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Making a piece of art is always fun, and rejuvenating and Mandala coloring pages for adults can be really exciting. There are several kinds of artists, and art has no limitations. One can create anything and label it as art. It is one of the most flexible things that are available to humans.

Many people, irrespective of the ages, love to color because watching different shades of hues can calm the mind. Every color depicts the mood of a person, and therefore, color therapies are largely used as healing techniques. In this write-up, we are going to focus on the genre of art called ‘Mandala.’

A lot of people these days are developing the art of coloring a Mandala. There are also certified Mandala artists across the globe. This is one of those art forms where people color complex symmetrical or asymmetrical patterns.

Most of the mandalas are circular, and there are a lot of Mandala coloring pages for adults. It is believed that painting a mandala is going to calm the brain easily. A lot of people that practice meditation also practices Mandala coloring. Hence, getting to know more insights about this art would come handy when you are planning to practice.

What is mandala art?

The various kinds of designs that are created using a circle are called Mandala Art. Mandala art is done to find peace, tranquility, and also a connection with the self. These artworks can either be created according to one’s creativity or intuitive skills.

Else, there are a lot of choices to pick up the coloring books or mandala coloring pages from a book house or an art-house. This is one of the art forms that have been practiced from the time of the Buddha. Most of the people these days are getting drawn towards Mandala art because of the miraculous healing skills it has.

One can create mandalas using pencils, color pencils, sand, and any other materials that they love to. Mostly, geometrical figures are used to make the Mandalas. These figures on the Mandala coloring pages for adults would be colored using vibrant colors as well. 

Using all these elements, one creates a perfect Mandala and start coloring them. After knowing all these things, we are certain that you would also have an urge to get Mandala coloring books or create a personal mandala for yourself.

As coloring Mandalas aren’t difficult, one can start right away. Well, when such a simple art has so many benefits, it is wise to make use of them in your lives, isn’t it?

What is mandala coloring pages?

Mandala coloring pages for adults comprise of simple and complex Mandala art with several patterns that are symmetrical and asymmetrical. Coloring these pictures is known to kindle positivity in the body. Healers, Meditation gurus, psychologists, counselors, and a few medical practitioners practice Mandala because of the benefits it has.

Most of the Mandala coloring pages for adults are circular, and it is believed that every Mandala represents a Universe. In other words, one can connect to the cosmos as they color the Mandalas. Some people also make their Mandalas, color, and paint them as well.

Mandalas are largely used in meditation and are known as a powerful method to relieve stress. Most of the rehabilitation centers use Mandala meditation in their advanced anti-stress programs. Since Mandalas are therapeutic, coloring them can ward off all the negative thoughts from the mind and keep you calm at all times.

We must understand that every Mandala is distinct from one another. Mandalas are available and can be made in the simplest and most complex forms as well. Usually, the experts prefer working on complex Mandalas.

Tibetan culture is known to use the Mandalas quite vividly during their prayers and meditation. Although superficially, the world might think you have started coloring again like kids, spiritually, you are getting enlightened as you focus on the Mandala coloring.

When an individual chooses Mandala coloring pages for adults, the heart chakra opens up and allows an immense amount of love energy to flow within. With this, every other chakra in the body gets activated, and with this life energy, one can constantly work in reaching greater heights in their spiritual journey. It becomes easier to focus on the tasks as you concentrate on the Mandalas because they help you to look within and connect deeper into your souls.

How do mandalas heal?

Everything that is created by the Universe is circular. For instance, if you look at a flower bud or a shell, conch, tree trunk, whirlpools, etc.… all of them represent the cosmos organically. Connecting to nature can be extremely therapeutic.

Likewise, the mandalas are also used as effective meditative elements as they are also circular. Balance and peace can be obtained as we draw these concentric circles keeping our focus on the midpoint.  

Healing through Mandala coloring pages for adults becomes effective when an individual constantly focuses on generating the number of circles, keeping a midpoint as their focus. Also, the colors, when used on the canvas or the pages, can mean different things.

It can be extremely healing because there are no restrictions in this art. This form of art allows the user to reflect on themself as they smear the colors. Hence, Mandala art is a form of self-expression.

As observed, the Mandala art would be made using circles that are symmetrical with complete concentration.

In other words, there is total concentration with which one can easily start healing themselves and also create harmony between their mind, body, and soul.

There are several books and researches conducted to prove the effectiveness of Mandala in healing. Carl Jung, a famous Swiss psychiatrist, says that Mandala is,’ a representation of one’s unconscious self.’

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Creating circles comes naturally through the Mandala coloring pages, and that’s how every individual starts seeking within. For instance, the moment kids are introduced to pencils or color pencils, without any instructions, they would quickly create a sun, moon, humans made of circles, etc…. If you closely look at these images, everything is made of Mandala. This is pretty surprising, isn’t it?

Are mandalas religious?

