The motivation for Action in Rural India

“No Matter Where We Are Born We All Have Equal Rights to Dreams, Achieve & Prosper “

Can you think of a world where children are not able to have a two times meal a day, a woman still uses cloths on their menstrual days and young school goers are not given a quality basic education.

Kids in Rural India
Bablu, convinced to leave his job in favor of school

If not this for you. Stay with us …

Most of the Rural parts of India is still yet to see the light of development. There is a village named Kalagachia in India. If we draw a circle keeping this village as a center point with a radius of 40 kilometers we will see only 30 % of the children go to high school and only just a handful goes to college.

The reason behind this is quite simple. The education system no longer attracts them and poverty keep them away from the books. Agriculture had always been the backbone of Rural India. Lately, productivity had gone down for various reasons.

Villagers still are using the age-old primitive agriculture methods for their Agriculture which doesn’t provide them the adequate harvest. Making them poorer than before. They have loans to pay, house to run and kids to look after.

This has an adverse effect on the life of all people.

Which is resulting in bad food habits, inadequate mineral, clean drinking water and proper hygiene for women. A couple of years ago we did a survey and to our dismay, we found none of the women wear sanitary pads during the menstrual period they use cloths instead.

Use of cloths had had an adverse effect on the health of women. Giving rise to many problems. Like skin disease, ringworm, and another skin-related disease

Whereas in Urban areas, there are slums are the problem. The kids live a very miserable life lack of food, education, basic needs and hygiene.

Building Dreams Foundations projects in Rural India

This is where the Building Dreams Foundation stepped in.

Rural India
Project: pads for all.

Building Dreams Foundation runs various Projects and campaign for the welfare of the people.

Their Projects are:

  1. Door Step School: let educate people at their Door Steps.
  2. Food For All: a project to fight hunger & malnutrition
  3. Pad For All: let ensure every woman a happy period
  4. Navadha School: let ensure everyone high-Quality education
  5. Project Pearl: an initiative to create a better world by encouraging people to follow their dreams.

Their Campaigns are:

  1. Best Out Of Waste: Recycling and Reusing Plastics for various purpose
  2. Zero Food Wastage: helping people cut down the food waste by providing them to needy
  3. Back To School: taking back children back to school where they belong by helping them leave the job and household works
  4. Rooftop Plantation: making the world more clean and green by helping people utilize their rooftop for a better purpose.
Schools in Rural India
Getting prepared for school

We had been educating women with everything they need to know about their health. We distribute sanitary pads on a regular basis to make sure no is left to bleed without a pad during their period.

What next?

In the next 2 years, our goal is to facilitate all women with pads during their menstrual period.

Building Dreams Foundation is feeding around 20 – 200 children every day. To ensure every child get adequate food and minerals for their overall growth.

Everyday Building Dreams Foundation is educating around 500 students across various centers along with food for the extreme needy and basic amenities for all.

But a lot more has to be done in this regard.

Building Dreams Foundation in Rural India
Educating young children about the need to maintain personal hygiene

Building Dreams Foundation know until they have a school of their own dream to give quality education to all won’t be possible. We are working hard to build a world-class school for this young generation. Their Navadha School still runs on an open terrace and need help from people like you and me to give the dream a reality.

Building Dreams Foundation with their little budget that they raise they are donating sanitary pads to the women and educate them to build their own business for a better world they can dream off.

Building Dreams foundation is also working on agriculture productivity to increase the income in villages by introducing the farmers to world-class Agriculture tools through digital means. they know this won’t help until they get the machinery. Having no donor base is what they can do at the best.

Volunteers in Rural India
A journey of few relentless college goers

They are installing water filters in houses to give clean drinking water to the villagers periodically. Lack of clean drinking water has always made the life of people quite difficult. Giving rise to a lot of problems like Kidney stone and rashes. Don’t You think there is a dire need to solve this issue?

To do what they do, take a lot of hard work and people’s support. But sadly over the year, they didn’t get support from people they thought they can get help from.

Besides this, the local Government didn’t come up to appreciate the hard work they put in.

To fulfill all the activities, they need to raise a minimum of 1000 $ but they could only raise 250 $ each month. Making it tough to fulfill all the promises they make.

We all know what we do today will have a tremendous impact on the lives of people tomorrow.

With mutual support, we have seen most trivial and even the biggest of the problem have been solved with ease. We don’t see any reason why it can’t be possible with Building Dreams Foundation.

We all, no matter where we live, have to come together to solve the problem of hunger, education and environmental impact. That is the sole reason why we choose the Building Dreams Foundation.

food drive in rural india

It would take Building Dreams Foundation only 20 kind-hearted individuals donating 50 $ each to impact the lives of millions in days to come.

Are we willing to be that one kind-hearted individual?

We choose to be one. There is a need for 19 more people.

Let us promise to serve humanity together and help those who are already doing their best.






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