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A guide for Mandala animals coloring pages


Mandalas are meditational art forms that have been used since ancient times. It has been used in several religions as a path to seek elevation in the spiritual journey. Though Mandalas are generally mostly circular, of late, a lot of people have started exploring making Mandalas using different outlines. Mandalas inside a flower, animals, other geometrical, birds, etc. 

Amongst all these, animal mandalas are pretty famous, and they are quite becoming too. Through this write-up, we are going to understand more about animal Mandalas. 

Mandalas are creeping in everyone’s life today besides being trending on the internet. The mandalas are used in yoga and meditation practice. Today, you can find these masterpieces as artwork or decorative pieces in living rooms and bedrooms. You can find coloring books and chic prints of mandalas on T-shirts. However, this art has a deep connection with the ancient world. 

Connection of mandalas and animals

  • Mandalas and animals are connected with symbolism. 
  • In the olden days, people used to learn about the world around them through symbolism. It is the best and uncomplicated way to understand the situations.
  • Animal symbols were used in ancient times to explain the human qualities and nature of humans.
  • Animal characteristics are compared to the situations that are experienced by mankind. Therefore, animals are considered to be an ideal way to illustrate human nature.
  • Mandalas can uniquely explain the inner self of a person. 
  • Designs and patterns of animal mandalas would depict human traits. These are the best ways to self-express, realize, and undergo therapeutic healing.  

Different uses of animal mandalas

  • Animal Mandala allows you to express one and show their creative skills
  • Used to get rid of stress, relax and promote inner peace
  • Widely used as tattoos on the human body these days
  • Used as a decorative piece of art to hang as home decors. 

Significance of animal mandalas

Animals are widely represented in mandalas due to these reasons:

  • In Buddhism, every animal would have a different set of traits, which people can attain through meditating using mandalas
  • In Hinduism, the Gods would take the form of a different animal like structure

What is Animal mandala art?

Animal Mandala Art is an extension of the traditional mandala art. Most of the Zentangle artists have ventured into the creation of these mandalas. Instead of creating repetitive patterns inside a geometrical object, the artists make use of these animals and start bringing out their emotions in the forms of patterns.

Once the patterns are completed, they can choose to color them as well. There are a lot of certified animal mandala artists that specialize in this art. There are also a lot of Mandala animals Coloring pages that can be downloaded online or bought off the shelves from a bookstore. The popularity of Animal Mandalas is increasing quite a bit.

Here is how you carry out the art of animal mandala

1. Prepare the surface for painting

You must stretch the cloth on a frame made of wood. You can use gelatine to make the cloth stiff on the frame. It has a layer on top and a gesso (which could be white clay or chalk). You must polish the gesso to make the surface look smooth

2. Make the animal design

You must draw the diagram of the Mandala. The compositions would be decided by the Buddhist iconography. You can draw the standard animal symbols such as Butterfly, lion, cat, dog, and so on. The draft of the sketch would be made using charcoal crayons. The end drawing would be made with black ink and a brush.

3. Do the initial coating of paint

There are two different types of paints used. These include –organic dyes and mineral pigments. Brushes would have animal hair to the handle made of wood. You must mix the mineral pigments with the glue or any binder to make it stick properly on the cloth. The first coating is done meticulously.

4. Shading

The organic dyes are used to do the shading part and outline

5. Finishing touch

The extra paint would be removed using the knife edges by the artists to create a smooth surface. A tiny ball of dough is used to rub the surface for dusting out the extra paint. The final pigment would be gold.

Mandala patterns

We must understand that Mandala patterns are the new-age way of representing the entire cosmos using various patterns inside a particular geometrical figure. Patterns are created depending on the mood, the ability, and also on the interest levels of an individual.

Most of the people make it a habit to create their mandalas while the other buys the Mandala animals Coloring pages.  Methods can be various, but Mandala Art is known to give excellent results in terms of relieving stress and anxiety. 

We have listed the details on the Animal Mandalas that you could try your hands on. If you cannot create them on your own, you can always get the Mandala animals Coloring pages.

Mandala patterns
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Butterfly mandala

One can see Zen artists engrossed deeply in making patterns on a butterfly outline. These are the Butterfly Mandalas. According to the Mandala art, butterflies signify transformation. So, when you are drawing or coloring a Butterfly Mandala, you are most likely going to go through some major transformation in your lives.

