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How to do numerology calculator for business

Many businesses have opened up and shut down over the years. Don’t we all wonder why some small companies reach the heights of success while some don’t? According to statistics, 70% of businesses shut down within five years of opening.

If you are a business owner who has been trying hard to make it big in his field, it is time that you start considering all the essential factors that might affect your business. Business name numerology is one of the many things you can try to reach your desired path.

The numerologists use numerology calculator for businesses to determine what’s the best for and what’s not. According to many experts, the combination of numerology and astrology can have a significant impact on businesses.

Whether you are starting from scratch or developing an identity for your business, you should consider the businesses’ numerology calculator.

What is the numerology of your business?

Numerology is all about the vibrations and energies reflected by the numbers. Like most things, the numbers are connected, from birth date to name and everything. There’s a connection between everything. As astrology is based on sun signs, numerology is based on the numbers related to our name and birth date.

In numerology choosing a business name becomes extremely important. Every entrepreneur works towards choosing the best name for their business that can reflect their brand.

Business name numerology refers to assigning unique numbers to businesses that align with the vibrations and contribute to making positive changes with the organization. This helps to determine the best name for the company and the corporate organization. However, every business is different and has different needs.

A business name numerology will have an important role in determining whether your business will go uphill or downhill.

How to calculate the numerology number of your business?

You can either reach out to a numerologist or use any numerology calculator for business to find whether the name is suitable for your business or not.

Calculating business name numerology is pretty easy, even if you’re doing it for the first time. There are several online numerology calculators for a business that can make things easy for you.

The alphabets translate to numbers, which you can use to calculate for your business. This include

    • 1= A, J, S
    • 2= B, K, T
    • 3= C, L, U
    • 4= D, M, V
    • 5= E, N, W
    • 6= F, O, X
    • 7= G, P, Y
    • 8= H, Q, Z
    • 9= I, R
  1. Add the numbers related to your business name. Reduce the resultant to a single digit.
  2. If the business name is more than one word, repeat the above-mentioned process to calculate others’ numbers.
  3. To receive the accurate business numerology name, you should reduce them and calculate it again.
  4. The resultant single-digit number is your business number numerology. However, if the resultant is 11, 22, and 33, you shouldn’t reduce it to a single-digit because they are Master Numbers.

The Meanings of the Numbers in Business Name Numerology

The business numerology name can have a significant impact on your business. It helps determine a lot of things; from the challenges, your business might face the losses. The meaning of numbers in business name numerology include

1- The Leader

This is the new number depicting beginnings for your business, especially for start-ups and self-determination. It has a relation to solo as well as teamwork because it reflects independent energy. 

One can be a very significant number for your business irrespective of the field you belong to. Although it has rebellious energy related to it, the energy is positive as it brings a lot of determination and focuses on your way.

However, it is necessary to maintain the balance to avoid the energy of stubbornness. This energy of stubbornness can be used positively. 

Having 1 as your business name determines that you have the power and will to do it all alone and make it big in your business.

2 - The Partnership

This number talks all about your business partnerships, as it talks about how you could apply the concept in your business. It reflects the energy of partnerships with other people and the traits and values bound to the partnership. 

Number 2 is more about duality and the coexistence of two in the business, balancing the good and bad between two, similar to light and dark. It also brings forth the importance of physical and spiritual pursuits of your business, masculine and feminine energy, and more.

It is all about balance and energy. If these are managed correctly, the partnership can take your business in positive directions with its unique offerings.

3 - The Creative Spirit

In number 3, creative spirit and social connection play a key role in explaining the aesthetics. It brings out all types of aesthetics and creative pursuits that can be beneficial for your business.

However, creativity is connected to social gatherings and group activities, not with individual endeavors. 3 is dynamic energy, and when it is treated the right way, it can positively impact your business. However, not having a balance can lead to projects getting delayed and, eventually, the shutting down of business.

4 - The Builder

Number 4 depicts dependable and grounded association. However, not everyone is okay with 4 as your business because they feel it brings stagnation. Number 4, when used the right way and balanced, can help to reflect positive and trustworthy energy for your business.

Most business owners can rely on number 4, as it reflects the energy connected to energy. It has a strong foundation on which businesses can be built.

5- The Change Maker

For a business belonging to Number 5, their personal freedom is fundamental. 5 is very encouraging for businesses as it allows everyone to take their own step and move towards a positive direction.

Number 5 is very much similar to number 3 and a bit independent. They’re all about change, adventure, and newness in travel. Many large organizations have 5 as their business number, for example, Apple. While 1 signifies new beginnings, 5 works in similar foundations to bring a change.

