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Overview and introduction to health benefits of Jasmine tea

These days, people are using different types of tea to get additional health benefits. If you have tried black tea, green tea, and chamomile tea, why not try Jasmine tea? The history of jasmine tea dates back to the Chinese Han Dynasty.

Thus, the origin of jasmine tea is attributed to East Asian cultures. Since jasmine plants are grown at high elevation, the Jasmine tea produced in Fujian’s Chinese province has the best reputation. In addition to China, Japanese culture also promotes the use of Jasmine tea to provide multiple benefits. 

In the present day, biological studies have also revealed that there are multiple health benefits of drinking Jasmine tea. This article will cover the fantastic health benefits of jasmine tea and why you should include this tasty tea in your everyday life.

What is Jasmine tea?

Jasmine tea is a type of drink prepared by including the standard tea leaves and Jasmine flower’s fragrance and blossoms. These flowers are mostly harvested from a different kind of jasmine plant called Jasminum Officinale.

Nowadays, Jasmine tea is derived from the Jasmine plant’s two different variants called the familiar Jasmine and Sampaguita Jasmine. Anyone who has tried jasmine tea revealed that this tea has a deep fragrance and a sweet taste. People often think of Jasmine tea as flavored tea as Jasmine’s flavor and aroma are infused into green tea or black tea.

The scenting process of Jasmine tea included drying of tea leaves with jasmine flowers. You can use any oolong tea or white tea and dry them together with jasmine flour to get jasmine tea.

These flowers are continuously replaced every 24 hours, and this process may take a few days until the flavor and the taste is thoroughly blended. If you want the best jasmine tea, you have to dry the flowers and tea together for almost 10-12 days. 

Nutritional value of jasmine tea

The best part about Jasmine tea is that it is free of all calories. This flowery tasting beverage is very beneficial to health. People who don’t want to drink tea with caffeine should drink pure jasmine tea.

You will get a maximum of 5 to 10 percent of the caffeine in a cup of jasmine tea. Most green tee, including jasmine tea, contains a compound by the name Epigallocatechin that also helps prevent cancer. Jasmine tea is also rich in antioxidant Catechins that helps in neutralizing free radicals in our body. If you prepare a cup of jasmine tea by including sugar and milk, you will get the following nutritional value:

  • Calories: 56.2 mg
  • Total fat: 0.2 mg
  • Sodium: 2.0 mg
  • Carbohydrates: 8.0 grams
  • Protein: 5.4 grams
  • Calcium: 9.0%
  • Vitamin C: 1.0%
  • Iron: 4.0%

Jasmine tea caffeine content

Most people these days try to avoid caffeine intake, as numerous problems are associated with caffeine intake. If you are someone who wants to avoid the intake of caffeine or who is caffeine intolerant, you can easily consume Jasmine tea. The mother nature of jasmine tea runs on zero caffeine content.

The main reason that no caffeine is present in jasmine tea is because of the presence of Theanine. This is an amino acid present in jasmine tea leaves. Theanine helps in counteracting the effects of caffeine. 

Jasmine tea also acts as a stimulant, which activates the person as caffeine does. Naturally, jasmine tea is caffeine-free, but the jasmine tea is often blended with other tea types like Chai tea or black tea. Caffeine gets blended with jasmine tea when added to green tea or some different kinds of tea. Most often, Jasmine tea is blended with green tea, as both of them share similar properties. 

If you blend jasmine tea with other tea or green tea types, you will get a caffeine level that ranges from 20 mg to 60 mg per cup. The caffeine content of jasmine tea can also vary depending upon the brewing process and the number of tea used in the blend. If jasmine tea is blended with black tea, the caffeine content rises to 45 milligrams.

This caffeine content won’t negatively affect your health as a healthy human body can easily digest caffeine up to 400 milligrams every day. Jasmine tea is not originally a caffeine container, and it becomes a caffeine container when it is blended with other types of tea.  

Health benefits of Jasmine tea

Jasmine tea made its debut in Western culture in the 1800s, but, before that, Chinese dynasties and other Asian cultures garnered Jasmine green tea’s health benefits. There are innumerable health benefits of organic jasmine green tea. In this article, we will try to discover all the significant advantages one by one.

Jasmine tea benefits for weight loss

Losing weight these days can be immensely challenging these days. A little support by jasmine tea added with chamomile tea or green tea can be quite helpful. Jasmine tea helps in the weight loss process as it improves the metabolism of our body. 

An increase in metabolism will help your body to process nutrients and micronutrients in a better way. Since jasmine tea is a low-calorie drink, you won’t have to worry about any additional calorie intake, even if you regularly consume jasmine tea. 

Jasmine tea benefits for your brain

Jasmine tea is packed with different properties that can help you boost your brain functioning. There are numerous benefits of drinking jasmine blossom tea for the overall brain and nervous system health. 

Almost 15-60 milligrams of Jasmine is available in Jasmine tea, and it can easily stimulate your brain and nervous system. 