It also shows your ability to handle those changes without any disturbance.It also means that you are ready to embrace transformation and elevate yourselves at all levels of your existence. The Buddhism culture makes use of the blend of peacock and butterfly mandala.

Butterfly mandala
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While Butterfly is the symbol of readiness and personal growth, peacocks display a greater level of consciousness. These kinds of Mandalas would have a butterfly with the wings of peacock eyes.

These pictures reveal the perfect unison of consciousness, guiding the transformation.

Well, any transformation without consciousness is futile. Thus, picking up the Mandala animals, Coloring pages with these designs can be quite beneficial. 

The Butterfly indicates you accept the change. The transformation of Butterfly conveys a lot of meaning. You must be ready to accept the new situations, transformation, and glide into transcendence. The butterflies would also indicate the divine feminine. There is a lot for people to learn by taking out time and witnessing the beauty of Butterfly sitting on flowers.

The Butterfly makes people realize that life is full of grace. The butterfly mandala will let you meditate and heal the wounds and confront fears.

Like the Butterfly transforms from the cocoon, even human transformation happens the same way.

The meditation carried out with this Mandala allows you to let go of the past wounds. It is a visual treat to watch the peacock pattern butterfly that has peacock kind of eyes on its wings. 

Super hero coloring pack
Super Hero Coloring Pack - Click for details

Lion mandala

Lion mandala curtain
Lion mandala curtain - Click for details

Lion, in general, is the symbol of courage and valor. In the mandala art, according to the Buddhist belief, lion mandalas depict pride, loyalty, protection, and wisdom.

For those who are keen on developing these traits, Coloring these Mandalas can be beneficial.

A lot of people fail to express their love and loyalty towards their family. For such people, focusing on the Lion mandalas while coloring or creating can turn out to be fantastic.  

The complicated patterns that are present in this type of Mandala will make your thought process easy and gives ample power to take life responsibilities with huge pride. When you look at this piece of art, you feel courageous.  

Fox mandala

Mandala animals. Coloring pages wA lot of people also practice Fox Mandalas these days. There are a lot of here you would find the Fox patterns. Exactly like the lion, foxes also represent courage, pride, and witness. Foxes are nocturnal creatures, and they are highly intelligent.

The ones who want to develop all these characteristics can work on the Fox Mandalas. Encouraging children to color the Fox Mandala can be a great thing too.  

Dragon mandala

In Tibetan and East-Asian cultures, the Dragons are considered to be sacred, unlike the European counterparts.

 While dragons on the Western countries symbolize destruction, in Buddhism culture, the dragons hold a place of respect.

Dragons in Buddhism are considered to be the messengers that can bring rain and prosperity to the earth. Dragons are also known to invoke creative energy in abundance in humans. When you focus on the dragon mandalas, you are technically concentrating on the principle of abundance.

Fortune, creativity, and shift in the energy towards positivity would happen with the Dragon mandalas. 

Dragon mandala
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Cat mandala

The felines are always found roaming from one home to the other. They cannot be bound by anyone or anything, and this trait of theirs gives inspiration to the artists that make the Cat mandalas. 

Cat mandala
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Known to invoke a sense of freedom and liberty, the cat Mandalas are considered to be one of the popular Animal mandalas. Cat mandalas are largely used by Zen artists as it helps them to heal themselves. 

When you focus on the Cat mandalas, you would be easily able to notice the changes taking place within.

One would start developing patience, courage, and presence of mind while coloring the cat mandalas. Especially, if you want completely take control of your lives, then this is the Mandala you must practice. 

Dog mandala

Dog Mandalas can be very relaxing because, as you observe, dogs are the great companions of human beings. Creating or Colouring the dog mandalas is known to increase compassion, love, and friendliness in an individual. Also, dog mandalas are considered to be pretty complex ones to make. This is because of the intricate patterns that would be filled on their faces. Hence, when you are making dog mandalas, you must be a little careful.

Horse mandala

This is yet another popular Animal mandala that a lot of people practice. Horses are considered one of the sacred animals in Buddhism.

Since a lot of Buddhist monks have used the Mandalas in their meditation, the Horse Mandalas are known to enhance concentration skills in children.

Horses are also known for their pride, loyalty, and strength. Coloring these mandalas is not just relaxing but, they are quite beneficial too.

