Feng Shui for Bedroom

The truth is that we can do anything to get a good night’s sleep. Be it buying new mattresses and better beds or lowering thermostats, we regularly make more innovative strategies. However, what we may not have considered to date is that Feng Shui can solve this issue. It can tell us some of the most solid strategies for sleeping well at night.

As per experts, Feng Shui does not always mean decorations or accessories in the bedroom; it is a much wider concept. It is about an emotional connection that helps you to understand good and bad vibes. This article is all that you need to know about a Feng Shui bedroom. However, if you want to know what is want to get familiar with the basics of Feng Shui and to really know what Feng Shui is, click here

Feng Shui bedroom rules

Here we have a few strategies or dos and don’ts to improve the overall energy of your bedroom.

1. Bed frame or a wooden headboard

It is surprisingly true that a mere headboard or bed frame can have such significant value in Feng Shui. It is a part of Western Feng Shui, which says that a bed frame made out of wood symbolizes support for the body and better sleep quality. However, metal bed frames entertain bad energy as they say that metals distort the earth’s magnetic energy.

Feng shui bedroom rules
Wooden bed frame - click the image for more details

2. Unplug your gadgets

Ensure that you unplug all your gadgets or switch off your mobile phones and keep them away from your bed. According to experts, electronic gadgets and any other object associated with an electromagnetic field generate harmful circadian energy. So, it is ideal that you either do not keep gadgets near your bed or keep their power off when you sleep.

3. Position of the bed

It would help if you ideally placed your bed against any wall or pillar in your bedroom. It is a symbol of support and strength, and you will sleep well in this way. However, make sure that the bed does not take support from any wall present on either side that consists of a bathroom or any electromagnetic field.

Also, the foot of the bed should not be in direct alignment with any door. It is because energy may flow out of the door directly, and you may get a feeling of disruption. It will further result in a disturbance of sleep.

The bed should be placed against the wall

4. Positive vibes

When you think of accessorizing your bedroom, choose decorations wisely. Go for objects that will optimize the energy in your bedroom. Subtle and soft colors, patterns, and designs will improve the overall vibes of the room. Decorate your bedroom with all that makes you happy because a happy heart makes a mind peaceful.

Decorate your bedroom with all that makes you happy - click the image for more details
Feng shui bedroom colors
Choose bedroom decor wisely - click the image for more details

5. Mirrors are a bad idea

One of the major does not include mirrors in your bedroom. You must not place a mirror in your bedroom if you want to abide by the Feng Shui rules. Experts say that mirrors attract movement or yang energy, which is not suitable for a bedroom.

The energy that is ideal for a bedroom is that of restfulness or yin. However, there is an exception to the rule. You may place a mirror if you want to but make sure that it is not directly facing your bed. It is better if your bedroom mirror faces outside as it reflects natural light and peaceful scenery.

6. Do not encourage clutter and mess

If you want to welcome positivity into your bedroom, get rid of all the mess and clutter as soon as possible. There should not be any unnecessary or unwanted items in your room, as they will attract bad vibes and energy. Therefore, to encourage positive vibes, emotional strength, compassion, and empathy in your heart, keep your house clean.

feng shui bedroom window
Keep the room clean and tidy

Bed positions

According to Feng Shui, you must know the ideal position for your bed if you want to keep away from bad energy and any misfortune. If you are facing continuous monetary or health issues, it may be because of your bed’s wrong positioning. A good idea to get your good luck back on track is to rearrange your room properly, following a range of Feng Shui rules and regulations.

Auspicious directions for your bed

Directions are essential for a FengShui bedroom; for example, you must sleep in the best direction with your head towards it. You can choose your bed’s direction or how you sleep, depending on what you desire the most. It can be wealth, love, health, or simply personal growth.

If you want to welcome love or romance into your life, try to sleep towards the love or Nien Yen direction. Your husband will have 4 auspicious directions, and sleeping towards any of them will help you. If you are still confused, at least try to avoid the unsuitable directions for your husband.

To find out the auspicious direction of your husband is not very difficult. You will first have to find your suitable Kua number. Now keep adding the last two digits of your birth year till it forms a single digit. If you are a female, add the final number with 5 and finally subtract it from 10 to find out your husband’s ideal number. Furthermore, this number will symbolize one direction towards which you will have to sleep.

Your lucky directions will be East, North, South, and South East if your Kua numbers are 1,3, 4, or 9.

Again, the directions north East, West, North West, and South West are ideal for Kua numbers 2,7, 5, and 8. The 5thKua is the same as the 2ndKua for males and the 8th for females.

You still do not have to worry if your bedroom is not in an ideal direction. 

Try to place your bed in an auspicious direction, and you are sorted. You must sleep with your head for a married female, pointing towards the Kua number of your husband’s.

Feng Shui bedroom colors

Are you confused about what colors to incorporate in a Feng Shui bedroom? Well, we have a solution for you here. We will help you find out the ideal color patterns for a Feng Shui bedroom.

Irrespective of your lifestyle or your marital status, the Feng Shui colors of your bedroom can significantly influence the condition of your health, wealth, and love life.  Now let’s take a quick look at the best ideas for general Feng Shui colors for your bedroom.

1. The overall vibe

Although we have a generic view towards color, we know blue looks cool and yellow is a bright and sunny color. Fixing your mind about a Feng Shui friendly color is rather difficult.

There are two basic reasons for this difficulty. The first is that the color shade will mostly vary from what we see on the walls to what we had seen on the swatch; secondly, the elements present inside your bedroom must also accept the color well to generate more positive vibes. However, the color guide, according to Feng Shui, is not that complicated.

Go for neutral or skin-color tones when you are completely confused about what color to choose. When you select a skin tone, you can go from white to dark brown or chocolate. You get to experiment with so many colors, and they are Feng Shui friendly too. It is a win-win situation here.

2. Bagua colors as per Feng Shui

Learn the Feng Shui Bagua requirements of every section of your house, including the bedroom. It will help you to choose colors for your bedroom following your Bagua. Doing it this way will promote peace, harmony, and happiness in your bedroom. A Bagua area of your house refers to a particular area that you can define by the direction of a compass if you place it at the house’s front door.

