How to do numerology calculator for business

Many businesses have opened up and shut down over the years. Don’t we all wonder why some small companies reach the heights of success while some don’t? According to statistics, 70% of businesses shut down within five years of opening.

If you are a business owner who has been trying hard to make it big in his field, it is time that you start considering all the essential factors that might affect your business. Business name numerology is one of the many things you can try to reach your desired path.

The numerologists use numerology calculator for businesses to determine what’s the best for and what’s not. According to many experts, the combination of numerology and astrology can have a significant impact on businesses.

Whether you are starting from scratch or developing an identity for your business, you should consider the businesses’ numerology calculator.

What is the numerology of your business?

Numerology is all about the vibrations and energies reflected by the numbers. Like most things, the numbers are connected, from birth date to name and everything. There’s a connection between everything. As astrology is based on sun signs, numerology is based on the numbers related to our name and birth date.

In numerology choosing a business name becomes extremely important. Every entrepreneur works towards choosing the best name for their business that can reflect their brand.

Business name numerology refers to assigning unique numbers to businesses that align with the vibrations and contribute to making positive changes with the organization. This helps to determine the best name for the company and the corporate organization. However, every business is different and has different needs.

A business name numerology will have an important role in determining whether your business will go uphill or downhill.

How to calculate the numerology number of your business?

You can either reach out to a numerologist or use any numerology calculator for business to find whether the name is suitable for your business or not.

Calculating business name numerology is pretty easy, even if you’re doing it for the first time. There are several online numerology calculators for a business that can make things easy for you.

The alphabets translate to numbers, which you can use to calculate for your business. This include

    • 1= A, J, S
    • 2= B, K, T
    • 3= C, L, U
    • 4= D, M, V
    • 5= E, N, W
    • 6= F, O, X
    • 7= G, P, Y
    • 8= H, Q, Z
    • 9= I, R
  1. Add the numbers related to your business name. Reduce the resultant to a single digit.
  2. If the business name is more than one word, repeat the above-mentioned process to calculate others’ numbers.
  3. To receive the accurate business numerology name, you should reduce them and calculate it again.
  4. The resultant single-digit number is your business number numerology. However, if the resultant is 11, 22, and 33, you shouldn’t reduce it to a single-digit because they are Master Numbers.

The Meanings of the Numbers in Business Name Numerology

The business numerology name can have a significant impact on your business. It helps determine a lot of things; from the challenges, your business might face the losses. The meaning of numbers in business name numerology include

1- The Leader

This is the new number depicting beginnings for your business, especially for start-ups and self-determination. It has a relation to solo as well as teamwork because it reflects independent energy. 

One can be a very significant number for your business irrespective of the field you belong to. Although it has rebellious energy related to it, the energy is positive as it brings a lot of determination and focuses on your way.

However, it is necessary to maintain the balance to avoid the energy of stubbornness. This energy of stubbornness can be used positively. 

Having 1 as your business name determines that you have the power and will to do it all alone and make it big in your business.

2 - The Partnership

This number talks all about your business partnerships, as it talks about how you could apply the concept in your business. It reflects the energy of partnerships with other people and the traits and values bound to the partnership. 

Number 2 is more about duality and the coexistence of two in the business, balancing the good and bad between two, similar to light and dark. It also brings forth the importance of physical and spiritual pursuits of your business, masculine and feminine energy, and more.

It is all about balance and energy. If these are managed correctly, the partnership can take your business in positive directions with its unique offerings.

3 - The Creative Spirit

In number 3, creative spirit and social connection play a key role in explaining the aesthetics. It brings out all types of aesthetics and creative pursuits that can be beneficial for your business.

However, creativity is connected to social gatherings and group activities, not with individual endeavors. 3 is dynamic energy, and when it is treated the right way, it can positively impact your business. However, not having a balance can lead to projects getting delayed and, eventually, the shutting down of business.

4 - The Builder

Number 4 depicts dependable and grounded association. However, not everyone is okay with 4 as your business because they feel it brings stagnation. Number 4, when used the right way and balanced, can help to reflect positive and trustworthy energy for your business.

Most business owners can rely on number 4, as it reflects the energy connected to energy. It has a strong foundation on which businesses can be built.

5- The Change Maker

For a business belonging to Number 5, their personal freedom is fundamental. 5 is very encouraging for businesses as it allows everyone to take their own step and move towards a positive direction.

Number 5 is very much similar to number 3 and a bit independent. They’re all about change, adventure, and newness in travel. Many large organizations have 5 as their business number, for example, Apple. While 1 signifies new beginnings, 5 works in similar foundations to bring a change.

6 - The Nurturer

Businesses with 6 as their number have a kind of self-sacrificing energy. It is often referred to as the Mother Number because of its role in the home and family sphere. 

