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List of festivals in Thailand

Thailand is not just a land of fun. It is a place that attracts a lot of tourists and travelers because of the influential culture and heritage. Thailand has a lot of festivals where the locals celebrate them with a year with great enthusiasm and happiness.

Visiting Thailand during one of the holidays can be a great opportunity because this is one of the most enjoyable times of the year. Along with visiting the other destinations and attractions, one can also get to take part in the fantastic festivals that are a real extravaganza.

In this write-up, we have in detail written about some of the most happening Thailand festivals. It can be great if you plan your trip to this exotic land during these times.

This article is part of a series of articles written on holiday and festivals in East / South Asia: Japan holidays and festivals, most important India holidays,  China holidays and Thailand festivals that will be published soon.

1. Songkran

When the New Year is around, a lot of energy is in the air in every other place. Every place has its way of welcoming and celebrating the New Year. Likewise, Thailand also has an extraordinary way of embracing the New Year.

The celebration of Songkran takes place on April 13 every year. The parties of these Events in Thailand takes place for five consecutive days. The root of word hails from the Sanskrit word Sankranti, and the festival signifies transformation and change.

Thailand festivals - Songkran
Songkran – everything gets wet.

Songkran is that period of the time where people who believe in astrology pray to the sun god. According to the calendar, the sun changes the direction and enters the Zodiac from Pisces to Aries. Also, Songkran is one such festival that reunites all the family members.

On April 14, people celebrate Songkran in the name of Wan Nao, and on April 15, the celebrations take place in the name of Wan Thaloeng Sok.


Celebrations take place all over Thailand; however, to experience the festival at its best, one can plan for situations like Khao San Road, Chiang Mai, and Ayutthaya, and this is one of the essential Thailand holidays.


It begins on Monday, April 13, 2020, and ends on Wednesday, April 15.

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • You can visit the temples because this is one of the traditions that people follow here as a ritual.
  • One can also take part in the food distribution practice at the temple. Usually, the locals offer food to the Buddhist monks as part of the ritual.
  • You can also choose to join the water fighting competition on the Khao San road
  • It is nice to enjoy the lovely performances from the locals at Sanam Luang. Taking part in this fantastic cultural parody is one of the must-do things when you are here during Songkran.
  • Visit the Silom Road to witness mobs of LGBTs enjoying the festival in their manner.

One can also choose to party hard at some of the best pubs and clubs during the Thailand festivals.

2. Full Moon Beach Party

The entire moon beach party is one of its kind parties that are in full swing in Thailand. Most of the tourists come to this place to have a blast. Like Songkran, this party does not come once in a year. Hence, you do not have to wait for one whole year to plan your trip. Full Moon Beach Part is one of the Festivals of Thailand where a lot of people from across the world take part in it.


The beach Koh PHA Ngan is the place where this party takes place, and if you want to witness, “What partying is all about, then this is the place to be. The beach is completely lit up, and the ferry ride is like a cherry on the top. People sing, dance, and indulge themselves in merry-making throughout the night. The closest islands to this party hub are Koh Samui and Koh Tao.

This party has a connection with a bunch of backpackers who came here once and accidentally threw a birthday party on full moon day. The word spread like wildfire and now the beach experiences party throughout the year.


Dates for the Full Moon Beach Party

  1. November 11, 2019
  2. March 8, 2020
  3. August 3, 2020
  4. December 25, 2020
  5. December 11, 2019
  6. April 7, 2020
  7. September 1, 2020
  8. December 28, 2020
  9. December 25, 2019
  10. May 7, 2020
  11. October 1, 2020
  12. December 31, 2020

Thailand festivals - full moon party

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • The first this one should certainly do is to get the neo paint on their bodies.
  • Do not forget to experience some of the best acts like the fire dance when you are taking part in the party.
  • For all those beer lovers, this can be your lifetime chance! A lot of drink bucket stands are made available to the tourists and travelers to make the party even wilder as part of the Thailand holidays.

3. The king’s of Thailand birthday

The King’s birthday is one of the most famous; “Events in Thailand” because this is a monarchical country, and the King has his full power. The official celebrations of the King’s birthday take place on July 28 of every year. The whole of Thailand gets to enjoy a government holiday on this date.

The birthday of the King holds very high importance in Thai culture, and people take part in the celebrations with a lot of enthusiasm. Most of the people involve themselves in traditional activities of giving alms to the monks at the sacred temples as part of the Thai holiday culture.