It is quite a complicated concept, but if you want to dig deeper into the concept of Feng Shui, it is a must. Every Bagua symbolizes something significant. For example,

  • South Bagua is for the fam.
  • The South West Bagua is for marriage and love.
  • The Western Bagua symbolizes creativity.
  • The North-Western Bagua tells us about a compassionate and helpful nature.
  • North Bagua handles the career.
  • The northeastern side of Bagua is for spiritual growth.
  • Eastern Bagua is healthy.
  • Finally, the South Eastern Bagua is money and financial growth.
feng shui bedroom mirror
Bagua mirror - click the image for more details

3. Colors in accordance with directions

Now, we will present the list of ideal colors for some of the directions. It is a little difficult to maintain every bit of it. However, it is not very difficult, so you can at least give it a shot.

  • Eastern side- the colors of wood, water, and earth are ideal for this direction. Therefore, choose any shade of brown or green. Shades of black and blue are also ideal if you have an eastern bedroom. It is the family and health Bagua of the house, and so you will get an ample amount of choice when it comes to color.
  • South East- You can choose earth elements such as brown and green, water element shades such as ad black and blue, and all other earthy tones.
  • South- wood and fire are the elements for a Southern bedroom. Go for colors such as red, yellow, pink, magenta, purple, and orange. You can also choose from shades of brown and green.
  • South West- Go for the same fire element colors in this direction.
  • West- Gray and white are the ideal shades to compliment the metallic tone of this direction.

Feng Shui bedroom decoration

Feng Shui refers to an ancient East Asian cultural practice of arrangement and orientation of any building, for example, your house or office. The rules of arrangement and decoration are followed diligently to comply with the positive ‘chi’ energy flow.

In this case, if you can decorate your bedroom to welcome more of the chi energy, peace, harmony, and prosperity will be abundance. Now, take a look at some of the ideal decoration ideas to suit the Feng Shui norms of a bedroom. Feng shui decoration ideas for the office can be found here, and Feng shui for the living room can be found here

1. The bed is the most important object

The bed must be the bedroom’s primary focal point because the bedroom is the symbol of peace and restfulness. Follow the norms of Feng Shui and choose a bed according to the Feng Shui guidelines, there will be more peace, and you will be able to sleep better.

2. Feng Shui bedroom layout

It would help if you found out your bedroom’s ideal commanding position before you place the bed. The best suit for your bed is where you will get the widest view of the room. Also, the point must be farthest and also not directly aligned to your bathroom or any other doorway. Follow the tips below to make things easier-

  • The back of the bed must be against a solid wall.
  • Do not place the bed at any corner. It must get enough space on both sides and towards the foot for a free flow of energy.
  • The back of your bed should not face the entrance. Also, the bed must not share a common wall that will also have a door.
  • If there is no other option and the bed has to face the bathroom, make sure the bathroom door is closed at all times.
  • Maintain the angles of other furniture in your bedroom. See to it that there are no sharp angles or edges to avoid the disruption in the flow of positive energy. It will also prevent injuries.

3. Tasteful artwork

A great décor idea by the guidelines of a Feng Shui bedroom is to hang beautiful and peaceful art pieces in your bedroom. Hang what you would love to see in the most comfortable room in your house. Being meticulous while collecting artwork for your bedroom is a must.

Be sure to choose pieces of art that will inspire you and bring out your positivity. Try to think about what you want and desire in life and choose paintings and decorations for your bedroom accordingly.

Now, art pieces depicting melancholy and loneliness are extremely peaceful too. However, according to Feng Shui guidelines, they are not correct choices as you can draw the same emotion into your life, which is not a very good idea.

feng shui bedroom colours
Feng shui artwall - click the image for more details

4. Lighting strategy

A bedroom is a place where you will relax, and so you must be careful about the type and arrangement of lighting in this part of the house. A Feng Shui bedroom will ideally look and feel good if it has soft lights in it.

The effect of these lights on the human body will differ along with the source of lighting. For example, if you want the best effects on your body, stay away from electromagnetic lighting sources. Shift to more natural sources such as perfumed candles or lamps with refreshing salt.

how to feng shui bedroom
Soft lighting - click the image for more details
feng shui bedroom map
Led lamp - click the image for more details

5. Keep away technology from the bedroom

Technical and electronic gadgets and devices act as distractions for everyone, according to Feng Shui. It is ideal for keeping such objects away from your bedroom and trying to decorate it more organically.

Put in more plants and natural objects inside your bedroom. The color should also compliment the FengShui bedroom Bagua. Also, make sure that you keep away televisions and music systems from this room.

Feng Shui bedroom plants

Feng Shui always emphasizes the inclusion of plants and greenery in all the areas of your house, including the bedroom. According to Feng Shui experts, any plant that will make the air cooler and purify it is a good choice. The following are some ideal choices of Feng Shui plants for the bedroom.

1. Money plant or crassula ovata

It is a traditional South African plant and is the most popular according to all Feng Shui norms. The plant is said to bring in more prosperity, good luck, and wealth while growing up. It also brings in harmony inside the home and also to the surrounding areas. It generates a lot of positive energy, and the best variety has rounded smooth leaves.

2. Money tree or pachira Aquatica

It is a traditional Central or South American plant; it is also one of the most popular in the list of Feng Shui plants. It justifies its name as it is said to welcome home more money as it grows up. There is popular Taiwanese folklore about the money plants, which is still popular and encourages many people to believe in this omen.

3. Lucky bamboo or Dracaena braunii

It is an Asian bamboo variety that brings in a lot of fortune and good luck to the house. As per East Asian, especially Chinese culture, placing the bamboo plant anywhere in your home, including your bedroom, welcomes three positive elements. They are fortune, honor, and harmony.

Bamboo plant for good luck - click the image for more details

4. Peace lily or Spathiphyllum

A plant of tropical American origin, the peace lily falls under Feng Shui plants’ category that welcomes good fortune to your home. The peace lily plant, as per scientists, also cleans the air around and eradicates all contaminating sources, including formaldehyde and benzene.