6 - The Nurturer

Businesses with 6 as their number have a kind of self-sacrificing energy. It is often referred to as the Mother Number because of its role in the home and family sphere. 

It needs to be balanced properly or bring about negative aspects such as over-protectiveness and anxiety. This, however, will prevent businesses from making decisions that can bring about their growth.

Number 6, however, reflects a lot of compassionate energy and can bring about healing and teaching. It has a very warm, welcoming energy that can allow your business’s growth if harnessed the right way.

7 - The Truth Seeker

Number 7 reflects scientific as well as practical knowledge. It has a combination of intuitive and spiritual experiences along with ancient wisdom. It works based on what your heart has to say and what your head thinks about it.

Number 7 is closely related to research and analysis-based pursuit and brings forth many philosophies and introspection. As it is not a social number, it explains the possibilities of eccentricity and aloofness. However, this is one of those business numbers which is solely based on the foundation of seeking the true meaning of life.

8 - The Manifestor

It may bring positive changes to your business, but it can also have certain negative impacts. Thus, number 8 is not only a positive aspect but also an intense number. 

Compared to all other numbers, number 8 can slip into the journey of prioritizing money and power. Hence, number 8 is more of a corporate number. If balanced, it can manifest success and influence a great start to your business.

Number 8 talks more of a smart business move and a good judge of character. Harness the energy the right way!

9 - The Philanthropist

Number 9 reflects the energy of being at someone’s service. It has very generous energy that speaks of operative and creativity. Whatever the business, number 9 reflects the energy to be at the service of others. 

Number 9 is connected more to social causes such as bringing justice, fundraising and giving it back. The number puts forth the needs of others above. However, it is necessary to realize that this might not always be the right thing, so one needs to be careful.

Master Numbers

11, 22, and 33 belong to the Master Numbers, and they have an important aspect for your business name numerology.

11 - The Messenger

11 brings about the energy of two numbers, the masculine energy of 1 clubbed with connectedness and feminine energy of number 2. 

11 is often seen as a message to the world to bring about consciousness and enlightenment to a business that will push out boundaries. However, the energy needs to be harnessed the right way for reaching a goal. If the energy isn’t used the right way, the people might be left with no direction.

Businesses with 11 as their numerology might feel out of place and conflicted until they seek a voice of their own. Although they can get stuck, having the ‘get-it-done’ energy will only lead to its growth. If the energy is applied accurately, it will help bring out the business’s true potential.

22 - The Master Builder

This number is seen as a combination of foundational energy of 4 and feminine partnership of 2. The number has a very positive energy that can turn even the loftiest of dreams into reality.

But then it can also have the potential of bringing your business down. It is essential to believe in the type of energy that 22 can manifest, or it will bring about overwhelming feelings, self-applied pressure, anxiety, and indecision. Thus, number 22 has everything 11 harnesses and turns it into a reality.

33 - The Master Teacher

The Master Teacher or number 3 follows the combination of energies by numbers 3 and 6. It is more of a shaker or a mover that can make confident decisions. 33, carries the vision of the other two master numbers, 11 and 22.

It is both creative and persuasive that leads to growth. This energy, when harnessed the right way, can bring preachiness or frustration. What type of energy is reflected completely depends on how people react to you.

Number 33 becomes extremely crucial for businesses to create highly-valuable coaching or teaching surrounding a spiritual change or evolution.

Which numerology number is good for business?

If you use a numerology calculator for business, you will easily calculate the numerology for your business. However, it is necessary to determine which numerology number is good for your business.

Numerology works mostly by businesses. Communication and real deals are an important aspect of businesses. Mercury is the significant planet responsible for communication and real deals. The number for mercury is 5. Hence, number 5 can be considered to be a good one for your business.

Other numbers that might be suitable for businesses are 1, 2, and 3. However, 8 can be an unfavorable numerology number for your business if the energy is not harnessed in the right way.

What to do if the numerology number is not good?

If numerology isn’t right, you don’t need to freak out. There’s absolutely no necessity as to why you should change the name. 

If the number doesn’t suit your business requirements, you need to ask yourself certain things.

  • Is the number challenging something in me?

Why do you feel the number isn’t right for you? The energies the number reflects might have a chance with you. It would help if you analyzed the reaction thoroughly to bring a balance to your business.

  • Can it inspire something new?

You don’t necessarily need to search for problems in your business. If everything is going the right way, you need to flow with it. However, a numerologist can suggest what would be best if the number isn’t suitable for your business.


The numerology calculator for business can play an important role in finding out the best for you. If you cannot find the numerology for your business, you can reach out to a numerologist to find the business number. Make sure to follow the details to find the best.

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