Meditation Guide for Beginners and Kids

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The Complete Guide to Meditation for Beginners and Children

Meditation has become an eternal method whose reproduction did not in any way impair its relevance. Siddhartha Gautama, known to all of us as, Buddha, practiced it and used it to find his inner truth, silenced by external noises.

He did not invent it, at the time it already existed. In other words, the method is thousands of years old. What practices do we know today that existed 3000 years ago and still exist? Only a few practices.

The development and presence of mindful meditation in Western society is the result of a deep need for meditation.

In a sense, the system has been detached from its Buddhist aspects and is being practiced today as a method that empowers practitioners with amazing mental and health benefits.

If thousands of years ago people’s lives were full of noise that disturbed them from listening to their inner selves, noises that bothered them to understand what they really wanted, then it is clear that modern life in the 21st century is much noisier than it used to be.

There are endless stimulations, noises and disturbances that do not allow our brain to remain silent. Concentration becomes increasingly challenging.

Meditation has become one of the best answers to the challenges posed by the noise of the modern and digital world. The contribution of meditation to the practitioners of the method is no less amazing.

If so, why not everyone practices meditation?

  • Probably mainly because they do not understand what needs to be done.
    What do you do in meditation?
  • How do you sit?
  • Is it permissible to think?
  • Can I stop thinking?
  • And how can you make the children sit for five minutes without doing anything?

That’s why we’ve written this guide that includes:
➡️ The benefits of meditation
➡️ Different meditation methods for both beginners and children!
➡️ The best time to meditate
➡️ How should one show the space in which meditation is performed?
➡️ Meditation in different situations
➡️ Music for meditation
➡️ And more …

We believe that buying the guide and spending your money, even though it is a relatively small amount of money, will give you the necessary knowledge so that you need to begin the practice and on top of that, you will feel a sense of commitment, because once we spend money, even a small amount, we feel a sense of commitment to what we invested in.

Enjoy reading and practicing ?


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