Everything you need to know before solo travel to Thailand

Known as the ‘Land of Smiles’, Thailand is one of the most traveled countries over the globe. This is a gem in the already beautiful south-east Asia. The country is filled with rich wildlife, beautiful beaches, and deep rain forests.

Other than the geographical beauty, it is also a land of culture and people are proud of their heritage here. Thailand is ranked high in the list of the safest countries. Thus, solo travel in Thailand is a great option for people who want to spend some quality time traveling alone.

The diversity that this country has to offer is large. Starting from stunning temples to so many adventure sports, from the humble paddy fields to even fancy restaurants, this is a whole package.

The best part about travel to Thailand is the exotic food which they have to serve. Starting from the variety of noodles to the curry bowls, from the extensive range of seafood to the amazing street-side food carts, everything is min d-blowing. The best part about taking an inside look of Thai cuisine is that it is cheap and thrilling. Thailand is a complete gastronomic delight!

You can just walk down a street and try all those local people selling yummy food from early in the morning till midnight. The people are so friendly here that even a solo trip will not give you a feeling of being alone. There are however a lot of tips and guidelines that you should take a look at before packing your bags for a long vacation.

Best tips for solo travel in Thailand

Thailand has so much to offer you that the fact of being companion-less on a trip will not bother you even more. The East Asian cultures are so rich and diverse that you will be spoilt for choice over here.

There are many cities which attract travelers from all around the world depending on their choice of visits. For example, Chiang Mai in the North is the best place for people who are interested in the history of the country.

This place is filled with the relics of the very old Lanna kingdom. On the other hand, the cities of Ayutthaya and Sukhotai, house many old and ruined temples which have a different charm to them.

Solo travel to Thailand
Sukhotai, North Thailand

The capital of Thailand is the famous Bangkok city that has everything you can ask for. Starting from western hotels to beaches, delicious food to the fanciest of restaurants, you will be spoilt for choice. It also has arguably the best nightlife as compared to other Asian and even some of the European countries.

Apart from this, the coastline of Thailand has a chain of beautiful islands surrounded by serene beaches. Another good part about solo travel in Thailand is learning the art of eating alone.

This is by far the best country for solo diners as it is even difficult to get a table for one here. Bangkok is one of the best examples of solo diners enjoying to the fullest as compared to any other place.

Best tips for female solo travel in Thailand

Thailand is a safe country but there are few important tips to consider along with your Thailand solo travel itinerary. Let’s start with where to stay – you should go for the hostels rather than hotels rooms as hostels are much safer than staying in a lonely hotel room.

The other advantage of staying in a hostel is that you get to stay with many other people and in this way, you get to make friends and travel partners. It is always more fun to have friends in a foreign land. It gives you so much to learn and journeys to share.

The next point is to not book a place for accommodation for more than a couple of nights. The reason for this is that you would not know initially if the place you have booked beforehand is completely safe and comfortable for you.

So the best thing is to stay in one place and then shift to another. It lets you travel across the city, say from north to south, and make the most of your time in each place.

Other than the accommodation part, the other smaller things you need to be careful about are the scammers here. You have to be very cautious of people who will try to loot you at any moment.

Remember that you should always wear clothes which cover your shoulders and your knees in all public places, if not at the beaches. East Asia is conservative and women need to be a little more careful about what they wear.

You must cover your legs and open your shoes before entering a temple. Don’t touch a monk by mistake – they are not allowed to come in any form of physical contact with women.