Mandalas have been largely used by a lot of religions across the globe—the Buddhists, Tibetans, Hindus. We can find Mandalas in Buddhist monasteries as it is believed that the ancient Buddhist monks had practiced carrying these Mandalas with them everywhere they went. This practice was first introduced by Gautama Buddha.

As the days passed by, the usage of Mandalas became significant in the other parts of Asia as well. In most of the Hindu temples, we get to see Mandalas on the premises and also during some of the auspicious days as well. More than religious importance, Mandalas largely hold a spiritual significance everywhere.

What are the different types of mandalas?

There are different kinds of Mandalas that one can make or color. A few of them are mentioned below. Mandalas are also created, keeping the design elements in mind, along with spirituality. One can use graphite pencils, color pencils, watercolors, or even acrylic colors to create a variety of Mandalas according to their whims and fancies.

There is no specific rule that exists to create this art. Hence, it is acceptable for a lot of people without any inhibitions. If you are keen on learning the art of making Mandalas, below are the three main categories.  

1. Teaching mandala

The Teaching Mandala is largely used for religious purposes. They are generally made of symbols, and everything that is part of this Mandala depicts some sort of philosophy or religious beliefs and values.

There are specific design elements that one has to follow to create these Mandalas. There are principles of construction involved, and every individual that creates this Mandala should abide by all these rules without fail. Mostly, the Teaching Mandalas are created by students belonging to a religious institution, and this artwork is synonymous with a blueprint. These Mandalas are colorful and vibrant.

2. Healing mandala

Most of the people that make healing mandalas create them to provide complete healing to the ones that are coloring. Even while creating these Mandalas, the creators use their imaginative and intuitive skill in developing these fabulous pieces of art.

Healing mandalas can be found largely in the healing centers. Coloring these kinds of mandalas can help an individual to develop concentration, wisdom, and also focus. These Mandalas are meant purely for meditation purposes. 

3. Sand mandala

The Sand Mandalas represent the culture of the Navajo and the Buddhist monks. During the prayers and also other auspicious occasions, the sand mandalas would be used. These mandalas are made using sand of different colors and symbols. All the Sand mandalas depict the transience of human lives. 

These Mandalas are of religious significance and are found only in the Buddhist culture. The symbols used in these sand mandalas are extremely delicate, and mostly they show the Lord Buddha’s mind in an indefinite form. Taking a closer look at these Mandalas would reveal the eight spokes of a wheel, Bells, Lotus Flowers, Triangle, Sun, and the other elements of the Universe in the form of symbols.

3. Do mandalas have different meanings?

Mandalas can mean different things to different people. But, holistically, when you look at a Mandala art, it represents unity and harmony. Every Mandala differs concerning size, color, and design elements. Depending on these, every culture interprets it differently. Since Mandalas are known to bring harmony between an individual and the Universe, it is largely used by the psychics and people that are into a spiritual path.

What is a personal mandala?

A lot of artists these days are into the creation of mandalas. They use various design elements, techniques, mediums to create this artwork. Personal mandalas are a result of the reflection of your thoughts in the forms of patterns, symbols, geometrical shapes, and colors. The intuitive levels of a person would appear in the form of these patterns in the personal mandalas.

How do you start a mandala?

Making a mandala is not difficult. However, the process has to be followed appropriately to get the desired results. Every beginner must stick to the basic rules while working on these artworks. Most of the time, people rush to create Mandalas and end up in disaster. The main intention of making a mandala is to focus on one particular thing at the time.

The true essence would be attained only when you concentrate on one particular design, either while drawing or coloring a mandala. Work on the shapes perfectly and then finish the circles. Mentioned below are the few basic instructions that can help you to start a Mandala.

  • Gather all the stationery required to work on the Mandala coloring. Any kind of pencils or paints can be used to fill the mandalas
  • Draw as many circles as you want to. 
  • Focus on one circle and fill them with designs, geometrical patterns, and shapes of your choice.
  • Complete all the circles with the patterns of your choices
  • Fill colors in them and you are done in the Mandala coloring pages for adults. 
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You must never work in haste to complete the Mandala. Concentrate thoroughly and understand the emotions and feelings that you go through as you create every pattern, line, and color them. Observing these thoughts would help you to focus better and help you on your spiritual journey.

How do you dye a mandala?

Dying a mandala can be slightly tricky. Mandalas are made on cotton and silk fabrics. There are certain steps that one has to follow while dyeing a mandala. Using all-purpose dyes is forbidden. Using the water fiber reactive dyes is mandatory when you are dying the cotton fabric.

For silk, you must always make use of the dyes with soda ash. Using the acid dyes with vinegar can also be used; Accompanied by heat, this dye works perfectly.

It is important to add soda ash even before you die the fabric. Make a bundle of the fabric that you want to dye. Soak it in the soda ash solution in the required proportion, perform the line dry, and then fold the fabric.

Always remember to use the solution drop by drop, and this would make the dyeing process attractive. Do not pour the dye everything at once, as it can disturb the blending process. Syringes can also be used to push the dye into the cloth bundle.