The typical scene is to spot people wearing yellow garments on this day as a sign of showing respect to their kings. According to the Thai tradition, yellow color signifies Monday, and this was the day when both their favorite kings King Bhumibol and King Maha Vajiralongkorn, were born.


Bangkok is the best place to visit during the King of Thailand’s birthday as it is one of the grandest Thailand festivals 2020


July 28 every year

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • The roads in Bangkok would be experiencing a lot of blocks; hence, traveling during this time may not be a wise decision. But, if you are already in Thailand, then you can take part in all the below things.
  • The King of Thailand’s birthday can give make you feel a different Thailand altogether. Experiencing the stage shows in the middle of the city can be fantastic.
  • Seeing people holding candles on the street as a sign of respect to their kings can also add up to your travel experience.
  • Go to Bangkok to get a glimpse of the firework dance performances.
  • One must make sure to observe and respect the National anthem when it plays at 8 AM and 6 PM every day to take active participation in Thailand festivals 2020.

4. Phuket Vegetarian Festival

Phuket Vegetarian Festival, also known as the Nine Emperor Gods Festival, is one of the loveliest Thailand holidays, which one must experience. The history dates back to 150 years and has a deep connection and association with the tin mine workers in China.

The Kathu district in Thailand was full of these Chinese workers, and that gave birth to the Opera performers as part of the entertainment process. Later, Phuket suffered from a dreadful disease during the 9th lunar month leading to fatal deaths of these Chinese families.

Realizing their mistake of not offering their prayers to Kiu Ong Iah (Nine Emperor gods) during the month’s first nine days, the Chinese families sent an Opera performer to invite the King to Phuket.

People refrain from eating meat, consuming alcohol, and other malpractices during the festival time for nine consecutive days. The dates are dependent on the Chinese lunisolar calendar. However, the Festivals of Thailand celebrations usually take place during the fag end of September or the beginning of October.


Phuket is one place where this festival is in full swing. Apart from Phuket, you can also experience the Festivals of Thailand in parts of Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Kuala Lumpur as well.


16th – 25th October 2020.

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • You get to experience one of the bizarre festivals of its kind.
  • People walking on the hot coal, nails, and self-mutilation is the most common sight here.
  • Seeing people walking on sharp knives and blades can make you skip a beat.
  • The festival is animated, and at times, you can experience the firecrackers right under your feet, and this is the imaginary part of the Events in Thailand.
  • Beware! The Lion Dancers can take you by surprise and dance vigorously along with the loud music.
  • Expect yourself to receive a piece of orange paper or cloth as a good luck sign.

5. The Loi Krathong Festival

The Loi Krathong Festival is similar to Deepavali in India. Loi Krathong is the festival of lights that takes place in November in Thailand. Seeing the whole of Thailand lit up can be a feast to the pair of eyes, and this is the second fantastic festival after Songkran, which one must undoubtedly plan if they are going to Thailand. It is a major holiday in Thailand, and you must prepare for this trip properly.

The word Krathong means the Plantain tree trunk, and Loi refers to Floating. During the festival, the Thai people decorate a plantain tree trunk with other decorative items like the banana flower, candles, and incense sticks. These days, the Krathong is generally made using bread or Styrofoam.

According to the Thai Lunar calendar, the Loi Krathong often takes place on the full moon evening of the twelfth month. To take part in this extravaganza, pack your bags to Thailand during November. The tentative dates for the Loi Krathong Festival are November 1, 2020. Be there to take part in these Thailand events.


Places like Sukothai, Chiang Mai, and Bangkok celebrate the Thailand holidays public on a large scale.


  • 2019: Tuesday, February 5 (Year of the Pig)
  • 2020: Saturday, January 25 (Year of the Rat)
  • 2021: Friday, February 12 (Year of the Ox)
Thailand festivals - The Loi Krathong Festival
Breathtaking view in Loi Krathong Festival

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Make sure to go to places where there is water.
  • Celebrations of The Loi Krathong Festival in Sukothai takes place for five long days, and this can be one of the best places to go to during this festival.
  • Experience the fashion shows, the tamp walks, the beauty contests during this time of the festival.
  • One must also experience the fantastic light and sound shows when you are in Thailand during the Loi Krathong Festival. Be there to experience the Thailand holidays well.
  • Apart from all these things, do not forget to sight the most wonderful of all, the magical floating lights and lovely folk performances.
  • If you are Chiang Mai, you must not miss watching the flying lanterns.