Best places for solo travel in Thailand

Now that we already know a lot about female travel solo in Thailand, let us see some of the exciting places to visit here alone:


First in this list, is one of the stunning places in the south of Thailand known as Krabi. The people here are mostly fishermen who are friendly and can direct you to the nearby rock-climbing training school if you are an adventure seeker. Otherwise, you can just sit at one of the beaches here and sip your favorite cocktails.

solo trip to thailand from india
Heaven on earth, Krabi beach
best place to solo travel in Thailand
Krabi beach

Kho Phi Phi

The Phi Phi Islands are a perfect example of unexploited beaches and you need to see it to believe it. It has a beautiful Maya Bay that attracts couples all through the year. For solo travelers, this is the perfect place to write a book, a poem, or just spend some time alone to appreciate nature’s beauty.

how to travel Thailand solo
Kho Phi Phi
is it safe to solo travel in Thailand
Panoramic view of Kho Phi Phu
Snorkeling near Phi Phi island


Phuket is the largest island in Thailand but also pricier compared to other places. This place has something exciting whether we are talking about male travel solo in Thailand or female solo travel. Not just several adventure sports, this place is home to some animal reserves and animal rehabilitation centers as well.

On one side of the Phuket, you will explore an old and rustic town that offers the best traditional food. On the other side, you will immerse into the unstoppable nightlife and shopping-spree.

solo travel around Thailand
Phuket at night
solo travel destinations Thailand
Phang Nga bay, known as James Bond island
What can be better then this?
solo travel ke Thailand
Sunset in Phuket

khao Sok

This is a National Park and an area of extraordinary beauty. The main attraction of this place is the Cheow Lan Lake and you just cannot miss out on this. The Ratchaprapha Dam binds this place along with the other lakes, rivers, and waterfalls which make their way through this area. There are also a few limestone cliffs making this park look like a beautiful picture.

The park homes some endangered species of birds and animals among which the muntjac and the barking deer are to watch out for. This is one more feature which makes the park an ideal place for nature lovers and other tourists who want to explore rich tropical wildlife. Jungle trekking is another activity option here.

solo travel meetup Thailand
Pure nature
Bungalows on the water
solo travel south Thailand


This location is in the center part of Thailand (Northern to Bangkok) which is not very popular as most of the tourist attractions are in the North or the South. Kanchanaburi has an emotional side to it – it is filled with the memories of war heroes during the time of the Japan occupation.

There is also a railroad which was made after a lot of hard work by the prisoners of war. It is said that this was one of the toughest parts of the whole rail bridge as the prisoners were forced to remove big stones manually to let a train pass. Also, there is a war cemetery where you can pay your respect. Other than this, there are some beautiful national parks to visit around the location.

solo travel groups thailand
Beautiful and easy trek in
solo travel thailand reddit
Erawan waterfalls
The bridge on the river Kwai
solo travel tours thailand
Erawan waterfall trek

Travel plan to Thailand

How to make friends in Thailand?

Locals in Thailand are friendly and it is easy to communicate and mingle with them. A big tip for you is that the people in Thailand usually do not like to be alone and thus you always have a chance to communicate with someone.

The first way for you to make friends is staying in a hostel with other roommates and starting up a conversation there. You might meet more people come over from different parts of the world, but there might also be people from Thailand visiting an unexplored part of the nation.

Thai people love it when you eat out with them or party with them. You will hardly see someone here who is sitting alone with a plate of food. If you find someone eating alone, you can ask them if you could join in and start a conversation.

Another exciting part is that people in Thailand love nightlife. However, they do have some strict guidelines related to the opening and closing hours of the clubs and bars. You will have to leave when the party stops and also abide by other set rules.

Thai men are decent and don’t intrude into someone’s personal space. If anyone takes interest in you, they will approach you politely. You might come across such an instance at a bar or a pub. Just ensure if you’re safe and see if you vibe the right way with the person.

You might end up making a great friend in another country or just talk a little about what makes Thailand so special. Once you’re sure that you’re safe around locals, you will not have anything to worry about.

How to travel with groups in Thailand?

One of the best travel tips to Thailand is to bring people along. If you want to explore Thailand at a budget and yet not miss out on anything, you should travel with more people. You can pre-book a group tour according to the number of people you have and their interests.

The main reason why people choose solo group travel Thailand is to cut down on the cost of everything. This is the most economical way of touring this beautiful country. Also, this way the trip becomes more exciting, organized and enriching.

When you are on group travel, the whole itinerary is already fixed, the timings are set and, in this way, there is very less chance that you will miss out on anything in your wish-list.