So, this is yet another kind of Mandala that you can download from the Mandala animals Coloring pages 

Horse mandala
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In Tibetan culture, the Wind Horse has a great significance. In Central Asia and the East Asia regions. A horse is considered one of the most important elements in Shamanism culture. The horse has its place right at the center of the other animals in Buddhism. It also represents good health and well-being.

Giraffe mandala

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These tall, long-necked creatures, Giraffes, are also one of the best animals to choose while making Mandala. Giraffe Mandala makes the artist plan and focuses on the goals without any deviation.

The main characteristic of Giraffe is graceful, and that’s what an artist would also develop when they develop or color the Giraffe mandalas.

People that are stuck in a particular situation can easily overcome all their obstacles and live a happy life when they are coloring the Giraffe Mandalas. Exactly like the stature of the animal, humans would also be able to rise above all their situations and face things with calmness. 

Owl mandala

People that are struggling to get inducted to the spiritual world must try their hands on designing or coloring the owl mandala. Owls are nocturnal creatures, and it takes the artist into the spiritual world. Focusing on the owl mandala can quickly heal your emotional body and make you experience spirituality quickly.

As you color these mandalas, you would be able to focus on the things that you would not be able to see with your naked eyes. It helps you to tap the subconscious levels, and you would be filled with compassion, unconditional love and bliss, and bliss.

This is one of those Mandala animals Coloring pages that can come handy to everyone irrespective of the age. One can also find the Owl mandala on the tapestries in the monasteries when you pay a visit.  

The symbol of an owl would represent the protection of souls. In the Hindu, Egyptian and Celtic mythology, the owl is known to be the guardian and protector of the underworld. The nights are ruled by owls by protecting people who are making their journey to other realms. In North America, the owl is the symbol of wisdom.

It holds sacred knowledge and would share this knowledge only on sacred occasions. The patterns of owl mandala would give a statement of owl symbolism to the world.

They are perfect to be added to the art pieces, especially jewelry. 

The own pattern has feathers. The feathers take you to another realm and get into higher planes. The owl mandala with features would indicate communication with celestial wisdom. 

The owl mandala is made on pendants, rings and you can showcase this piece of art anywhere on the T-shirts, mobile covers, or grinders. 

These mandalas can be simple or complicated. You can make it colorful or muted. 

Owl mandala
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Elephant mandala

Elephant mandalas are made to get rid of obstacles. In Hinduism, the Elephant represents Lord Ganesha, who is considered as the remover of hurdles and obstacles. Having said these, elephant mandalas are also given equal importance in Buddhism.

The Buddhists seek Lord Buddha in the elephants; thus, these Mandalas symbolizes strength and power. If you are looking to improve your financial conditions, fortune and other materialistic happiness focus on an Elephant Mandala. 

The animal represented on the Mandala would indicate some qualities, strengths, and religious beliefs. The Elephant would symbolize strength and resoluteness. The white elephants are considered to be specialty due to their rarity. Buddhism would symbolize the gray Elephant as an untrained mind that would wander to show the path for enlightenment.

Elephant mandala tapestry
Elephant tapestry - Click for details

One can control the mind and thoughts through meditation. When one can control his/her thoughts, it would be represented by a white elephant. It indicates the transformation that a person has gone through. The design of Mandala would also represent the Elephant as a symbol for prosperity, good luck, bring is a heavy downpour, and a form of deity.  

The elephant mandala is found on posters, t-shirts, blankets, and in various art pieces. Many people get attracted to the visual appeal of this Mandala by realizing the beauty behind this art piece. It gives a great sense of inner peace.

Mandala tattoos

Mandala tattoo temporary
Temporary mandala tattoos- Click for details

Tattoos are one of the commonly found on everyone these days. Irrespective of the genders and ages, people like getting their choices of tattoos done all over their bodies.

 Of late, mandala designs on the body have become quite a common thing. Mandala tattoos aren’t just attractive, but they offer great healing effects as well. The circular shapes that represent a flower or any other structure that represents the cosmos offer a lot of benefits. 

Apart from all these things, Mandala tattoos also represent feminism, birth, and procreation. It induces happiness and bliss on the ones that get these kinds of tattoos. Apart from the common spherical shaped Mandala tattoos, animal tattoos are also gaining a lot of popularity.

Well, we have listed everything about Animal mandala art and its significance. It is now your discretion to choose the Mandala that you want to. If there are so many healing benefits, isn’t it nice to invest in these kinds of artwork and start coloring them right away?  

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