6. Tattoo Festival at Wat Bang Phra

The tattoo festival is one of the craziest of all the festivals to experience during your Thailand trip. Devotees from all walks of life take part in this inexplicable festivity. As the name says, the tattoo festival celebrations happen to re-energize the existing tattoos using a special kind of ink made of snake venom and charcoal as ink.

Thousands of people flock to the Wat Bang Phra temple, where the monks work through all night to energize the magical powers of the tattoo for good luck, health, and prosperity. The celebrations of the Tattoo festival as part of the Thailand holidays happen during the first weekend of March.


Wat Bang Phra temple is the place where the Thailand festivals 2020 are taken place.



Events in Thailand - Tattoo Festival at Wat Bang Phra
One of the craziest of all the Thai festivals

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Be there to experience the holy chaos at the Events in Thailand.
  • People entering into trance and bashing into the walls to enter the shrine is one of the most common things that you shall notice
  • Appreciate the traditional and the devotional side of the party hub Thailand
  • Get yourself a beautiful tattoo from the monks by waiting in long queues at the Wat Bang Phra Temple.

7. Boun Bang Fai Rocket Festival

Thailand is full of traditions and customs. Likewise, the Boun Bang Fai Rocket Festival also has its legend. To get better rain, people in Thailand fly rockets made of bamboo shoots into the air. The monks take significant initiatives to decorate the rockets straight to the ‘God of Rain’, Phaya Thaen. The Boun Bang Fai Rocket Festival is one of the “Thailand festivals” where a lot of villages come together and participate merrily.

The Boun Bang Fai Rocket Festival generally takes place during the sixth Lunar month of the Thai calendar. May / June is the right month to visit Thailand to take part in this grandeur.


The celebrations of the Boun Bang Fai Rocket Festival, part of the public Thailand holidays happens in the most beautiful villages of Thailand like Nason, Natham, Thongmang, Kern, and Pakhanhoung in the suburban of Vientiane capital.


May 8, 2020 – May 10, 2020Boun Bang Fai Rocket Thailand Festival

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Get to see the lively villagers taking part in the rocket festival with great enthusiasm.
  • See the rockets soaring high in the sky as part of the rocket flying competition.
  • Experience the true beauty of Thailand with the locals during the Thailand holidays.

8. Chanthaburi and Rayong Fruit Festival

Also known as the ‘Colours of the East,’ the Chanthaburi and Rayong Fruit Festival is one of its kind celebrations where people celebrate their harvest of fresh Durian fruits. This festival was initially known as the “World Durian Festival” is now called the Chanthaburi and Rayong Fruit Festival, the famous Thailand festivals.


Chanthaburi – a small province in Thailand is a place where the Chanthaburi and Rayong Fruit Festival take place. The site shares the border with the Battambang and Pailin of Cambodia. One has to travel 245km from Bangkok to experience the lovely festival of Chanthaburi and Rayong Fruit.


19th to May 31 every year

May is the time to visit Thailand and take part in the Chanthaburi and Rayong Fruit Festival. Generally, the festival takes place anywhere from 19th to May 31 every year.

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips): 

  • Taste the juiciest fruits in the whole of Thailand
  • Fill your eyes and soul with some of nature’s best colors
  • Take a walk around the small province of Chanthaburi to understand the roots of the festival.

10. Koh Samui Regatta festival

The Koh Samui Regatta is one of the most adventurous experiences that everyone must have at least once in their lifetime. The Koh Samui Regattas the best sports event that one can wish to participate in, and this is made exclusively for those who are high on adrenaline. It is one of the holidays of Thailand in which one must undoubtedly take part.

If you have ever had a desire for the best yachts then, this is the festival you see. The Koh Samui Regatta is one of the most popular sailing activities in the whole of the Asian continent.


It takes place in Koh Samui, and the year of inception of this thrilling sports festival was the year 2002 as part of the public Thailand holidays.


May 25 to June 1 is the time when the Thailand festivals 2020, the Koh Samui Regatta takes place. You can plan your visit accordingly to get a glimpse of this festival.

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Get first-hand experience on what sailing is all about
  • Knowledge one of the most electrifying activities in Thailand.
  • Watch ace sailors sailing through the violent waves.

11. Phi Ta Khon Festival

Known as the “Ghost festivals of Thailand,” the Phi Ta Khon Festival has a great history that dates back to centuries ago. The celebrations take place in the memory of Lord Buddha, also called Prince Vessantara, in his later birth that comes back to life after death.