The best place to keep it is one a shelf or table in your bedroom that is by the window. The plant needs shade as well as bright light. You can water it once a week.

5. Aglaonema

Aglaonema is a proper indoor plant that belongs to the plants’ arum family and is considered significant, according to the Feng Shui study. It is also known to clean the air around, and you also get a variety of hybrid species of this plant.

Feng Shui bedroom furniture

Following the rules and guidelines for ideal furniture for a Feng, Shui bedroom is not very difficult. The main focus, in this case, is the bed, of course. As you already know, the bed is the major part of the bedroom according to Feng Shui, and a wooden headboard is ideal. Now, you must understand every small detail about choosing the ideal bed.

Also, make sure that the bed has a wooden headboard or frame. According to Feng Shui, it is a symbol of support, and sleep quality improves if your bed consists of a headboard. From the other tips and references, you already know the correct positions for placing your bed.

If you can follow all the directions and positions for positioning your bed, nothing can stop the flow of positive energy in your bedroom. The other major furniture in your room will include wooden shelves or showcases. Decorate such spaces with organic decorations, delicate art pieces, and Feng Shui plants.

Feng shui your bedroom
Wooden shelves - click the image for more details
Wooden showcase - click the image for more details

Qi flow in the bedroom

Qi is an important force that influences the flow of energy in your house, including your bedroom. Qi means air and is associated with any material energy. There is a mention of qi in traditional Chinese medical science and Chinese martial arts besides Feng Shui. The following are some tips that will enable you to keep the balance in Qi flow inside your bedroom.

  • Strategic positioning of your bed
  • Placing circular and curved nigh stands
  • Stay away from living plants inside your bedroom.
  • A pair of Mandarin ducks on the nightstand is significant.
  • Understand where to place a mirror, if at all required, inside the bedroom

Final thoughts

Feng Shui is a combination of art and science that makes the quality of life better. It improves peace, compassion, and happiness. You now have a happier home, and you become a more peaceful person altogether.


Which way should you face your bed?

Generally, it would help if you positioned your bed so that it does not fall in a straight line with any door. The foot of the bed should not especially face a door. The head of your bed should ideally be lifted against a wall. However, the sides of the bed should not share any wall. According to Feng Shui, the bed should not have a bathroom or an electronic section on either side of it.

What is bad Feng Shui for the bedroom?

Several positions go against Feng Shui rules, and one of these is having mirrors right opposite the bed. We do not recommend big size mirrors in your bedroom. It is because a mirror welcomes water energy, which results in sorrow or sadness. However, it only means that a mirror should not be present opposite to the bed. You can place one in another part of the bedroom.

Where should the bed be placed in Feng Shui?

According to Feng Shui, the commanding position influences the position of the bed in your bedroom. The bed’s most ideal is when you are lying on it, and you can see the bathroom door. However, you cannot place your bed so that the bathroom door is in line with the foot of your bed. An ideal position for the bed is to place it diagonally to the bathroom door.

How do I get positive energy in my bedroom?

According to Feng Shui tips, you can do several activities to welcome positive energy. For example, you must lower the flow of energy, clear all the clutter in the house and entertain guests. Also, you must know how to balance all the 5 Feng Shui energies, try to eradicate negative sources of energy and also bring in natural light. Workstations are important sections of the house and you must rebalance them too.

How can I make my bedroom happy?

A happy bedroom makes a happy home, and the ideal activity is to clean your bedroom. The bedroom should be airy and get an ample amount of natural light. Also, it would help if you keep your bedroom clutter-free as mess always attracts negative energy. It would help if you also cleaned your bed early in the morning as soon as you get up.

What household items keep positive energy?

Items such as colorful and lively pictures, newly painted walls, in-house plants, other happy artworks, and more bring in and retain positive energy in the house.

How can I attract positive energy?

Some several habits and activities can attract positive energy, such as cutting off all sources of negative. Also, you must find your strength and treat your weakness with positivity too. It would help if you were kind and compassionate towards others, be thankful for what you have, and focus your mind on only positive thoughts.

Can others feel the energy?

People who can empathize with others emotionally will surely feel any positive energy. For example, if you can empathize, you will more likely get a strong feeling when someone is sad or depressed or very happy and excited. You will not even have to ask anyone how they feel and guess their feelings easily.

Does positive energy attract positive energy?

Positive energy is the best way to attract more positive energy. As a positive vibe increases, you become a happier person who is more at peace. Positive energy increases when you encourage pure and honest thoughts, compassionate actions, and a clean house.

How do I fill a room with positive energy?

To fill a room with more positive energy, keep it clean and clutter-free. Keep windows and doors open, especially early in the morning, to let natural light penetrate the room. Replace or move away from broken and worn away objects. Also, fill the house with nice perfume and keep away all hazardous substances from children’s reach.

How do I rid my home of negative energy?

Try to retain all the positivity inside your house with small plants, more oxygen, less clutter, and all nice things. By nice things we mean, delicate decorations, colorful walls, good artwork, and others.

Does salt remove negative energy?

Salt crystals are indeed great absorbers of negative energy. All Feng Shui experts will suggest you keep a bowl full of salt in the corners of the room for a few hours. Remove it afterward. You can also make a batch with a little sea salt mixed with your bathwater. It is refreshing and rejuvenating.

What are the signs of negative energy?

You will easily get to know some kind of negative energy surrounding you when you become jittery and anxious very often. Constant anger and irritation or depression is a sign too. You may also find it a little difficult to interact and gel well with people when some kind of negative energy surrounds you. Excessive criticizing and complaining is nature is a matter of concern too.

Does lemon remove negative energy?

Yes, lemons indeed have negative energy absorbing power. Feng Shui experts suggest that you clean your jewelry and belongings with lemon to keep your property’s negativity. Apart from this, salt with lemon also keeps negative energy out of the door.

All That You Need to Know About Feng Shui Living Room Ideas

Home is the most comfortable place on earth. It is the only space which we all crave after a busy day of work. Thus, it is essential to make sure that the aura inside the house is lively and refreshing and that whoever comes into the house is welcomed with good vibes. It is possible if we follow the Feng Shui tips and know why we need them.