Another advantage of traveling in groups is that you get to make friends with like-minded people and that way you do not feel like a stranger in a foreign land. Just make sure that you do all the bookings well in advance so that you can get the best available offers.

When you travel alone, you simply go to those places which you have ready about or planned earlier on. The good part about traveling in groups is that you get to explore all the unconventional places. This is because in a group each one has a different interest and to fulfill each wish separately, you can explore all of it on the lowest costs.

Places to visit on a group tour

The following includes places that travel companies add for group tours in Thailand:

1. The Grand Palace and Wat Prakeaw

This palace is considered to be one of the best tourist attractions in Bangkok. This is an old palace turned into a museum. You can find no royal people residing over here but know a lot of facts about the royal dynasty. The exquisite architecture and the minute detailing are beautiful. The emerald Buddha inside the temple is one more attraction.

solo travel Thailand blog
solo female travel to Thailand
The Grand Palace and Wat Prakeaw

2. Phang Nga Bay

The special feature of this Phang Nga Bay is the group of limestone cliffs which stick out straight from beneath the water. The surrounding waters are a beautiful green color and are further surrounded with lush greenery on all sides. The water is crystal clear and the reflection of the blue sky and the cliffs make it a perfect picture.

This is one of the most unconventional places in the whole world that has recently come to light. This island was announced a Marine National Park in the year 1982 and is one of the most undeveloped places in East Asia. The reason for not commercializing is to conserve the natural beauty of the island and the beaches around.

It is rich with crystal clear water, tropical fish and colorful coral. This is an ideal place for diving. You can either take a speed boat from Phang Nga Bay or an 8- hour-long boat ride from Phuket.

One of the most unconventional places in the whole world
An ideal place for diving

4. Bangkok floating markets

The floating markets in and near Bangkok attract a lot of tourists every day. These are the happiest places around and are always buzzing with people. You can see the boats floating around full of local produce such as fruits and vegetables. You can also buy traditional food prepared on the boats itself. Solo travel Bangkok is never complete without a visit to this place.

solo travel through Thailand
Floating market, very commercial but still, don't miss!
solo travel tips Thailand
Another opportunity for Thai food
solo trip for Thailand
Floating market, not far from Bangkok

5. Doi Suthep

This is a mountain destination which gives the best view of Chiang Mai and the countryside around. This place is known for the Doi Suthep temple and also the Bhubing Palace. A visit o Thailand is incomplete if you miss this place.

Doi Suthep temple
solo trip to Thailand cost

6. Khao Yai National Park

Located in the northern part of Bangkok, the best to enjoy and explore the wildlife and natural beauty of Thailand is by taking a wildlife safari in the Khao Yai National Park.

Apart from safari drives, you can also go hiking and enjoy lunch and snacks around the waterfalls here. The magic of tropical jungles is surreal in his place. Ticket prices can be reduced if you are in a group of 8 or more.

Khao Yai National Park
traveling to Thailand alone male
Safari drives, hiking and good Thai food

Solo travel Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand and is very popular among tourists. It is one of the most visited countries of South East Asia and also in the whole world. Solo traveling is not at all a problem in Bangkok and no one cares for the fact that you are traveling alone or with a group. There are however a few tips and guidelines that can make it easier for you to get through over here.

1. Mobile data

There is nothing as useful as your mobile data, especially in a foreign country. It will be best if you can get a local sim at the airport itself. This will make it easier for you to connect to everything with minimum dependence on other people. Also, you can use mobile data at the local rates to connect to your people back at your country.

2. Choose your transport wisely

You might get a little jittery by the fact that a lot of taxi or tuk-tuk drivers will flock around you as soon as you step out of the airport gates.

The problem with these two transport facilities is one, they try to mislead you by taking advantage of the fact that you are not as familiar with the streets here. Also, they try to charge you extra money by taking longer routes and not following the meter rates.

3. Good accommodation facilities

It is always better if you have pre-booked a hotel or hostel whichever comes under your preference, at least for the first night. You will find out that you have become extremely weary after the long flight, as soon as you have landed in Bangkok. Booking a condo is a great idea for your stay in Bangkok. Not only are these cozy and comfortable but is a great value for money.