Hence, this festival is also known as “Awakening of the Dead.” If you want to experience the real Thailand’s culture then, you must undoubtedly take part in the Phi Ta Khon Festival as part of the Thailand holidays.

The event takes place for three consecutive days, and the whole of Thailand can walk in the attire of ghosts. They also wear the masks of demons and parade around the Dan Sai province. The costume and the hoods are sometimes scarier than you can imagine. People participate in various events like plays, roadshows, and other creative activities during this festival.


Dan Sai district is one of the most bountiful lands of Thailand where the Phi Ta Khon Festival celebrations happen. The region of Dan Sai is present in the Province of Loei, which is to the northeast of Thailand.


5th to July 7 is the date when this event generally takes place. According to the Thai calendar, the times can vary, as well.

Festivals of Thailand -Phi Ta Khon Festival

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Participate in one of the most happening ghost festivals of Thailand
  • Get to see people in their best ghost attire
  • Experience the cultural and the creative shows from the locals when you are here for the Events in Thailand

12. Khao Phansa (Buddhist Lent)

The Khao Phansa is one of the festivals of Thailand where the Buddhist monks spend time in complete silence in meditation. This festival comes during the rainy seasons. Hence, the monks choose to stay in their abode and involve themselves in spiritual activities.

Also, during this time, one can get to see the locals retreating themselves from meat and liquor. Khao Phansa is one of the most significant festivals of Thailand that everyone should take part in.


Monasteries in Thailand are the places where the Festivals of Thailandcelebrations like the Khao Phansa happen.


July 6 to October 1 every year

The festival of Khao Phansa (Buddhist Lent) in the year 2020 will begin on July 6 and ends on October 1. However, one must know that these are the tentative dates, and it can vary according to the calendar. Usually, the “Thailand festivals” takes place after the full moon day in the eighth lunar months according to the Thai culture.

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

Since it is the rainy season, the Thailand festivals 2020 may not have much for tourists. If you are passionate about the culture and heritage of the place, then one can seek information from the locals, and this could be one of the possible things that a tourist can do during this time of the year in Thailand.

13. The Candle Festival – Ubon Ratchathani

Ubon Ratchathani or the candle festival is the grandest and the famous festival in Thailand. The specialty of this festival is to offer the loveliest candles to the Wats or the sacred temples. The festival takes place for two consecutive days, and everyone’s focus is on the candle parade that always happens on the 2nd day of the event.

Artists from across the world showcase their love for art through this competition. It is, therefore, one of the main highlights of the festival. The festival holds significance in the memory of Lord Buddha’s first sermon. Hence, this is one of the significant public holidays in Thailand.


Ubon Ratchathani, present in the north-eastern region of Thailand, is the place where these Thailand festivals take place. Thing Si Mueang Park will be filled with candles made from the artists, and one can get to see the lovely candles at this place during the Ubon Ratchathani candle festival.


16th and 17th July every year

The festival usually takes place in July. The dates will somewhere fall between the 16th and the 17th of July month. However, it can again change depending on the occurrence of the full moon day during that time as per the Thai calendar

Thailand festivals -The candle festival
Ubon Ratchathani – The Thai candle festival

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Take part in the candle parade and witness the giant and the most beautiful candles
  • Go to the Thing Si Mueang Park where the torch of the winner is on display for weeks together.
  • Enjoy the open market and then binge on the best foods near the Thing Si Mueang Park area
  • Experience some of the world-class dance shows and cultural performances

14. Naga Fireball Festival

Naga Fireball Festival is one of the most mysterious festivals that one can get to see only in Thailand. Fireballs from the river Mekong River starts going up in the sky. At times thousands of these fireballs are shot from the river, and people go gaga over this phenomenon.

They feel that these fireballs come out of the mouth of a poisonous serpent that lives deep in the waters and calls it ‘Phaya Nak.’ No one so far has been able to understand the reason behind this fireball shooting to date though there is a lot of researches happening around this strange miracle.

People these days celebrate Thailand festivals with enthusiasm by burning a lot of crackers, fireworks and also flying the lanterns.


To witness the happening festival, one must proceed towards the stretch of the river Mekong.



The Thailand events commence by the end of the Buddhist Lent festival and generally. If you are planning to go to Thailand during this celebration Mid-October or the early weeks of November is the right time.