Your house can be a big mansion or just a small, cozy studio apartment, an essential part of the house in Feng Shui consideration is the living room. This is because the living room of any house is the main space where the family members spend the maximum time of the day and socialize the most. 

This space must always remain refreshing and lively to help the family members stay happy and bonded. Here we have a few general tips to make your FengShui living room design ideas better:

north facing living room feng shui
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feng shui colors for north facing living room
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1. The direction of the Living Room

The location of your living room is vital, check out the following points to know why:

Two outer Walls

The direction of the living room in the house plays an important role. The location is the main driving force of energy in the place. The living room must have a minimum of two outer walls. It means that there should be such a Feng Shui living room layout that it is closer to the outer part of the house, and the energy directly enters the living area first.

Should Not Be the Center

You have to keep in mind that the energy should not travel via other rooms because it gets slow and stale.

Also, this design of a living room makes it perfect for different Feng Shui energies around to activate faster as soon as they come in contact with some good energy.

The living room should not be located right at the center of your house. You have to ensure that the location is not so deep that you have to walk through more than one room to reach the living space. 

Because the living room is located so deep, the energy or ‘qi’ which travels into it will not be able to reach quickly and have obstacles. Also, till the time it comes the living room, the flow of energy may become slow or could stop.

The Ventilation Matters

As per Feng Shui living room décor ideas, the living room should have more than one exterior wall so that it receives an ample amount of sunlight. Apart from this natural light coming due to the walls, the windows will also fetch in the fresh air and more sunlight.

Your living room must be well-lit and well-ventilated so that good energy, along with the fresh air, keeps flowing correctly. It is an optimal part of Feng Shui – health and vitality.

No facing doors

As per a Feng Shui living room, two doors should not be facing each other. The tunnel effect is created, and fresh energy goes away as soon as it enters the other door. It means that the other rooms are deprived of positive vibes that could enter the house.

Correct Number of Doors and Windows

As per the Feng Shui living room rules, there should be proper ventilation facilities in the living room. Simultaneously, make sure that there are not even three doors and four windows in the room. The presence of several doors and windows in a living room creates chaos in the qi current. It can have a damaging effect on people present in the living room.

2. The layout of a Feng Shui Living Room

After deciding the location of your living room, it is now essential to optimize the layout. Keep these tips in your mind while doing this:


Make sure that the living room in your house is spacious enough for the family members and also for guests.

An ideal Feng Shui living room should be spacious enough to accommodate anybody who comes to visit you and perfect for the whole family to gather together. A spacious living room encourages fresh qi energy to house freely. Come inside the house.


It is not always necessary to have a large living space to make it comfortable enough for everyone. An ideal living room should be spacious and comfortable, no matter how big/small it is. The main trick to make a room more comfortable is how you lay the furniture and how perfectly you arrange it.

Another factor that affects the comfort level is the choice of furniture. Make sure whatever you invest in is spacious as well as comfortable.

Walking space

An ideal Feng Shui living room should have furniture placed so that there is enough space for anyone to walk around. It means that there is enough natural space within the placement of all the furniture.

In case there is a chair placed in an awkward position, there are high chances that you might get hurt while trying to walk past. Apart from being a health hazard, such an improper setting of furniture prevents the free flow of qi energy.

The fireplace

Did you know that the fireplace in your living space is of high importance? A fireplace in the north-east direction encourages calm and peaceful vibes. It also helps in good education.

On the other hand, a fireplace in the south and south-west brings in more love and romance. You can use colors such as orange, red, pink, and shades of green on the whole southern side of the living room for more benefits as per Feng Shui  Bagua.

The natural view

Like you already know, windows enhance the flow of good qi energy into the living room. The furniture should also be arranged, keeping in mind the position of the windows.

A good Feng Shui living room furniture placement means you can admire the outside view from anywhere in the living room. It would be best if you also hung mirrors in proper places to help get some more view of nature outside, from areas that are not directly across the windows.

Placing the television

The Feng Shui living room TV placement can benefit you in several ways. As per the Feng Shui, Bagua map of a living room, placing the television in the north side of the living room is the best. This positioning is known to bring you better luck in your career.

On the other hand, placing your television in the south can fetch you fame and good luck as well. Televisions are said to have a lot of action or yang energy, which activates the other powers in the place it is fixed in.

Feng shui wall decor
Feng shui wall art decor - click for details!

3. The layout of Feng Shui Living Room Furniture

Our living rooms are mainly made up of our furniture and decorations. It is time now to take a look at what furniture can benefit us as per Feng Shui.

Rounded Furniture

As per Feng Shui rules, corners are known as poison arrows. These point towards negative energy in a particular place.

Hard angles of any furniture signify the restlessness of a living room. It is, therefore, better if you try and avoid edges and corners wherever possible.

You can invest in furniture with rounded edges to avoid any negative energy flowing inside your living room. Such furniture also makes the room look stylish and pretty.

A Sofa in the Living Room

You will be amazed to learn that out of all the furniture in your living room; the sofa is of utmost importance. There are many Feng Shui rules related to choosing the correct sofa for your living space. The couch must sit against a broad wall. It gives it stability and also makes it safer to sit on. Other than that, the sofa should be soft and comfortable with making it pleasant for whoever sits on it.

Chairs on The Side

A living room should be such that it can accommodate every one of the family and guests together. It is, therefore, essential to place one love seat and one or two single chairs to complete a whole sofa setting. This arrangement also makes space for a lovely coffee table and hence the perfect location for a tea-time show together.

Feng shui waterfall wall art - click for details!

Your coffee table

As you know, furniture or chairs with curved edges are always better in a Feng Shui living room; one exception is your coffee table. A coffee table is first essential to complete the perfect living room scene, and second, placing a square one is considered more auspicious.

