India is an exciting country for trips. The vast geographical size, the breathtaking landscapes, the human diversity, the hospitality of the Indians, the ancient culture and the delicious vegetarian food are all great considerations.

The low costs relative to destinations in many other countries is also a significant factor. And in addition to all this, our instinctive attraction to East Asian cultures.

All these led us to choose India as a destination for a family trip with two little boys.

And inside India, we chose to travel to Himachal Pradesh, the jewel in the crown.

Dressed with spectacular hill stations, enchanting villages, diverse flora and fauna, snow-covered peaks, green valleys, extensive trekking trails, and picture-perfect vistas, Himachal Pradesh is an open invitation to all the travel enthusiasts who seek solace in the lap of nature, situated at high altitude.

Traveling with kids to Himachal Pradesh
Warm welcome by local family

Crowned with endless adventure and sightseeing, it delivers a refreshing escape to nature lovers, backpackers, and explorers.

Nestled at the foothills of Himalayas, it’s a far-stretched abode of snow that creates a sensational comforting effect and intrigues lust for a revisit. If

Himachal Pradesh jaunt doesn’t satisfy your craving, the hospitality of the locals will definitely impress your demeanor, which promotes Himachal Pradesh as one of the top tourist places in India.

Let’s unfold Himachal Pradesh tourist places map: which wondrous tourist places does it nestle?


It’s the mesmerizing beauty of Shimla that propelled British to declare this highland as their summer capital and as a reason, there still exists the effect of colonial influence. 

Bundled with numerous lakes and rich greenery, Shimla openly welcomes tourists round the year, given that one could bear the freezing temperature in winter.

Travel to India with kids
View from Shimla

Furnished with spectacular views and mountain peaks capped with a white sheet of snow, the hill stations unleash the fourth dimension of experience.
Shimla portrays an aura of royal India and constitutes of ancient monuments, stately Viceregal Lodges, old-age-styled iron lamp posts, regal bakeries, and Mall road loaded with ample clubs, bars, bakeries, and restaurants that supplement its beauty multifold during winter.

Travel to India
Street view in Shimla

For children what more fun would be to experience than the historic toy train, hosted by the city, that passes through 105 tunnels and beautiful rail and road stations to link Kalka with Shimla.

How to Reach?

New Delhi is at a distance of 343 kilometers and Chandigarh at 117 km by road. At a distance of 23 kilometers, Jubbarhatti is the nearest airport, with good connectivity from New Delhi. Shimla railway station (SML) is the convenient way to link with New Delhi and Chandigarh.

Travel with kids to Shimla, India
Driving options from New Delhi to Shimla. You can fly as well.
  • Popular For: British Colonial Architecture, Hill stations, Viewpoints
  • Shimla Nearest places to visit: Mashobra, Kasauli, Solan, Kufri, Tattapani, Chail
  • Top Attractions: Mall Road, The Ridge, Jakhu Hill, Summer Hill, Shimla State Museum, Solan, Arki Fort
  • Visit Time: 2-3 days
  • Best Time to Visit Shimla: May to July and November to January for snowfall
  • Fun things to Try: Shopping at Mall Road, Trek to Jakhu Hill, Play Polo at Annandale

Tip: This will be your first experience with the roads of India. The small vehicles, the quick ride relative to the road conditions, the bypass roads with limited visibility. Do not be shy to ask the driver to act more carefully and decrease the speed of driving.

Kullu & Manali

The two names are often heard along and are inseparable if you’re Himachal Pradesh aficionado.

Kullu: For explorers who search for places that symbolize the end of the habitat world, Kulanthai Petha, which was later renamed to Kullu, represented the exact meaning.

Situated on the bank of Beas river, Kullu is known as the ‘Valley of Gods,’ for obvious reasons like deep running green valleys and temples built on high altitudes.

Manali: Located at 6,726 feet above the sea level, Manali is a getaway to splendid snow-capped mountains where you can unleash your trekking skills and try paragliding, rafting, and mountaineering.