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Watching the fireballs going up in the sky from the river can be the most beautiful scene during the Thailand holidays.
  • . This phenomenon does not occur anywhere else; hence, it is extraordinary to be here.
  • Looking at the happiness of the locals and listening to them sing and dance all night is another thing that the tourists can do.
  • You can also choose to buy a lantern for yourself and fly it along with the others and take part in the celebrations.

14. Chonburi Buffalo Racing

If you wonder how festivals are like and are curious to know how it does feel to take part to sight the beasts with horns running around maniacally, take a tour to Thailand during the Chonburi Buffalo Racing. Called as one of the most thrilling and exciting “Festivals of Thailand” that dates back to several hundreds of years.

The Chonburi Buffalo, Racing Thailand events, was once done to praise the buffaloes for their contribution in the fields. However, it has now become the coolest commemorations in Thailand. Buffaloes during the festival go through a royal treatment, and they get to binge on the tastiest of food and beer.

The buffalo owners will decorate their buffaloes and take them to the competition. Along with that, the riders are to hold tight to the buffalo when the race begins. It makes people go wild and crazy.


Thai festival like the Buffalo racing happens in a place called Chonburi, which is approximately a 1.5-hour drive from the city of Bangkok.


Thursday, October 29, 2020

The Buddhist Lent is one of the famous celebrations, gets more attention due to the Chonburi Buffalo Racing. Both festivals happen during October, depending on the occurrence of the full moon. So, if you want to enjoy the Chonburi Buffalo Racing, October is the right time to plan your trip to Thailand.

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Get to see the buffaloes taking part in the beauty pageant competition.
  • See some of the most humorous, beautiful, and swift buffaloes bagging the prizes.
  • Take part in the Thailand events fair and musical performances.

15. Awk Pansa

The Awk Pansa holiday happens when the Buddhist monks finish their meditation and spiritual learning and return to a healthy lifestyle Awk Pansa is a festival that takes place at the end of the Buddhist Lent Festival.

People from Thailand take part in thanking Lord Buddha, the Gods, the serpents, and the rain God by floating small boats in the river. Lighting candles, offering meals to the monks are the other activities that include as part of this festival.

Beautiful boats with flowers and other decorative items made using Banana leaf floats in the rivers in the form of showing respect.


It is best to go to the Mekong River because the Naga Fireballs also apparently appear on the same day; hence, this can be an apt place to enjoy the celebrations.


  • 2019 – October 13
  • 2020 – October 2
  • 2021 – August 8
  • 2022 – August 26

October is the month when the Festivals of Thailand like Awk Pansa, End of Buddhist Lent takes place in Thailand.

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Enjoy the colorful little boats sailing along the Thai and Lao rivers.
  • Get a boat for yourself and navigate it, making a wish, and thanking the Gods for keeping you safe and sound.
  • Get to experience the Naga fireballs at the Mekong River and go on a gastronomical tour.

16. River Kwai Bridge Week – Kanchanaburi

If you have dreams of going on a shopping spree for the local products and have a deep desire to understand the history of the World War II then, go to Thailand during the grand celebrations of the River Kwai Bridge Week.

The light and sound experts take you through a journey of World War II and are a sign of offering homage to prisoners and the labors that were part of the Death Railway constructions.


The event is famous and takes place in a place called Kanchanaburi on the bridge of the River Kwai.


  • 23/11/2019 – 02/12/2019
  • November 23 to December 2 every year

The Thailand festival of River Kwai Bridge Week – Kanchanaburi is going to happen in November every year and goes until the first week of December. The dates for this year are from November 23 to December 2.

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips): 

  • Get to know the history of World War II.
  • Visit some of the attractions like the Yai Waterfalls, Srinakarin Dam, Sai Yok Noi, and Vajiralongkorn Dam.
  • Go to the most famous museum and the cemetery, World War II Museum Kanchanaburi War Cemetery, and Art Gallery.
  • Enjoy shopping and the fair because some of the government organizations also take part in this grand affair and put up food stalls for the visitors during this Thai event.

17. Yi Peng

Yi Peng is one of the most unusual public Thai holidays, where the country would be full of floating lanterns. The festival is part of the significant celebrations that take place during the Loi Krathong, where the boats go sailing in the water bodies.

The homes of the residents will have a hanging lantern during this time, and this makes the whole place extremely beautiful. People of Thailand have strong beliefs in their tradition and culture, and this festival shows their idea of having good fortune. The lanterns have a strong bonding with a stroke of good luck. Hence, the lights from the banks of the Ping River reach the sky in the form of wishes.