Your coffee table is mainly used by people sitting around to place different things and thus to provide more comfort


Proper lights in the living room activate qi energy as per Feng Shui rules. Natural light is the most crucial form of lighting for a living room. Along with that, artificial lighting arrangements also help in modifying the ambiance and for other purposes. You can fix scones and table lamps as they provide light flowing upward. Overhead lights help in other functional tasks.

Feng Shui living room light
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Feng Shui living room
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4. The Ultimate Vibe of the Living Room

More than following a few rules, Feng Shui is about the proper arrangement of everything to make a particular space look spacious, bright, and also attractive to all the positive energy. It is the ultimate vibe of a living room that makes it a good Feng Shui living room.

To achieve the living room with the happiest vibes, you have to make sure that everything is clean, and there is no clutter. Mess prevents good energy to enter a place. You can use spacious, multi-purpose furniture to store in shambles and clean up the rest of the room. It saves time, energy, and space.

It would help if you also chose complementary art overworks that depict sad stories, wars, struggle, or crime. For example, you can fill your walls with pleasant images of people smiling, flowers, beautiful scenes of nature, or other such optimistic pieces.

You can place an aquarium in the north or south-east side of the living room as it is said to bring in wealth and opportunities. The preferable shapes are square and rectangular, followed by round ones.

What is Bagua

There are two vastly different schools of Bagua, and you need to choose one to avoid any confusion or obstacles. You can also read about both and decide what’s more appealing to you. It is, however, crucial that you choose only one style of Bagua and stick to it.

feng shui northeast corner living room
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Here are the two schools of Bagua:

  1. Classical Feng Shui school of Bagua
  2. Traditional Feng Shui school of Bagua
  3. Western Feng Shui Bagua or BTB

The first or the classical style of analyzing energy is by the help of your compass. In this style, you are supposed to take the compass in your hand and then stand at your entrance to study all the directions and the flow of energy in the house.

The modern or BTB Feng Shui living room Bagua Map is more comfortable and more organized than its counterpart. In this style, you have to divide the home floor plan into nine boxes, and each of the squares will refer to one out of the eight most important Bagua spaces. The 9th will be the Yin Yang position and also the Center of the House and will connect all the other eight boxes.

The Feng Shui Symbols to Enhance Wealth Elements in Your Living Room

There are some other objects and decorations that may be used to activate wealth elements in your living room. They are:

  • A bowl of crystal objects, a few coins, or other symbols of wealth can be put into a bowl and placed in the central point of your coffee table.
  • If you have a Buddha painting or statue, make sure it is never disrespectfully lying down anywhere. It would help if you made a special arrangement to place it.
  • Tie up some coins with the help of some red ribbon and hang it from something in the eastern corner of the house like a wind chime.
  • You can place a dragon-head tortoise in the south-east corner of the house. Also, it should have one coin in the mouth and should be facing the room.
  • You can hang a painting of a dragon or a statue on the eastern side of the living room. Make sure it faces the room.
  • If you get one elephant statue with the trunk trumpeting in the air, immediately place it in your living room. It is said to bring in good luck.
  • Just like the tortoise, you can also place one 3-legged wealth toad with one coin its mouth. Make sure this is also facing the room and not outside.

Know Your Directions Well of Activating Chi Energy

To activate chi energy, you have to add elements that relate to the direction of the compass in which your living room is located. You can also use the object that nourishes the main component in a particular order to bring out most of the positive energy.

How to Feng shui your living room
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The north element

The element of the North as per Feng Shui is water, and you can include this in your living room in several ways:

  • You can hang paintings or wallpapers depicting flowing streams or waterfalls and other waterscapes. Avoid pictures of a storm or similar sea paintings.
  • A painting of a boat or ship is also said to bring in good luck. You have to make sure that the ship, even in the picture, sails inside the room to prevent the good energy going out in the opposite direction.
  • Place an aquarium containing eight redfish and one blackfish is considered auspicious if placed in the northern corner of the living room.
  • You can place a pretty water fountain in the North of the living room to face the room and not the exit door.
  • The addition of metals sculptures attracts water energy. You can use black and the color blue in this direction.

The south element

The element of the South is fire. You can include this element in the room décor with:

  • Candles
  • Wooden furniture and other decorations that have wooden finesse.
  • A beautiful fireplace on the south wall.
  • Any other decorations in pink, orange, red and green shades.
Feng shui living room decorative ideas
Feng shui ball lighted - click for details!

The East and South-east Element

The element for this direction is wood, followed by the earth. Incorporating examples include:

  • Wooden picture frames
  • Wooden bookshelves and lamps
  • House plants
  • Fiber rugs, for example, sisal
  • All shades of brown and green

The West and North-west Elements

The element, in this case, is metal and you can decorate your living room with:

  • Metal trays and bowls
  • Metal figures and sculptures
  • Candleholders made of any metal
  • Metallic photo frames
  • Iron or steel furniture
  • Blue, gold, bronze, tan and gray

The North-east and southwest Elements

In these directions, the earth is the element, and you can choose objects and colors such as:

  • Crystals and minerals
  • Ceramics and pottery, including earthen bowls, pots, and sculptures
  • Glass cut and glass-blown decorations
  • Earthy tones such as mustard, russet, brown, tan, and clay


What is the best color for living room Feng Shui?

The Feng Shui living room colors mainly depends on the direction of the room. It is the list that will help you with all the information.


If you are looking for the best colors for your east-facing living room, then go for colors of the wood element such as green and brown. The second-best options are blue and black. Try to stay away from red and purple colors.


The south-east side of the living room is the money area as per Feng Shui rules. The colors suitable for a south-east facing room are precisely those that are suitable for the east-facing room. You can add a little golden tone to this site, which can be financially beneficial for your family.


The south-facing rooms have a lot of fire in them, and the most suitable for such places are the fire and wood element colors. For example, you can go for red, orange, purple, pink, dark yellow, green, and brown. Try to avoid blue and black colors for south-facing rooms.


The south-west facing rooms are connected with your love and marriage energies as per Feng Shui. It is ideal to use floral motifs or some sensual fabric in blush or skin color tones. The best is to use warm and earthy tones for your south-west facing living room. You can go for warm red, pink, or coral colors.


