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What is Numerology name and what does it mean for you

Numerology is a mystical belief in the connection between numbers and different events. Numerology relates numbers to our characteristics, behaviors, life experiences and how every aspect of our lives links to these numbers. Many ancient civilizations like the Chinese, Indian, and Greeks have been exploring Mathematics’s realms and understanding this mystical connection.

Numerology and the cultures

For ages, mathematicians and numerologists have been working on numbers and symbols, trying to decrypt the mysteries of nature. Each scholar introduced their methods and ideas, formulating different types of numerology. The East Asian Cultures use numerology for a variety of things, while for the Western cultures, name numerology is quite popular.

You may find that every numerology horoscope is a little different from the others. That’s because each of the numerology systems understands the numbers differently.

How does numerology work?

Like complex mathematical formulas, numerology works on certain principles. Principles that attribute each digit to energy, which in turn affect our lives. Although each system understands numbers differently, they share a common principle – Energy.

The Chinese relate it to sound, the Western to vibrations, while Tamil uses various derived numbers.

Decoding the Numerology Chart

As every numerology system is a little different, one must understand the principles to understand the results. One should be able to deduce the attributes that drive and derive a numerology chart. Though Pythagoras’s theories lay the field for modern numerology, various historical records link numerology to thousands of years ago.

1. Chaldean numerology

The Chaldean system goes back to the days of Babylon. The times when numerology was often related to astrology. According to the Chaldean system, each digit represents a personality trait. It follows a name numerology chart that maps each alphabet to a digit (1-8), and the results are understood based on the name.

In the Chaldean system, Digit 9 bears a holy significance. It isn’t popular as it is a fairly complex system to understand. Single digits represent a person’s outer personality, while the double digits express the inner personality.

2. Kabbalah numerology

The Kabbalah Numerology readings are based on the Jewish culture and Hebrew literature. This numerology system is usually used for understanding the future and current life events of a person.

The Kabbalah understands the universe in the form of energies and vibrations. It uses ‘Tree of life,’ which is a graphical representation of various universal forces. And use these forces and diagrams to calculate their effect on a person’s life.

Alike, the Chaldean system, each alphabet is represented by a number, and each of these numbers corresponds to a set of qualities and behaviors. Also, each of the digits corresponds to a planet or sun/moon.

3. Vedic numerology

Finding its roots in the land of ‘Zero,’ Vedic Numerology is also known as Indian Numerology. Known to be among the oldest numerology systems, the Vedic Numerology uses the digits 1-9. And, each of these numbers holds a special meaning.

The Vedic Numerology Horoscope works with 3 numbers – Psychic Number, Name Number, and Destiny Number. These numbers together form an essential component of Indian Astrology. As they individually represent certain characteristics of a person, together can be used to draft a horoscope.

4. Pythagorean numerology

The Pythagorean Numerology method was developed by the renowned Greek philosopher Pythagoras. This numerology is highly popular in western cultures. According to Pythagoras, every number portrays specific energy.

The energy that mends and drives our lives and experiences. As per his system, these energies can be both positive and negative. And so, the horoscope is based on a combination of various numbers and energy interactions. Using the numbers 1-9, everything can be expressed in the form of formulae and expressions.

5. Other numerology methods

Apart from the popular ones, there are some less renowned number systems. Abracadabra, for example, bases its results on a person’s name. The name is then used with a series of triangles to draft the name numerology chart.

How is numerology related to us?

From the moment you are born, numbers become a part of your life. There are your birth date and time, coordinates to your birthplace, weight, and so on. Hence, it wouldn’t be wrong to think if these numbers affect you in some way. Numerology is based on predictive calculations and understanding how energies interact.

When a person is born, the universe is in some state of energy. And this somehow governs a person’s behavioral, physical, and emotional traits.

Numbers are just a way to understand these energies and get a glimpse of how they affect one’s life. Numerology is all about acknowledging these driving forces and mending one’s way through the journey.

Numbers in the Chinese Culture

The Chinese Numerology was born about 4000 years ago, introduced by Emperor Fu Hsi. Like Feng Shui, Nine Star ki, and Chinese astrology, many ancient Chinese beliefs are also based on this number system.

Chinese numerology lucky numbers

The Chinese categorize their numbers based on their sounds and if they are lucky or unlucky. The digit ‘0’ is seen as a symbol of completeness and perfection. And so, it isn’t considered a part of the number system.

The Lo Shu Square (a number grid of digits 1-9) is extensively used in the Chinese culture.

From architectural design to determining the future, it is everywhere. One can determine their birth chart by plotting their birth numbers on the square and getting insight into their lives.

The Chinese are skeptical about number 4 as it is considered unlucky. Digits 6 and 8; on the other hand, are seen are a sign of prosperity and success. The people who believe in the Chinese number system employ it whenever possible.

