hence, it is necessary to know the caffeine content of chai tea. One cup of chai tea (around 240ml) contains 25mg of caffeine. It is one-quarter of the caffeine dose provided by a cup of coffee and half of the caffeine dosage offered by a cup of black tea.

Due to the caffeine content, it can also be considered that many people become addicted to chai tea. Chai tea is more than just a drink in Indian culture. It can as well be deemed to be a habit.

Health Benefits of Chai Tea

Chai Tea not only has a fantastic taste and fragrance, but there are also several health benefits of drinking chai tea. Whether you want to boost your heart health or want to make your immunity system strong, you cannot deny the benefits of chai tea. Hence, here we have listed some of the prominent health benefits of Indian chai tea.

Chai Tea Benefits for Weight Loss

Chai tea is one of those teas that plays an important role in reducing weight and promoting fast fat loss. Also, chai tea is pretty healthy since it is made of soy milk or cow milk, rich in protein. 

The milk’s protein content helps reduce hunger and makes one drinking chai tea feel full for a prolonged time. No wonder chai tea is used as an evening snack. A lot of people prefer chai tea in the morning before or with breakfast. This boosts the body’s metabolism and prevents one from eating more.

One research also shows the impact of black tea in boosting fat breakdown. Black tea is the main component of chai tea. Thus the type of black tea used in making chai reduces the number of calories in your body absorbed from the body.

However, one should know these effects only last for a short last time and may soon disappear.

If you consume chai tea regularly, refrain from using too much sugar. There are chai tea variants that depend on the amount of sugar used in making it. The type of milk and amount of sugar in your chai tea increases the tea’s calorie content—no wonder chai tea benefits weight loss.

Chai Tea Benefits for your Brain

The ingredients of chai tea help a lot to boost the overall brain health. Cinnamon is the main component of chai tea, which lowers the blood sugar level and boosts brain health.

Chai tea consumption also helps to stabilize Alzheimer’s disease by preventing free radical damage. The disease is a progressive one that eventually degenerates the cognitive capacity. It is the cinnamon chai tea that helps in boosting overall brain health.

Chai Tea Benefits for your Heart

Not many people believe, but chai tea does have benefits for your health. Animal studies have shown that the cinnamon content of chai tea helps to lower blood pressure. A few studies have also demonstrated the impact of cinnamon on lowering bad cholesterol and triglycerides by up to 30%.

The black tea, which is used in making chai tea, also reduces the blood cholesterol level. However, drinking more than three cups of black tea will also reduce the risk of developing heart disease by 11%. Experts believe that more research needs to be done to find evidence of chai tea’s positive impact on your overall heart health.

Chai Tea Benefits against Cancer

Chai tea is rich in polyphenols, one of the most potent antioxidants that can play an important role in reducing free radicals. The free radicals increase the risk of cell damage.

The polyphenol content of chai tea is more than that of fruits and vegetables. The health benefits of drinking chai tea regularly can prevent cell damage. Clove and cinnamon are the main contents of chai tea. These offer protection against viruses, bacteria, and cell degeneration. Hence, all these protect against many types of cancer.

Chai tea health benefits
Tasty and not so difficult to prepare

Chai Benefits Against Diabetes

Chai tea is beneficial for keeping blood sugar levels in check. The ginger and cinnamon content of chai tea contributes to these health benefits.

According to a few studies, cinnamon in chai tea reduces insulin resistance. Low insulin levels make it easier for your body to use insulin and remove sugar from the body into your cells where it can be used. As a result, the levels of blood sugar lowers to a significant aspect.

Rather than buying already prepared chai tea, one should prefer preparing chai tea from scratch. Home-brewed teas contain less sugar than the cafes. To get the maximum benefits of chai tea, you should make it all by yourself. Make sure to add ginger and cinnamon in significant amounts in your chai tea to get maximum benefits.

Chai Tea Benefits for your sleep

Chai tea is one of the richest sources of caffeine. However, it doesn’t contain too much caffeine to disturb your sleep cycle. If your body is sensitive to caffeine, you should refrain from consuming chai tea too much.

Moreover, chai is also a great source of tanning, which reduces the speed at which caffeine is observed in our bodies. However, never consume chai tea before bed because it may have reverse effects.

Chai Tea Benefits for your skin

The spices in chai tea play an essential role in reducing the risk of inflammation. All these herbs and spices have anti-inflammatory characteristics, which helps to lessen the risk of acne, eczema, and rosacea.

Drinking chai tea regularly also helps to offer an instant rosy glow to your cheeks. The improved blood circulation allows the blood to flow around the cheeks surface, promoting a natural glow. Contrary to the belief that chai tea darkens your skin, it actually allows the skin to glow more.

Chai tea benefits for your hair

Drinking chai tea can help to promote silky smooth long hair. The caffeine content of chai tea has a positive impact on each strand of your hair. It boosts moisture around the scalp and also helps to enhance the blood flow.