The apt location for this holiday is Mae Jo University because, at 6:30 PM, the lanterns will start going high in the air. Also, Chiang Mai is one of the most happening places in this festival.



Generally, this Thai festival happens during mid-November. However, the dates can vary depending on the Thai calendar.

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Cultural dances and performances.
  • After the actual festival, a unique Yi Peng festival is set up exclusively for the tourists. You can choose to take part in that as well.
  • Taking selfies must not be forgotten when you are here.
  • The sight of fireworks, crackers, and most of all, the lanterns bring a lot of joy and can be extremely therapeutic.

18. Surin Elephant Festival

Thailand is a land of culture and heritage, and there are a lot of festivals and celebrations that take place here. The Surin Elephant Festival is one of the other famous holidays that are cultural. Known as the ‘Land of elephants,’ this event adds complete meaning to the words.

When you are here, do not miss out on watching the elephants eating their rich food and the parade. Along with this, one can also get to see the demonstrations on the ancient war techniques.


If you are looking forward to being a part of one of the most becoming cultural events of Thailand, head straight to the province of Isan. The Surin Elephant festival is where you get to see the lovely elephants walking in full pride at the Surin Elephant Festival.


27th to November 30 – every year

Every year this Thai holiday happens during the third week of November.

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • The parade of the elephants
  • Getting to experience the complete local culture
  • A total extravaganza which gives both knowledge and amusement
  • Tug of war by the elephants
  • Understanding the history of the festival

19. Lopburi Monkey Banquet (Food Festival)

Do you want to get a sight of how our ancestors ate and drink, then you must visit Thailand during the Lopburi Monkey Banquet (Food Festival). A plethora of food on the table to welcome the monkey-gods is the most common sights in Lopburi during the festival.

Attending the Lopburi money Thailand holidays public is one of the must-do things when you are in Thailand because this festival gives you joy and happiness, watching giant monkeys taking part in the grand affair. Watching the monkeys dance along with people is one of the sights to behold.


It takes place in Lopburi, which is one of the oldest cities in Thailand. The site is known for its monuments and culture that dates back to centuries ago.


Every year this event happens during the last week of November, and the dates can change as well.

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • See the plethora of sticky rice, fruits, salads made exclusively for the monkeys to feast
  • Visit the historical sites of Thailand in the oldest city of Lopburi
  • Watch the monkeys pranking with the tourists and the locals
  • See them dance alongside the tourists and binging on their banquet during these Thailand festivals 2020.

20. Chinese New Year

Want to wear a red color and flaunt around in Thailand? Then, you must undoubtedly experience the Chinese New Year. The Chinese New Year is one of the grandest celebrations and the public holidays of Thailand that everyone enjoys the most.

The place where the Chinese population is higher is full of festivals, and of course, none will say a “No” to party! The Chinese New Year in Thailand is not a government holiday; hence, some people choose to work while the others are out partying.


Places like Bangkok, the Pattaya and Phuket celebrate this festival with extreme enthusiasm because these are where a lot of Chinese live. Also, these are the best partying hubs in Thailand where one can go to during the New Year Celebrations. Chinatown is the apt place to be in during this festival to experience the best celebrations.



The festival generally takes place in February, according to the Lunar Calendar, and the dates can vary accordingly.

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Pub hopping and club hopping is the most common things that a lot of people indulge in during this time
  • Shopping is one of the activities that you must indulge in because of the enormous discounts.
  • Hanging around in the streets.

21. Father’s Day Celebrations in Thailand

Thailand has great respect towards their Kings and December 5 every year, Father’s day celebrations take place in Thailand. On this day, respect towards their King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who was a great ruler. This day, though not a government holiday, people still walk to the monasteries and the sacred temples and offer alms to the monks. People also provide lily flowers, canna flowers to show respect to their fathers and ancestors.

The Thais take a lot of interest in celebrating this event as they look up to their kings. People also venture out to get the closest seat to watch their king address the crowd, and this is one of the exciting things that take place during this festival.


This holiday takes place in the whole of Thailand because the King is treated as God here.



The official date of Father’s day celebration is on December 5 every year.

How to engage/behave/enjoy (tips):

  • Catch a glimpse of the King making a tremendous speech at his palace
  • Thai people typically wear yellow color during this day, so; you can also roam around wearing yellow color clothes.
  • Visit the grand palace of king Bhumibol which is accessible only during this time of the year as part of the Thailand events.

Well, these are some of the most prestigious Festivals in Thailand that you must experience when you take a trip to the land of culture, heritage, and elephants.


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