It needs to be balanced properly or bring about negative aspects such as over-protectiveness and anxiety. This, however, will prevent businesses from making decisions that can bring about their growth.

Number 6, however, reflects a lot of compassionate energy and can bring about healing and teaching. It has a very warm, welcoming energy that can allow your business’s growth if harnessed the right way.

7 - The Truth Seeker

Number 7 reflects scientific as well as practical knowledge. It has a combination of intuitive and spiritual experiences along with ancient wisdom. It works based on what your heart has to say and what your head thinks about it.

Number 7 is closely related to research and analysis-based pursuit and brings forth many philosophies and introspection. As it is not a social number, it explains the possibilities of eccentricity and aloofness. However, this is one of those business numbers which is solely based on the foundation of seeking the true meaning of life.

8 - The Manifestor

It may bring positive changes to your business, but it can also have certain negative impacts. Thus, number 8 is not only a positive aspect but also an intense number. 

Compared to all other numbers, number 8 can slip into the journey of prioritizing money and power. Hence, number 8 is more of a corporate number. If balanced, it can manifest success and influence a great start to your business.

Number 8 talks more of a smart business move and a good judge of character. Harness the energy the right way!

9 - The Philanthropist

Number 9 reflects the energy of being at someone’s service. It has very generous energy that speaks of operative and creativity. Whatever the business, number 9 reflects the energy to be at the service of others. 

Number 9 is connected more to social causes such as bringing justice, fundraising and giving it back. The number puts forth the needs of others above. However, it is necessary to realize that this might not always be the right thing, so one needs to be careful.

Master Numbers

11, 22, and 33 belong to the Master Numbers, and they have an important aspect for your business name numerology.

11 - The Messenger

11 brings about the energy of two numbers, the masculine energy of 1 clubbed with connectedness and feminine energy of number 2. 

11 is often seen as a message to the world to bring about consciousness and enlightenment to a business that will push out boundaries. However, the energy needs to be harnessed the right way for reaching a goal. If the energy isn’t used the right way, the people might be left with no direction.

Businesses with 11 as their numerology might feel out of place and conflicted until they seek a voice of their own. Although they can get stuck, having the ‘get-it-done’ energy will only lead to its growth. If the energy is applied accurately, it will help bring out the business’s true potential.

22 - The Master Builder

This number is seen as a combination of foundational energy of 4 and feminine partnership of 2. The number has a very positive energy that can turn even the loftiest of dreams into reality.

But then it can also have the potential of bringing your business down. It is essential to believe in the type of energy that 22 can manifest, or it will bring about overwhelming feelings, self-applied pressure, anxiety, and indecision. Thus, number 22 has everything 11 harnesses and turns it into a reality.

33 - The Master Teacher

The Master Teacher or number 3 follows the combination of energies by numbers 3 and 6. It is more of a shaker or a mover that can make confident decisions. 33, carries the vision of the other two master numbers, 11 and 22.

It is both creative and persuasive that leads to growth. This energy, when harnessed the right way, can bring preachiness or frustration. What type of energy is reflected completely depends on how people react to you.

Number 33 becomes extremely crucial for businesses to create highly-valuable coaching or teaching surrounding a spiritual change or evolution.

Which numerology number is good for business?

If you use a numerology calculator for business, you will easily calculate the numerology for your business. However, it is necessary to determine which numerology number is good for your business.

Numerology works mostly by businesses. Communication and real deals are an important aspect of businesses. Mercury is the significant planet responsible for communication and real deals. The number for mercury is 5. Hence, number 5 can be considered to be a good one for your business.

Other numbers that might be suitable for businesses are 1, 2, and 3. However, 8 can be an unfavorable numerology number for your business if the energy is not harnessed in the right way.

What to do if the numerology number is not good?

If numerology isn’t right, you don’t need to freak out. There’s absolutely no necessity as to why you should change the name. 

If the number doesn’t suit your business requirements, you need to ask yourself certain things.

  • Is the number challenging something in me?

Why do you feel the number isn’t right for you? The energies the number reflects might have a chance with you. It would help if you analyzed the reaction thoroughly to bring a balance to your business.

  • Can it inspire something new?

You don’t necessarily need to search for problems in your business. If everything is going the right way, you need to flow with it. However, a numerologist can suggest what would be best if the number isn’t suitable for your business.


The numerology calculator for business can play an important role in finding out the best for you. If you cannot find the numerology for your business, you can reach out to a numerologist to find the business number. Make sure to follow the details to find the best.

Numerology calculator life path and destiny number

Are you not fascinated by the science of numbers? While this is great, it can also get confusing. Many people have been using numerology calculators for life paths, which in turn is supposed to guide them through. 

Once in our lifetime, all of us will find ourselves staring at the clock at 11:11, wondering where things went wrong. Don’t we all think about how things are going and how they will go in the coming time? This is confusing, but it is actually one of the most important things to consider.