Travel to Manali
Local Indian girls taking photos with my kids :)
Travel with kids to Manali
Life scene in Manali
Travel with kids to India
In the streets of Manali

Travel to Manali with kids
Sadhu in Manali
Travel in India
In the nature near Manali

Manali not only refreshes the stale junks in your mind but also makes room to ascertain your fitness level, with the sporting amenities abundant here. It’s known for backpacking center and honeymoon destination.

How to reach?

Chandigarh, at a distance of 252 km, is the nearest airport. The nearest major railway station is Chandigarh, which is 270 km apart and links all larger northern cities. Himachal roadways run 570 km long to connect with the capital city of India.

  • Popular for: Unprecedented views, Nature, Hill station, Temples, Manali Bird Sanctuary, and Great Himalayan Ranges
  • Nearest tourist places: Kasol, Manikaran, Solang, Rohtang, Khirganga
  • Top Attractions: Old Temples, Rohtang Pass, Solang Valley
  • Visit Time: Max 3-4 days
  • Best time to visit Kullu-Manali: May-July and November to January for snowfall lovers.
  • Fun things to try: Skiing, paragliding, trekking, white water rafting, hiking, camping, and adventurous sports at Solang Valley


At a distance of 234 km from Manali and 237 km from Shimla lies Dharamshala, surrounded with snow-clad mountains on three sides and valley on one side.

Air passes through pine and oak trees and gardens to create music in the environment. Your eyes permeated with greenery all around would simulate a heavenly feeling here.

Travel with kids to Dharamsala
Three monks in Mcleod Ganj, at the entry to the Dalai Lama dwelling
Travel to Mcleod Ganj
Friendly monk approached our kids while we were eating Paratha
Travel with kids to Dharamshala
Our driver Benni, with the kids, after three weeks together

This place sets an example for the assimilation and integration of cultures, reflecting how the multicultural Indian community lives in harmony with Tibetan tribes, who have left their cultural imprint over the years.

You open your eyes to find yourself at a height of 4,000 meters and witness sky-piercing mountain peaks all around. Dharamshala consists of two distinct parts—Lower Dharamshala and Upper Dharamshala.

Travel with kids to Mcleod Ganj
Mcleod Ganj main street

Lower Dharamshala is a busy civil and commercial center, whereas Upper Dharamshala, often known as McLeodganj, is the residence of Tibetan spiritual leader, Dalai Lama.

Actually, there is not much to see in Dharamsala unless you want to look for some more shopping beyond McLeod Ganj.

Besides visiting MacLeod Gang, there are a few more places to visit around. The first one is a small village called Dhaamkot. It’s a small cute village with a much calmer atmosphere than McLeod Ganj, tiny streets, restaurants, small shops and a lot of good vibes. A day visit would suffice.

The second place is Bhagsu Nag, a small town nearby. The main attraction in Bhagsu is a beautiful waterfall. To get to the waterfall, take a cab to Bhagsu. It’s only a short drive.

Vacation in India
Street view from restaurant in Bhagsu
Travel with kids to Mcleod Ganj
On the way to Bhagsu Nag’s waterfall

From the town, there is a short walking to the waterfall. It’s also suitable for small kids. There are plenty of tourists in the area, you will not miss it. The waterfall and the area next to it are highly recommended. After the short trek, you can enjoy one of the local restaurants of Bhagso.

How to reach?

Dharamshala is at a distance of 520 kilometers from New Delhi and takes about 12 hours by road to cover the ascending slope. Dharamshala airport (DHM) is 13 km from the main city and is well connected with major metro cities. Pathankot Junction railway station, at a distance of 85 km, is the nearest railway station.

