yoga for lower back pain


Yoga for lower back pain: Is this ancient method effective?

Yoga is one of the most ancient practices that have multiple benefits. However, people use yoga to build strength, improve flexibility, and strengthen the joints and bones. It can also be used to get rid of lower back pain. The therapeutic benefit of yoga is not just limited to physical health; it also improves mental health. Any pain occurs not just because of physical trauma but also due to different mental stress levels. 


Thus, no matter if your back pain is due to physical trauma, injury, poor posture, or mental stress, yoga for lower back pain can be quite beneficial. In ancient times, the only way to get rid of any pain was to take rest and rest a lot. Undoubtedly, taking rest is an excellent way to eliminate all types of pain, but modern medicine emphasizes the motion to eliminate the pain. 


Until recently, the effectiveness of yoga was questioned by many people, but most doctors recommend patients to go for complementary therapies like yoga for pain management. In a study of yoga and osteoarthritis, it was found that even 2-weeks of yoga sessions can help pain relief and improve the person’s mobility.

No matter if you are suffering from lower back pain due to a recent injury or facing chronic back pain, taking a few sessions will help you get relief from the unbearable pain. Before we look at different yoga poses for lower back pain, let’s understand how yoga is useful.

How does yoga for lower back pain ease your pain?

Yoga mostly works by stretching and strengthening. The key to the long-term health benefit of yoga is strengthening. Thus, if you perform yoga exercises daily, you will strengthen the bones and muscles involved in the process. Mostly a gentle yoga protocol is used for people who face back pain issues.

All yoga for back pain works by building strength, releasing muscle tension, and improving flexibility. Yoga is also helpful in providing proper balance and posture to your body. 

The benefits of yoga are not limited to the physical. You get better mental and emotional strength when you perform yoga on an everyday basis. Our body part’s slow and gentle movement due to different yoga poses brings different parts of our body in balance. Thus, people start to focus on different body and mind elements instead of focusing on back pain.

People who endure chronic and severe back pain have a devastating impact on their emotional health, and thus, yoga gives calming benefits to the body and mind. Thus, our body’s physical, mental, and emotional elements work together to eliminate back pain if you go for yoga sessions.


Is yoga good for lower back pain?

Yoga is one of the most favored and safe forms of exercise that can effectively help you eliminate back pain. Yoga poses are called asanas, and they help maintain a healthy spine. It can also assist you in strengthening essential back muscles. Unlike other physical exercises, yoga does not mean just bending and twisting your body. Instead, it emphasizes the proper alignment of your body.

Thus, long-term yoga poses can help maintain good posture and maintain your body’s proper posture. Some of the effective yoga poses that help eliminates back pain include the cow pose, bridge pose, and cat stretch. 


Going for regular yoga sessions can be quite helpful in building strength and flexibility. Doing yoga for at least an hour or half can help get rid of the pain. 

What type of yoga is best for lower back pain?

Different types of yoga offer different benefits, and thus, it is essential to choose the type of yoga that is suitable to get rid of back pain. Different people have different goals in mind, and thus, it is essential to choose a yoga type accordingly. Following are some of the significant types of yoga that is good for lower back pain:

Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar yoga emphasizes proper alignment and precise movement of the body. Unlike straps and blocks, different types of props are used for people who are not very flexible. Iyengar yoga pays proper attention to every little detail and modifies poses as per the needs of a person. Thus, this yoga form’s flexible method makes it suitable for people who face back pain issues. Modification of pose is one of the best features of Iyengar Yoga.

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga yoga is a type of yoga format that emphasizes different flowing movements. Some of the significant movements under Ashtanga yoga include lunges and push-ups that help improve a person’s strength and stamina.

Ashtanga yoga is especially beneficial for people who faced some injury, and now they want to look for options that can help strengthen back muscles. Ashtanga yoga is perfect for athletes, runners, and cyclists who are facing back pain. Ashtanga yoga is the most comfortable yoga for lower back pain. 

Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga is another significant type of yoga that can help people get rid of back pain. The best part about Bikram yoga is that it is performed in a warm room. This yoga type helps increase flexibility as it helps the tissues of the body get a good stretch. 


Viniyoga is a type of yoga that links breath and movements. Any individual can perform Viniyoga with maximum convenience. People with back pain and neck pain often perform Viniyoga as it is relatively easy to adapt. 


Yoga can be rewarding for people who are facing chronic back pain. This age-old method to get rid of pain helps maintain good health and improve the functions of different parts of the body. Performing yoga will help you get rid of back pain; it will also help you prevent all types of injuries and pain in the long term. 

Can yoga cause lower back pain?

Yoga is one of the easiest ways to get rid of back pain. But, all types of yoga poses are not beneficial for every individual. If you haven’t performed yoga in your entire life, it is recommended to contact a health expert before beginning any new type of yoga for lower back pain.

Yes, yoga may cause lower back pain if it is not performed well. It can lead to micro-tears in your muscles, which may lead to soreness. Micro tears can happen in people who are not in proper condition.

Thus, going for yoga sessions may cause slight pain due to lactic acid accumulation if you are not fit enough. Overdoing and overstretching are other significant reasons for people to face back pain while performing yoga. 

Try to visit a yoga trainer who can help you learn slow and steady poses so that no muscle tear can occur. People who have some undiagnosed neck or spinal problem can also face paint while doing yoga. In addition to this, poor posture and excessive rounding of the spine while performing a yoga pose are the most significant reasons for back pain, especially in beginners. 