The answer to most of our questions is embedded nowhere but the digits. It’s the science of numerology that has been guiding us through. The power of digits can create the magic we haven’t been looking forward to. Believe it or not, but numerology works like magic and sometimes tends to be more accurate than astrology.

What is numerology?

Numerology, as the name suggests, is the mystical study of numbers. It isn’t your general study of numbers. In astrology, the position of stars and zodiac signs are checked to determine the person’s future condition. Similarly, in numerology, the numbers provide an insight into the person, the great purpose of life, future events, and so much more precise details.

According to the experts, numerology explains and determines the age of your soul. It seems for something deeper and finds what suits them best. It helps to provide additional information about the individual lifestyle.

Numerology also helps to detect the sense of recurring digits. If the numbers are aligned the right way, you start to notice the pattern and determine how things really work.

Synchronicity and numerical patterns have existed for months and have been observed as well. Chaldean numerology follows ancient Babylonian practices. The Kabbalistic studies of the Jews are also based on the recurring digits obtained from the Old Testament. Similarly, many occultists believe that the appearance of 11:11 on the clock has a deep relation with tetragrammaton.

How is Numerology practiced?

Numerology is practiced according to the teachings laid by the Greek philosopher Pythagoras. Pythagoras was very much interested in numbers, but he knew that these numbers had far more significance than calculations and contributed to calculating energy vibrations worldwide.

Depending on his thoughts, he developed a system where numbers corresponded with letters to create vibrations. This system was referred to as numerical interconnectivity.

However, you do not need to be any mathematical expert to practice numerology. Once you know how these numbers work, you will yourself be able to unfold the magic.

How to do a calculation using a numerology calculator life path?

It’s easier than you think, but you need to be extremely focused to get accurate results. The easiest way to calculate numerology is to start with your unique date of birth.

To get the unique birth date, you need to reduce the digits until you reach a single number except 11 and 22. This is mostly because 11 and 22 are considered to be the master numbers. The single-digit numbers are a representation of the Life Path number.

The Life Path Number is equivalent to your sun sign and is responsible for depicting your strength, weaknesses, ambitions, and talents.

It also has an important role in determining the experiences you will encounter, the past and future events.

All you need to do is insert the numbers, and you’re good to go. 

You need to calculate the birth year, date, and even the month and then eventually calculate them all together to get your life path number.

Suppose you’re born on 17 December 1997. Your birth number will be calculated accordingly.

  1. Calculate the year = 1+9+9+7 = 26
  2. Calculate the 26= 2+6= 8
  3. Calculate the month= 1+2= 3
  4. Calculate the date= 1+7= 8
  5. Then calculate them together= 8+3+8 = 19
  6. Calculate 19= 1+9= 10
  7. Calculate 10= 1+0= 1

Your Life Path number is 1. Initially, it may seem to be a daunting task, but once you get a hold of it, this is one of the easiest things to do.

Moreover, if you know basic calculations, you can do it all by yourself. You no longer need to visit an astrologer to know your sun sign; your basic math capabilities will give you the ability to determine your life path number.

Master numbers

As suggested earlier, the only two-digit numbers that won’t be reduced to a single-digit number are 11 and 22. This is mostly because they are considered to be a far better version of the root numbers. 

Anyone whose life a path number is a master number will be getting high degree learning, achievement, success, but all will come at the cost of learning under stressful and high-pressure situations. The higher octanes are often responsible for indicating the lifespan or missions.

Can I convert letters for finding destiny number?

You can easily find your path life number using these numerology techniques. However, the principle of Pythagoras needs to be implied for accurate results. As per the theory of Pythagoras, certain numbers have a letter attached to it. This is as follows

  • 1= A, J, S
  • 2= B, K, T
  • 3= C, L, U
  • 4= D, M, V
  • 5= E, N, W
  • 6= F, O, X
  • 7= G, P, Y
  • 8= H, Q, Z
  • 9= I, R

Using this procedure, one can easily find out all the essential numbers associated with the name and then calculate it using the numerology path life calculator to find your Destiny Number.

For example:

Suppose your name is John

J= 1, O= 6, H= 8, N= 5

Calculate or add the numbers= 1+6+8+5 = 20

Calculate 20 further to get a single digit= 2+0= 2

Life Path number and Destiny Number

It is necessary to understand that the Life Path number is different from the Destiny Number. The Life Path Number talks about the greater goals of your life, while on the other hand, the Destiny number reflects how you will react to or achieve the goal.

The connection between the life path number and the Destiny number signifies the importance of life in a person. Depending on the life path number and destiny number, one can choose to analyze, research, and critically observe the entire thing before deciding.

What do these numbers mean?

Now that you’re already familiar with these numbers, you will also need to analyze what these numbers actually mean.