4. Choose trains over bikes and taxis

While you are staying in a busy city such as Bangkok, safety should be your number one priority. A very common means of fast transport here is the bike taxi, which is like a taxi facility otherwise.

Try to move beyond these and choose trains for traveling from one place to another. Local trains in Bangkok are not just safe but also very comfortable and beautiful inside.

5. Dining alone

Eating out alone or asking for a table for one is never a problem in Bangkok and a lot of people commonly do it.

So, do not feel shy or embarrassed to sit and enjoy your food alone because giving the local food a miss will not be a good idea at all.

Thailand tours for solo travelers

Thailand is known as the ‘backpackers paradise’ and why not? It is absolute heaven for solo travelers. No one even bats an eyelid to where you are from and with whom you are traveling here. People here are friendly, warm-hearted and helpful.

Also, there are so many activities around this place to engage yourself that being solo is like a secondary thought in your mind. It is easy to make friends on the go and communicate with other like-minded people who have also visited Thailand for a solo trip. Thus, this is an ideal place to relax and give yourself some space away from your daily life.

Thailand solo trip cost

It is generally very tough to say exactly how much money you would require for a complete trip. The solo travel cost in Thailand depends on a lot of factors such as how long your trip is or how tight your budget is.

A day with luxurious western-style food, accommodation, and fine transport facilities will cost you at around 3,500-5,000 Baht which is around $100- $150. On the other hand, you can even budget your day to around 250-300 Baht per day and some extra money for shopping.

Some tips can help you save a little more money here.

  1. Try to avail the food carts on the local streets and go for simple dining places over luxurious, Western hotels.
  2. Choose simple and traditional Thai food over continental cuisine. This will not only make you feel closer to the culture but you will also be able to explore the exotic taste of Thai cuisine from here.
  3. Try to cut down on your alcohol consumption. Also, go for beer bottles rather than any other fancy drinks.
  4. Make sure you are bargaining with the tuk-tuk and taxi drivers and also at all the market places. If you go street shopping and you do not want to lose on your money then bargaining is a must.
  5. Try to avoid commercial and tourist-centric locations and islands for your visit and also book group tours either before you have reached here or just as you reach Thailand.

Traveling to Thailand alone male

As said earlier, Thailand is a very safe country to travel and you have all perks as a man. There can be people raising their brows at you for being a solo male traveler mainly because of the adult means of entertainment over here. Ignore such people politely as they can judge you but won’t hamper your personal space.

Gay solo travel Thailand

Thailand is a country which has always been warm to people who belong to the LGBTQ communities. Many people from this community lead comfortable lives without getting judged. Homosexuality is hardly looked down upon as anything unnatural and no one is treated differently.

There are special restaurants and clubs for gay and lesbian people if they want to spend more time and have the right comfort zone. Pride parades are happy events held some times over the year in Thailand. If you belong to the LGBTQ community, you have nothing to worry about in Thailand.

Best solo travel tips to keep in mind

Here is a summary of all that you just read:

  1. Avoid tap water in Thailand for drinking or for cooking as they are not always safe and healthy.
  2. Carry light summery clothes for daytime and light woolens for whenever it gets a little cold. For instance, early in the mornings and during late nights, you might feel cold here.
  3. Make sure that you do not touch people’s heads even playfully. It is a sign of disrespect here.
  4. Carry bottles of purified water wherever you are traveling during the whole day.
  5. Wear comfortable shoes and slippers depending on where you go. Never walk barefoot on the streets not only due to hygiene but also as Thai people don’t like.
  6. Find more Thailand travel tips here


Is it safe to travel solo in Thailand?

Yes, it is safe to travel solo in Thailand. Well, talking about safety, there are exceptions everywhere with people who are trying to scam you. But Thailand is a place which is 90% safe otherwise with very friendly people and a lot of other solo travelers who you will meet on the go. Also, there are so many activities that you can involve yourself in that traveling solo will never seem dull and boring.

Is Thailand safe for solo female?