This further leads to the development of stronger hair strands. As a result, drinking chai or masala tea helps to prevent your hair from breaking. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about hair loss anymore because that problem is already solved.

Chai tea benefits for your mental health

A lot of people over time have claimed that drinking chai tea can help to enhance the overall impact. Drinking chai can actually help to boost your overall mood. It is one of the best ways to get away from nausea.

Feeling sleepy throughout the day can make you droopy. As a result, drinking chai tea can prevent you from being tired and makes you feel energized. As long as you’re energized, you won’t be prone to any health risk, especially nausea and anxiety.

Chai tea benefits for kids

Should kids be drinking chai? We have come across many people who have stated that kids shouldn’t be allowed to drink chai tea. Well, it seems that they lack knowledge. There are a few health benefits of drinking chai tea for kids.

Experts recommend that plain milk tea should be given to children after the age of 7 years. The antioxidant content of chai tea actually helps the immunity system, thereby helping the body fight against different diseases. Furthermore, it is one refreshing drink from which the children can obtain sufficient amounts of calcium.

Hot masala chai tea with spices

Chai tea benefits for men

Chai tea is known to boost sex drive in men. Different sexual diseases such as erectile dysfunction, low libido, and more can impact a man’s bedroom performance. Don’t worry, though. Drinking a cup of chai tea can actually help to boost the mood and bring back the sex drive.

Masala chai’s main ingredient cinnamon is a well-known aphrodisiac, which increases your sex drive and makes things spicier in the bedroom.

Chai tea benefits for women

Pregnancy is a beautiful yet painful time in a woman’s life. However, during such times, drinking chai tea can actually prove to be fruitful for pregnant women. Drinking chai tea helps to prevent stomach aches and reduces nauseous feeling too.

Moreover, it plays an important role in promoting digestion. A dash of honey and ginger in chai tea can be helpful. Apart from chai tea, pregnant women may also prefer drinking jasmine tea (with less sugar) or peppermint tea.

Health Benefits of Chai tea vs. Green Tea

Both chai tea and green tea are popular teas, and each of them has its own benefits. However, it is necessary to note that the difference between the two makes one more popular than the other.

Chai tea is an excellent alternative for antioxidants that can play an important role in boosting heart health and brain functioning. It also helps to boost weight loss and prevents the risk of cancer. 

Green tea helps lower the risk of developing diabetes, promotes weight loss, reduces tooth decay, and enhances your skin’s glow. It helps to promote blood circulation, which will prove to be beneficial for increasing your skin complexion.

Homemade Chai Tea Latte with anise and cinnamon stick in glass mugs with pumpkin pie

Flavonoid Content

Green tea is a rich source for catechins, one of the popular flavonoids. Chai tea, on the other hand, is rich in theaflavins and thearubigins.

Both chai tea and green tea can help lower blood cholesterol levels, which is good for your heart health.

Chai Tea and Your Diet

How to add chai tea to your diet?

A cup of chai tea every morning can be beneficial for boosting your mood. Drinking a cup of masala chai right before your breakfast can actually prevent you from overeating. 

Chai tea should be used as a snack rather than a meal. Do not rely on chai tea for your entire day. You can have regular snacks or biscuits with your cup of chai tea.

If you make masala chai from scratch, it will be more beneficial. Rather than buying chai tea from shops, you should prepare it in your home.

Perfect combination

What is the best time to drink chai tea?

Ever wondered what would be the best time to drink chai tea? A lot of people think it is perfect for drinking chai tea at any point in the day. However, drinking chai tea at any point in the day will do more harm than good. Too much chai tea can lead to gastric issues.

The best time to drink chai tea is early in the morning with your breakfast. You can, however, choose to drink chai tea before your breakfast as well. Adding a few tulsi leaves will only enhance the impact of chai tea.

You can also drink chai tea during the evening, especially around snack time. This, however, is optional and completely depends on whether the person wants to consume chai tea during the evening. You should avoid adding too much sugar to your chai tea.

How many cups of chai tea should I drink a day to lose weight?

If you’re trying to lose weight, you should consume around two or three cups of chai tea per day. However, you need to keep a check on the type of milk and amount of sugar you’re adding to it. Experts recommend that more than three cups of chai tea will have a negative impact.

You should refrain from adding too much sugar to your chai tea. Excessive sugar only leads to weight gain rather than loss.

Is it safe to drink chai tea every day?


Chai tea is richer in polyphenols as compared to fruits and vegetables. As a result, drinking chai tea every day can promote overall health. The clove and cinnamon content of chai tea makes chai tea rich in antioxidants. The combination of the two spices further makes it beneficial for drinking chai every day.

If you add a few leaves of the tulsi plant to your chai, it can boost your overall mood. Furthermore, it tends to provide a lot of health benefits too.

Chai tea recipe

Want to devour the taste of chai tea? Do not forget to make chai tea from scratch. Preparing chai tea all by yourself can actually help to boost your overall mood. Here we have gathered the best recipes for preparing chai tea.

How to make chai tea?