How do you use a mandala?

As already mentioned, Mandalas are used by the spiritual healers to create positive vibration and guide people that are seeking spiritual guidance using the Mandala coloring pages for adults. This is one of the best tools for meditation. Mandala is being used as a meditative tool for a very long time, and most of the people that are into the mandala art are known to easily achieve trance. 

Does a mandala have to be circular?

Mandalas are generally circular because they are made keeping the mandalas of nature as a base. However, different other design elements go into the making of the Mandala. Mentioned below are the detailed description of the shapes and their meanings when used in Mandala.

These days, most of the people make dotted mandalas where dots of different shapes are used to create an artwork. Dots in Mandala signify the meaning of oneness. Everything present here in the Universe is one.

Mandalas using circles mean wholeness, unison, and integrity. It also means no hierarchy. The horizontal lines and the vertical lines represent the connection between the earth and the sky and the nether world. The cross lines that meet at the center used in Mandala represents recognition.

Aspirations related to the spiritual realm are represented using a triangle pointed upwards. The downward-pointing triangles represent one’s aspirations towards the earth, materialistic lives. Usages of hexagons using these triangles are also used, and they mean the union of both these energies and aspirations. Using a square in the Mandala, points towards the existence of an individual in the material life and all these things would be available on the Mandala coloring pages for adults.

There are Mandalas where the unison of circle and square take place. Such shapes refer to the application of spiritual energy in the materialistic world. Octagons represent the balance in human existence.

Pentagon signifies perfection, Heptagon for spiritual way. One can also make mandalas using a circle divided into 12 parts showing the wholeness of the Universe and the cycle of nature. Sun and the movement of the Universe are represented using the Swastika symbol. Finally, the spirals mean the dynamics of nature concerning the devastation and the construction.

Can coloring mandalas reduce anxiety?

Yes, there are a lot of researches and studies that have revealed the positive side of Mandala coloring. A lot of psychiatrists, psychologists, and spiritual Gurus make use of Mandala meditation as part of their treatment.

According to one of the studies, students that colored plaids or any other shapes exhibited more anxiety disorders with the students who were asked to color Mandala coloring pages. The structured geometric figures, when colored, take an individual into a state of trance. Hence, coloring Mandalas is found to be highly beneficial when it comes to reducing anxiety.

What do Mandalas symbolize?

Mandalas have a different meaning in every culture. According to Buddhism, these circular art forms represent spirituality and the sacredness of existence. According to the Hindu religion, Mandalas signify completeness. It shows the birth, death, and the reincarnation of the Universe. In both cultures, Mandalas are largely used in the prayer halls and special ceremonies.

What does Lotus Mandala mean?

There are a lot of Mandalas that are made using the Lotus flower. Enlightenment is represented by a lotus flower. Most of the spiritual healers believe that gazing at a lotus mandala for a few minutes would help you to reflect on your thoughts in complete clarity. 

The Lotus Mandalas are also used to enhance the mental ability of a person. An individual’s mind and soul gets purified with the Lotus Mandala. It does not allow any negative thoughts to dwell in the minds as well. Coloring a Lotus Mandala can be highly beneficial as it can remove all sorts of negativity and help a person to move towards positivity. One can find Lotus Mandala in the Mandala coloring pages.

Why do Buddhist monks destroy Mandalas?

One might see the Buddhist monks taking an urn of sand and dispersing it in the flowing water. They clean the colored sand and collect it all together before it is disseminated in the water. The monks believe that the colored sand from the Mandala contains healing powers.

Once this sand mixes with the flowing water, it releases the healing energy into the mother earth. It is also believed that the monks consider this as a gift to the earth. Further, this sand flows to different parts, cleaning and re-energizing the surroundings wherever it flows.

So, if you see Buddhists destroying a Mandala, don’t get surprised. It is done for the greater good towards the Universe. This is also one of the healing techniques. 

How do you dye a mandala coloring book?

Mandala Coloring books are printed using the pigment dyes. There are a lot of printing houses that make use of these chemical-based dyes to create theMandala coloring pages for adults. These books are then sold to the end-users through a dealer.

While one side of the book would have the complete picture of the colored Mandala, the other side would only have the outlines and the patterns. Looking at the patterns on the left, the user can recreate a similar Mandala on the right using color pencils, sketch pens, or watercolors.

What is mandala art?

The various kinds of designs that are created using a circle are called Mandala Art. Mandala art is done to find peace, tranquility, and also a connection with the self. These artworks can either be created according to one’s creativity or intuitive skills.

Else, there are a lot of choices to pick up the coloring books or mandala coloring pages from a book house or an art-house. This is one of the art forms that have been practiced from the time of the Buddha. Most of the people these days are getting drawn towards Mandala art because of the miraculous healing skills it has.

One can create mandalas using pencils, color pencils, sand, and any other materials that they love to. Mostly, geometrical figures are used to make the Mandalas. These figures on the Mandala coloring pages for adults would be colored using vibrant colors as well. 

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