It is not only a very safe place for females who are traveling alone, but it is also considered one of the safest places in the world for the same. It is also an ideal destination for females who are traveling alone for the first time. Guides and other tourists here are very friendly and the developed infrastructure makes travel in Thailand even easier.

Is Thailand safe for tourists?

Yes, Thailand is super safe for tourists. There is however never a 100% guaranty of safety in any country as of that matter because you will come across frauds everywhere. You just have to be a little careful and cautious while interacting with people and mainly when you spend money.

There are people everywhere who will try to loot you once you are careless. Thailand is one of the most popular tourist places and so the tourist laws are strong here as well.

Is food expensive in Thailand?

Food in Thailand can be equally cheap as expensive, depending on where you eat. You will get Michelin Star restaurants with the most expensive price tags and street food that might cost you a dollar or two.

If you go to a decent restaurant to have local food, it can be pricy if it includes seafood. You also get beef and pork in most eateries and we’d recommend you to try it all.

How much is a meal in Thailand Baht?

A traditional meal costs around 40-60 Baht or $1-$2. An addition of any kind of seafood or other meat may cost you a little extra. Also, a plate of normal noodles with add-ons may cost you up to 100 Baht or $3, while the tasty pad Thai ones cost lesser. You can also try Thai curry bowls at around 40 Baht or $1 and an additional 20 Baht for the rice.

How much money do you need to live comfortably in Thailand?

Since Thailand is not a very expensive country for westerners, people can live a comfortable life, with a moderate income. Many western people work in the country and agree to the fact that 30,000-50,000 Baht is enough for a standard lifestyle. With this money, you can maintain everything starting from a rented apartment to food, water, transportation, grocery to even travel costs.

Can you teach English in Thailand without a degree?

When is most of the places around the world, at least a Bachelor’s degree is required for any teaching staff, Thailand is one place which stands out? 

You do not require even a basic Bachelor’s degree to teach in this country. You need to start a volunteer, pass a few tests that ensure the quality of English you know, and then you can become a full-time teacher.

Is it better to change money in Thailand?

Yes, it is better to exchange money in Thailand as you will get cheaper rates. You are advised not to change your currency till the time you have reached a Thailand airport. The money exchange in the airport here is open at all hours of the day and will give you better rates.

It is even better if you exchange money at hotels or restaurants as they offer the cheapest rates as compared to anywhere around, especially the banks.

What should you not wear in Thailand?

The weather of Thailand is hot and humid so no matter what you wear, you will feel hot and you will sweat. There are no major dressing guidelines here but it is better that you do not dress immodestly.

Try to cover your shoulders and knees while visiting the temples and also while walking on the streets. Beachwear and shorts are fine only on the beaches. Also, try to wear comfortable fabrics and shoes.

How much cash should I take to Thailand?

Thailand is a comparatively cheap country but how much money you should carry depends on your itinerary. If you are planning to stay mostly in western hotels and eat at the poshest restaurants and travel in private transport, then the cost per day will be higher.

This way, you will have to estimate a cost per day of around 3,500-5,000 Baht. However, backpackers can survive by spending even 1,000 Baht for a day, when in Thailand.

Can you drink the water in Thailand?

There is an extensive network of water purification in Thailand and you do not have to worry about safe drinking water. Try to avoid the tap water here as there is no guarantee on how it has been treated. Purified or boiled water is the best. Also, adding ice to your water is safe here as ice is commonly made of purified water in the many ice factories over here.

What can you not do in Thailand?

Thailand is a place with rich traditions and you might not be familiar with most of them as a tourist. For example, they consider the head as the purest part of the body and touching someone’s head might offend them.

You should be careful not to enter all shops and temples with shoes on. Be careful of not touching a monk in Thailand, especially if you are a woman as they are not allowed to do so. 

What is the cheapest month to fly to Thailand?

Book your tickets well in advance to get the best flight rates. The peak season to travel here is between November and March, but you could get lucky during February with lower charges. The summer holiday time in June and July usually have more travelers. Thus, the cheapest months to come over are March, April, May, August, September, and October

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