Number 1

Like Aries, 1 numerology is the first one that depicts independent nature, pioneering spirit, and innate leadership capabilities. Although they are positive their entire life, they can become bossy when sad and extremely lonely when their sensitive points are hot. However, independent number 1 feels to be, at one point in life, they will need constant support from lovers, friends, and family.

Number 2

Number 2 talks more about sensitivity, harmony, and maintaining a balance in life. It reflects kindness. People belonging to number 2 tend to have strong psychedelic reactions such as intuition.

However, Number 2 is prone to a lot of energy shifts and emotional imbalance. They can often feel that they are less appreciated or valued. However, 2 should work towards avoiding the need for external validation.

Number 3

Number 3 is an amalgam of two forces, and communication is essential. People in 3 tend to motivate and inspire people. They are always down for making someone laugh. However, one can get extremely moody, which is why it is necessary to achieve peaceful mindfulness.

Number 4

The energy is rooted deep within the force. Hard work and practice are the keys to ensure a proper system. 4 does not need to stick to the old number, but new ones. There aren’t many situations from which you can pull yourself through, but only if you’re focused.

Number 5

Free-thinking yet rational and quick decision-makers belong to Number 5. They are adventurous and progressive and have the energy of a Sagittarian. Although they are joyous and spontaneous, they can become restless and impatient. These people have a tough time keeping up with their daily responsibilities.

Number 6

It is a more supportive, nurturing, and empathetic nature. It is a very balanced destiny number that can maintain its calm in physical and emotional stress. It has a strong sense of responsibility and cares a lot about their friends and families.

Number 7

Number 7 has high investigation and analytical skills that help them sustain. It is a blend of the energies of Scorpio and Virgo. It is very detailed and has strong inner thoughts. Undoubtedly, they are perfectionists.

Number 8

Whether it is a financial success or good health, there’s always an abundance of everything for number 8. Number 8 is goal-oriented and ambitious, which may often negatively impact, despite this being good quality. Number 8 always strives to give back to society.

Number 9

This final number is all about the physical connection of dots. This sign brings about several spiritual awareness and boosts the spirit of motion. Although they can move ahead, it is necessary to stay close to the ground for 9 people.


If you know basic maths, the science and magic of numerology is no big task for you. You can use the Life path calculator to find out an accurate result for yourself. It will help you know more about your life.

Numerology calculator for a name - Everything you need to know

The numerology name calculator helps to get the letter of their birth names. Over the years, the numerology calculator for names has become more popular among people. According to numerology, every letter has an assigned number that provides information regarding the progressive and regressive manner.

The science of numerology provides an impact regarding what has been happening and what lies ahead. Numerology works mostly like astrology; however, it is different. Numerology works based on numbers, while astrology works on your sun sign. One common thing between both of them is that both use the birth name and date of birth.

A numerology calculator for names provides online prediction depicting soul urges and personality numbers. The name numbers result from the addition of the numbers assigned to the letters responsible for radiating energy and expressions.

Number 1 to 8 is assigned for alphabets belonging to the Chaldean system. However, number 9 doesn’t belong to the calculation of name numbers.

What is numerology?

Numerology, much like astrology, is the study of life, talking of what lies ahead and what our future will be, but instead of sun signs, it uses numbers. Using numerology, you can uncover a lot of secrets in your life. This universal language of number radiates energy and secrets which may not be unfolded to you.

People who are interested in astrology will have some knowledge about numerology too. Numerology works in the same manner as astrology to provide comprehensive information and insight with numbers.

It is a universal system. The numbers are broken down into basic elements to get results. The numbers through numerology are used to ensure better ideas of the world.

The breaking of basic elements helps meet various needs and eventually meets businesses’ meaningful needs.

What is the name numerology?

Whenever you are born, a name is your first mode of identity. Numerology also has an important role in boosting the significance. The person’s name has a lot to tell about the individual.

Name numerology refers to the process of calculating numbers to determine the person’s personality and the quality of people you will attract in your life. Most people use the name numerology to meet the requirements of the person. It also checks for the person’s personality traits and what ambitions or future they will reach out to depending on his/her name.

While the first name talks about the ambitions, the person’s surname has a lot to talk about the genetic influences and personal characteristics. According to name numerology, different types of numbers are assigned to each letter to explain the person.

Numerologists believe that people should provide a strong and powerful name to your child to ensure the child’s longevity. There’s a science of Vedic name numerology as well. Vedic name numerology brings a lot about your name.

As per the name numerology, the first alphabet is referred to as Cornerstone, which plays a vital role in determining how to reach and approach the audience. The last letter of the name is Capstone, which has an important role in determining how much you are dedicated to completing a particular task. The combination of these helps to see the ability to complete the projects in the long run.

How to calculate the numerology number?

As stated, every letter has an assigned number. According to Pythagorean numerology, the numbers assigned to letters include the following.