Thus, if you follow yoga rules appropriately and visit a professional yoga trainer, there are very few chances that yoga will cause lower back pain. Many people who have chronic back pain use yoga as one of the best ways to eliminate back pain. Yoga for lower back pain is one of the easiest and affordable ways to prevent all types of pain. Do follow all protocols effectively, and there is no way that yoga exercises will cause pain.


Yoga poses/exercise for lower back pain

Different types of yoga poses are designed for different purposes, and thus, it is essential to know about different poses of yoga for lower back pain removal. All these yoga poses mentioned below will help you increase your spine’s length, stretching and strengthening muscles, and giving proper alignment to your body. Thus, all these methods will help you in reducing lower back pain.


Following are some of the best yoga for lower back pain

Downward facing dog

The downward-facing dog is a classic yoga pose that works on your entire body, but it is essential in providing relief against back pain. Performing this yoga pose targets the back extensors.

This is a big muscle that helps lower back-formation, supports your spine, and helps you lift objects. Performing this yoga pose regularly will strengthen your back muscles, and you won’t face any back issues. 

Child's pose

A child’s pose is easy to perform yoga pose that helps in providing relief against back stress. This yoga pose may seem like you are resting, but this is an active stretching pose that will elongate your back.

Performing this yoga pose will help you in getting the perfect stretch for your entire back muscle. This is the best yoga for lower back pain, and it can also help you de-stress your body. Try to perform this yoga pose before going to bed, and you will get a good night’s sleep. 


Pigeon pose

Pigeon pose can be a tricky yoga pose, especially if you are a beginner. Thus, beginners need the help of a professional yoga trainer to perform this yoga pose. The best part about this yoga for back pain is that it stretches hip rotators and flexors. 

For newbies, this yoga pose may not seem an evident posture to get rid of back pain. But, tight hips can help in reducing back pain. Thus, this is not a natural yoga pose as it works indirectly helps you prevent lower back pain.

Triangle pose

The triangle yoga pose is one of the essential yoga poses that lengthen torso muscles and builds proper back strength. This yoga pose also strengthens muscle fiber along your outer hip. Thus, you get stronger hips and torso by performing this yoga pose regularly. A healthy hip and torso contribute to stronger back muscles in the long run. 

Cat and cow yoga pose

This pose is perfect for people who often face issues like achy and sore back. This yoga pose can help in loosening back muscles. Thus, try to perform this yoga for lower back pain as part of your daily warm-up routine. All you need to do is repeat this yoga pose in cow and cat pose ten times each to get the best results.

Standing forward bend

Standing forward bend is also a stretching yoga pose that helps stretch out the leg’s back part. It can also help you in adding length to your spine. Both of these stretches help get maximum relief against back pain. 

Sphinx pose

Sphinx is one of the most straightforward yoga for lower back pain relief. Performing a sphinx pose will create a natural curve of your lower back. This yoga pose also engages abs, and thus, it helps provide additional support to your back. 

Forward fold halfway

Forward fold halfway is an easy to perform yoga pose that will strengthen your back spine. Performing this exercise regularly will also help you in relieving tension in the back and neck. This yoga pose also tones your abdominal muscles and gives additional stretch to the torso’s front and back portions. 


Low plank pose

Low plank pose is also called Dandasan, and it is helpful in toning all core muscles, including the lower back. Performing this yoga pose regularly will be beneficial in strengthening the muscles surrounding the spine. This yoga pose also improves posture in the long run. Thus, people prone to back pain due to poor posture must include this yoga pose in their everyday fitness routine.

Supine twist

The supine twist is an easy to perform yoga pose that stretches the back muscle and helps in the spine’s realignment. If you have been facing chronic back pain, try this yoga pose to reduce lower back pain. This pose stretches all muscles that run along the spine. Performing this yoga exercise will help you get a healthier and well-aligned spine within a few months of training. 

Chair yoga for lower back pain

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People who face chronic back pain can use chairs as a prop to perform yoga poses effectively. 

Chair yoga is especially beneficial for old age people, obese people, and people who face neurological issues. In addition to this, people with low flexibility and strength can also use chairs as a prop to perform yoga poses.

In addition to providing relief against back pain, chair yoga can also help develop core strength, reduce joint pain, and increase the body’s overall balance. Some of the best chair yoga poses for back pain include the chair cat-cow pose, chair pose, and chair upward salute.

Yoga wheel for lower back pain

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A yoga wheel is another essential prop that can help you to get rid of lower back pain. Using a yoga wheel can help improve the overall posture of the body, and it can also help in reversing the negative impact caused due to a sedentary lifestyle.

For people who face back pain’s wrath due to bad posture, using a yoga wheel can be one of the best props to get rid of back pain. Performing pigeon pose and reverse plank pose using a yoga wheel can instantly help you get relief from back pain. 

Summary and recommendation

Our lower back is one of the most sensitive spots in our body. Thus, it is essential to take the utmost care of our lower back. No matter if you are facing back pain due to poor posture or an injury at the gym, all these yoga poses mentioned above can help you get maximum relief from the pain. Let us know which one of these yoga poses worked best for you.

Whether you are a beginner or have experience practicing yoga, it is advisable to enter into an organized training framework that you will commit to. We all know how easy it is to start something but how challenging it is to persevere. 

A training framework can greatly help your ability to persevere in practicing yoga. For us, the best program available online is yoga burn. We would mention that we are an affiliate with this program for the sake of fair disclosure, but we would not choose it if we did not think it is an excellent program. In any case, please watch here video explaining the program and judge for yourself.

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