There should be a strong presence of metal elements in a west-facing living room, which can come from gray and white colors. You can also use other warm colors but stay away from fiery colors, deep-blue and black.


The north-west is the same as the west-facing room. Just add a small metal Buddha statue, and you are good to go.


A north-facing living room wants water and more water, created with mostly blue and black shades. You can also apply white and gray for some different effects. Try to avoid earthy colors in a north-facing living room.


A northeast-facing room needs fire and earth elements of Feng Shui. It is related to spiritual growth and the cultivation of energy. Also, you can add a golden Buddha mural in this room. All earthy colors plus red, orange, magenta, and purple will work well.

How do I Feng Shui my small living room?

You already know that your living room is out of sync when you feel tired and unhappy even when trying to relax on your sofa. It is time some Feng Shui rules need to apply here, and your house needs to get redecorated.

Clean up the room

Clear all the clutter and mess to stop negative Qi entering your living room. A messy living room prevents the free flow of energy inside the house. Make sure you do not have papers piled up on your desk or center table. The most important thing is to keep your entrance clean and minus all the shoes lying around.

Room division

Dividing the living room helps a lot. Dividing an already small living space is a little tricky but certainly not impossible. You can put screens or shelves to make a different space in the same room. You can put a line pf plants or maybe a bookshelf in between the living and the dining area to make some extra space which looks like a separate room.

Hang a mirror

A Feng Shui living room mirror can create miracles in your house. Try to hang mirrors so that the outside view gets reflected and the natural light along with it. Also, remember not to hang mirrors facing each other. Ideal places to hang mirrors are opposite windows, beside doors, or on top of the fireplace.

Soothe your eyes

Add soothing objects and decorations to your living room. For example, you can hang beautiful scenery or a pretty portrait on one of the walls. You can also add small plants to decorate the shelves and desks in the room.

The five elements

There are five elements in Feng Shui- wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Try to incorporate all of these in some way or the other in your living room. They all have different benefits and encourages a healthier and happier environment.

Where is the money corner in your home?

The universal wealth or money corner is the south-eastern part of any room or home. To make sure about this corner, you need to stand in the central point of your home and use a compass to find out the direction. Apart from this, the northern part of a house is considered as the secondary money corner.

What is the best color for a door facing east?

If your living room door faces the east, it means that the room needs and loves more wood elements. The colors of the wood element, such as brown and green, are the most suitable in this case. You can also try blue and black colors, though these are more connected to the water element. However, you should avoid red and purple colors.

How can make my living room cozier?

Apply a few décor tricks to make your living room look cozier

  • Add larger furniture to your living space to not make it look large and dull.
  • Toning down the height of the room is essential. For this, you can fix a lovely chandelier or lamp, which will occupy some space in your ceiling and will help it to look fuller.
  • You can place a rug in the room to help in grounding the floor space visually. A rug creates an illusion of making the room fuller. Also, you will have something soft to walk on and keep your feet warm in this way.
  • Make the living room look more intimate by placing several chairs and sofas around.
  • Place shallow -depth furniture instead of taller ones in the living room. For example, you can add consoles and tables of your choice.
  • A scattered decoration of lights all around makes a room look cozier.
  • Fill all the empty walls with paintings and motifs.
  • Houseplants are great options to fill in an airy and empty place.

What colors make a living room look bigger?

It is not very difficult to make a living room look bigger. The best way to create an illusion of a bigger space is by painting it lighter and soft tones such as bright pink, lilac, white, light gray, light blue, or light yellow. Also, hang large, wall-sized paintings to create a perfect illusion.

Make sure you are not using large furniture and instead go for space-saving, multi-purpose furniture. Along with that, hang floor to ceiling curtains and do not depend on one overhead light. Invest in a few lamps which can spread the light evenly throughout the room.

Which color is best for living room as per Vaastu?

There are a few colors that help to bring in positive energy inside the house. As per Vaastu rules, colors, including white, light yellow, green, and blue, are the best choices for a living room. These help in bringing in happiness and tranquility in the house.

You can use these colors to create a monotone or use a combination of these colors according to your choice. Try to avoid black, red, and other fiery colors for your living room walls as per Vaastu.

Where do Feng Shui plants go in the house?

As per rules, Feng Shui plants in the living room should be best placed in the office area, the windows, or in the other Bagua areas. Putting a plant means nourishing that particular zone with the wood element of Feng Shui. The east, south-east, and south Bagua areas are the best to decorate with Feng Shui plants.

These are the basic rules and guidelines of everything you need to know about living room Feng Shui.

Feng Shui for office in East Asian Cultures

A culture that lets you develop positive energy around you is feng shui. If you ever come across someone who follows feng shui, you’ll see they have a lot of positivity in them. Moreover, you will see that their houses are well organized, peaceful, and soothing. Even in offices, people add feng shui for office space to design their cabins, cubicles, and other places.

In East Asian cultures, there is a lot of belief regarding feng shui. People tend to decorate their offices, their homes according to the Fengshui type suitable for them. It is the Chinese style of drawing positivity in the workspace and at home. A good feng shui for the home office is a great source of wealth and happiness. Feng shui is a lot about how clean and organized you keep your belongings at your workplace and home.

Feng shui decor
Gemstone Bonsai tree for good luck - Click the image for more details

The concept of feng shui is based on the Bagua map. This map allows you to understand the energy positioning of any space.  This, in turn, helps you select appropriate spaces for work, bedroom, positioning of your desk and chair, bed, furniture, etc.

This ancient Chinese technique is prevalent in most of the Asian countries as well. It helps you to keep your home and office filled with positive energy. Feng shui influences everything you do. For instance, people follow feng shui office wall art while installing paintings in the office to gain positive energy. 

Best feng shui office tips

Here are some office tips based on feng shui for you. These tips will help you maintain positivity in the office and among your employees.