  • Popular for: Tibetan Culture, Nature, Monasteries
  • Nearest tourist places: Bir Billing, McLeodganj, Palampur, Kangra, Khajjiar
  • Top Attractions: Namgyal Monastery, Kangra Fort, Naddi View Point, Tsuglagkhang Complex
  • Visit Time: 3-4 full days
  • Best time to visit: April to June and September to November
  • Fun things to try: Boat ride across Dal Lake, Visit Dalai Lama Temple Complex


Located close to the outskirts of New Delhi’s neighboring cities—Punjab and Haryana—Kasauli is a charming hill station in Solan district of Himachal Pradesh.

Travel to Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh
A view of Kasauli Hills, Himachal Pradesh (credit: Pankajchib2507 )

It’s the perfect getaway from the hustle bustle of metropolitan cities. At an average altitude of 1927 meter, Kasauli, too, is colored with colonial influence. Because of its health-favored climate, it’s much fancied by fitness enthusiasts.

Travel with kids to India
Christ Church in Kasauli in Solan District of Himachal Pradesh (credit:
Suman Wadhwa )

Surrounded by thick forests, Kasauli is habitat to a broad variety of Himalayan flora and fauna, including the endangered ones. Set on the backdrop of Dhauladhar, Kasauli offers natural trails for long walks and trekking, para-gliding, and camping experience for adventurous backpackers.

How to reach?

Chandigarh (IXC) is the nearest airport. Four kilometers away from the main town, nearest Railway Station is Sonwara (SWO), but the best option is Kalka railway station, which is 40 km away. New Delhi is 293 kilometers away and takes about 7 hours to cover by road.

  • Popular For: British colonial period examples, Hill station
  • Nearest tourist places: Shimla, Chail, Solan
  • Top Attractions: Sunset Point, Kasauli Brewery, Manki Point, Lower and Upper Mall, Subathu Fort
  • Visit Time: 1 day
  • Best Time to Visit: November to March
  • Fun things to try: Gilbert trail for hiking and exploring; Paragliding, camping; Witness sunset and sunrise.


Spiti stands for “The Middle Land” and is located between India and Tibet, with a major portion of it marooned. It is allocated at an elevation of about 12,500 ft (3,800 m) and more.

Travel to Spiti, India
Lake view in Spiti, Himachal Pradesh

Famous English writer Rudyard Kipling described Spiti as a world within a world. It’s a breathtakingly beautiful and remains covered in snow for 8 months of a year. The population is scarce and rarely a habitat arrives like a mirage in a desert.

Travel to India with kids
People of Spiti, Himachal Pradesh

The Indian government agreed on to open Spiti as a tourist accessible area since 1992 only, so one can imagine why it’s untouched from almost all types of pollution and human footprints.

Spiti is more of a package if one has something adventurous in his mind to execute.

Family travel to India
Himalaya view of Spiti, Himachal Pradesh
Family travel to Himachal Pradesh
View of Spiti, Himachal Pradesh

It is home to 1000-year-old monasteries (Tabo and Sherkhang), oldest cultures, and highest motorable villages (Langza and Komic) in the world.

Note: this height is NOT recommended for kids. It might be very risky and lead to height sickness or worth than that. If you are traveling with kids, you should skip this destination.

How to reach?

Bhunta, at a distance of 245 km, is the nearest airport and doesn’t welcome too many flights; meaning that, tourists are left with choosing Chandigarh Airport, which is 522 km away from Spiti.

By road, Delhi-Shimla-Reckong Peo-Kaza Route connects Delhi and Spiti. Google Map, by default, shows a distance of 755 km, which can be covered in 13 hours but in the real world when you hit HP road, you realize the journey takes almost 30 hours to complete (by car), without any long break involved. Besides Chandigarh, the 2nd nearest railway station with good connectivity, Jogindernagar is the nearest railway station but with poor connectivity.