1= A, J, S

2= B, K, T

3= C, L, U

4= D, M, V

5= E, N, W

6= F, O, X

7= G, P, Y

8= H, Q, Z

9= I, R


11= K

22= V

Step 1

Enter your full birth name and birth date for calculating the Life Path Number. It would help if you reduced the birthday, year, and month to a single digit to determine the path of life you choose.

What does the Table of Life Path Mean?

According to the Birth Path, the numbers achieve different leadership. These include the following

  1. Leadership
  2. Assistant
  3. Skilled Craftsman
  4. The worker
  5. The explorer
  6. The provider
  7. Analytical
  8. The manager
  9. A philanthropist

Moreover, using the numerology calculator for names, you can calculate who you are compatible with.

Step 2

You should enter your full name and birth, as shown in the table above. Make sure to reduce it to a single digit for revealing the true identity.

Your first, middle, and last name need to be reduced to a single digit. You can then interpret using the number for finding the talents, personal potential, and even identity. Once the number is reduced to a single digit, you can calculate the pathway or purpose within life.

Pathway refers to what purpose you want to do. Pathway, however, cannot be determined until a person has become mature. To calculate the pathway, you need to have a calculation about Life Path Number and Name number. Each number has a specific pathway attached to it.

Step 3

The next step is to obtain the soul number using the vowels of your entire name (full and last). As per the numerology, you need to calculate the vowels. The vowels of numerology are different from the general ones, such as A, E, I, O, U and Y. Furthermore, calculating your soul number helps to analyze how you feel inside.

Step 4

The next step is to calculate the personality number. You can calculate the personality number using the consonants. The consonants need to be reduced to a single digit. This helps you analyze how the person perceives you.

How do you calculate your name in numerology?

You can use the numerology calculator for a name to analyze what is best. You can use this calculator to find out the best results for yourself.

According to numerology, the science of numbers will have a mystical significance in your life. The steps to calculate your name in numerology include the following

1. Assign the number 1-9 to each letter of the alphabet

The table for numbers, as stated above. You should write down the numbers for each letter as stated properly to get maximum results. The numbers are summarised in the list. Make sure to use the list and calculate it. You need to consider the numbers for your full name.

2. Write your full name and assign each number.

Before you set out to use the calculator, you should list or write down the number on a piece of paper. The list should contain the number for first, middle, and last names. Make sure to match the numbers accordingly. However, you will need to segregate vowels and consonants to receive results more accurately.

3. Sum up the digits and reduce it to a single-digit number

Once you have listed the numbers, you should add them together, depending on the numbers attached to your name’s letters. This will result in a multi-digit number. You should further add the multi-digit number to a single-digit number.

It would help if you kept adding these multi-digits until it reaches a single-digit number. The single-digit number is known as your name number. However, if the multi-digit number comes down to 11 and 22, you should not add it. These are referred to as Master numbers, which is why you shouldn’t be using it.

  • Learn more

Once you receive the name number, you should prefer using it more and learning it more to boost your personality. According to numerologists, every number has a certain personality trait attached to it. 

However, the number is no strong definition of your personality. It just acts as one of the examples of your trait and not the entire thing. The personality traits can vary depending on the person and the quality he or she possesses

What is the destiny number?

Destiny is never determined by one phase of life but affects every aspect of your life. Similarly, that is how destiny number works. Destiny number is an important part of your life. The destiny number brings about your life’s purpose and also signifies the pattern in which you can achieve it.

Destiny number is more of an expression of life. It helps you to know your feelings, emotions, and thoughts about your life. It is for the same reason; numerologists often refer to destiny numbers as expression numbers. 

The destiny number works based on the name assigned you at the time of birth. Like the Life Path Number, the destiny number is also calculated until the multiple digits are reduced to a single digit. The numerology calculator for a name can play an important role in making things easy for you.

How to calculate the destiny number?

The numerology calculator for a name is one of the easiest ways to calculate the destiny number. The method listed below can make it easier for you to calculate the destiny number and adopt the numerology concept. The destiny number calculator also shares the root number.

The steps to calculate the destiny number are as follows. 

  • Enter your birth name. However, to know your accurate destiny number, you should enter only the birth name and not an alias, adopted name, or chosen name.
  • Add all the numbers that are linked to the letters of your name. The numbers should comprise the letters of your first, middle, and last name.
  • Add the numbers and reduce it to a single-digit number. Whether you get three digits to a two-digit number, you should consider reducing it to a single-digit number.

What is my baby's numerology name?

The baby’s numerology name is completely dependent on the birth name you choose for the child. Suppose your child’s birth name is ANGELINA; you will need to look for all the potential numbers attached to the letters.

A+ N+ G+ E+ L+ I+ N+ A= 1+ 5+ 7+ 5+ 3+ 9+ 5+ 1= 36, which will further be reduced to 3+6= 9.

