Tantra massage incorporates the essence of Shakti or energy and is way different from traditional massage therapies. It works towards removing blockages that millennials face and involve physical, mental, sexual, emotional, and psychosomatic needs.

Most people think that Tantric massage is all about having the best orgasm. However, it is not the ultimate goal of the massage. The benefits do include the sacred practice that gives you pleasure. But it should be considered as a by-product and not the ultimate goal.

How is the experience of Tantric massage?

To begin with, Tantra massage needs you not to wear any clothes. Your entire body is massaged with lukewarm oil, and it aims to awaken your erotic energy. It spreads all through your body and gives you a blissful experience.

The process invokes several reactions in your body, inclusive of emotions and thoughts. Every reaction is welcome, and you can ask questions if you want to understand the masseur’s work better.

Every type of Tantric therapy doesn’t include the recipient’s genital. But originally, it is an essential part of the therapy and gives you great results.

Before opting for Tantra massage, they will ask you if you want to massage that part of your body. If you agree, the masseur uses his/her fingers gently and respectfully to proceed with touching the inner part of your yoni (vagina).

According to Adinatha, the Tantra retreat helps you experience a loving, respectful, and healing touch. Moreover, it doesn’t need you to do something in return, give anything back, or react in a certain way.

asian tantric massage
The atmosphere is crucial

What are the benefits of Tantra massage?

Tantra massage is a form of Tantric meditation, and it comes with several health benefits. Find the most common benefits in the list below:

  • It improves your health and vitality
  • Treats possible sexual dysfunction in both men and women
  • Alleviates blocked emotions
  • Helps you become content and joyful
  • Ignite spiritual awakening and thoughtfulness
  • Improves the potential for orgasmic pleasure
  • Clears your mind
  • Reduces stress
  • Promotes relaxation

Why you should try tantra massage?

You might not get the benefits of Tantra massage immediately, but it gives you certain feelings to make you try it. Find out more about such feeling to know why you should do the massage:

1.  The energetic force

A skilled masseur will have good knowledge of energy. They will know how to sense it, control it, how it works, where the energy must be brought, and how to get there. When you’re the recipient, you will find the practitioner bestow the power of energy on you.

2. Goal of healing

As per the East Asian Cultures, healing is the primary goal of Tantra massage. It can be through an orgasm, but that isn’t the primary goal; healing is. Tantra yoga works like a restorative and remedial treatment that releases blockage and uplifts your soul.

3. Conservation

Tantra massage converses with your sexual energy and doesn’t waste it. It is used for the greater good, and you get optimum benefits from it.

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Is Tantra massage for everybody?

Tantra massage is for everybody willing to immerse into a blend of spiritual and sexual wellbeing. Anybody who accepts this form of Tantric mantra can opt for it. This form of massage is not just a therapy, but it heals you from all kinds of traumas and blockages. It gives you new energy and perspective towards life.

The primary focus of Tantra massage is to improve mental wellness by crossing physical boundaries to make a person relax.

This form of therapy cannot be done quickly, and you must carefully choose the place you want to get the massage from. The experience should be relaxing, safe, comfortable, and in an undisturbed environment.

The goal of Tantra massage is to give pleasure to the recipient and accept or receive it in the right way. Tantric massage can take you into a trance where your physical boundaries dissolve. You forget all your problems, worries, and nothing in the world is important to you at the time.

Tantra is supposed to be a path of enlightenment just as you know Zen or Yoga philosophy to be. While most massages keep you covered under a towel, Tantra massage allows you to have your genitals massaged. Women are given the Yoni (vagina) Massage, while men get the Lingam (penis) Massage.

How to give your partner a Tantric massage?

People who are not comfortable getting a massage done by someone else can try this therapy with their partners. If you’re single, you can even try Tantric self-massage techniques to give yourself the pleasure you expect from this therapy.

Tantra massage may seem intimidating to you, but it a heavenly experience to feel. You also find your partner transcend their physical body and come to a state when you both exchange sexual tension. Read the following points to know how you can try a tantric massage at home:

1. Take out enough time

As stated above, Tantra massage is not a quickie experience. It is not one of those quick sexual interactions that get done within 10 minutes. It is also not like a chair massage when you’re getting a manicure or pedicure done. Both the partners need to have enough time to go through the therapy in the right way.

2. Set the mood right

Play Tantric massage music on YouTube to set the mood right. Even massage parlors play Tantric music to make the atmosphere bring in the sensual vibe.

When you play it for your partner, it not only helps you start the therapy but also continue it on the ‘right track’. Apart from the music you need to be in an undisturbed environment, de-clutter the room, add scented candles and dim the lights.

3. Don’t feel pressurized

Don’t try Tantra massage if the only objective is to get or give an orgasm. Many techniques may or may not lead to that, but it is not the ultimate thing.

The massage therapy is not done to reach this goal and doesn’t stop even after you’ve had it. It is also not about having or maintaining an erection; it is about relaxation and letting the rest of the world be.