  • Popular for: Chandratal Lake, Key Monastery, Suraj Tal Lake, Tibetan Shops
  • Top Attractions: Tabo Monastery (The Ajanta of the Himalayas), Lhalung Monastery, Lakes (Chandratal, Suraj Tal, Dhankar Lake), Kunzum and Baralacha Pass
  • Visit Time: 3-4 days to experience full fun
  • Best time to visit: Months of summer (June to September)
  • Fun things to try: Mountain Biking, Yak Safaris, Skiing, Trails


Chamba is a getaway for tourists who have a bucket list of exploring such places whose topography and environment have not yet altered by human doings.

Traveling to India with Infant
Chamba from across the river, Himachal Pradesh ( chambalover. )

Ensconced in the sub-Himalayan region and bisected by the fast-flowing Ravi River, Chamba is a dazzling ancient town, covering some old festivals, temples, and bustling markets.

Spiti valley tourism
View from Chamba, Himachal Pradesh (credit: voobie )

Its balanced temperature makes it a perfect destination all year round and welcomes tourists from all over the world.

There is plenty of lakes, temples, sanctuaries, and a variety of flora and fauna to make this land a picture-perfect destination for both summer and winter trip. Your arrival here elevates your travel experience multifold and makes your richer (in terms of happiness).

How to reach?

185 km away, the nearest airport is Gaggal (Kangra) and takes about 6 hours of a taxi ride to cover this gap, endowed with up and down going roads and enchanting sceneries. Limited flights and 6-hour journey from Gaggal to Chamba make people avoid air journey.

By road, a reserved taxi from Delhi to Chamba takes about 15 hours to cover a 600-km ride. From Chandigarh, it takes about 9 hours to cover the 375-km distance. 120-kilometer away, Pathankot is the nearest railhead.

  • Popular for: Temples, Lakes, Handicrafts, Forest, Hill folks
  • Nearest tourist places: Bharmaour, Manimahesh, Chatrati
  • Top Attractions: Chowgan, Rangmahal, Bhuri Singh Museum, Hari Rai Temple (11th-century built)
  • Visit Time: 2 days
  • Best time to visit: Round the year, except extreme cold in December and January
  • Fun things to try: Trekking, Nature walks, Shopping, Boating in Panch Pulla, Picnic at Chamba district park, Manimahesh lake visit


Dalhousie is named after Lord Dalhousie, British Governor during the 19th century. The name itself says a lot about the colonial influence Dalhousie carries.

With a varying altitude across five hills on which this hill station sits, Dalhousie unfolds an array of dense vegetation, including pine, oak, and deodar trees in abundance here.

Planing a trip to India
View of Dalhouise, Himachal Pradesh

Dalhousie is a de-stressing escape for the wanderers who seek serenity in the tranquil forests, greeneries, and stratosphere.

For offering a gamut of scenic beauty and thrilling experiences to couples and nature lovers, Dalhousie is often called the mini Switzerland of India. It sits above an elevation of 1970 meters and is a popular getaway in summer.

How to reach?

By air, Pathankot is the closest airport to Dalhousie. From Pathankot, a taxi is preferred for a smooth ride and an open window experience, to cover a 75-kilometer gap. The nearest railhead is Pathankot Railway Station, at about 75 kilometers away.

Gaggal, at a distance of 125 km, is the second nearest airport. One can cover 575 kilometers, which usually takes about 10 hrs, from New Delhi to reach Dalhousie.

  • Popular for: Meadows, Valleys, Hill station
  • Nearest tourist places: Pathankot, Khajjiar
  • Top Attractions: Ganji Pahari, Kalatop wildlife reserve, Rang Mahal, Dainkund Peak
  • Visit Time: 1 day
  • Best Time to Visit: April to July
  • Fun things to try: Enjoy a trek in Dainkund valley, Garam Sadak, Jandri Ghat; Experience beauty of the nature in Khajjiar valley


Due to its mushroom-rich plantation, Solan is popularly called the mushroom city of India. Besides the mushroom city, it has earned a second name as well, which is the city of red gold, because of tomato production in abundance here.