The numerology name for your child is 9. Similarly, you can calculate the numerology name for your child. Depending on your child’s birth name’s letters, you can enter all the details in the numerology calculator for name and then find an accurate solution for it.

How do you calculate your newborn baby number?

Using a numerology calculator for a name, you can easily calculate the newborn baby number depending on their name and birth date.

By the date of birth

  • Take the numbers of month, date, and year separately.
  • Add them.
  • The resultant number is your primary birth path.
  • Add all the numbers and receive a secondary birth path.

By name

  • Enter your baby’s name.
  • Add the numbers assigned to the letters of the baby’s name.
  • The resultant is the primary destiny number.
  • Add the multiple digits to receive a single-digit, the main newborn baby number, or the destiny number.

How do you write your baby's name in numerology?

Your child’s personality number has to be a single-digit number that is derived depending on the consonants that have been assigned to the child at the time of birth. 

The destiny number plays an important role in determining what the baby will become. However, it will become fruitful only in the future, depending on the endeavors and personality your child develops. You should calculate the numbers assigned and then write your baby’s name in numerology.

What is the personality number?

Personality number refers to the single-digit number that has been calculated depending on the consonants of the name assigned to you at birth.

Your personality number is a complete reflection of your personality, most of the energy you hold, and the kind of energy you give out. Your personality number has a key role in determining why some people stay and why some of them lose interest in you in the long run.

How to calculate the personality number?

You can use a numerology calculator for a name to determine the personality number. As stated, the personality number is calculated mostly based on the consonants of your birth name. Here’s how you can calculate the personality number.

  • Enter your full name.
  • Segregate the consonants of it.
  • Enter the numbers assigned to the consonants.
  • Add them up. If it’s a multi-digit number, reduce it to a single-digit number. If the multi-digit number is 11, 22, or 33, leave it as it is because they are master numbers.

The result you receive is the personality number.

What is the soul urge number?

The soul urge number plays a vital role in identifying who you are, what you do, and your true desires. Calculating your soul urge number using the calculator will help you know what motivates you and what you value in life. It also helps you prioritize what you want and what is that your actual soul desires.

The Soul Urge number is often referred to as the heart’s desire number and represents its wants. It defines what your heart wants. The soul urge number is calculated using the vowels of your name.

How to calculate the soul urge number?

The easiest way to calculate the soul urge number is to use a numerology calculator for the name. Some of the easiest ways to calculate the soul urge number include the following.

  • Follow the chart mentioned above and enter digits that have been assigned to the letters of your name.
  • Please enter all the numbers as per your first name and surname and calculate them separately (according to your name’s vowels) to get accurate results.
  • Separate calculations make it easier for you to analyze the consideration. Eventually, you will be able to find a meaning for your name.

What is considered a lucky name according to a numerology calculator?

Whether or not your name is lucky, according to numerology, the number is calculated using the name and birth date. According to the Cheiro and Chaldean fortunate name test, you will analyze what a lucky name for you is.

The vital and prime digit determines the Life Path number (as per Chaldean arthimacy) and birthday number (as per Cheiro numerology), and the three name digits. Every number for your name is different and is influenced by various numerals.

Lucky Name Calculator: As per Cheiro, birthday or ruling no. is extremely important and has an important role in daily activities and whole life.

According to the Cheiro numerology, the second core digit is also referred to as destiny no. or Namank.

It is extremely necessary to know the Namank and destiny numbers, which may be compatible with each other. You can also prefer taking a number test to find the auspicious born numerology numbers and helps to determine whether your birth name is fortunate or not.

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It is time that you focus on numerology as well. If you are very interested in astrology, you should have certain ideas about your numerology. The right numerology calculator for a name can make it easy for you to determine where you move ahead in your life.

What is Numerology name and what does it mean for you

Numerology is a mystical belief in the connection between numbers and different events. Numerology relates numbers to our characteristics, behaviors, life experiences and how every aspect of our lives links to these numbers. Many ancient civilizations like the Chinese, Indian, and Greeks have been exploring Mathematics’s realms and understanding this mystical connection.

Numerology and the cultures

For ages, mathematicians and numerologists have been working on numbers and symbols, trying to decrypt the mysteries of nature. Each scholar introduced their methods and ideas, formulating different types of numerology. The East Asian Cultures use numerology for a variety of things, while for the Western cultures, name numerology is quite popular.

You may find that every numerology horoscope is a little different from the others. That’s because each of the numerology systems understands the numbers differently.

How does numerology work?

Like complex mathematical formulas, numerology works on certain principles. Principles that attribute each digit to energy, which in turn affect our lives. Although each system understands numbers differently, they share a common principle – Energy.

The Chinese relate it to sound, the Western to vibrations, while Tamil uses various derived numbers.