If you haven’t ever made tea, it is time that you start doing so. Preparing chai tea all by yourself is pretty easy. Mentioned below is a guided recipe for preparing the famous chai or masala tea.


  • Pour warm water or milk into a vessel and allow it to boil for a few minutes.
  • Put the required amount of sugar.
  • Add a few spoons of tea leaves. The number of tea leaves you add to your tea will eventually depend on the amount of milk.
  • Add the necessary spices like cardamom, fennel leaves, cloves, and black pepper. (It is better to use these in the powder form)
  • Crush half-a-ginger or dice it into small pieces and put in your tea.
  • Allow your tea to boil for a few minutes.


Your chai tea will be ready in no time. Make sure to be very careful about the sugar you add to your chai tea.

How to drink chai tea?

This may sound a little absurd, but not everyone knows how to drink chai tea.  Masala chai can be consumed with few snacks. Fritters can be a great combination of chai tea. Apart from that, you should also consume chai tea with biscuits and cookies.

You should avoid drinking water immediately after drinking chai tea. This may lead to developing gastric issues.

Side effects of Chai Tea

There’s no denial that chai has several advantages. But, excessive of anything can be harmful too. Hence, we are listing below some of the side effects of chai tea.

If you know the side effects, you will eventually refrain from overdosing on chai tea and inviting the health risks.


The caffeine content of chai tea can often lead to acid reflux symptoms or heartburn. As per studies, chai tea’s caffeine content can also increase the rate of total stomach acid production.

However, there is no guarantee of the fact that drinking chai tea will cause heartburn. Everyone has different bodily responses to being exposed to certain foods. It is necessary to keep a check on the frequency of chai tea you consume to prevent the risk of heartburn.


Intermittent chai tea consumption can make you prone to headaches. This may lead to the frequent occurrence of headaches. You need to skip consuming too much chai tea or remove it from your diet if you have been having regular headaches.


Often too many cups of chai tea can make you dehydrated. Too many cups of chai tea mean excess caffeine. This reduces the ability of tubules to absorb. As a result, you can become dehydrated. Hence, make sure not to consume more than three cups of chai tea.

Where to buy chai tea?

There is a wide range of brands selling Chai tea. You can check out sources like Amazon and Etsy for purchasing white tea.

Because of so many brands selling chai tea, it may often become difficult for you to understand whether or not you should buy chai tea from a particular brand. So, let us make things easy for you. If you are watching out to buy chai tea, you can check and Twinnings brand from the UK.

These brands sell 100% organic elements and preservative-free ingredients. You can this tea for you or your loved one today, even as a beautiful and unique gift.


Chai tea is a spicy, fragrant drink that can assist you with different benefits such as improved heart health, low sugar levels, and weight loss too.

Not all of these benefits are backed by science, but it is definitely worth giving a try to these. Most of the benefits of chai tea are a result of its ingredients and not the tea itself. If you want to enjoy the benefits of chai tea, you should brew it at home.

Chai tea has an important role in Indian culture. It is also becoming prevalent in the Western World. It has almost become a staple beverage for many.

Brewing chai tea isn’t a tough task. You can brew chai tea using tea bags or from a plain milk liquid base too. Haven’t given chai tea a try? Try it today.


How many cups of chai tea should you drink a day?

As per experts, you should drink two to three cups of chai tea a day.

Is chai tea good for weight loss?

Yes. The protein from milk in chai tea is actually helpful for promoting the fat loss process. It regulates the fat breakdown process, thereby leading to faster fat loss.

Is chai tea a laxative?

Chai tea is rich in caffeine, which is why sometimes it may act as a laxative. The caffeine content of chai tea helps to boost bowel movement in many people.

Does chai tea make you sleepy?

Chai tea helps to improve the quality of sleep. The caffeine content of chai tea doesn’t hamper the sleep schedule. The tannin in chai tea helps the body to absorb the caffeine content easily.

Is chai tea good for the skin?

Chai tea is extremely healthy for your skin. It helps to promote a natural glow by improving blood circulation. The antioxidant content of chai tea also boosts skin complexion, thereby preventing skin problems like eczema and acne.

What tea helps you lose weight?

Black tea, chai tea, oolong tea, and green tea can be great sources for losing weight.

How do I lose belly fat in three days?

A rigorous workout routine and consumption of green tea can help lose stubborn belly fat.

What should I drink in the morning to lose belly fat?

You can drink green tea or warm water with a dash of like and honey early in the morning to lose belly fat.

What tea helps you lose belly fat?

Green tea plays an important role in helping you lose belly fat. 

Is chai tea bad for your health?

Not necessarily, but excessive tea consumption can lead to heartburn, sleep disturbances, and other such problems. Some of the common side effects of chai tea include

  • Poor sleep
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Heartburn

Is chai tea latte good for you?

Chai tea latte is a great beverage, but it will have many health risks associated with it. Chai tea latte is rich in sugar and contains 240 calories and 45 grams of sugar. Hence, if you are trying to lose weight, you shouldn’t consume chai tea latte.

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