Travel India Blog
Solan view at ight (credit: Garconlevis )
India travel blogs by foreigners
Bon Monastry Dholanji, Solan, Himachal Pradesh (credit: Garconlevis  )

In addition to the serene environment, it openly offers an array of outdoor activities, to recharge and refresh every visitor’s mind.

Moving to the outskirts of the town, you will find yourself lucky if you run into some rare species of animals like Himalayan black deer.

Solan is replete with parks, beautiful fountains, and breathtaking rides, which make the best memory for a diary entry. The people who have an eye for history reading, Thoda Dance wall painting in Solan is a deserving visit.

How to reach?

Solan doesn’t have its own airport; Chandigarh, 35-km away, is the nearest airport and takes about an hour and a half to reach Solan. Shimla is the second nearest airport and is well connected with all the major cities of India. If you prefer a bus ride, AC Volvo buses cost $15 are easily available from New Delhi. The nearest railhead is Solan (SOL) and offers regular trains from all across India.

  • Popular For: Kiarighat, Solan Brewery (Old Monk Rum), Phantom Hill, Nauni Fort
  • Nearest tourist places: Kasauli, Shimla, Chail
  • Top Attractions: Kuthar Fort, Nalagarh Palace, Darlaghat, Manjathal Sanctuary
  • Visit Time: 2 days
  • Best time to visit: Summer months and the onset of Monsoon
  • Fun things to try: Sightseeing and outdoor activities


Sangla has an array of glacial streams running about its area, resembling the chain of arteries and veins that run through a human body. What attracts the tourists to Sangla is vegetation and ancient village rich province that bridges the world with the centuries-old culture.

Whereas Shimla and Manali are too crowded, Sangla has a scarce population, giving tourists ample space to awake their meditative desire.

Nestled in Kinnaur District, with fiber-rich fruits like red apples and cherries, Sangla is a perfect getaway from the hustle bustle of cities. Sangla has a lot to offer in terms of outside adventure and internal peace.

Meandering and gurgling Baspa River spears through the heart of the valley and adds to the natural excellence of this place. Several temples and forts are dotted about Sangla, which attract thousands of visitors every month.

How to reach?

Jubbarhatti airport in Shimla is the nearest airport, 238-km away from Sangla. Taxis and buses are easily available outside the airport. Sangla has no railway station of its own and nearest railhead that it relies on is Kalka railway station in Shimla. By road, several deluxe buses run on a regular interval to connect Chandigarh and Sangla. New Delhi is 580 km far from Sangla. Cars and buses take either NH 5 or NH 24 to reach Sangla from New Delhi.

  • Popular For: Kamru Fort, Sangla Meadow, Tibetan Wood Carving Center, Friendly Habitants
  • Nearest Tourist Places: Shimla, Chandigarh, Dehradun
  • Top Attractions: Kamru Fort, Baspa River, Chitkul, Buddhist Monastery
  • Visit Time: 2-3 days
  • Top visiting time: April, May, September, and October
  • Fun things to try: Enjoy the scenic beauty, Undisturbed walks in valleys, Outdoor camping, Fishing in Baspa River

More places to see in Himachal Pradesh

Travel with infant to India
Panoramic view of Rakcham
Travel with toddler to India
Rakcham view
Travel with toddler to Himachal Pradesh
Manikaran, a pilgrimage center for Hindus and Sikhs
Traveling with kids to East Asia
With my boys, at Jibi, in the jungle
Travel to India
Having good time with our driver
Himachal Pradesh roads
Himachal Pradesh scary roads
Himachal Pradesh roads
Always on the edge
Himachal Pradesh roads
Cows everywhere…
Himachal Pradesh roads
View from Himachal Pradesh roads
On the roads of Himachal Pradesh

Travel Cost

How much is sufficient (on an average) to travel to Himachal Pradesh?