  • The first thing is the plot of the office. It would be best if you were always aimed at buying a north-facing plot. Besides, you can also buy east or west facing plots as well. Never buy south-facing plots as it is not good for business or residential purposes.
  • The second thing is to follow the feng shui for office items. This, in turn, helps you to select appropriate items for your office.
  • It is essential to choose a suitable desk for the office and position it according to feng shui. Also, check for feng shui items for the office desk.
  • A well-lit office is the best thing you can have. It helps you concentrate at work better, make you feel confident, and your clients also feel a lot more positive when they visit your office.
  • Use inspirational wall hanging paintings and quotes for a lot more positive vibe around you. We often feel low when we miss a deadline or when the work isn’t up to the mark. Under such conditions, these paintings, quotes, and wall hanging arts help you gain positive energy.
Feng shui home decor
Feng Shui water fountain - click the image for more details

Office feng shui plants

If you are wondering why you should keep plants in the office, then there are several reasons. The very first reason is that plants purify the air of your cabin. This is a perfect sign of a healthy office.

According to several studies and researches conducted on pollution, it is found that indoor pollution is as deadly as outdoor pollution. To minimize indoor pollution, feng shui recommends keeping plants at home as well as office.

Further, it adds natural colors to the room. The Chinese money plant, which is scientifically called the Pilea Peperomioides plant, is a commonly used indoor plant. The plant is also used as office decoration and has wealth yielding energy according to feng shui.

Feng Shui golden ingot - click the image for more details

Back to window

According to the rules of Feng Shui, it is important always to watch your back. What it means is how you sit, which direction you face while working, etc. These things are taken under consideration when you set up your office space according to feng shui.

You can browse the internet for more information on the feng shui office chair. Further, it is advised to sit in a position where your back is towards a wall. On the contrary, sitting with your back towards the door or window is bad for you.

Feng shui office Bagua map

Feng shui Bagua or Pakua is the most important tool of feng shui practice. The Bagua map helps you analyze the flow of energy in a certain plot. For instance, the Bagua map is used in setting directions for furniture in the home, office, etc. Moreover, it is also used to set items on your desk as per feng shui.

The term Bagua literally means 8 acres. It is a Chinese word that refers to a plot of land. The 8 acres are the eight important parts of human life. A list of the eight areas of human life is listed below:

  1. Health and happiness
  2. Creativity and wealth
  3. Reputation and fame
  4. Family and love
  5. Children
  6. Blessings
  7. The path of life for career growth
  8. Spiritual growth

Feng shui for office cubicle

What if you don’t have an office cabin? Does that mean you’ll be unable to apply feng shui for the office? Do you have an office cubicle? If yes, then there is feng shui for the office cubicle as well.

An office cubicle doesn’t allow you to implement changes to the desk to position the desk and chair. Under such circumstances, you need to figure out how you can maintain good feng shui in that given space. Use certain feng shui items to set up your office desk.

Feng shui decor for living room
Feng shui money frog - click the image for details

Feng shui for sale point

There are some easy feng shui hacks for sale points. All you need to do is to keep the place tidy. Customers will walk in only when they are attracted by what you are offering. For this purpose, you need to keep the place well lit up.

Further, try to add creative elements so that customers take time to go through them. Also, make things easy to choose and maintain a customer-friendly ambiance. The way you present it is the way customers will accept it.

Keep everything in an organized manner and help your customer to make the right choice. There aren’t great Feng Shui tips; the tidiness and presentation will do the trick.

Feng shui decore for office
Feng shui zen garden - click the image for details

Feng shui home office desk directions

The most important element of feng shui for an office is the desk direction. This is where you are going to conduct all your business deals, transactions, etc. The best position for placing the office desk is north facing.

Moreover, if it faces the door, it could be the best thing according to feng shui. This position is also known as the commanding position. Besides, it would be best if you also had a wall behind your back, according to the Bagua map of feng shui.

Feng shui for office
Feng shui 5 elements pagoda - click the image for more details

Apart from this, you can also place your desk as per your lucky feng shui position. On the contrary, you should avoid placing the desk in a direction where it faces a wall. Even though these are not the preferred positions, you can place the desk direction towards a window or in line with the door.

Never place your desk in a direction where you sit with the door at your back. The entire feng shui for office desk directions depends on the space you get to set up the office.

Feng shui office tips for facing a wall

We do not get our desired cabins or space at the office. At times we only get cubicles, and that is all we have as office space. Under such circumstances, if you face a wall while working and cannot change the desk position, don’t worry.

As we know, feng shui states that the wall facing desk is not a sign of a healthy working ambiance. For this purpose, you need to make some adjustments and figure out the positivity here. You cannot work with a barrier in front of you.

Feng shui decorating for office
Feng shui colored glazed sculpture - click the image for more details

Feng shui office wall art is a great option to help you in this situation. Use sceneries, creative art designs, or any such thing which motivates you. This, in turn, will help you negate the barriers at work. You will find positivity through these images hanging on the wall in front of your eyes.

Feng shui home office lighting

You can apply a dozen feng shui office items, but without proper lighting, it’s a waste. A perfect office required great design and great lighting. More than artificial lighting, natural lighting can light up the place.

Further, natural lighting looks very vibrant and reflects across every corner of the office room. It is recommended that, while you plan your office space, install windows facing east direction. The bright sunlight will illuminate the entire room.

Further, look out for directions without any barrier as it may obstruct the light. Full-length windows can lit up the room in a brilliant way. You can also lookout for a Feng shui office layout with a window over the internet to get the perfect plan.

Apart from these, you can also use spectrum lighting as it stimulates natural lighting. You can also use white lights in your office in place of yellow lights as it looks more vibrant and is good for your eyesight.

Feng shui office painting

An integral part of feng shui is art. Creativity has been a part of East Asian cultures for ages. Moreover, in feng shui, art has a special place. You can use inspiring artworks at your office to add colors and motivation to the workplace. 

Besides, you can also hang images of people, thoughts, and quotes which inspire you and motivate you. This, in turn, will help you work efficiently and become successful. Creative artworks are meant for spreading positive energy.

Feng shui wall decor
Feng shui wall decor - click the image for more details

Feng shui office scent

A blissful aroma or scent can uplift your mood anytime and anywhere. This is the reason why you should keep scent at the office. It can be a bad day or a day when you don’t feel like working; nothing motivates you to work.