4. Make the area comfortable

Once you’ve set the mood right, you need to ensure that the place you perform the massage is comfortable and safe. For example, you might plan to do it when your roommate is out of town. Make sure he isn’t possibly returning that night, and you’re absolutely secluded to do the therapy, and there are no chances of stopping in-between.

5. Not just the genitals

So far, you’ve read that Tantra massage is not just about the genitals. You might think, what more is it about? Well, this massage therapy includes your abdomen, chest, nipples, hands, fingers, thighs, feet, and toes. Before you start massaging the yoni or lingam, you have to comfort all these places.

Tantric massage is much gentler compared to Swedish or Deep Tissue massage for the body. The receiver must lie face down with arm at their side while the partner/masseur gently massages every body part.

They start from the hand and massage every finger. Slowly, they work up the shoulders, neck, back, and then the hips. Next, they move towards the lower body and massage the legs. The therapy ends with a genital massage.

6. Don’t forget to breathe

The receiver needs to breathe well during the massage. It helps them attain the ultimate goal and feel every move deeply.

How to do lingam massage?

If you’re massaging your male partner, you have first to get him into the massaging position.  Make him lie on his back and keep pillows under his head and hips. Ask him to spread his legs and keep his knee slightly bent – this gives you easy access to his genitals, and you can do it right!

1. Get some oil

The best form of oil to do Tantra massage is white lotus oil. It is one of the rarest oils that is water-soluble and doesn’t stain your sheets or clothing. It is also made of natural ingredients like vitamin C, sunflower seed oil, calendula, arnica, and more.

Make sure you don’t do Tantra massage dry because it will never give you the level of satisfaction you want.

2. Massage his genitals

Tantra massage is gentle, but male genitals are gentler! It would help if you were extremely careful while giving him a pleasure to hurt him. Massage the pubic bone that lies right above the penis. Move towards the perineum, which is the area between his anus and testicles.

It might help hold his erection up against the pubic bone with one hand as you massage his perineum with the other. This gives you complete access and the ultimate pleasure. When you use your palm’s soft spot, it helps you massage your partner’s testicles.

3. Try different techniques

Take time before you switch things up. You must gently squeeze the base of your man’s penis with the right hand. Pull it over the head until you have your hand sliding off and then alternate with another hand.

It would help if you changed things with time – once you’ve done the bottom-up massage, try the top-down one. Use your hands on the top of the penis and slowly pull down towards his shaft base. You can also try massaging the head of the penis as if you’re using an orange juicer!

4. Find the spot

There is a tiny indentation that looks like a pea and locates right between the anus and testicles. This is the sacred spot for men, and you must gently push it inwards to arouse him. Your man might initially feel uncomfortable, but it helps him expand an orgasm and master the control of ejaculation.

When you feel your man is about to ejaculate, lower the dials on the Lingam mastery, and wait until he levels out again.

The entire therapy about trying to have an orgasm, but having it is not mandatory. It is about maintaining the feeling that stays right before you have the orgasm. If your man does ejaculate, try to soften his urge and gently help him get it done.

How to finish

Cover your partner and let him rest for around 10 minutes in solitude. Let him slowly recover from the state of mind and move to something else.


How to do yoni massage?

Bring your partner to a position when you lie her down on her back. Keep pillows under the hips and head and then start massaging her vagina.

 1. Get some lube

Use body-safe massage oil as a lubricant on the mound of her yoni. Add adequate oil to cover the outer lips and use the oil only on the outer part of the vulva. Make sure the product doesn’t have parabens glycerin or fragrances. Gently massage the outer labia major, and don’t rush the step.

2. Try different techniques 

Gently squeeze her labia, placing it between your thumb and index finger, and then slide up and down the length of the lips. Try this with both the labia minora and majora.

3. Massage the clit

The clit deserves small circular strokes – once clockwise and then anticlockwise. Again, the goal is not to give her orgasm so you need to continue to do it nicely and slowly. Gently squeeze the clit between the thumb and index fingers, and massage it again.

4. Insert your finger

Once you’re done with the massage, you can take your middle finger and put it inside the vagina. Try to use the right hand because the Tantric belief of Chakras says that it charges the genitals positively.

Take time to explore the vagina with your finger. You can also use two fingers if she allows and likes it. Next, slowly move to her sacred spot – the spongy tissue right under the pubic bone and behind the clit is where you find it.

5. Ride the wave

If your girl has an orgasm, make sure she keeps breathing as you continue to massage her yoni. It might lead to more orgasm, and you have to bring in the intensity. This is called ‘riding the wave’ in Tantra massage and gives a woman ultimate sexual satisfaction. Once you’re done with the massage, remove the hands and let her relax for a few minutes.

Final words about Tantric massage 

Now it is time you explore the real Tantric meaning of this massage form. Irrespective of where you have it done, make sure you’re first open about accepting the therapy. When you’re absolutely ready and let go of your physical blockages, you will attain the ultimate sexual satisfaction.

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