Despite traveling to Himachal Pradesh is no doubt a wonder-packed experience that every travel enthusiast should have once in a life, the overall budget doesn’t make a hole in your pocket.

Various factors—such as the number of members, days of stay, season, budget or royal travel—come into the role when estimating a week itinerary. Traveling to India is quite cheap as compared to European countries. One can easily manage $100 for a 2-day stay here.


Traveling entire Himachal Pradesh could take almost one-twelfth of a calendar year, but tourists, in a hurry to catch up with the world, try to finish it within 15 days or fewer.

If you squeeze the map harder, you could make it within 15 days. This state is a package that one can’t unfold true beauty concealed within of it if travels spontaneously or without a planned itinerary.

When you visit India, the beautiful colors of the culture here would enchain your thoughts. You will wonder what had been missing from life is right here. So, you need to have a well-planned break-down of expenses and readiness for an extended stay here.

Flight Fare

On an average, return trip from New York or Washington DC to New Delhi or Mumbai costs between $1000-1200 per head. Here come travel hacks which you can use to find budget deals.

If you land in New Delhi, it’s in proximity to Himachal Pradesh. But if you land in Mumbai, you will need to take one additional flight/train to reach New Delhi.

Once you’re in New Delhi, you have three options—flight, train, and taxi—to make it to Himachal Pradesh. Three airports in Himachal Pradesh connects to New Delhi. These are Kullu, Dharamshala, and Shimla. For a one-way journey, it costs $50-150.

Trains relatively cost cheaper, around $15-20, but only a handful of travelers like a journey by train, for reasons being delay and cleanliness issues. Cabs and buses are the most preferable means. A sedan-size cab costs about $150-200 from New Delhi.

Buses run in abundance and would save a lot of your money if you can manage a little congestion in terms of comfort. Buses from New Delhi to Himachal Pradesh costs $10-15. Tourists usually prefer cabs over buses.

For a one-way journey, it costs $50-150. Trains relatively cost cheaper, around $15-20, but only a handful of travelers like a journey by train, for reasons being delay and cleanliness issues.

Cabs and buses are the most preferable means. A sedan-size cab costs about $150-200 from New Delhi. Buses run in abundance and would save a lot of your money if you can manage a little congestion in terms of comfort.

Buses from New Delhi to Himachal Pradesh costs $10-15. Tourists usually prefer cabs over buses.around $15-20, but only a handful of travelers like a journey by train, for reasons being delay and cleanliness issues.

Cabs and buses are the most preferable means. A sedan-size cab costs about $150-200 from New Delhi. Buses run in abundance and would save a lot of your money if you can manage a little congestion in terms of comfort. Buses from New Delhi to Himachal Pradesh costs $10-15. Tourists usually prefer cabs over buses.

Note: For a family traveling with children in Himachal Pradesh in particular or in India in general, the most recommended form of transportation, except flights between very distant destinations, is to rent a car with a driver throughout the trip. So we did.

We released the driver only when we arrived in Manali and planned to finish the trip there and stay in the area a few days before the end of the trip.


Stay charges vary as the size of a travel group fluctuates. Some hotels easily avail extra bed to cover a few additional heads, but some go by their rule and allow only a limited person per room.

For a couple, it doesn’t take the sky and earth to book a hotel. The average rate for a couple to stay goes around $35.

If a child is of age less than a prefix limit set by the hotel authorities, no extra burden comes on parents’ shoulder. But, if your travel companion is a teenager, you may need extra room booking.


The cuisine of Himachal Pradesh is simple but nutritious. Both veg and non-veg foods are common throughout the mountainous regions.

In non-veg, chicken and mutton are fancied most and in veg, vegetables like potatoes, beans, and beetroots are farmed the most. Momos served either fried or steamed, are popular street food here. All popular destinations serve a variety of dining options, both international and traditional.

Let’s discuss the price

Food costs dirt-cheap here. A couple can get meals of an entire day done within $10. Drink spots are scattered throughout the tourist places and cost less than $5 for two beer cans.