Adenosine present in jasmine tea helps in delivering signals to your mind and body. Adenosine will also help your body to relax. The caffeine content in jasmine green tea assists the release of different mood-enhancing neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. Thus, you will feel more energized, and it will also help you improve short-term memory. 

Jasmine tea benefits for heart

A healthy heart means a healthy life. When it comes to jasmine flower tea’s health benefits, it can help you get the best heart health. Consuming a cup of jasmine tea every morning will help you to protect your heart from dangerous diseases and costly surgeries.

It will help you prevent risk factors associated with heart diseases like total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and Triglycerides. The high content of antioxidants present in jasmine tea helps in lowering the potential of LDL cholesterol oxidation. 

Jasmine tea benefits against cancer

Cancer is one of the most prevalent health issues in the present modern world. The focus on cancer prevention has increased in our society. One of the primary priorities has been on including diet and drinks that can help prevent cancer. Jasmine contains high levels of antioxidants that help in getting rid of free radicals in our bodies. 

Free radicals are the primary reasons for different neurological conditions and irregularities in cells, causing cancer. The best part about jasmine tea is that it contains polyphenols and antioxidants called epigallocatechin gallate that help prevent cancer symptoms.

Jasmine tea benefits against diabetes

When it comes to Chinese jasmine tea’s health benefits, how can you ignore the benefits it provides against diabetes? Today people all over the world are facing the wrath of diabetes, especially Type II diabetes. The use of jasmine tea blended with green tea can help you lower the risk of type II diabetes. 

Jasmine tea also contains the compound EGCG, which reduces blood sugar levels—as per analysis, drinking three cups of jasmine green tea will lead to a 16% lower risk of type II diabetes.

Jasmine tea benefits for your sleep

You might know that the jasmine flower and its fragrance is used in aromatherapy. The sweet aromatic smell of jasmine tea will also help in sleeping in a better way. Just make sure to drink pure jasmine tea to get the best benefit as pure jasmine tea does not contain any caffeine traces. 

The active compound in jasmine tea also helps settle the digestive system, which can help you in destressing and provide you with a restful night of sleep. 

Jasmine tea benefits for your skin

Who doesn’t want to have the best skin? When it comes to Jasmine pearl tea’s health benefits, it is quite helpful in providing beautiful and shiny skin. Jasmine blossoms and jasmine tea have antibacterial properties and antioxidants. 

Thus, the consumption of jasmine tea will help you in keeping your skin healthy. Antioxidants and polyphenols in jasmine tea help slow down the aging process, and it also helps eliminate free radicals and wrinkles. The polyphenols included in jasmine green tea also have the property of minimizing fine lines.

Jasmine tea benefits for hair

Jasmine tea benefits are not limited to your skin; it also helps you get shiny and smooth hair. Most jasmine tea is infused with green tea, and the caffeine content in green tea helps in stimulating hair growth. Jasmine also fights any bacteria or fungal scalp infection. If you want to deep condition your hair, nothing can be better than using jasmine tea regularly. 

Jasmine tea benefits for your mental health

The scent of jasmine tea has therapeutic benefits. On certain occasions, it is also used as a medication alternative for depression, stress, anxiety, sleep, and different types of other disorders.

Jasmine has the capability of boosting mood relieving pressure. So, the next time you feel anxiety or stress, try drinking a cup of jasmine tea to get rid of all types of stress. The scent of jasmine tea impacts the brain and central nervous system and the chemical known as GABA. 

Thus, it will help you in calming nerves and mild depression and anxiety. The link between jasmine aroma and the relaxed mood is one of the best arguments that support that jasmine tea can provide mental health benefits.

Jasmine tea benefits for kids

Most people get confused, whether they should give jasmine tea to their kids or not. But, you don’t need to worry that Jasmine tea will be beneficial for your kid or not. The use of jasmine tea can help in boosting brain functioning in your kids. 

The minimal caffeine content in Jasmine tea helps in stimulating brain function without any negative impact. The use of jasmine tea also improves memory retention in kids. 

Jasmine tea benefits for men

Today, men worldwide are at risk of heart disease, and regular use of jasmine tea and green tea can help prevent all types of heart disease. It can also help in prevention and reduce cough, cold, and other kinds of diseases caused due to low immunity. 

Since people these days face the brunt of pollution and stress, the use of jasmine tea on an everyday basis will help get rid of damages caused due to daily pollution, stress and reverses the sign of aging.

Jasmine tea benefits for women (and pregnancy)

Due to its strong aroma and chemical composition, jasmine tea is not recommended for pregnant women. No doubt, you can drink a cup or two of jasmine tea, but you need to limit the use of jasmine tea only in your early days of pregnancy. 

Consumption of jasmine tea for a longer duration is linked to early contractions and different other harmful effects. Thus, try to limit jasmine tea consumption when you are pregnant or consult your doctor about the benefits and disadvantages of jasmine tea.