Decoding the Numerology Chart

As every numerology system is a little different, one must understand the principles to understand the results. One should be able to deduce the attributes that drive and derive a numerology chart. Though Pythagoras’s theories lay the field for modern numerology, various historical records link numerology to thousands of years ago.

1. Chaldean numerology

The Chaldean system goes back to the days of Babylon. The times when numerology was often related to astrology. According to the Chaldean system, each digit represents a personality trait. It follows a name numerology chart that maps each alphabet to a digit (1-8), and the results are understood based on the name.

In the Chaldean system, Digit 9 bears a holy significance. It isn’t popular as it is a fairly complex system to understand. Single digits represent a person’s outer personality, while the double digits express the inner personality.

2. Kabbalah numerology

The Kabbalah Numerology readings are based on the Jewish culture and Hebrew literature. This numerology system is usually used for understanding the future and current life events of a person.

The Kabbalah understands the universe in the form of energies and vibrations. It uses ‘Tree of life,’ which is a graphical representation of various universal forces. And use these forces and diagrams to calculate their effect on a person’s life.

Alike, the Chaldean system, each alphabet is represented by a number, and each of these numbers corresponds to a set of qualities and behaviors. Also, each of the digits corresponds to a planet or sun/moon.

3. Vedic numerology

Finding its roots in the land of ‘Zero,’ Vedic Numerology is also known as Indian Numerology. Known to be among the oldest numerology systems, the Vedic Numerology uses the digits 1-9. And, each of these numbers holds a special meaning.

The Vedic Numerology Horoscope works with 3 numbers – Psychic Number, Name Number, and Destiny Number. These numbers together form an essential component of Indian Astrology. As they individually represent certain characteristics of a person, together can be used to draft a horoscope.

4. Pythagorean numerology

The Pythagorean Numerology method was developed by the renowned Greek philosopher Pythagoras. This numerology is highly popular in western cultures. According to Pythagoras, every number portrays specific energy.

The energy that mends and drives our lives and experiences. As per his system, these energies can be both positive and negative. And so, the horoscope is based on a combination of various numbers and energy interactions. Using the numbers 1-9, everything can be expressed in the form of formulae and expressions.

5. Other numerology methods

Apart from the popular ones, there are some less renowned number systems. Abracadabra, for example, bases its results on a person’s name. The name is then used with a series of triangles to draft the name numerology chart.

How is numerology related to us?

From the moment you are born, numbers become a part of your life. There are your birth date and time, coordinates to your birthplace, weight, and so on. Hence, it wouldn’t be wrong to think if these numbers affect you in some way. Numerology is based on predictive calculations and understanding how energies interact.

When a person is born, the universe is in some state of energy. And this somehow governs a person’s behavioral, physical, and emotional traits.

Numbers are just a way to understand these energies and get a glimpse of how they affect one’s life. Numerology is all about acknowledging these driving forces and mending one’s way through the journey.

Numbers in the Chinese Culture

The Chinese Numerology was born about 4000 years ago, introduced by Emperor Fu Hsi. Like Feng Shui, Nine Star ki, and Chinese astrology, many ancient Chinese beliefs are also based on this number system.

Chinese numerology lucky numbers

The Chinese categorize their numbers based on their sounds and if they are lucky or unlucky. The digit ‘0’ is seen as a symbol of completeness and perfection. And so, it isn’t considered a part of the number system.

The Lo Shu Square (a number grid of digits 1-9) is extensively used in the Chinese culture.

From architectural design to determining the future, it is everywhere. One can determine their birth chart by plotting their birth numbers on the square and getting insight into their lives.

The Chinese are skeptical about number 4 as it is considered unlucky. Digits 6 and 8; on the other hand, are seen are a sign of prosperity and success. The people who believe in the Chinese number system employ it whenever possible.

  • One (1) – One is a symbol of honor and independence. However, it also indicated loneliness.
  • Two (2) – The Chinese relate Two to symmetry and happiness. It is often associated with the idea of stability.
  • Three (3) – In the Chinese dialect, three is a homophone to ‘life.’ It is a lucky number as it expresses growth and creation.
  • Four (4) – Digit four is a sign of a bad omen. Sounding like death, number 4 is believed to bring misfortune and destruction.
  • Five (5) – Number 5 represents balance and harmony. Similar to the 5 elements of nature, the Chinese associate five with sureness.
  • Six (6) – Number 6 indicates success and profit. Concerning business and wealth, people prefer this metal element number.
  • Seven (7) – In the Chinese number system, 7 is a neutral number. It is a sign of togetherness and new beginnings. It is also related to spirits and ghosts. And in China, the 7th month of the Lunar Calendar celebrates the arrival of spirits on Earth.
  • Eight (8) – Digit 8 is the luckiest symbol of all. It represents fortune, happiness, growth, and all sorts of positive energies.
  • Nine (9) – The number 9 is a homophone to a Chinese word that means longevity and eternity. It is also associated with the Fire element, which represents motivation.