A Tip to Remember

Indians love spicy food and same they reflect in their cuisine. Be aware of your limit and ask for an exception in the menu, based on your diet and preference.


The geographical configuration of Himachal Pradesh makes transportation really difficult. The high going mountains and low running valleys create a rollercoaster of a ride but miss no moment when it won’t thrill you.


Main airports in Himachal Pradesh are Kangra Airport, Shimla Airport, and Kullu-Manali Airport. All airports connect directly with New Delhi and serve 2-3 flights on a daily basis. A one-way journey costs $70-100 for a single person, to fly from New Delhi to reach any of the three airports.


The geographical setup of HP makes railway line connection a tough job. However, the best efforts of engineers have made Kalka to Shimla railway track possible, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well. It costs around $10 to book a 3-tier AC ticket. Locals usually prefer overnight travel to spend 7 hours’ trip hassle-free.

Cab Booking

For a private and convenient ride, tourists prefer a cab. Different cab providers charge on the basis of a separate scale. For a comfortable ride, an AC SUV, with 7-seating capacity, hiring starts at $50 per day or for a 150-km ride. For the same range of exploration, an AC-enabled sedan starts at $35.

*All costs are driver-inclusive.

Communication Facility

You can easily find Wifi service in hotels, and it doesn’t cost you extra. All range of hotels, average and costlier, have Wifi-enabled hotels and this is a quick way to send emails, video/text chat on Skype and WhatsApp.

Compared to dual, tri, and quad-band phones whose frequency keeps locked to a single service provider in most Western countries, all you need to do is to get your phone unlocked for variable bandwidth and then those phones will work friction-free in India.

Getting a prepaid sim in India would be the best option, as it won’t be a good idea to get the load of hefty tariff and roaming charges imposed by your service provider. While traveling, a dual-sim phone works as your best companion.

All you need to do is to put the new sim into the available slot and your phone would get ready for use. The second option could be buying a phone in India, which generally starts from $30.

How much does it cost?

A lot of GSM service providers facilitate sim cards at the starting price of $10. For $10 buying price, you will get internet data and calling balance as a part of package offer. Offers vary with cost, location, and service provider.

Where to buy?

Just after clearing customs, you will find kiosks of mobile service providers. Top service providers, with a good connectivity, are Jio and Airtel. You can also buy it from shopping malls. Make sure you’re buying it from an authorised dealer, so you don’t have to deal with the grievances of interruptions and stolen property. Sims activate within 24 hours of purchasing.

Documentations required for buying a sim

  • 2 passport-size photos
  • Photocopy of Passport, which you will have to produce for verification first.
  • A photocopy of Indian Visa, which, too, will need a verification for approval
  • A proof of your stay in India; a letter from hotel manager will be okay.

Calling charges

An international call cost Rs7 ($0.1) per minute and a message cost Rs5 ($0.07). Local calling and texting cost Rs 1 ($0.01) per minute.

Guide Hiring

Tourist guides act as your second pair of eyes and ears. They have in-depth knowledge of every route and street, where one way goes in and where one opens out.

They don’t only acknowledge you about the detailed information of heritage sites, archaeological sites, monuments, museums, local attractions, top shopping places but also familiarize you with the social, cultural, and religious beliefs that a tourist fails to spot in one go.

They help you explore and cross the impossible heights, hidden valleys, remote glaciers, and share useful insights into the remote zones and objects.

Himachal Pradesh tour guides are widely scattered and could be found in every region of the state. You can hire one guide from the official site of a private tour service provider or from the official website/address of Himachal Pradesh tourism (


The average cost for 8-hour guide hiring ranges between $30-40.

Tips: While hiring/registering a tour guide, a traveler should thoroughly read and understand the terms and conditions of a company. Terms and conditions vary widely and are subject to change.