  • One (1) – One is a symbol of honor and independence. However, it also indicated loneliness.
  • Two (2) – The Chinese relate Two to symmetry and happiness. It is often associated with the idea of stability.
  • Three (3) – In the Chinese dialect, three is a homophone to ‘life.’ It is a lucky number as it expresses growth and creation.
  • Four (4) – Digit four is a sign of a bad omen. Sounding like death, number 4 is believed to bring misfortune and destruction.
  • Five (5) – Number 5 represents balance and harmony. Similar to the 5 elements of nature, the Chinese associate five with sureness.
  • Six (6) – Number 6 indicates success and profit. Concerning business and wealth, people prefer this metal element number.
  • Seven (7) – In the Chinese number system, 7 is a neutral number. It is a sign of togetherness and new beginnings. It is also related to spirits and ghosts. And in China, the 7th month of the Lunar Calendar celebrates the arrival of spirits on Earth.
  • Eight (8) – Digit 8 is the luckiest symbol of all. It represents fortune, happiness, growth, and all sorts of positive energies.
  • Nine (9) – The number 9 is a homophone to a Chinese word that means longevity and eternity. It is also associated with the Fire element, which represents motivation.

Birth horoscope as per Chinese numerology

According to Chinese culture, there are 5 main life elements – Wood, Fire, Water, Metal, and Earth. And each of these elements symbolizes a greater meaning and purpose.

The Chinese also believe that it is important to have opposing forces.

As it is the interaction between these forces that gives life its meaning. Therefore, these 5 elements are related to each other in creation and destruction, thus maintaining a balance.

The last digit of your birth year indicates your element.

  1. ‘0’ means your element is Metal.
  2. Birth years ending in ‘2’ or ‘3’ represent Water.
  3. Wood is for ‘4’ and ‘5’.
  4. ‘6’ and ‘7’ symbolizes Fire.
  5. Earth for digits ‘8’ and ‘9’.

These elements are further associated with certain characteristics that give insight into a person’s personality traits and ideology.

The essence of Vedic Numerology

The Indian Numerology system is in sync with astrology and ancient Vedic practices. According to this system, there are primary 3 numbers that influence a person’s life.

 1. Psychic number

As the name suggests, the psychic number expresses the basic personality traits of a person. It plays a crucial role in influencing one’s interests, ambitions, perception about oneself. It is mostly related to your instincts and how you interact or respond in general scenarios.

The psychic number is derived from the birth date. Each psychic number corresponds to a set of attributes and gives a holistic view of the subject’s nature. It helps you look within and know about your true self.

2. Destiny number

The number represents the characteristics of your life. It indicates how your life would be. The destiny number accounts for your karmas and the things the universe would present to you as life goes on. It is used to understand and know about life experience one should expect.

The life path number showcases the opportunities and challenges you may encounter. Thus, giving you a chance to be prepared as they come. Calculating it is pretty simple, add up all the numbers of the birth date.

Although both psychic and destiny numbers play an important role in understanding a person’s life, destiny number bears a higher significance in influencing one’s life path.

3. Name number

The name number is related to one’s relationships and compatibility. It helps in identifying if someone would have a positive or negative influence on a person’s life. Each character is associated with energy and frequency. Thus there is no direct way to calculate this.

But, each frequency has an underlying value that is added up to attain the overall Name number. There are many Name numerology calculators in Indian that can help you find your name number.

Numerology in the Western world

In western cultures, the concepts of numerology share some resemblance to the ones in the East. The Pythagorean Numerology also believes in the relationship of numbers and energies. However, it looks at the numbers in a slightly different way.

The founder of Western Numerology, Pythagoras, was a famous astrologer, numerologist, and philosopher. And, there are many more things that were of interest to him. In his dimension of numbers, each number represents a planet and its vibrations. He believed that these numbers define certain qualities, and they could also be linked to karma.

Alike, the Chaldean system, he assigned a number (1-9) to each alphabet in English literature. And, further introduced ‘11’ and ‘22’ as the master numbers, which accounted for the karma factor. According to his theory, every number bears positive and negative qualities, which in turn affects one’s life.

Pythagoras also introduced concepts of life path number, personality number, etc., to help others decipher the required results.

Numbers like destiny number, personality number, heart’s desire number are based on name numerology. These are derived by summing the numeric values of the alphabets. Other numbers like life path number, maturity number, and challenge numbers are calculated based on birth dates or other derived numbers.

Conclusively, each derived number represents a range of characteristics and qualities. And these have both positive and negative impacts on a person’s life.

Reading the correct signs

Numerology is quite powerful and comes really close to real life. Most of the popular methods are precise and accurate, presenting a reflection of your life.

But, all results are generalized and based on probability.

Therefore, if you believe in numerology, you must understand the message and not the literal meaning. These numbers pave a path and guide you through life, but your actions ultimately unfold the future. In all ancient literature and philosophies, karma is a powerful force.

The strongest feature of the numerology horoscope is that there are so many numbers and meanings. Thus, giving one the freedom to understand the results from their perspective. But, this sometimes can be confusing and misleading.

Reliable and trusted numerology calculators like numerologist.com can help you discover the numbers that drive your life. You can calculate your birth number, find your master number, and explore your horoscope.

People are often puzzled with thoughts like ‘How do I figure out what my numerology number is?’, ‘What is the meaning of my Birthday?’, or ‘What’s my lucky number?’. With this calculator, you can calculate all these numbers on-the-go. And even explore the numerology reports to get detailed insights about your life.

But again, all these numbers and energies are just the milestones of the journey. They would guide through the path, lay down the field. Most importantly, it is your choice how you wish your mend your life.

Life unfolds new mysteries every moment, putting new experiences for us. Numerology is a sophisticated spiritual method that helps you connect the dots and look at the bigger picture.

If you truly believe in the power of numbers and are fascinated with the secrets of life, it’s never too late to know your numbers. Try out some numerology calculator and let the universe reveal its secrets.

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