Benefits of jasmine tea Vs. Green tea

When you shop in a tea shop, you find different options like green tea, black tea, chamomile tea, and jasmine tea. If you want to get maximum benefits from tea, you need to choose either green tea or jasmine tea.

You may also get a blend of green tea and jasmine tea to get maximum health benefits. There are some essential differences between green tea and jasmine tea that you need to be aware of. If you are a newcomer in the world of tea drinking, jasmine tea can be a better option for you. Green tea may seem a bit harsh in taste.

Another significant difference between green tea and jasmine tea is that green tea is pure green tea, but jasmine tea may blend with other tea types. Finding White tea with Jasmine, black tea with Jasmine, and green tea with Jasmine is not uncommon. 

One of the best parts about jasmine tea is that it tastes sweet, and you won’t need to add additional sugar to it. On the other hand, if you want to get sweetness in a green tea, you may add a few sugar teaspoons. 

Health benefits of jasmine tea Vs. Black tea

When it comes to health benefits, Jasmine tea is preferred over black tea. One cup of jasmine tea has almost 10 milligrams to 25 milligrams of caffeine, and it is much lower than black tea. A cup of black tea has 40 milligrams of caffeine. 

Under the optional condition, black tea can last for ten years, but jasmine tea is delicate in the sense that it starts losing its flavors within a year or two. Black tea contains high levels of tannins that can counter inflammation. On the other hand, jasmine tea contains flavonoids that will decrease the amount of cholesterol.

Jasmine tea and your diet

If you want to get maximum health benefits of drinking jasmine tea, you need to include it in your everyday diet.

The best way to include jasmine tea in your diet is by drinking pure jasmine tea every morning and evening. The inclusion of this healthy drink will help you in getting rid of different health ailments like stress, depression, anxiety, cardiovascular disease, and in some cases, even cancer.

What is the best time to drink jasmine tea?

If you are a true lover, you can drink jasmine tea at any time when you are comfortable. As Jasmine tea contains very little caffeine content, it won’t affect your sleep pattern or your health in any negative way. The best time to drink jasmine tea should be around 10:00 am and when you are going to bed at night.

You can also sip jasmine tea between meals to maximize the nutrient content and iron intake from the food. Some people like to drink tea before exercise. If you want to optimize your workout strength, you can drink jasmine tea before you hit the gym. 

How many cups of jasmine tea should I drink a day to lose weight?

As per an analysis conducted on 760,000 people, it was found that drinking 3 cups or 710 milliliters of jasmine tea can help in weight reduction and improve blood sugar levels. Drinking of three cups of jasmine tea can lead to a 16% reduction in Type II diabetes risk. 

Is it safe to drink white tea every day?

Drinking a few cups of white tea every day can have a positive impact on your health. In addition to the general benefits of health, the use of white tea can also improve your immune system. White tea can also help in the prevention of severe diseases and conditions like cancer and heart attack.

It will also help you in keeping your skin, hair, and teeth healthy. Try to limit the consumption to 3 cups of white tea every day. 

Jasmine tea recipes

Jasmine tea is a scented tea that is most popular in East Asian culture. The sweet fragrance of the jasmine flower gives a distinct taste and flavor to the Jasmine tea. You can prepare hot jasmine tea as well as cold jasmine tea. Let’s know the best process to prepare jasmine tea.

How to make jasmine tea?

To prepare hot jasmine tea, follow this step by step approach:

  1. Boil water in a container.
  2. Warm up the teapot, put jasmine tea leaves in the teapot, and pour the water you just boiled. 
  3. Cover the teapot and let it settle for at least three minutes. Brewing for a longer duration will make its taste bitter.
  4. Strain the jasmine leaves using a strainer and pour hot and delicious jasmine tea into the teacup. 

To prepare iced-jasmine tea, you need to follow this step-by-step approach:

  1. Put jasmine tea in a pitcher and keep it at room temperature.
  2. Cover the pitcher and put it in the refrigerator for at least six hours.
  3. Strain tea leaves by using a strainer and pour delicious tea in a glass or cup with ice.
  4. Sip jasmine tea and get the refreshing vibe.

How to drink jasmine tea?

You can drink jasmine tea in any way you like. You can have it before breakfast, after meals, and sometimes even before going to bed. Make sure to consume jasmine tea in moderation and if you face any allergy or infection, ask your doctor before planning to sip jasmine tea.

You can drink this delicious tea by serving it hot, or you can even drink iced tea. No matter which way you are drinking jasmine tea, you will surely get unlimited jasmine green tea benefits.

Side effects of jasmine tea

Naturally speaking, jasmine tea is a herbal tea, and it does not include any harmful effects or sides. Most jasmine tea contains some amount of caffeine; thus, it is essential to drink jasmine tea in moderation for insomniac people or who can’t sleep well at night.

Where to buy jasmine tea?

Different varieties of jasmine tea are available on Amazon and EtsyYou may check varieties of jasmine tea on these platforms to purchase jasmine tea.

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