Cancellation policy becomes one of the hampering issues when dealing with such service providers. Also, there comes the role of weather forecasting and associated terms with it, so be prepared for the problems that might stand in your way.

Health aspects

Disclaimer: this is by no means professional medical consultation! let’s get this clear. We are not doctors and do not pretend to be. Any advice below can’t be a substitution to professional medical consultation which you should ask for, before the trip, mainly if you are traveling with kids to India.

These are recommendations which based on vast experience of traveling with kids to India and other countries.

One of the most important things you have to consider is your health and the health of your family. You will travel in areas far from big cities and good hospitals, so you will have to do everything in your power to keep your health and your family healthy during the trip.

Therefore, in order to avoid, as much as possible, needing any medical services, you have to do everything in your power to protect yourself.

Protect from the cold

Himachal Pradesh weather can be very cold. Make sure to dress warmly and avoid walking outside in the case of monsoons. There are many things you can do in enclosed spaces. For example yoga, a cooking workshop, a meditation workshop and more

Dental treatment before the trip

Dental tests and dental treatments before traveling – Toothaches can ruin a trip. If you travel for a day or two, it’s less relevant. But if you travel for a few weeks (and this is the case when traveling to Himachal Pradesh), it’s a good idea to make sure before you go on a trip that there are no urgent dental problems.


Vaccinations – There are vaccines that must be taken before traveling to East Asia. Vaccines vary depending on the country of destination. You must consult with a Doctor (you can find in specific traveling clinics) to understand which vaccinations you must get before you travel. It is recommended to start checking it out a few months in advance.


Food conditions in India, compared to Western countries, are quite poor. This is mostly meant for Indian street food which is very tasty, very cheap and very tempting to eat. The transportation, storage, cooking and cleaning are not of a high standard, to say the least.

Still, a significant part of every trip is the food and the gastronomic experience. How to Eat Indian Street Food and still stay healthy?

Indian food
Delicious Indian food, even toddlers like it

Here are a few rules that helped us to stay safe in India and Myanmar and should help you as well. It’s not 100% guarantee but it’s the best we can recommend:

  • Eat only in restaurants that have decent traffic of people
  • Eat popular dishes that are sold in large quantities. You will figure it out quickly. Anyway, you can ask in the restaurant, they will let you know. This will reduce the risk of eating food that has been standing outside for too long.
  • Always wash your hands with soap before and after meals. If you do not have soap, you can use alcohol-soaked wipes. So we did. We bought enough and used it before and after each meal, on the street or in the restaurant.
  • Drinking water is allowed only from closed bottles. Under no circumstances should you drink water from a tap.

Travel Insurance

This goes without saying but still need to mention. Usually, this kind of trip does not require an extreme insurance package (which is more expensive) unless you plan extreme activities.

There is a generic travel insurance provided by credit card companies. I’m not an insurance expert but we preferred not to rely on these insurances and preferred to make travel insurance through a large insurance company that created an insurance package that is suitable for trips.

Medicines bag

As already written before, since you will spend a lot of time on the roads and medical services or pharmacies won’t be within reach, it is recommended to obtain pills and /or medications to help treat the most common things, such as headaches, pain, infections, minor injuries etc. You must consult with a doctor who can prepare a relevant list for you.

General Sanitation

In many of the places the toilets are not clean, or should be said, filthy. If you have no choice but to use the toilet, you must disinfect it before using with alcohol-soaked wipes. You can purchase such anywhere.

Packing for the trip

Preparations for a long trip also include packaging of quite a few equipment. All the more so if you go with children. It’s important to know what to pack.

There is no point in loading a large amount of equipment that will make it difficult for you later on throughout the trip. On the other hand, it is also not worth missing stuff that you will need later and will not be available in remote places .

You can see our list of recommended equipment in the article: travel to Myanmar with kids in Packing for the trip section.


Enjoy the travel to India and feel free to write us back, ask, consult and comment. We’ll be glad to hear from you.

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