This is where the scent helps you to gain focus at work. It helps in re-energizing the body and helps you concentrate at work. The soothing aroma helps in reducing stress at work too.

Feng shui office decor
Feng shui guardian lion statues - click the image for more details

Feng shui tips for office desk cleaning

Cleanliness defines the personality of the person. The best example of cleanliness at the office is your desk, so you need to maintain it. Keep as minimum things as possible on the desk. You can have a pen stand, the monitor, a couple of important files if necessary, and feng shui plants for the office desk. Apart from these, everything must be kept in a separate space.

To keep your office desk clean, use a Feng Shui office L-shaped desk. This, in turn, will provide ample space to keep your belongings, and it will look clean as well. Further, if you are using an office cubicle, use bookshelves to keep your important documents and files.

Feng shui for office room storage

As you clean up the desk, you might just put all the other things in some bookshelf or under the desk. This, in turn, leads to a probability of losing documents and important files. The best way to tackle such situations is by arranging storage space at the office.

Keep all the unnecessary documents in the drawer below the desk. Shift all the files to respective cabinets so that you can collect them easily at the time of need. For instance, make separate shelves, drawers, and cabinets for separate files and documents. Remove all the documents you don’t need once or twice a month.

Feng shui office Colors

This is something that you need to focus on while planning office décor. Feng shui office colors are essential to maintain a balance in energy flow inside the office room. Choosing the right colors will lead to a couple of advantages. These advantages are:

  • There will be positivity inside the office room.
  • Natural light will reflect through vibrant colors.
  • Your choice of colors will determine your personality.
  • Feng shui colors often lead to a successful professional career.
  • The colors will help you focus on work.

Suggested Layouts for Office

There are a lot of feng shui office layout examples over the internet. These examples will help you understand where to place the furniture and other necessary elements of the office. Focus on placing the desk facing the door, which allows you to take the command position. Further, try to keep a window on your left if you are a right-handed person and vice-versa.


1. Which is the best direction to face while working?

The best direction to face while working is east. It effectively enhances your performance at work, concentration, and overall body-mind integration. After east, the north is the next best direction to face while working. On the contrary, the south and west are not favorable directions for working.

2. What is the best feng shui color for an office?

For any office, the best feng shui color is blue. As blue represents watery elements, it is a calm and light color. Apart from blue, green, light purple, earthy color tones and white are the few other colors suitable for the office.

3. Where should I put my desk in my office?

Rather than facing a wall, always position your desk facing the entrance of the room. You can place your desk against a wall only if there is a window on your left. According to feng shui for office, a right-handed person should have a window on his left and for left-handed, on the right.

4. Where should you sit in the office?

As the east is the best direction for facing while working, it is also the best direction to face and sit at the office. You can also sit facing the north-east direction, which is another good side for you and your business. It would help if you always aimed at keeping the south and west direction on your backside

5. How do I feng shui my home office?

The feng shui for the office at home needs to follow some basic rules. These rules are simple and effective for a healthy personal life as well as business. Firstly, you need to maintain a separate environment for your home and office.

Your home office must not be a part of your personal home space even though it is in your house but requires a separate area. Place your desk facing the office door and sit facing east or north.

6. What is the best color to paint an office?

There are several colors to choose from when painting an office, but green is the most desired color. According to feng shui, green is a soothing color. The color signifies growth, security, and money.

Similarly, you can also use dark green as this color signifies prestige and wealth. Along with this, you can add some other colors such as orange, red, white, and blue. This, in turn, will bring contrast to the office room.

7. What is the best color for office walls?

Feng shui for office suggests that the best color for office walls is blue. It brings out the intellectual nature of the office. Apart from blue, the other color options are red, purple, yellow, orange, green, etc.

8. Where should I place my desk in my bedroom?

If you plan to set up your office in the bedroom, you need to follow a couple of steps. The first step is to keep your bedroom and workspace separate from each other. The second thing you need to consider is a proper desk facing the room entrance and a chair.

According to feng shui for the home office, you can use multipurpose furniture. Further, ample storage space in the room can be of great use in such conditions.

9. How far should a desk be from a wall?

While setting up the office, you need to decide whether you want a floating desk or an attached desk. Most offices following the East Asian cultures prefer to have a floating desk. This, in turn, allows them to work freely, and they can change the position according to their requirement.

10. How should I arrange my desk feng shui?

When you go through the feng shui for office layout, you will learn how to arrange your desk. Place the desktop monitor at a distance of 17 inches from your body. Keep limited things on the desk. Other necessary resources must be placed on the shelves of the desk.

11. How can I improve my feng shui office?

Always try to keep things organized. Feng shui for your office can be improved if you make sure everything is in their proper positions. Use artwork and images to add color and creativity to your office.

12. How do I make my desk successful?

The first thing to settle is the Fengshui home office desk direction. Next, use proper lighting to keep the room well lit. Add colors to the room either by installing artworks or painting the walls. Line up a couple of plants near the window of the room.

Adjust the height of the monitor for better working experience. Moreover, always try to maintain a comfortable room temperature.

13. How can I improve my luck Feng Shui?

East Asian cultures are a lot about feng shui and the goodness it provides. If you wish to improve your luck through Feng Shui, then trust your luck. Be sure about your goals and plans. Take every opportunity as a source of improvement. You also need to relax and not rush for it. Besides, the more active you are, the better are the chances of being lucky.

14. Is it good to buy South facing plot?

No. It is not at all good to buy south facing plots. Whenever you plan to buy a plot, always purchase north facing plots. North-facing plots are considered to be auspicious for all purposes. If you can’t get a north-facing plot, you can consider east or west facing plots. On the contrary, you must avoid south-facing plots.

Short explanation about Feng Shui 

Scientifically, energy and mass are one and the same. They are two different instances of each other. Humans know how to transform mass into energy and still do not know how to turn energy into mass. But mathematically, the ability exists. From a physical aspect, it will probably happen one day when adequate technology becomes available. But why energy is important in order to know what is Feng Shui?
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