Birth horoscope as per Chinese numerology

According to Chinese culture, there are 5 main life elements – Wood, Fire, Water, Metal, and Earth. And each of these elements symbolizes a greater meaning and purpose.

The Chinese also believe that it is important to have opposing forces.

As it is the interaction between these forces that gives life its meaning. Therefore, these 5 elements are related to each other in creation and destruction, thus maintaining a balance.

The last digit of your birth year indicates your element.

  1. ‘0’ means your element is Metal.
  2. Birth years ending in ‘2’ or ‘3’ represent Water.
  3. Wood is for ‘4’ and ‘5’.
  4. ‘6’ and ‘7’ symbolizes Fire.
  5. Earth for digits ‘8’ and ‘9’.

These elements are further associated with certain characteristics that give insight into a person’s personality traits and ideology.

The essence of Vedic Numerology

The Indian Numerology system is in sync with astrology and ancient Vedic practices. According to this system, there are primary 3 numbers that influence a person’s life.

 1. Psychic number

As the name suggests, the psychic number expresses the basic personality traits of a person. It plays a crucial role in influencing one’s interests, ambitions, perception about oneself. It is mostly related to your instincts and how you interact or respond in general scenarios.

The psychic number is derived from the birth date. Each psychic number corresponds to a set of attributes and gives a holistic view of the subject’s nature. It helps you look within and know about your true self.

2. Destiny number

The number represents the characteristics of your life. It indicates how your life would be. The destiny number accounts for your karmas and the things the universe would present to you as life goes on. It is used to understand and know about life experience one should expect.

The life path number showcases the opportunities and challenges you may encounter. Thus, giving you a chance to be prepared as they come. Calculating it is pretty simple, add up all the numbers of the birth date.

Although both psychic and destiny numbers play an important role in understanding a person’s life, destiny number bears a higher significance in influencing one’s life path.

3. Name number

The name number is related to one’s relationships and compatibility. It helps in identifying if someone would have a positive or negative influence on a person’s life. Each character is associated with energy and frequency. Thus there is no direct way to calculate this.

But, each frequency has an underlying value that is added up to attain the overall Name number. There are many Name numerology calculators in Indian that can help you find your name number.

Numerology in the Western world

In western cultures, the concepts of numerology share some resemblance to the ones in the East. The Pythagorean Numerology also believes in the relationship of numbers and energies. However, it looks at the numbers in a slightly different way.

The founder of Western Numerology, Pythagoras, was a famous astrologer, numerologist, and philosopher. And, there are many more things that were of interest to him. In his dimension of numbers, each number represents a planet and its vibrations. He believed that these numbers define certain qualities, and they could also be linked to karma.

Alike, the Chaldean system, he assigned a number (1-9) to each alphabet in English literature. And, further introduced ‘11’ and ‘22’ as the master numbers, which accounted for the karma factor. According to his theory, every number bears positive and negative qualities, which in turn affects one’s life.

Pythagoras also introduced concepts of life path number, personality number, etc., to help others decipher the required results.

Numbers like destiny number, personality number, heart’s desire number are based on name numerology. These are derived by summing the numeric values of the alphabets. Other numbers like life path number, maturity number, and challenge numbers are calculated based on birth dates or other derived numbers.

Conclusively, each derived number represents a range of characteristics and qualities. And these have both positive and negative impacts on a person’s life.

Reading the correct signs

Numerology is quite powerful and comes really close to real life. Most of the popular methods are precise and accurate, presenting a reflection of your life.

But, all results are generalized and based on probability.

Therefore, if you believe in numerology, you must understand the message and not the literal meaning. These numbers pave a path and guide you through life, but your actions ultimately unfold the future. In all ancient literature and philosophies, karma is a powerful force.

The strongest feature of the numerology horoscope is that there are so many numbers and meanings. Thus, giving one the freedom to understand the results from their perspective. But, this sometimes can be confusing and misleading.

Reliable and trusted numerology calculators like numerologist.com can help you discover the numbers that drive your life. You can calculate your birth number, find your master number, and explore your horoscope.

People are often puzzled with thoughts like ‘How do I figure out what my numerology number is?’, ‘What is the meaning of my Birthday?’, or ‘What’s my lucky number?’. With this calculator, you can calculate all these numbers on-the-go. And even explore the numerology reports to get detailed insights about your life.

But again, all these numbers and energies are just the milestones of the journey. They would guide through the path, lay down the field. Most importantly, it is your choice how you wish your mend your life.

Life unfolds new mysteries every moment, putting new experiences for us. Numerology is a sophisticated spiritual method that helps you connect the dots and look at the bigger picture.

If you truly believe in the power of numbers and are fascinated with the secrets of life, it’s never too late to know your numbers. Try out some numerology calculator and let the universe reveal its secrets.

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